33 Peculiar Products On Amazon People Of All Ages Are Obsessed With

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In this age of increasing divisions in our society, it's important to take time to remind yourself that there really are more things in this world that unite us than divide us. Especially when you can buy these things online and they're strange, like these peculiar products on Amazon that people of all ages are obsessed with.

Yes, we all know that Amazon has something for everyone; these products are those that have just that little twist of the bizarre that makes them enjoyable for every member of your household. Among other things, they're universally great for gift-giving. Personally, another thing I enjoy about these gadgets and accessories is envisioning the product development process behind them. Let's take the planter that plays music when you touch the leaf of what you've potted inside while also displaying a coordinated LED light show.

Inventor A: "You know, I've heard that houseplants really do well when you play music for them."

Inventor B: "How cool would it be to make a pot that would just be a speaker? That would play music? By itself? You know, like a radio, but a flowerpot?"

And so, an Amazon gift-giving classic was born. It's beautiful how those things turn out — and you'll agree once you bring these peculiar products home.

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