34 Clever Inventions On Amazon That Solve Problems You Never Knew Tools Could Solve

It's easy to realize you have a problem — but to come up with a way to fix that problem is another matter entirely. And while I love guessing whether an entrepreneur will get a deal with their brilliant problem-solving products, it's pretty doubtful that I'll ever invent anything brilliant enough to make it onto Shark Tank. Luckily for me, I can live out dreams of solving all those little issues I never thought I'd solve by checking out genius products on Amazon.

Did you know you don't have to lug around a bulky water dish anytime you want to give your dog water while out and about? That's right — someone invented a water bottle specifically for pets that won't spill in your backpack. Or how about a gadget that cools down your hot coffee in 60 seconds so you don't have to dilute it with ice cubes? I'm sitting here kicking myself, because these are all great products on Amazon that make your life easier, but they're all so obvious that I feel like I should've thought of them first.

Of course, I don't have the follow-through or work effort to actually figure out how to make a light bulb that doubles as a speaker (yep, that's in here too) — but with so many clever products on Amazon to choose from, I'm sure a little Prime shopping will make me feel better.

1. The Anti-Snoring Gadget Developed By Doctors

Dortz Snoring Solution, $13, Amazon

So, an otolaryngologist is an ear, nose, and throat doctor — which means you can (literally) sleep easy, because the Dortz snoring solutions were developed by actual doctors. These nose plugs work by replicating the anatomy of your nose so that your breathing remains undisturbed, while the dilators built into the plugs prevent you from snoring. Each order comes with a set of eight pairs, plus an antibacterial traveling case.


2. A Smart Water Bottle That Tracks How Much Liquid You've Drank

Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle, $55, Amazon

If you constantly forget to drink water — but find yourself always swearing to hydrate more — then the Hidrate Spark smart water bottle is for you! This brilliant device tracks your water intake and even syncs with your smartphone so you can see how much water you've had throughout the day. If you haven't had enough water it will start glowing, and it operates using batteries. Reviewers also love that they're leak-proof, easy to clean, and there's a handy fill line so you won't overflow it with water.


3. The Silicone Mats That Have A Million Uses — Including Keeping Your Hands And Hot Tools Safe

Safe Grabs Silicone Mat, $27 (2 Pack), Amazon

The Safe Grabs silicone mat complete collection is the multi-tool you never knew you needed — it comes with two 10- and 12-inch silicone mats that work as placemats, grippers for opening stubborn jars, oven gloves, trivets, food covers, heat pads for hot tools, and more. The raised grooves and edges evenly distribute heat so you can grab food right out of the microwave without worrying about burning yourself, and they're all naturally non-stick and dishwasher-safe to boot.


4. An Extension Cord With Built-In USB Ports For Easy Charging

Bluelounge 6-Foot Extension Cord, $25, Amazon

Sometimes, you'll find a product that actually improves on an old favorite, and not only does the Bluelounge 6-foot extension cord have a self-adhesive metal plate so you can mount or store it when not in use, but it also has — wait for it — two built-in USB ports. It also sets itself apart from the pack by featuring plugs at a 45-degree angle, so that other sockets remain accessible while in use.


5. The Kitchen Gadget That Lets You Safely Push And Pull Your Oven Rack

Norpro Oven Rack Push/Pull, $6, Amazon

"I am forever burning myself when pulling items out of the oven on the rack," one Amazon reviewer writes about the Norpro oven rack push/pull. "This little contraption has become my best friend. Easy to hook on and pull the rack out with ease. No more burns!" Each oven rack grabber is made from durable silicone that's heat-resistant up to 645 degrees Fahrenheit, and the notches on the end can be used to safely pull your oven rack or baking trays out of the oven.


6. An Outlet Mount For Your Echo Dot To Keep Your Apartment Looking Tidy

Matone Outlet Mount For Echo Dot, $10, Amazon

Using my Echo Dot to turn on/off the lamps in my apartment is cool and all, but finding a place to plug it in where it didn't just collect dust and take up countertop space was another matter. If you can't find a convenient place for it, try out the Matone outlet mount. Not only does this outlet mount hide the power cord so your space looks clean and tidy, but installation is simple too: no holes, no drilling, and no screwing necessary.


7. The Scraper That Reaches Around The Entire Bottle To Get Every Last Drop

OMGD Bottle Scraper, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

Instead of trying to jam a spoon into every nook and cranny of that peanut butter jar, save yourself some frustration and use the OMGD bottle scraper. This scraper has a red silicone tip that's firm enough to scrape the bottom of any jar, yet pliable so that you can mush it into those hard to reach places. And because it's 14 inches long, you're pretty much guaranteed that it'll reach all the way in almost any jar or container. It's also great for lotion and serum bottles, too.


8. A Flat Iron That Dries Damp Hair As It Straightens

PARWIN PRO BEAUTY 1.25 Wet And Dry Flat Iron, $37, Amazon

Hopefully you know that you shouldn't put your wet hair on a flat iron because it leads to breakage — but with this wet and dry flat iron, you can use it safely on damp hair — since the ionic ceramic tourmaline plates are designed to use steam and negative ions to lock in your hair's natural moisture. And because this flat iron has a temperature range of 330 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you can adjust it depending on whether your hair is curly, thin, thick, or wavy.


9. The WiFi Range Extender Designed With Two Antennas For A Reliable Connection

TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender, $20, Amazon

There is nothing more annoying than going upstairs and discovering that your WiFI has become spotty — so give your router a boost with a brilliant range extender. It works with any router or wireless access point, and features two external antennas to give you the fastest and most reliable connection possible. And unlike other models, this one supports AP mode which allows you to create your own new wireless access point. One reviewer writes: "After just a few minutes of setup I was able to connect my laptop, cell phone and smart TV to the device with ease."


10. A Space-Saving Hanger That Won't Lose Its Shape Over Time

Wonder Hanger Space-Saving Hangers, $20 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you have a closet full of clothes that somehow always end up on the floor because there's no more space — it's time to try the Wonder Hanger space-saving hangers instead. These hangers are made from durable chrome, which means you can go ahead and hang a stack of heavy winter coats on them without having to worry about them warping, and each hanger able to hold up to 10 garments. Since each order comes with four hangers, that's a total of 40 garments in one space-saving order!


11. The Olive Oil Dispenser With Labels To Measure How Much You're Pouring

Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle, $13, Amazon

Who amongst us hasn't accidentally overloaded their salad with dressing — but with the Vremi olive oil dispenser, you can easily track how much you're pouring without having to dirty up a measuring cup or spoon, as this dispenser has teaspoon, tablespoon, and milliliter marks on the pour top. Able to hold 17 ounces of fluid, this dispenser bottle even has a built-in blending pump so you can store salad dressing in it, and the glass base is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


12. A Light Bulb With 13 Different Colors That Doubles As A Speaker

Luditek LED Music Light Bulb, $16, Amazon

For all the aspiring DJs out there who can't afford their own light and sound system, the Luditek LED music light bulb has got you covered. And even if you're not looking to drop the bass down low, this bulb is still a fun accessory in any home — there's 13 colors to choose from, and you can control the four lighting modes with the included remote. And because the speaker works via Bluetooth, you can change the songs from across the room without having to get up.


13. The Portable Water Bottle Designed For Your Pets

ANREONER Portable Pet Water Bottle, $14, Amazon

You could continue pouring water into your hands when your pet is thirsty on a long walk, or you could just buy the ANREONER portable pet water bottle. Able to hold 12 ounces of fluid, this portable pet water bottle is designed with a silica gel seal ring which prevents it from leaking. And because the water trough is large, you can use this bottle for both big and small pets alike.


14. A Mat That Protects The Back Of Your Car Seat From Dirt And Grime

EPAuto Car Backseat Kick Mats, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

As a former child myself, I can definitively say that kids will ruin your car unless you take some preventative measures. These car backseat kick mats will protect the back of your car seats from getting scuffed by dirty shoes, and the adjustable buckle means that they fit most minivan, truck, SUV, and sedan seats. Each mat is waterproof, and feature three mesh pockets where you can store toys, books, tissues, or anything else that'll fit.


15. The Drink Holder That Levels Itself To Prevent Any Spills While You're Traveling

Freehand Travel Luggage Drink Holder, $20, Amazon

Nobody but wizards can juggle a suitcase and a much-needed airport coffee at the same time, and with the Freehand Travel luggage drink holder, you'll be able to free up your second hand to do useful things at the airport, like gesture wildly when trying to explain to the TSA agent how toothpaste is not a liquid (this was me last week.) And if you're concerned about spilling your drink depending on what angle you pull your suitcase, this holder will level itself to prevent any accidental messes.


16. A Hair Curler That Works Without Using Any Damaging Heat

CharlieCurls No Heat Hair Curler, $25, Amazon

Curling your hair with a hot iron can end in beautiful, beachy waves — but who has time to do that every morning? Enter the CharlieCurls no heat hair curler: All you have to do is put it in your hair right before bed, or wear it around the house for a few hours for effortless curls. And since there's no heat required, that means your hair won't take on any damage, and you won't need any expensive heat protectors to keep your hair feeling healthy.


17. The Ear Plugs That Lower Volume Without Degrading Sound Quality

Vibes Acoustic Filter Earplugs, $24, Amazon

If you're a frequent concert-goer, you need these earplugs. Instead of canceling out noise and leaving you with a muffled sound, the Vibes acoustic filter ear plugs filter out specific frequencies that can damage your hearing, leaving you with a clear sound experience that won't leave you screaming "HUH?" after you leave the venue. These ear plugs come in three different sizes so you can get the best fit for your ear, and the clear silicone shell makes them practically invisible to anyone nearby.


18. A Posture Corrector That Gives You Discrete Comfort All Day

RiptGear Posture Corrector, $20, Amazon

Designed to be invisible underneath your clothes so you can discretely wear it all day, the RiptGear posture corrector helps fix your stance by promoting long-term muscle memory as it holds your shoulders and back in the proper position, alleviating pain from years of slouching. "This is a wonderful product!" one Amazon reviewer raves. "I have terrible backaches related to my posture. This helped immediately!" It's easy to adjust, and it's even helpful for both neck and shoulder pain.


19. The Stick That Lets You Apply Lotion All Over Your Back With Ease

VIVE Back Lotion Applicator, $10, Amazon

You can turn yourself into that person by constantly asking everyone around you to rub the lotion into your back — or you can get the VIVE back lotion applicator and do it yourself like the independent adult I assume you are. Each applicator is over 17 inches long with a 3.5-inch applicator pad, and the non-slip textured rubber grip on the handle provides a secure yet comfortable grip. And because the lotus wood handle is coated with a clear waterproof layer, it's resistant to both mold and mildew.


20. A Portable Hook That Lets You Hang Your Purse Off Tables

Center Stage Purse Hook For Tables, $15, Amazon

Nobody wants to get dirt and germs all over their nice purse, but most restaurants and bars don't have hooks when you need them. Now, there's this Center Stage purse hook for tables. It will work on almost any table no matter how thick it is, and since it's hand-wrapped in top-grain black leather with chrome accents, it'll even look nice. It's also great for backpacks, laptop bags, and more — because even though it's lightweight, it can hold up to 35 pounds.


21. The Alarm Clock That Forces You To Get Out Of Bed To Turn It Off

Clocky Nanda Home, $40, Amazon

Perfect for anyone who finds themselves constantly hitting snooze instead of getting up, the Clocky Nanda Home is an alarm clock that rolls away so you have to physically get yourself up to turn it off — because nothing wakes you up like chasing this little guy down. Whereas other alarm clocks have a pre-set snooze time, this lets you set how long your snooze lets you sleep for — and if you don't want to snooze at all, you can disable that function completely.


22. A Pillow That Doubles As A Cup Holder You Can Take Anywhere

Cup Cozy Pillow, $27, Amazon

Made from a super-soft cover that's both removable and machine-washable, the Cup Cozy pillow deluxe can fit almost any size cup or mug, and will even insulate your drink while holding it. Use it in the backseat of your car where there's no drop-down cup holder, in bed, or even in the middle of your couch so you don't have to stretch to grab your drink from the side table.


23. The Stylish Hanger Made To Hold Your Headphones

BRAINWAVZ Headphone Hanger, $15, Amazon

You risk damaging your headphones if you throw them into a drawer for storage, so why not hang them off the side of your desk with the BRAINWAVZ headphone hanger? Designed to attach to vertical surfaces, this hanger is made from durable high-quality metal that won't bend or break no matter how heavy your headphones are. And because it's smaller than a traditional headphone stand that would normally reside on your desk, this hanger is a great way to save space in your office or home.


24. A Hyper Chiller That Cools Your Coffee Down In 60 Seconds

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker, $30, Amazon

Instead of diluting your hot coffee with a bunch of ice cubes, try using the HyperChiller iced coffee maker. Simply pour your hot coffee into the chiller and wait 60 seconds — your coffee should come out cold without any dilution. And in the event you're not a big coffee drinker, you can also use this chiller on whiskey, wine, iced tea, or any other beverage you want to cool down quickly.


25. The Makeup Remover Stick That Makes Fixing Small Mistakes Easy

Superface Makeup Remover Stick, $13, Amazon

Have you ever screwed up the corner of your eyeliner, only to ruin the whole eye when you try to dab just a little bit of it away? With the Superface makeup remover stick you no longer have to try and achieve precise results with a cotton swab, as this makeup remover works like a pen to spot-erase small mistakes. It's strong enough to work on waterproof makeup, and it even doubles as a lip balm that leaves them feeling super soft — because it's made with ingredients like rose extract and apricot oil.


26. A Massage Roller That Works For Headache Relief And More

HealPT Peanut Massage Roller, $17, Amazon

Made from high-quality silicone that won't break under your body weight, this peanut massage roller is great for rolling out your muscles or relieving pain from headaches while out and about. "This roller isn't just for headache relief," one Amazon reviewer writes. "It's also for the numerous knots and tightness many of us get every day, especially if you have a desk or computer's now part of my daily wellness routine!" It can even be used on the soles of the feet, the insides of shoulder blades, hamstrings, and quads.


27. The Cushions That Keep Your Bra Strap From Falling Or Irritating You

Douper Silicone Bra Strap Cushions, $11 (4 Pairs), Amazon

Wearing a bra with straps that won't quit chafing your skin can quickly become frustrating, but by slipping these silicone bra strap cushions onto your straps you can protect your skin from becoming irritated. Each order comes with four pairs, and the cushions slip evenly under the straps and distribute weight evenly to keep any pressure points from developing. And don't worry about them being visible — they don't show up underneath your clothing. They're even hypoallergenic.


28. A Gadget That Portions Out Your Cake Into Even Slices

Ateco Cake Portion Marker, $12, Amazon

Nobody likes cutting the first slice of cake because it always falls apart — so basically, you need to try this brilliant Ateco cake portion marker. This portion marker is adjustable so that you can slice your cake into either 10 or 12 pieces, and each piece comes out perfectly uniform and even. This is brilliant for parties, and reviewers say it works great for pies, too.


29. The Lights That Clip Onto Your Shoe To Keep You Visible While Running

Benvo LED Shoe Clip Lights, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Designed to be able to fit most shoe sizes, the Benvo LED clip lights securely hook onto your shoes without using any adhesives or fasteners. The super-bright lights are visible from up to half a mile away, and the high-quality LED light is rated to provide between 70 and 100 hours of illumination. And because they're water-resistant and lightweight, you don't have to worry about damaging them no matter what weather or terrain you're in.


30. A Gadget That Strips Corn Off The Cob In One Effortless Motion

Grand Fusion Housewares Corn Peeler, $10, Amazon

The Grand Fusion Housewares corn peeler is still super easy to use, and it solves that problem of getting every last bit of corn off the fresh cob. Simply insert your corn into the middle of the ring, then push the ring down the stalk of corn to strip all the kernels off. And because the kernels are caught by the circular plastic container, there's no mess to clean up and you can easily dispense them out the pour spout for convenient serving!


31. The Portable Band To Deliver Relief From Pain And Tension

Aculief Tension And Stress Relief Band, $20, Amazon

By putting pressure on the L14 acupressure joint, the Aculief tension and stress relief band provides relief from headaches and other body pains without using any harmful chemicals. "I found this product after my doctor told me I should stop taking so much Advil for my headaches," one Amazon reviewer writes. "I was very impressed with how much relief it provided for my pain and headaches​. I have used it several times now and have been very happy with the results each time." It can even help increase energy and reduce stress.


32. A Pan Designed To Take The Work Out Of Poaching Eggs

Modern Innovations Egg Poacher Pan Set, $25, Amazon

Even professional chefs can struggle with getting a perfectly poached egg, but with the Modern Innovations egg poacher pan set you can watch through the glass lid as your eggs slowly become cook to a beautiful opaque finish. This pan cooks eggs in 2 quarts of water, while the small holes in the insert allow steam to pass through. And if eggs aren't your thing, no worries — the four non-stick cups can be used as miniature sauté pans, and the standalone pan is great for everyday use.


33. The Insoles That Prevent Unwanted Odors Naturally Using Cork

Honey Soles Natural Cork Insoles, $40, Amazon

If you're tired of spraying odor removers into your shoes or filling them with baking soda to try and get rid of the smell, try the Honey Soles natural cork insoles. These insoles are made from cork, which naturally wicks away sweat and prevents odors from building up in your shoes. And because they're designed with low-level arch support, these insoles even help align your posture. They're really ideal for people who don't like to wear socks.


34. A Case For Your iPad With A Built-In Handle And Stand

LapWorks iPad Handle Stand, $20, Amazon

Instead of propping your iPad up with a stack of books or whatever else is handy, use the stand that's built into the LapWorks iPad handle stand. "I love this product," one Amazon reviewer raves. "It holds my iPad in my hand when I am sitting on the sofa, [and] also turns into a stand to be propped up as a desktop!" And because the handle is made from super-durable neoprene, you won't have to worry about any discoloration from the sun or breakage over time.

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