34 Affordable Luxuries To Treat Yourself To — Because You Effing Deserve It


Letting yourself relax is one of those things that's easy to forget about when things hit the fan — but avoiding it can keep you from having much-needed moments of peace or tranquility. It's one of the big reasons why it's nice to treat yourself to some affordable luxuries once it a while, because no matter the budget, everyone deserves to feel pampered.

Caring for yourself shouldn't feel like an extravagance, but it starts to seem that way when you're under pressure. Whether it's taking a hot bubble bath or treating yourself to a massage, there are all kinds of things you can do at home to just relax — and there are products that make it more enjoyable to do. In the process, you're not just taking a step back from the hassle of ordinary life, you're actually laying the groundwork for a healthy self-care routine.

Feeling overwhelmed at work or school? Got a mountain of overdue projects to get through and totally clueless about where to start? Instead of letting the stress of it all dull your senses, just step back, take a moment, and consider grabbing one of these luxurious and budget-friendly products on Amazon. No matter how you like to unwind, the cheap items on this list are sure to come in handy when you need to take a mental vacation.

by Shayna Murphy

1. This Revitalizing Skin Mask That Will Make Your Complexion Feel Like Gold

Majestic Pure 24K Gold Facial Mask, $21, Amazon

This ultra-fancy face mask is a little pricier when compared to some other facial masks you might use, but it's worth the investment because it's literally made with 24 karat gold. That's right, you read that right. Gold. Rich in antioxidants that help reverse the effect of damaging free radicals on skin, this mask detoxifies and has intense restorative power on skin. From dull skin to acne, common skin problems seem to vanish with this mask, to reveal a more supple-looking complexion.


2. The Shower Head That You Can Use To Rock Out In The Tub

YOO.MEE Shower Head with Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $28, Amazon

Turn your shower game up a notch with this shower head, which not only allows you to play around with water intensity, but can blast your favorite tunes as you wash off. Equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, this shower head is good for up to 15 hours of continuous playing (talk about a long shower?), comes with a rechargeable battery, and has a connection distance of 33 feet. Just press the speaker button and you can also answer the phone while you're showering or use it to cancel out other outside noise for a total immersion-like experience.


3. A Pillowcase Made With 100 Percent Silk

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Pillowcase, $23, Amazon

Silk pillowcases might seem like just a luxury item, but if you've got curly hair or hair prone to breakage, having one like this could help keep it healthier. Unlike cotton — which absorbs hair oils during sleep, leaving most with funny, tangled bedhead by morning — this silk alternative offers superior breathability. What that means for your hair (and skin) is that silk is hypoallergenic while helping hair and skin retain moisture. The 600 thread count pillowcase comes in 20 different colors and six sizes, too.


4. This Trifold Mirror For When You Want To Get Up Close And Personal

Makeup Mirror Trifold with Touch Screen, $32, Amazon

Get a closer look at your complexion with this smart touch mirror, which comes with three adjustable panels for greater magnification, plus 22 adjustable LED lights — all of which are controlled by a touch sensor switch, so you can brighten or dim the lights based on what you need. You can also fix this mirror on a table, vanity, or countertop, or adjust it by 180 degrees. No matter where you store it, this portable mirror is also compact enough that it's great for traveling.


5. This Nutrient-Packed Skincare Set Made With Vitamin C And Hyaluronic Acid

InstaNatural Vitamin C Skin Trio Bundle, $29, Amazon

Whether you've got ultra-sensitive skin or your complexion gets oily, this bundle of three skincare items can help restore moisture, shine, and healthy radiance. Packed with vitamin C, each product does something a little different: the cleanser helps nourish dry skin, the serum delivers a concentrated dose of antioxidants to skin that helps clear up acne, and the moisturizer helps target dry patches of skin for smoother, redness-free skin. The affordable set is made with luxury ingredients like sea buckthorn oil, plant stem cells, coconut water, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.


6. This Ice Roller That Helps Relieve Sore Muscles And Under Eye Puffiness

ESARORA Ice Roller for Face & Eye, $12, Amazon

This ice roller is a unique tool that delivers almost immediate results. Great to use when you're already relaxed, this roller massages skin and can have a calming effect on red, puffy complexions because it helps shrink pores and strengthen collagen fibers — which helps make skin more firm and elastic. You can also use this ice roller around the temples to relieve migraines, and around the eye socket to get rid of fatigue. This roller can also be used on sore backs, legs, and can also relieve migraines.


7. This Super Comfortable Lap Desk That's Great If You Work From Home

Sofia + Sam Lap Desk, $32, Amazon

Working from your couch is about to get a whole lot more comfortable with this all-purpose lap desk, which supports laptops up to 17 inches and offers a great surface for you to get your work done. Made with a built-in wrist rest and a handle for easy portability, this lap desk can go with you no matter where you're off to — but works especially well when you're trying to focus on work from the comfort of your own den. It's also a little luxurious boost to reading in bed, eating in bed, or doing crafts.


8. A Shampoo Brush That Exfoliates And Invigorates Tired Scalps

Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush, $16, Amazon

This massaging shampoo brush could be the cure for dry, itchy scalps — and can save you money on constant salon visits if you love the head massages there. Made with flexible rubber tips, this brush sends gentle vibrations through your scalp that help increase blood flow, lightly exfoliate skin, and help promote relaxation. Water-resistant and functional with just one AA battery, this brush can help make your scalp — and in effect, you —so much happier over time.


9. This Funky Heated Pillow That's Filled With Red Beans

Kiribai Azuki Steam Neck Pillow, $20, Amazon

"This was the best microwavable neck pillow that I tried," raved one reviewer of this weird but really inventive pillow, which you can heat up in the microwave to get nice and toasty. While the idea of microwaving a pillow to heat it up is interesting on its own, what also makes this pillow really unique is that it's made with red beans, which provide relaxing relief to the neck and shoulders, and are flexible enough to comfortably position this pillow however you want. Reusable for up to 250 times, this pillow is a cheap but effective heat therapy tool.


10. This Massager That's Just Like Visiting An Actual Professional

Snailax Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat Massage Pillow, $30, Amazon

Craving a deep massage but don't want to shell out big bucks to get one? Just try this neck massager, which comes with eight deep-kneading massage nodes that press into sore areas of the neck, back, legs, and shoulders — which can relieve those deep knots and seriously relax you. This massager also comes with a heated pillow, so you can also get heat therapy, which helps improve blood circulation.


11. These Cooling Sheets That You'll Love After A Long Run

Lion Resting Time Neat Foot, $12 (18 pieces), Amazon

After you're done working up a sweat at home or at the gym, you'll definitely want to apply one of these cooling sheets to tired, achy legs. Each sheet is formulated with natural plant extracts like lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon, and orange, and provide a cooling relief to the feet, as well as to calves, knees, and ankles that have been overextended during physical activity. Each box comes with 18 sheets, so they're also sure to last you a while.


12. This Pack Of Korean Beauty Masks That Are Gentle On Sensitive Skin

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet, $10 (10 Pack), Amazon

This 10-pack of Korean beauty sheet masks is a fun, affordable treat that can really give your skin a much-needed boost. Although each pack comes with a variety of masks (with differing star ingredients like rose, royal jelly, and shea butter) derived from plant extracts, reviewers on Amazon have said that each one shares one thing in common: they're all intensely hydrating. For those with sensitive skin who love the idea of Korean sheet masks but are worried about irritating skin with one that's too harsh, this set is basically a must-have. "THESE ARE AMAZING. My skin is sensitive and I don’t break out using them. Leaves a refreshing feel," one reviewer noted.


13. A Heated Lotion Dispenser For When You Want To Be Truly Decadent

True Glow by Conair, $24, Amazon

You may find yourself wondering, 'Does it get anymore bougie than a heated lotion dispenser?' And while that's probably right, this ultra-indulgent item is perfect for those days when you really do want to feel pampered AF. All you have to do is add your favorite lotion to the reservoir, wait two minutes for it to heat up, then massage the lotion into your skin. You'll feel like you're wrapping your skin in a warm blanket of goodness each time, and because this is compact and lightweight, you can even take it to the office to make all your coworkers jealous.


14. This Herbal Bath Set That'll Give You 10 Great Reasons To Jump In The Tub

Kneipp Herbal Travel Size Bath Oils, $50 (Set of 10), Amazon

Make bath time your new favorite ritual for relaxation with this set of 10 travel-size bath oils. Featuring all different kinds of oils, including an arnica option for joint and muscle stress relief, lavender oil bath for balance, eucalyptus oil for colds, and more, each bottle is good for two baths and can help promote general health and mental wellness. Each oil will also leave your skin feeling fragrant and super-soft to the touch.


15. This Stress-Relieving Candle That Can Help Clear Out Your Senses

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle, $21, Amazon

Sometimes the best way to rid your house of bad vibes is to burn a candle, and with this aromatherapy candle from Bath & Body Works, you can get a double-whammy of stress relief. Not only does this candle help create a serene, low-lit ambiance for your home, but it also is scented with eucalyptus and spearmint, so it smells fresh, invigorating, and above all, relaxing. It also comes with three wicks and can burn for up to 45 hours.


16. This Two-Panel Pillow That Brings The Spa Experience To Any Tub

The Original GORILLA GRIP Spa Bath Pillow, $16, Amazon

This spa pillow is the perfect way to level-up an already relaxing bath. The non-porous, waterproof pillow can adhere to any tub of any size, and it comes with seven suction cups that help keep it securely in place. Because of its two-fold design, this pillow also delivers great support for the head, neck, and upper back, so you can stay cozy for even longer in the tub.


17. This Yummy Tea That Helps You Sip Your Way To A Blissful Existence

BB DETOX Muslin Tea Bags, $19 (20 Pack), Amazon

There are a lot of great reasons to drink tea, and a healthier complexion can definitely be one of them. With this detoxifying green tea, which comes in a 20 pack, you can sip your way to more radiant skin. Each muslin bag is rich in antioxidants — including dandelion, grapefruit, and rooibos — which helps give the tea a fruity, sweet taste. This tea can help skin look plumper and keeps skin hydrated. One reviewer writes: "Love it. Very fragrant so a little goes a long way. Makes your skin glow. I had to use it for 2-3 weeks before I started getting compliments for my glow."


18. These Bath Salts For When You Really Want To Soak The Stress Away

Seven Minerals Deep Relaxation Bath Salts, $18, Amazon

Sink into a bath filled with these bath salts, which are completely chemical- and toxin-free. These deep relaxation salts also provide more long-lasting relief than Epsom salts, and contain clary sage, chamomile, and magnesium, — which can have a calming effect on the nervous system and relieve anxiety in just 30 minutes. These natural salts can also facilitate a more restful sleep, which makes these a great investment for anyone struggling with insomnia or tons of stress.


19. This Edible Powder That's Good For Pretty Much Everything

Moon Juice Organic + Wildcrafted Edible Radiance, $38, Amazon

Whether you're looking to hydrate your skin or boost collagen production naturally, you'll get the crucial assist you need from this edible powder. Made from super herbs like organic goji and stevia, this powder blends with matcha, tea, milk, water, or smoothies, and can help fortify different parts of your body. This powder also aids in silica production and can help promote greater relaxation with each use. It also helps to fortify hair, skin, and nails.


20. This S-Hook Massager That Delivers Intense Relief To Sore Backs And Shoulders

Trigger Point Self-Massage Therapy Tool With Electronic Vibrator, $39, Amazon

For hard-to-reach areas where you can't ordinarily get relief without a masseuse, this self-massaging tool is a lifesaver. Durable and ergonomically designed to hit tense muscles on your body that are typically out of reach, this massager comes with multiple knobs and a built-in electronic vibrator, so you get deep kneading relief and tension release where you need it most. You can use this before or after workouts too, which means you'll have something new to motivate you to get moving.


21. An Amazingly Soft Sleep Mask For When You Just Want To Drift Away In Peace

DreamTime Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask, $22, Amazon

Whether you're taking a quick nap or your regular sleep ritual means you need a mask in order to block everything out, this super-soft sleep mask could be just the thing. Made with warm black lining and lavender flowers that provide soothing aromatherapy, this mask can help block out light completely. Best of all, you can put in the microwave or the freezer for some hot or cold therapy.


22. This Cotton Robe That's As Stylish As It Is Cozy To Wear

Amazon Essentials Women's 100% Cotton Robe (S-XL), $24, Amazon

If you're looking to really treat yourself, it helps to have a comfortable robe nearby — and with this 100 percent cotton and machine-washable robe, you'll have just what you need for a cozy night in. This Kimono-style robe comes in a range of colors and styles, and comes fitted with a shawl collar and belt, so you can adjust it to fit your size. One reviewer writes: "This robe is exactly what I wanted. It is machine washable, has pockets, and 3/4-length sleeves. It’s a nice weight, about the same as a nice t-shirt."


23. This Elegant Carafe That's A Must-Have For Wine Lovers

Sagaform Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper, $22, Amazon

Featuring a solid oak stopper, this mouth-blown wine carafe adds a touch of sophistication to any tabletop or bar, and can also be a great way to dispense water or other beverages — and open up the flavors of your red or white. It's dishwasher safe and lead-free (which means it won't become cloudy over time), so it's built to last, and it'll make a great centerpiece during your next dinner party.


24. These Tremendously Fuzzy Slippers That Feel Like Walking On A Cloud

206 Collective Women's Roosevelt Shearling Slide Slipper (5-11), $50, Amazon

In the chillier months, this set of shearling-lined slippers can give your feet all the warmth and comfort they need to make it through. Available in five colors and multiple sizes, these side slippers come with a foam-cushion insole and a durable rubber sole, so you can stick to wearing them indoors or outside. Amazon reviewers also praise these slippers for their durability, great support, and softness, with one adding, "So many slippers seem cheaply made but these really feel like quality slippers."


25. A Set Of French Shea Butter Creams That'll Keep Your Hands Incredibly Smooth

La Chatelaine Shea Butter Beauty Gift Set, $24, Amazon

Protect your hands from harsh winds and other damaging elements with this pack of three deeply nourishing shea butter creams. Made in France with 20 percent shea butter, vitamin E, and argan oil, these creams penetrate skin and hydrate it, but won't leave behind a greasy residue like cheaper, less concentrated creams might. Each hand cream is also completely paraben- and phthalate-free, so those with sensitive skin can use these with confidence.


26. These Gorgeous Makeup Brushes That'll Add Flair To Your Vanity Table

Marble Make Up Brushes Set, $11 (10 Pieces), Amazon

This set of 10 marble makeup brushes have a ton of personality, and are made with a chic Italian Carara-style marble look that definitely can add a little more luxury to your makeup bag or vanity table. But another reason to love these brushes is that they're actually great for applying all kinds of powders, creams, and liquid makeup products. The bristles are high-density and deliver the perfect blend of firmness and softness, so they're optimal for applying and blending a range of cosmetics.


27. A Set Of Bath Salts That Can Actually Help Heal Scrapes And Bruises

Amaki Flowers and Bath Salts Luxury Gift Set, $22, Amazon

When you're feeling sore and maybe cranky, soaking in a salt bath can feel like the most replenishing thing in the world. This set of bath salts is made with lavender flowers and calendula, which can soothe damaged skin and help reduce the effects of eczema. These salts can also boost skin regeneration, meaning that you may be able to heal from bruises, cuts, and scrapes faster than you ordinarily would after just one soak. Of course, the dried flowers in the set will make your bath look prettier, too.


28. This Set Of Whiskey Stones That Will Keep Your Drink Chilled, Never Diluted

Spirit Stones Whiskey Stones, $14 (Set of 10), Amazon

If you're a fancy scotch drinker, you probably already avoid sipping your favorite blend with ice because you know it'll only water that sweet nectar down. But if you still find yourself wishing for a way to chill your drink without diluting it, you'll absolutely love this set of 10 whiskey stones. Just plop these in the freezer and once they're cool, use them like ice in your drink. These stones are reusable and dishwasher-safe, so they're built to last, and will definitely serve you well for future glasses.


29. This Classy AF Glass File That's Actually Great For Your Nails

Bona Fide Beauty Glass Nail File, $9, Amazon

Did you know that using a glass nail file can actually be good for your nails? I didn't until I discovered this pretty and practical file, which seals in the nail's keratin layers, helping make them smoother and more healthier than ever, plus less likely to spread bacteria. Made from genuine Czech glass, this file is also double-sided and features a fine to medium grit surface that helps prevent nail damage.


30. A Book Light That You Can Take With You Anywhere You Go

LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light, $17, Amazon

Clip this book light onto your book or tablet no matter for clear, targeted light that really illuminates each word. This cordless lamp clamps in place and comes with two goosenecks, so you can adjust each light's brightness and position. Rechargeable and lightweight, this book light can go for up to 20 hours on a single USB charge, and makes a great accessory for any book lover.


31. This Hair Remover That'll Save You So Many Trips To The Salon

Finishing Touch Painless Hair Remover, $20, Amazon

Unwanted hairs will vanish painlessly with this discreet hair remover, which can fit in your purse or backpack same as lipstick and comes in rose gold plating, so it adds a stylish touch to your grooming accessories. Battery powered by just one AA battery, this hair remover helps get rid of unwanted hair and peach fuzz on the lip, chin, cheeks, and is so gentle you don't even need shaving cream to use it.


32. A Brow Gel For The Full, Fierce Look You've Always Wanted

Wunderbrow Brow Gel, $21, Amazon

This brow gel is completely waterproof (you can even go for a swim without it rubbing off) and available in five shades — and it's perfect filling in sparse areas along your brows for a fuller look. This gel also has more than 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon and has a dedicated, cult-like following on the site. "I was really skeptical at first. I'm glad I took a chance," wrote one reviewer. "... This is a great product! It fills and shaped not to mention it is also natural looking."


33. An Electric Wine Bottle Opener That'll Pop Corks In Seconds

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $15, Amazon

Make corks pop off in seconds with this electric wine bottle opener, which can open up to 30 bottles off a single charge and operates seamlessly with the push of a button. Sleek and thin enough that it won't take up tons of countertop space in your home, this bottle opener also cuts through foil with ease and comes with a soft-handle grip.


34. These Salt Shot Glasses With A Serving Board

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses With Wood Serving Board, $35, Amazon

These unique shot glasses add a pleasantly salty taste to anything that goes in them — and are antibacterial, odor-resistant, and safe to use over and over again. The Acacia wood serving board makes the presentation beautiful, and one reviewer writes: "I love this set of salt shots! They're well-made and as a natural product each one is unique in color. They're a fun, yet classy way to serve good tequila to guests, but beautiful enough to keep out as a decoration."

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