33 Peculiar Products On Amazon People Of All Ages Are Obsessed With


In this age of increasing divisions in our society, it's important to take time to remind yourself that there really are more things in this world that unite us than divide us. Especially when you can buy these things online and they're strange, like these peculiar products on Amazon that people of all ages are obsessed with.

Yes, we all know that Amazon has something for everyone; these products are those that have just that little twist of the bizarre that makes them enjoyable for every member of your household. Among other things, they're universally great for gift-giving. Personally, another thing I enjoy about these gadgets and accessories is envisioning the product development process behind them. Let's take the planter that plays music when you touch the leaf of what you've potted inside while also displaying a coordinated LED light show.

Inventor A: "You know, I've heard that houseplants really do well when you play music for them."

Inventor B: "How cool would it be to make a pot that would just be a speaker? That would play music? By itself? You know, like a radio, but a flowerpot?"

And so, an Amazon gift-giving classic was born. It's beautiful how those things turn out — and you'll agree once you bring these peculiar products home.

1. This Putty Will Make You Drop Your Fidget Spinner Like It's Hot

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, $14, Amazon

When you just need something to fiddle with, don't turn to a fidget spinner, move on up to this colorful putty instead. Crafted from silicone, the putty comes in 25 different color choices that are absolutely mesmerizing — although the one shown in our photo is my fave for its shades of blue and purple (like an oil slick). It's endlessly absorbing to play with and has sense memory so it appears to have a life of its own. Truly great for all ages.


2. These Slippers Make It Possible To Dust Your Floors With Bear-ly Any Effort

Selric Microfiber Mop Slippers, $12, Amazon

Featuring detachable soles packed with microfiber loops to pick up dirt, dust, and hairs from your floors, these slippers will make cleaning your floors seem like a walk in the park — or the woods, maybe. Once clean, the soles simply go in the washing machine for easy cleanup and reuse. Just think: If you wear these every day, that's one cleaning task you might not have to do at the weekend.


3. These Fun Gadgets Will Make Any Meal An Experience

Sweton Food Molds, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

Breakfast fans will love these stainless steel molds that can be used to shape any number of items like eggs, pancakes, and biscuits into a wide range of shapes. The set includes six shapes — star, heart, round, plum flower, mouse, and tree — and they're easy to clean since they're dishwasher-safe. The handles fold for easy storage, too, and you can use them as burger molds.


4. A Mask That Will Definitely Make You Feel Special

LASHLLO Star Mask, $16, Amazon

You'll definitely feel the sparkle — and the skincare benefits — when you use this mask. Formulated from natural ingredients including tea tree oil and witch hazel plus, well, star glitter, this mask firms up on your face once applied and provides a moisturizing, pore-refining, and blackhead-removing treatment, while also exfoliating. Great for all types of skin, you'll look refreshed and revitalized after only 20 to 30 minutes, and it's suitable for all ages, too.


5. This Projects An Aurora On Your Ceiling: Is It A Nightlight Or A Party?

SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora LED Projection Lamp, $21, Amazon

Listed as a "sleep soother," I'd also consider this for your next party. Yes, I can totally imagine dozing off to its multicolored zen vibes — but given that you can also hook up your phone and use it as a speaker, I can also envision it being super cool to set the scene for a chill get-together. It features eight light projection modes, and it tilts so you can get just the right angle, too. It also includes an automatic shut-off feature, so that it concludes its spectacular display after an hour.


6. A Board Game That Has It All: Strategy, Poop, Dave Matthews, And Freaky Farm Animals

Chickapig, $27, Amazon

Board game fans, this one will make a fun new addition to your next game night. It features serious strategy that's reminiscent of chess, but it's easy for casual players to learn — and it's just a barrel of laughs. The basic principle: This is a social strategy game wherein you're in charge of a flock of Chickapigs that you have to herd through the goal by coordinating hay bales and a pooping cow. But where does Dave Matthews come in, you ask? He's the co-developer of Chickapig and a friend of the game's inventor, Charlottesville, Virginia-based luthier Brian Calhoun. (Street cred galore!)


7. This Cup Makes Your Shake Or Slushy Without The Use Of Electricity

Zoku Slush and Shake Maker, $25, Amazon

For delicious single-serve shakes or slushies without the need to plug in, this ingenious cup is a lock. Simply leave the inner core of the cup — which has an 8-ounce capacity — in your freezer for at least 8 hours. Once it's good and cold, you slip it into the outer sleeve, which protects your hands from the chill, and fill it with your favorite ingredients. Included is a special slush spoon that helps you create the crystals of your frozen treat: basically, you're making granita in a cup and it's ready within seven minutes. All materials are BPA- and phthalate-free, too.


8. The Sharks Are Circling...Around Your Drink, That Is

FIVOENDAR Simply Charmed Shark Drink Markers, $8 (Set of 12), Amazon

What with climate change and all, sharks are showing up in a lot of places they really shouldn't be. But darn, if these sharks don't look super cute on the stem of your wine glass or the edge of your cocktail or can, then I don't know what will. Crafted from dishwasher-safe silicone, they chomp into your drink and won't let go. They're the perfect accent for a pool party and make a great host hostess gift.


9. This Little Monster Adds Some Spacey Whimsy To Your Food Prep

OTOTO Spaghetti Monster Colander/Strainer, $18, Amazon

From the award-winning OTOTO Design Studio, this colander is truly out of this world. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, it's also perfect for holding your fruits and veggies while you rinse them, and many other tasks. OTOTO notes that it's a great choice if you "require a more interesting colander to wear as a hat." So there.


10. The Thermos-Like Device That Cooks Perfect Eggs All By Itself

Rollie Hands-Free Egg Cooker, $23, Amazon

Small kitchens. Dorm rooms. Offices. I can think of so many places where this little gadget that cooks eggs without dirtying up your pans and without even the use of a microwave would come in so handy for a quick snack or a healthy meal. It accommodates two large eggs at a time with whatever toppings you like, and you can also experiment with lining the unit with a tortilla and making what's kind of a cheese and egg taquito. Pro tip: Don't be alarmed when the log-shaped contents rise from the inside of the chamber...that just means they're done. And if you're having a bad day, the reviews of this product alone are worth a read. Enjoy.


11. A Gaming Console That Will Take You Right Back To The 80s

Pac-Man Connect & Play, $17, Amazon

Whether you're a lover of kitsch or a child or fan of the '80s, this gaming console shaped like one of the titans of classic video games will bring a smile to your face. Shaped like the original ghost gobbler himself, this little unit connects to the A/V jacks on your television and allows you to play the classic game as well as 11 others, — including favorites like Galaga and Dig Dug (it does not mention Ms. Pac Man, so I am immediately addressing an email to NOW). If you're deeply into Pac Man, it also has the rare and hard to find Pac-Man 256 level.


12. These Look Like Your Average Snap Clips, But They Are So Much More

Monkey Business Mini Tactical Hair Clips, $27 (3 Pack), Amazon

What's not to like about a product with a cool name like this one? I mean, you just feel like a secret agent when you click "Add to Cart" on "Tactical Hair Clips." Styled to resemble the snap hair clips you see at every drugstore, they will actually hold your hair back, but each one also gives you the power of a multi-tool right there in your 'do. Made from stainless steel, each can be used as a bottle opener, nail file, ruler, and screwdriver, among other things. It makes a great gift, too.


13. This Roller Will Chill Your And Your Face Right Out

ESARORA Ice Roller, $11, Amazon

If you're a fan of jade rolling, be sure to give this next-level roller a look. It features a stainless-steel head that you pop in the freezer, then use for facial massage to stimulate your circulation while minimizing your pores and calming your skin. The cold also stimulates collagen production, revitalizing your skin's appearance — but even better, if you're a migraine sufferer like me, this intense cold can provide similarly intense relief during an episode. It's also great to help with sinus pressure and pain, too.


14. The Versatile Planter That's The Home Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Mugig Musical Flowerpot, $16, Amazon

As noted above, I would love to have heard the development process during the invention of this planter. Regardless, it's definitely a unicorn in the home accessories category: You pot your plant in the top section, and the pot also acts as a Bluetooth speaker that you can sync to any smartphone or digital device. You trigger the music by touching your plant's leaves. Meanwhile, the pot also serves as an LED night light, or it will play through a variety of colors to suit any mood. It truly does all the things. If you're not great with plants, put a silk plant in it, or use it as a pen holder (trigger the music by rattling the pens).


15. This Slicer Takes All That Tedious Effort Out Of Cutting Up Bananas

Hutzler Banana Slicer, $5, Amazon

Everyone knows that kids eat more food when they're involved in preparing what they eat. This gadget adds a touch of whimsy to cereal or basic fruit salad, and evenly slices through your banana with just one movement. Crafted from plastic that's dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, it's not sharp so it's safe for kids to use on their own, too — but it has over 5,000 reviews because adults love it too.


16. This Foot Peel Is Always Ready For A Spa Day

Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel, $16 (2 Booties), Amazon

Everyone loves a spa day, and this foot peel makes a great addition to your next self-care extravaganza. Formulated with 16 botanical extracts, this peel comes in easy-to-apply booties that you simply slip on. Relax while wearing the booties for an hour — you can wear socks over them in order to move around during that time — then remove them and rinse the remaining solution off. Over the next two to seven days, your feet will slough off the dead skin, leaving behind baby-smooth, soft skin that's just delightful. Everyone loves peeling sunburns, no matter what age, and this innovative mask definitely scratches that itch.


17. The Gadget That Massages Your Fingers And Hands

Gaiam Dual Finger Massager, $10, Amazon

If you suffer from pain from a chronic condition like arthritis, or if you spend a lot of time working on the computer like most of the human population, you'll find this unique massager a welcome relief. Engineered with a non-slip design that's easy to handle, it offers two massage options: Use the rollers to encircle your digits and apply pressure to both sides, stimulating blood flow and rolling out stiffness, or flip to the reverse side and use the rollers to apply a more pinpoint massage and engage your trigger points.


18. An Oversized Infinity Scarf That's Actually A Nap And Travel Pillow

Huzi Infinity Pillow, $40, Amazon

Crafted with a blend of super-soft bamboo and layers of microfiber, this pillow is customizable in so many different configurations making it the perfect travel and nap companion for home and the road. Wrap it around your head and neck and even slip your hands in; it comfortably supports any sleeping position. You can even loop it up over your eyes to block out light, or shift it around your ears for a noise-cancelling solution — or both. This unique accessory is breathable and antibacterial, and the whole thing can be machine-washed for easy cleaning.


19. This Is The Backup You Need For When You Give Concerts In The Shower

ShowerMate, $11, Amazon

You sound just like Bey in the shower. Now you need some backup. Are you ready for this speaker? It provides a waterproof and cost-efficient solution that would make any member of the Hive sing with joy. With Bluetooth transmission, it also incorporates a wireless mic so that you can take calls from Mr. Carter or, of course, your manager while you're in the shower — and its advanced chip means the audio is just as clean as you'll be once you finish getting all scrubbed off.


20. These Trays Make Taco Tuesday Straight-Up Delicious

Taco Tender Stands, $13 (Set of 4), Amazon

How much do you love taco night? It can be Tuesday or it can be every night, but there's not a person at my house who doesn't look forward to it. The only problem? Toppings all over the plate when your shell tips over. These stands make that a non-issue, holding them upright for easy filling and eating. The set contains one each of four colors — black, white, red, and blue — and they're both dishwasher-safe and microwaveable.


21. This Light Gives You A Little Glow When You've Got To Go

Ailun Toilet Night Light, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

When you stumble to the toilet in the middle of the night, you don't always want to turn the light on to find your way. This water-resistant night light will provide a motion-activated, welcoming glow — in your choice of a range of lively colors, even — when you have to go, and it stays on until two minutes after it detects the last movement. It will even color cycle to provide the full disco lighting effect. Easy to install, it simply clips on to the side of the bowl with a soft and flexible PVC neck that conforms to the shape of any bowl.


22. This Adorable Little Gadget Cleans Up Your Strawberries Fast

Chef'N Strawberry Huller, $7, Amazon

Eliminate waste and trim up your prep time with this gadget that picks the hulls right off of strawberries quickly and easily. Simply push the claw-like apparatus at the end into your berry, then twist it gently and pull back from the fruit. The hull will come out easily and the fruit will be leaf-free and ready to eat. This high-quality tool also works for other soft fruits and vegetables, and one reviewer writes: "it’s SO QUICK you won’t believe it. And it’s fun to use! Just push and twist!"


23. An Octopus That Squirts Juice, Not Ink

Witty Novelty Octo-Juicer, $11, Amazon

Did you know that octopi are so smart that aquarium keepers have to feed them in screw-top jars so they don't get bored? They can also make orange juice — or at least this one can. With a translucent lid and cute, squinty eyes, plus the requisite number of legs, this little creature will freshen up your morning or that of any mollusk lover. Sized to fit lemons, limes, and oranges, it's dishwasher-safe and crafted from food-grade ABS plastic phthalate-free PVC.


24. This Is The Glam Version Of A Perennial Amazon Fave

tweexy The Original Wearable Nail Polish Holder, $10, Amazon

Get glammed out with this uptown version of what's become a staple for me — I literally recommend this genius nail polish holder all the time. Crafted from silicone, it slides onto two fingers of your hand just like a ring, and the flanges on the jewel-like top are engineered to hold your nail polish — any bottle shape is fine — while you do your nails. Ready to switch to the other hand? Simply slide it and onto the other hand, bottle included. No need to chase that bottle around the table, hold it between your legs, or whatever else you've been doing for all this time.


25. The Little Monster That Makes A Mean Cuppa

Krierah Baby Dino Tea Infuser, $10, Amazon

Tea-lovers of all ages will get a real kick out of this infuser shaped like a baby apatosaurus (I think) and crafted from BPA-free, food-grade silicone. He'll stand in the bottom of your cup — or even dangle his neck over the side of your pitcher for the iced tea connoisseur in the family — and allow your loose tea to steep. Silicone is heat resistant, meaning this little guy is also completely dishwasher safe.


26. These Toe Separators Are Almost Like Bling For Your Feet

YogaToes GEMS, $30, Amazon

I'm guessing that if you came on these toe separators unpackaged in the wild, you might go for hours without guessing their purpose. Otherworldly mushrooms? Psychedelic musical instrument? No, indeed! Instead, crafted from BPA-free, medical-grade gel, they're another foot health product from noted brand YogaToes. These separators stretch your toes, straightening them and increasing your stability. They're great if you're on your feet all the time, or if you suffer from common conditions like hammer toes, bunions, or plantar fasciitis.


27. The Phone Mount That's More Flexible Than Your Yoga Teacher

Tyrone Gooseneck Phone Holder, $11, Amazon

Suitable for all standard-size smartphones, this phone mount is bendier than Mrs. Incredible and will enable you to watch your favorite shows with ease — or record makeup tutorials for your blog from just about any angle. The durable aluminum alloy neck is nearly 2 feet long, and it features a sturdy clamp to keep your device nearby.


28. These Fun Camo Dots That Get Rid Of All Your Acne Spots

C&C Over Zit Spot Patches, $16, Amazon

It includes 15 fun blue-and-green camo patches and 15 sheer patches, this acne kit lets you apply a dot on your spot for easy and convenient overnight relief. The hydrocolloid stickers are crafted in two sizes and soak up excess sebum while extracting bacteria and dirt from your skin while you sleep — and they also prevent you from picking at and further irritating your pimples. The next morning, you'll notice a decrease in redness and inflammation.


29. This Adorable Machine Makes Cake Pops Right In Your Kitchen

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker, $15, Amazon

Cake pops are so fun — and so expensive. Why go out when you can get this super cute appliance and make your own at home? I mean, it's so adorable, I'd practically carry it as a purse. The Babycakes machine features non-stick plates that crank out nine perfect little balls of carbohydrates and sugar in just four to five minutes. It's great for savory balls, too, like cheddar biscuits, pizza bites, and even meatballs. A great accessory when you're entertaining, and don't have enough stove or oven space and makes a wonderful gift, too.


30. These Curlers Will Help You Snooze Your Way To Beachy Waves

Aimin Hair Sleeping Hair Rollers, $15 (30 Piece Set), Amazon

Stop spending priceless minutes in front of the mirror doing your hair in the morning — and sleep your way into your desired 'do with these sleeping rollers. Lightweight and crafted with super-soft sponges and ultra-durable elastic fibers, they're great on either dry or slightly damp hair to create the perfect style. Reviewers who report having "thin and straight hair" say they love these rollers.


31. This Genius Device Is The Kitchen Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Smarter-Seal Can Lids, $15 (12 Pack), Amazon

Love soda or beer but hate it when you don't finish the can and it goes flat? These remarkable can covers eliminate that problem, and also rank very high on the list of things I wish I'd invented myself. Engineered from high-quality, BPA-free plastic that's FDA-approved, these patent-pending lids seal to the rim. Flip the top down, and you're preventing the carbonation from getting out while also not letting sand, dirt, bees, and everything else from getting in. Getting it open when you're ready to drink is simple, too.


32. This Notepad Will Help You Prove Your Life-Changing Ideas Aren't All Wet

Idea Hackr Waterproof Notepad, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

We've all lived with someone who has hogged the shower, and if you don't believe this is a true statement, then I encourage you to look in the mirror, because you'll find the person in your circle who does so there. This notepad is for the shower-lover you know: When lightning bolts of brilliance strike, or song lyrics, or notes regarding whatever the heck it is they're doing in there, they'll be prepared to jot it down. Perfect for gift-giving, and the two-pack means you can keep one for yourself.


33. These Are Headphones You Can Really Cozy Up To

CozyPhones, $19, Amazon

Encased in a lightweight and comfortable headband, these patent-pending headphones allow you to really get comfy and enjoy your favorite music, podcast, or program while sleeping at home or on the road. Made from Lycra so they're stretchy to accommodate most head sizes, they're equipped with a sturdy braided cord and standard 3.5 mm stereo plug. They're perfect for a dorm environment or when your partner snores, too, and they won't hurt your ears like normal earbuds or standard headphones.

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