34 Clever AF Gadgets On Amazon That Basically Do All The Work For You

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Every once in a while, I'll run across a product that makes me do a double take, and I'll wonder: "How have I managed to live without this brilliant device all these years?" This increases tenfold when I find clever AF gadgets on Amazon that basically do all the work for me. I love saving time, and I love when things that usually require a lot of work can suddenly be done a lot easier with the right product.

There are things like a makeup brush cleaner that cleans your whole collection without having to wait for dry time, a magnet that hangs your pictures without taking out the electric drill, and a little chopper that dices onions without tears or effort. Buy one of these, and you'll find that a task becomes the job of the product itself — and it's blissfully not your problem anymore.

Best of all, there's something on this list (and on Amazon, of course) for everyone — if you want to get a better night's sleep, are trying your hand at becoming a sushi chef, or you just want to organize your closet better, there's something here for you. And you won't have to wait years to find it.

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