34 Things That Happen In Every Single Romantic Comedy Ever

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There is a certain solace that comes with romantic comedies, a genre designed to comfort you with its predictability. When you buy that Julia Roberts/Meg Ryan/Sandra Bullock ticket, you know that the same rom-com tropes will be waiting for you, like Jake Ryan and an inexplicably acquired birthday cake. Except you're not shocked: if you've seen one, you've seen them all (or rather, I've seen them all).

Yes, maybe there are variations of that formula, with the 2000s featuring more and more films that warp and subvert the genre's biggest cliches. Yet, even when you're trying to be adorably postmodern, they hit a lot of the same notes and the song always ends up sounding a whole lot like Norah Jones. Weird.

The pain is knowing that real life doesn't operate that way, that mistakes can't be cured by a rambling speech, and that your best meet-cute was when you ran into that one dude on Bumble at Barnes and Noble by accident (and yet he still won't schedule a real date). But, hey, let's revel in all those notes that sound so sweet in the moment, because, even if you can't get the guy, at least we can feel happy for Meg Ryan.

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