33 Things That Seriously Upgrade Your Bathroom For Less Than $20 On Amazon

It's the one room of the house where you spend a lot of time but expend hardly any gray matter thinking about: Your bathroom. Isn't it about time you give it a little TLC? Start with these upgrades from Amazon for under $20 that all deliver major oomph.

Granted, I have moved on from college dorm-style bleak, but with the tiny bathrooms I've had to contend with over the years, it wasn't until I started researching this article and a few others that I realized how even a little spend could make a big difference — even when your space is practically closet-sized. The moral of the story here is that it's neither your wallet's size nor your bathroom's size that makes the's the amount of time you spend choosing the right accessories for your upgrade that really drives the payoff when you're sprucing up a bathroom.

But who has that kind of time?, you ask. Hey, that's why I'm here for you! This list is chock full of ideas that I've researched so you don't have to. Whether you're looking for organization ideas to get all your stuff off your bathroom counters so you can have a calm, peaceful space to get ready in the morning, or you're more in the market for a home spa experience with a bath tray and a surprisingly life-changing drain cover that will let you fill your bathtub to the brim, I've got you covered.


This Cotton Swab Dispenser Is Stylish And Durable

Make a home for your cotton swabs without cluttering up your bathroom countertop using this acrylic dispenser that's sleek and durable. The box is designed so there's always one at the ready when you need it — it's ideal for bobby pins, too — and its clear composition enables you to make sure you're always stocked up. This unit's tailored lines look right at home in any décor.


Your Wine Or Your Loofah — Keep Either Easily Nearby In The Shower With This Gadget

Designed to adhere to your shower wall with an oversized suction cup that can hold up to 7 pounds, this cupholder is versatile enough to hold your beer, wine, body wash, loofah, or just about whatever else you need it to hold while you're washing off. Made from ultra-strong plastic and available in five colors, like blue, pink, and purple, it can be mounted on any glossy, nonporous surface, so it's perfect for use on the side of the bathtub, too.


The Green Gel Cleanser That Gets Your Bathroom Squeaky Clean Naturally

Formulated without the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals, this green spray cleanser will get your bathroom sparkling clean effectively and safely, too. Safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces including ceramic and porcelain tile, glass, stainless steel, and stone, it removes everything from everyday dirt and grease to the most stubborn soap scum with ease. Its light citrus scent will be a breath of fresh air for your bathroom.


Set Up A Brushing Station With This Duo

Eliminate toothpaste waste and scattered brushes all over your bathroom countertop with this dental health station that mounts to your wall and keeps everything you need to keep your mouth fresh and clean and your bathroom organized: Just add water...okay, and floss. The two-piece set includes an automatic toothpaste dispenser for consistent hands-free paste delivery (no more debating about who left the cap off!) plus a five-brush holder that lines everyone's up and keeps them covered while they're not in use.


Get Your Hair Arsenal In Formation With This Organizer

Hot hair tools will always have a safe place to land that without scorching or marring your countertops when you hit "Add to Cart" on this styling tools organizer. Crafted from metal to absorb that heat so your delicate surfaces don't have to and with an ample frame that will contain even your plus-sized turbo blow dryer, it's available in a dozen different finishes, like cream, chrome, and mint. This catchall is freestanding on its own four feet, poised at the ready to receive your flatiron and other magic wands even while they're hot.


A Makeup Organizer That Makes Order Out Of Chaos

Sturdy yet lightweight, this makeup organizer features a lazy Susan design that offers 360 degrees of rotation to provide you with full access to its ample storage space. Shelves of various heights provide room for skincare supplies as well as makeup items; adjust them any way you like to make a customized arrangement that suits your particular products. It's easy to keep clean, too!


Expandable Shelves Make This Shower Caddy Hard To Beat

If you're a fan of those oversized price club body washes and shampoos like I am, this expandable shower caddy will give your super-sized products a good home. Its four baskets slide outward to accommodate tall containers and to give your handheld shower hose room to maneuver. There's a nonslip collar so it won't bang down onto the shower head all the time, and the chrome finish isn't just good-looking, it's rust-resistant, too.


Singing In The Shower Has Never Been Better With This Waterproof Speaker

You'll definitely have wrinkly fingers several times over before the rechargeable battery on this waterproof shower speaker gives out — this little wonder can crank out up to six hours of tunes while you scrub your cares away. Featuring loud, HD stereo sound, it's compatible via Bluetooth with all your Apple and Android devices, and mounts easily to any smooth nonporous surface with its attached suction cup.


Enjoy A Spa Experience Every Day With This Shower Head

You'll look forward to getting ready in the morning for a change when you swap out your ho-hum shower head for this high pressure version. Even the most uninspiring water pressure will suddenly be enough to make you want to get out of bed thanks to the compact rain spray it administers, even under low water flow conditions. You'll love how easy it is to clean, too, thanks to its silicone jets that prevent hard water deposits.


When It Comes To Bathtime, This Pillow Will Help You Just Say Ahhhh

Taking a nice, hot bath can be pretty relaxing, except when the tub's hard edge digs into your neck. This bath pillow takes the edge right off — literally — with its double-thick comfort foam that cradles your head and neck so you can enjoy your soak. Adaptable for use in Jacuzzis and hot tubs, it attaches via oversized suction cups that won't come loose and ensure that your head stays exactly where it needs to be for optimum comfort.


Get Red Carpet-Worthy Looks With This Magnifying Mirror

Get up close and personal with your face for precise makeup applications with this magnification mirror that provides a 10x view of everything it surveys. Surrounded by natural white LEDs, it's also ideal for other precise tasks like brow maintenance, applying false lashes, inserting contact lenses, and the like. The integrated suction cup locks onto any smooth, flat surface in just seconds.


The Space-Saving Hamper That Hangs Out Anywhere

I think this hamper has the cool look of something the astronauts on the ISS would use to keep their laundry from floating off into space. In reality, space is what it will save you, because it can hang behind a door or inside a closet and lie so flat, giving your dirty clothes a hangout that's out of sight and up off of the floor until you're ready to launder them. It mounts in seconds using the included hooks and you can throw it in the wash itself if it picks up an aroma from your dirty clothes.


A Bath Mat That Just Won't Let Go

Leave it to Gorilla Grip to come up with a bath mat that clamps down on your tub floor and just won't let go — until you want it to. With an expansive design that features hundreds of suction cups, this BPA-, phthalate-, and latex-free mat absolutely won't slip and it won't mold or mildew, either. Cleanup is easy, too since it's machine washable!


This Toilet Paper Holder Gives Your Phone A Place To Be While You Go

I'll admit it, I take my phone into the bathroom with me, and more than once, it has taken an unforeseen voyage into the sink by accident — but this toilet paper holder put an end to that. The built-in shelf allows you to rest your phone (or flushable wipes, or cup of coffee) on top while you go about your business and of course dispenses toilet paper underneath. Made from heavy-duty aluminum with a matte finish, it's also sharp and stylish to coordinate with any interior.


This Durable Shower Curtain That's Mildew and Mold Resistant

Get a quality shower curtain liner without that trademark shower curtain liner smell when you get this model that's antimicrobial and has a proprietary treatment to inhibit mold and mildew growth. But when you get right down to it, past all of the scientific benefits, this is simply a great liner: Durable and fume-free, and fitted with heavy-duty magnets so it won't billow out while you're showering.


These Stylish Hooks Add Much-Needed Storage

Need more storage in your bathroom? Just throw this handy rack over the door and you're in business, with five hooks that give you a place to stow towels, your bathrobe, a hanging organizer, and lots more. Made from the same space-age aluminum alloy as the back cover of your iPhone, it's lightweight but built to last and available in four color finishes, including black, gray, silver, and pink.


Expand Your Under-Sink Horizons With These Shelves

Multiply the space underneath your sink with these shelves that are perfect for storing everything from makeup to cleaning products. Made from durable plastic, they slide in and out of the metal scaffolding smoothly for easy access to their contents; remove them completely and you can use their handles to tote them around the bathroom or around the house. There's a mini set available for further organization, too.


Cut Out Plastic Waste Inside The Shower With This Dispenser

Designed to be mounted either flat on the wall or in the corner of your shower, this dispenser has three chambers to contain your most-used personal hygiene products. Decant your price club products into the dispenser and cut down on plastic waste; use less thanks to the dispenser's pump system. Plus, you'll be eliminating the clutter caused by all of those bottles, and this dispenser installs in just minutes without the need of tools.


Get The Effect Of A Bidet Without The Costly Plumbing

If you like the freshness a bidet confers but aren't about to get into the pricey plumbing it takes to install one in your bathroom (or don't have the room), pick up this device. It attaches to your toilet seat in just minutes without special tools and features a retractable nozzle that adjusts to aim a spray of water at your business to cleanse and refresh. The system is equipped with a seat-side dial to adjust the pressure and flow et voilà, it's a bidet as easy as 1, 2...


Glass Showers Clean Up Quickly And Easily With This Stylish Squeegee

Add this squeegee to your arsenal of cleaning tools to keep your glass shower stall walls absolutely sparkling at all times. Plus, it will help you do so quickly and efficiently. The squeegee comes with its own sticky pad/holder combo that adheres to the wall with included ultra-strong adhesive. It's available in three sizes and this device's stainless steel construction is so sculptural that it's just plain pleasant to have hanging around.


This Kit Can Make The Tiredest Seat In The House New Again

I'll bet you don't spend a lot of time thinking about your toilet seat bumpers, right? They're those little pads that keep the toilet seat from slamming down onto the bowl itself when it's in a seated position...and they do get worn down after years of use, not to mention pretty darn grody. The fix is in with this kit that contains eight replacement bumpers crafted from sturdy plastic that install easily with ultra-strong adhesive.


This Drain Cover Gives You Up To 2 Inches Worth Of Extra Bathwater

If you're going to draw a bath, make it as deep and luxurious a bath as possible: Use this drain cover that lets in up to 2 inches worth of extra water for your relaxation and rejuvenation. It fits right over most common overflow drains and adheres with a ring of suction cups to permit an additional influx of water. What does that mean for you? You can soak in the tub longer to work out all those aches and pains.


Go Ahead, Indulge: This Bath Tray Is Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Bath caddies have always seemed next-level indulgent to me, but given that this one is made from sustainably harvested, eco-friendly bamboo, you're almost required to buy it if baths are your thing. It's just the right size, too: It's big enough to hold your drink and your soaps but not one of those hulking ones that weighs a kajillion pounds and looks as though you're setting up a satellite porcelain office. Designed to fit most tubs, it's also mold-, mildew-, and fungi-resistant.


The Organizer That Turns Your Door Into Extra Storage Space

Why simply cede the back of your bathroom door to your towel and your bathrobe when you can get this organizer and basically turn that important bathroom real estate into a shelving unit? Residents of small spaces, take note: This sturdy hanging storage organizer has pockets that hold all the stuff you can't get in the vanity, whether that's makeup and hair products, baby supplies, or extra towels.


This Toilet Bowl Ring Remover Means Business

There are all kinds of reasons why toilet bowls get stained besides the obvious one, but there aren't that many ways to remedy these unsightly blemishes: This pumice scrubber is one answer that works every single time. Designed to conform to the shape of your bowl, it works quickly to get you in and out of there in a hurry. Not only is it efficient, it's also a safe and effective solution without harmful fumes.


Whip That Under-The-Sink Area Right Into Shape With This Tray

There's so much wasted space on bathroom countertops and I'm here to tell you that this tiered organizer tray is one excellent way to get the most out of that dead zone that's lurking between your mirror and your sink. Stack your medicine or cosmetics bottles on risers like choirboys so you can easily identify what you're reaching for; go crazy and organize your hair products by season or by scent.


Makeup Aficionados Will Go Crazy For This Organizer That Groups Looks By Palette

When I was little, I wanted one of those giant Barbie heads to play makeup on and experiment with all of her different looks. These days, I get to do that on my own face — and over the years, I've amassed enough makeup palettes to give me a wide range of different choices. When it's time to put them away, this organizer crafted from study acrylic does the trick with its eight grids that you can customize to suit your needs.


Prevent Plumbing Emergencies With This Drain Protector From OXO

It may look like a tiny spaceship, but this genius gadget is designed to keep your bathroom drains in peak condition by straining away hairs and other clog-causing debris. Crafted from tough silicone and stainless steel, it's designed to suit both flat and pop-up drains and has the added benefit of preventing your contact lenses and your jewelry from disappearing beyond reach.


Stop Unmentionable Odors Before They Start With This Spray

Oh, sure, there are other toilet sprays, but this is the spray that launched a thousand ships — squirt it before you go and it creates a barrier to trap unpleasant smells under the surface of the toilet water and away from your delicate nose (and the nose of the folks in the bathroom after you). It's formulated from natural essential oils so the only aroma you leave behind is fresh botanicals.


Put A Spring In Your Step Post-Bath Or Shower With This Memory Foam Mat

What could be better than stepping onto a bed of lush memory foam as you get out of the shower or the bath — this mat makes that possible. Available in three sizes and a dozen different colors, like gray, peacock blue, and potent purple, it's not only cozily comfortable but super easy to clean since it washes and dries easily in the machine.

  • Available sizes: 24 by 17 inches; 31.5 by 19.8 inches; 44.1 by 24 inches


A Stylish Stand For Hand Towels And Washcloths

If you need more room for hand towels and washcloths or are looking for a solution for towel display in a small powder room, this towel holder does the job and makes a statement, too. Also useful for jewelry, its two T-shaped arms are graduated in size to allow for both display and easy viewing; they're mounted on a sturdy metal base. Choose from three finishes, including black, nickel, and bronze, to suit your home's décor.


This Shelf Adds So Much Extra Room To Small Spaces

Made from sturdy metal with an attractive chrome finish that looks elegant in any bathroom, this storage unit has six tiers and adds so much extra space without taking up a whole lot in return. Its relatively small footprint lets you stack towels, toiletries, or whatever else you need to store on its coated wire shelves. Covered feet won't scratch your floors.


Get Bathroom Surfaces Clean With This Scrub Brush

When it comes to the bathroom, nothing welcomes you in more than surfaces that are almost aggressively clean, and this scrub brush from the design masters at OXO will get you there in half the time with less energy. Featuring two different types of bristles to beat back mildew and grime on a variety of surfaces, this all-purpose brush is finished with the brand's trademark nonslip handle so you can really get a good grip on the chore at hand.

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