34 Of The Best Ways To Spend $20 On Amazon — Because 3,000 Reviews Can't Be Wrong


It probably comes as no surprise that Amazon is full of affordable kitchen gadgets, cheap office supplies, and budget beauty products. But how do you know which of these items are actually worth your hard-earned cash? Well, you're in luck, because if you've got 20 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, I've got 34 of the best ways to spend it on Amazon. And don't just take my word for it — each of these items comes backed by more than 3,000 positive reviews, so you know the price isn't too good to be true.

Sure, you may not be able to believe everything you read on the internet, but when it comes product reviews you can be sure people tend to be brutality honest. So, when a product racks up a few thousand rave reviews, you can be sure that it's going to be worth buying — whether or not you were in the market for a new set of kitchen knives or a flat iron.

Thanks to Amazon, you don't have to blow through your entire savings to get the complexion-changing skin care products or a pair of high-quality leggings. Instead, you can shop smart and still save cash in the process by checking out this gallery of cult-favorite products that are so cheap, you can even afford to splurge on a few.

by Shayna Murphy

1. This Ridiculously Cheap Bundle That's Perfect For Slicing Veggies And Learning How To Do Julienne Spirals

Kitchen Supreme Slicer/Spiralizer Bundle, $13, Amazon

Even on a tight budget, you can still afford to get fancy with this slicer and spiralizer bundle, which is perfect for all kinds of neat kitchen tasks. Whether you want to create julienne spirals from zucchini, squash, radish, and other vegetables or create your own noodles, with this multi-functional tool, you definitely can. It includes two Japanese razor blades, which are ultra sharp and won't rust over time, and comes ready to use and made out of BPA-plastic and heat-treated stainless steel.


2. A Set Of High-Quality Knives That'll Really Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Cuisinart Advantage Color Collection Knife Set, $17 (Set of 12), Amazon

Add a little color to your kitchen with these super cute and oh-so-practical knives from Cuisinart. The set includes six stainless steel knives, including a slicing blade, chef blade, santoku knife, and more. Each comes in a unique color which not only means that they're easy to organize but it also reduces the risk of cross-contamination during food prep. In addition, you also get six knife covers, so these can be safely kept in drawers when not in use.


3. These Ultra-Comfy Yoga Pants That Feel So Good, You Won't Want To Take Them Off

90 Degree By Reflex Yoga Capris, $19-$45 (XS-XL), Amazon

Ideal for yoga and fitness enthusiasts, these affordable yet still high-quality yoga capris are some of the most versatile pants you can workout in. These mold to fit the shape of your body and have the kind of resilient fabric composition that you can do squats and lunges comfortably. Each pair also has a hidden pocket for storing cash, keys, or cards.


4. A Screen Cleaner Kit That You'll Be Happy You Bought Later

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit, $17, Amazon

With all the electronic devices used today, it pays to keep a kit like this one around. The reason is simple: with this, you can keep the surfaces of your favorite tablet, smartphone, PC, HDTV, and more clean and streak-free. The spray is made from plant-based products and has no traces of ammonia, alcohol, or harmful phosphates, making it perfect for sensitive users. It gently but thoroughly cleans surfaces, so fingerprints, dust, and streaks are history.


5. This Wine Saver That's Absolutely Essential For Vino Lovers

The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver, $11, Amazon

Made in the Netherlands, this ingenious device actually allows you to re-cork a bottle of wine with a single click. More than 3,000 reviewers rave that it works as a great gift for wine lovers or as a great addition to your home bar or winery. Using this, you can remove air from your wine bottle and keep that vino tasting fresh for up to a week. This kit also comes with two grey vacuum bottle stoppers, which work alongside the vacuum pump to preserve the taste of your favorite bottle.


6. A Heat Protector Spray That You Need If You Use Flat Irons And Curlers Religiously

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector, $15 (8 oz), Amazon

Hot hair styling tools can give you the 'do of your dreams, but they can also cause damage. That's why this heat protector is such a vital product to have around if you regularly use hot tools. It protects hair from heat exposure up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and feels weightless, without leaving behind any oily or hard residue. Made from antioxidant-rich argan oil that helps restore shine and nutrients, this spray also works as a leave-in conditioner and can help make hair healthier than ever before.


7. These Sweat-Blocking Towelettes That Work Great For Athletes Or People On-The-Go

SweatBlock Antiperspirant Towelettes, $20, Amazon

Block sweat for up to 7 days at a time with these incredible towelettes. Each of the eight towelettes included in a box of SweatBlock works as an extra-strength antiperspirant and is recommended by some doctors to safely help with the symptoms of hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating. With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, you can be sure this antiperspirant actually works.


8. A Corkscrew That Waiters And Bartenders Actually Prefer

HiCoup Kitchenware Corkscrew, $11, Amazon

Not all corkscrews are created equal, and you'll find that out fast using this durable and exquisitely crafted corkscrew, which is made with ebony and is beloved by those in the restaurant industry due to its resilience. Double hinged to allow for a smooth removal of even the longest, most stubborn corks, this tool helps prevent cork breakage and functions as an all-in-one tool with a built-in bottle opener and serrated foil cutter that slices cleanly through foil or plastic.


9. This Inventive Little Filler That Makes Gaps Between Car Seats Completely Disappear

Drop Stop Car Seat Filler, $20 (Set of 2), Amazon

Featured on Shark Tank and given a nearly perfect five-star rating from nearly 4,000 people on Amazon, this seat filler is nothing short of life-changing. If you're constantly dropping your phone or wallet between the gaps in your car seat, this can help prevent dangerous mishaps and endless frustration. It attaches to the seat belt catch via a built-in slot, moves with your seat, and is easy to install. You get two per package and can use these to help take the stress out of driving.


10. A Hydrating Hair Mask That Gives Dry, Damaged Hair A Revitalizing Boost

Arvazallia Argan Oil Hair Mask, $13 (8.45 oz), Amazon

Want to bring new life to tired, dull hair? With this argan oil hair mask, you can treat yourself to a salon-style treatment at home and make coarse, weak hair more soft and silky than ever. This hair mask is formulated with a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients and works on any type of hair, even relaxed hair, to improve elasticity, texture, and softness. "I damaged my hair dying it and am now growing it out (no more dye!)," wrote one reviewer. "This product has been amazing for keeping my hair hydrated and healthy as it grows out."


11. This Ice Cube Mold That You'll Definitely Want To Break Our For Parties

Arctic Chill Silicone Sphere Ice Mold, $15, Amazon

Keep your drinks cool and lend a distinctive touch to your party with this ice mold, which is good for making four sphere ice cubes with every batch. You'll get an arctic chill from drinks using these ice cubes, and at 2.5 inches per sphere, they fit in most glasses but won't water down beverages. The mold itself is also made from dishwasher-safe silicone, so it's reusable and easy to clean, so you'll have it for plenty of parties to come.


12. A Set Of Eco-Friendly Hand Towels That Feel Soft As A Cloud

SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel & Spa Hand Towel Set, $20 (Set of 6), Amazon

Consider that they're made of Turkish cotton, this set of six hand towels is an amazing bargain that's definitely too good to ignore. The secret to Turkish cotton is that unlike other countries, no bleach is used in the manufacturing process, which gives the material a distinctive, luxurious feel. The fibers of this towel will also open up more over time, meaning you can expect they'll feel even better with continued use.


13. This Vitamin C-Enriched Serum That Targets Dark Circles And Fine Lines

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum, $18 (1 oz), Amazon

Rich in antioxidants and essential oils that help support a more radiant glow, this vitamin C-enriched serum delivers a supercharge to your skin and can help reverse the signs of major damage.


14. An Umbrella That You Can Take With You To The Beach For Solid Coverage

Sport-Brella Umbrella, $20, Amazon

Love going to the beach but afraid of what all that sun exposure could mean for your sensitive skin? You can get vital protection from the sun's harshest rays with this umbrella, which is extra large and provides protection from more than 99.5 percent of UVA and UVB rays. It secures to round or tubular surfaces and can attach to the backs of most sports chairs for added convenience. Complete with a 360-degree swivel, two push-button hinges, and silver coating and eye safety tips that help you stay burn-free, this umbrella is a must-have accessory for any beach trip.


15. This Soothing Lavender Oil That Can Set You In The Mood To Snooze

Majestic Pure Lavender Oil, $16 (4 fl.oz.), Amazon

Steam distilled from Lavandula augustifolia from Bulgaria and Lavandula hybrida from France, this is also the oil in its purest form and offers a fresh fragrance that blends with virtually anything. Lavender oil is known to be incredibly beneficial if you're trying to soothe your mind and body, but one of its very best uses is against insomnia. Just dab a few drops on your inside elbows or pillow and you can start to feel the relaxing effects right away.


16. A Set Of Curling Rods For Achieving The Best Bounce

Tifara Beauty Curling Rods, $13 (Pack of 42), Amazon

Whether your hair is wet or dry, you can create curls using these lightweight rods. Seven inches in length and available in six different rod sizes, these foam tools can help you personalize your bounce. But one of the best reasons to love these rods is that they apply absolutely no heat to your hair whatsoever, so you don't have to worry about damage the way you do with a curling rod.


17. This Incredibly Useful Cookware Kit That's Built For Backpackers

MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit, $17 (1 Liter), Amazon

Collapsible and ideal for hikers, backpackers, or wilderness enthusiasts, this cookware kit comes with 10 pieces to make cooking a breeze, including a nonstick pot, cover, nonstick pan, two bowls, a folding spork and spoon, spatula, and sponge. It also comes in a convenient drawstring pouch that stashes easily into most packs. Built to be lightweight and compact, this is an incredibly useful and cheap kit to take camping or add to your survival kit.


18. A Microfiber Blanket That You'll Want To Burrow Under Until Summertime

Bedsure Microfiber Blanket, $16, Amazon

Get snuggly with this microfiber blanket, which is ultra plush, durable, and available in a range of colors to fit any decor. Because this is designed to be wrinkle- and fade-resistant, this blanket can make a major difference in terms of adding to the ambiance of your living room, family room, or study.


19. These Cookie Sheets Are A Must-Have If You Love Baking

Kitzini Baking Mat Sheet Set, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

Not only do these silicone baking mats ensure even heat distribution, but they also make for a great non-stick surface that is easy to wipe clean. Built to withstand temperatures from freezing all the way up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, these silicone sheets are sized to fit all standard half sheets and a quarter sheet.


20. A Toner That Brings Relief To Red, Scratchy Skin And Clears Away Makeup In Seconds

Teddie Organics Rose Water Facial Toner, $11 (2 fl. oz.), Amazon

For skin inflammation and sensitive complexions, this facial toner can be a desperately needed dose of hydration to rejuvenate skin. Formulated with no artificial fragrances, this rosewater blend absorbs excess oils and rebalances skin's pH levels. It can work on a range of skin types but specifically works well for dry and sensitive skin, while the anti-inflammatory properties can help to calm down irritation.


21. An Ice-Cold Tumbler That's Handy On Your Commute

RTIC Tumbler, $19 (30 oz.), Amazon

Reviewers of this 30-ounce tumbler give it great reviews for plenty of reasons, namely its size and how great it is for keeping beverages ice cold, even in super-warm climates. And because it has more than 11,000 near-perfect five-star reviews, this is definitely one cheap product under $20 you can rely on. It's made from stainless steel and comes with double-wall vacuum insulation which helps retain temperatures for up to 24 hours. Featuring a narrow and tall design so it fits most cup holders, this is a great tumbler to have during commutes.


22. This Coffee Scrub That Can Reduce The Look Of Spider Veins, Cellulite, And Acne

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Arabica Coffee Scrub, $15 (12 oz.), Amazon

Made from 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, this caffeinated scrub helps restrict blood vessels, which in turn reduces swelling and inflammation in skin. This scrub also works as a natural exfoliator and can remove set-in dirt, grime, and bacteria from skin, for fresher-looking skin.


23. A Wireless Speaker That's Compatible With Most Smartphones And You Can Take Anywhere

JAM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $20, Amazon

Just because this little wireless speaker isn't big doesn't mean it doesn't carry a punch. In fact, this speaker which works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablets, smartphones, and more and is rechargeable for up to four hours has crazy-good sound quality. You'll be able to rock out to your favorite songs no matter where you are, and since this connects wirelessly with devices for up to 30 feet away, you have a lot of flexibility.


24. This Vegan-Friendly Set Of Bath Bombs Will Bring Something Extra To Your Baths

Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Set, $14 (Set of 6), Amazon

These vegan-friendly bath bombs are so much fun, especially if you're looking to treat your senses to a stress-reducing bath experience. Each one of these fizzy bath bombs is made with organic, gluten-free ingredients and essential oils that tap into the power of aromatherapy to destress the senses and energize the spirits. Whether you love lavender, grapefruit, or the clear scent of eucalyptus, this set offers a little something for everyone.


25. This Super-Thick Bath Pillow For When You Just Want To Relax And Unwind

Epica Luxury Spa Bath Pillow, $13, Amazon

Made with double thick foam and powerful suction cups that keep it firmly in place, this bath pillow can elevate your normal bathtub routine into a spa-like experience in seconds. It has a two-panel design that cradles the head, and fits most tubs, jacuzzis, or air jet tubs. When you need to relax, unwind, and just let the stresses of the day fade away, this bath pillow will help cushion the retreat.


26. A Cast Iron Griddle For Making More Scrumptious Pancakes

Lodge Cast Iron Round Griddle, $15 (10.5 inch), Amazon

For the perfect stack, this cast iron griddle from Lodge is the secret weapon for making breakfast better than ever. Pre-seasoned and ready to use right away, this griddle provides great heat retention and distribution and is suitable for making all kinds of dishes, but especially pancakes. Safe to use in the over up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, this is bound to be a versatile addition to your kitchen. To clean, just remember to only rinse with hot water and dry it.


27. This Flat Iron For Sleek, Frizz-Free Style Each Time

Remington 1-Inch Flat Iron, $20, Amazon

A lot of flat irons can cost well over $50, but you can score this best-selling flat iron from Remington for a mere 20 bucks. Made with ceramic plates and titanium protection coating for better protection from flyaways, this straightener heats up in seconds and can reach up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has digital controls, which makes it easy to operate.


28. A Yoga Mat That'll Take Your Workout To The Next Level

BalanceFrom GoYoga Yoga Mat, $15, Amazon

Yoga mats are another typically expensive investment, but this affordable option is perfect for any beginner or budget-minded yogi. It comfortably cushions the spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard surfaces, and comes with double-sided non-slip protection. The resilience of this mat can help you strike the perfect balance, while the mat itself also comes with a strap, so it's easy to transport when you're on the go.


29. This Adjustable Sleep Mask That Contours To Fit The Shape Of Your Face

Nidra Sleep Mask, $12, Amazon

Quality sleep may be priceless, but lucky for you this lightweight sleep mask only costs $12 and will go a long way in helping you catch some Zs in less-than-ideal lighting. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to sleep in a car, or on a flight, or right in your very own bed, because this mask will contour to your face and adjusts for the perfect fit. In the process, you can get a long, uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed than ever. This mask is also one of the most popular on Amazon, with more than 3,800 positive reviews to its credit.


30. A Unique Peeler That Makes It Easier To Cut Up Apples Just The Way You Want Them

Victorio Johnny Apple Peeler, $18, Amazon

This is one kitchen gadget you definitely didn't know you needed. Designed to core, peel, cut, or string apples or potatoes, this cast iron peeler is the key to making the perfect apple pie, shoestring fries, and potato (or apple!) chips. It may not be an item that was on your shopping list, but according to more than 3,000 Amazon users, it's well-worth the buy.


31. This Totally Functional And Basic Bath Mat That'll Help Prevent Slips And Falls

Epica Bath Mat, $12, Amazon

There's not much sexy about getting a cheap little bath mat like this, but what this mat lacks in excitement, it more than makes up for in sheer positive customer reviews. This anti-slip rubber mat suctions in place, is antibacterial, and can even be cleaned in the wash to prevent mildew buildup. "This mat is the perfect size, is easy to affix to the tub floor, and is definitely non-slip. I feel much safer now that I’m using it."


32. A Fitted Mattress Pad That Can Help Prolong The Life Of Your Mattress

Utopia Bedding Quilted Mattress Pad, $20 (Queen), Amazon

Upgrade an old or cheap mattress with this cheap AF quilted mattress pad. Durable and long-lasting, this pad not only helps prevent stains from damaging the integrity of your mattress but it also keeps dust mites and other allergens out of your bed. Of course, one of the best reasons to love this pad is that it's super soft and made with material that gives it an extra lift, which can help you snooze with ease.


33. This Nourishing Argan Oil Shampoo That's Safe To Use On All Hair Types

Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo, $11 (8 oz.), Amazon

For damaged hair, there's nothing quite like argan oil to help restore hydration, and with this shampoo, you can get a full dose of it. Formulated with a mix of vitamins and enriching oils, including jojoba, avocado, and peach kernel oils, this shampoo can reduce frizz and transform tired hair into silky strands in just a few washes.


34. An All-In-One Grooming Kit For The Closest, Most Precise Shave Around

Remington All-in-One Grooming Kit, $20 (8 Pieces), Amazon

If you're interested in getting a close shave or just trimming errant hairs, you'll love this all-in-one grooming kit from Remington. It comes with eight attachments, including a full-size trimmer, foil shaver, hair clipper comb with various length settings, and a trimmer for getting stray hairs in your nose and ear. Made with self-sharpening steel blades and a lithium battery that's good for up to 65 minutes of cordless operation, this is a practical, affordable purchase you'll never regret making.

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