34 Things Every Grownass Woman Has In Her House In Case Of Emergency

Try using the arrow keys

Being an adult doesn't come with an instruction manual. (Someone needs to get on that, please.) As a result, we unfortunately have to learn some things the hard way. I, for example, had to learn that when the key to your apartment gets stuck in the lock at 2 a.m., the correct response is not to try to remove it by kicking it. Also, I feel the need to mention the 34 things every grownass woman has in her house in case of an emergency — a list I've compiled as a result of all the pickles I've found myself in. (I've found myself in quite a few pickles. Pickles love me.)

Hopefully, you'll never need these things. My wish for you is that they sit in some dark corner of your home, collecting dust while somehow still remaining functional. But, one day, the ish might hit the fan, and you'll find yourself thinking, "Dang it! I knew should've kept that fire-proof safe!" (Side note: I really, really hope you never need one of these.)

Regardless, it's better to be safe than sorry. As a responsible, well-prepared, grownass woman, you might want to consider keeping these 34 things in your home. And remember: Don't kick the key that gets stuck in the lock. Keys break.

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