35 Comically Bizarre Products On Amazon That You'll Actually Find Super Useful

The best surprises come when you least expect them, which is why you always have to keep your eyes peeled when searching for the latest and greatest on Amazon. At first glance, they might just seem weird but that's normal — the best products are always at the intersection of genius and weird — and it all comes together to create some of the most brilliantly useful Amazon products that you'll find yourself reaching for all the time.

This curated list of odd products actually helps solve life's little problems. Whether you're looking for a two-story spatula that gives you extra control when flipping eggs and the like, or a freezable water bottle with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and charging dock, there's a little something for everyone when it comes to bizarre but useful products on Amazon. Again — they might feel weird at first, but when you start to use them, you'll realize the comically bizarre is often the most successful at getting rid of all those issues you'd never thought you'd solve.

Don't waste time trying to filter the wonderfully weird from the wonderfully weird and useful — just take a peek below, and get to ordering them fast.

1. The Handy Markers That Slide On And Off The Pages Of Your Book

BookDarts Line Markers, $12, Amazon

Whether you're keeping track of what page you're on or bookmarking a particularly poignant line for later, the BookDarts line markers are right up your alley. These markers are made from quality, tin brass that won't bend your pages when you put them on, and they smoothly slide on and off without causing any accidental tears. And because they are small and you'll probably lose them over time, each order comes with 125 markers so that you're not left having to constantly replenish your supply — and that makes them great for studying.


2. A Peel-Off Glitter Mask That Helps Control Your Skin's Oil Production

LASHLLO Peel Off Star Mask, $16, Amazon

Why is it called a star mask? Not only are there star sequins in the LASHLLO peel off star mask that help ingredients like centella asiatica and tea tree oil penetrate deep into your skin to deliver a nourishing dose of moisture, but it even helps control your skin's oil production so that you're not left looking shiny halfway through your day. Gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, it peels off to also reaches deep into your pores to clear out any toxins or impurities that have accumulated.


3. The Gadget That Lets You Cook Bacon And Eggs In The Microwave

MSC International Microwave Bacon And Egg Cooker, $9, Amazon

Cooking bacon on the stove gets messy quickly, but with the MSC International microwave bacon and egg cooker, you can easily cook bacon in the microwave with half of the mess. This handy gadget has a grooved tray that catches bacon grease as it cooks, and the lid prevents any grease splatter from getting all over your microwave. Great for making breakfast sandwiches when you're in a rush, the egg cooker partition even has a handle to make removing it easy.


4. A Heating Pad With Six Different Temperatures To Choose From

Dr. Duane Heating Pad, $43, Amazon

Whereas most heating pads only feature a few different temperature settings, the Dr. Duane heating pad features six different heating levels to choose from — and will quickly heat up in just three minutes. After 90 minutes, this heating pad will automatically turn off, and there's even a temperature overheat protection function that keeps you safe from any accidental burns. And while it's marketed primarily for your shoulders and back, you can also use this heating pad anywhere on your body you're feeling pain or soreness for fast relief.


5. The Set Of Lids That Are Practically Universal

J&C Life Silicone Pot And Pan Lids, $15, Amazon

Because the edges are shaped like steps, the J&C Life silicone pot and pan lids are designed to be able to fit pots and pans of various sizes so that you're not left digging through cabinets looking for a lid that works. Each lid is made with a durable silicone outer ring that can handle temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, and since the lid itself is made with glass you can easily see what your food looks like without having to take it off. Each lid fits three pans in varying diameters: 11 inches, 12 inches, and 12.5 inches.


6. A Workout Strap That Helps You Stretch Without A Partner

VIVE Stretch Strap, $13, Amazon

Some of the most relieving stretches require a partner, but with the VIVE stretch strap, you can get that same effective pose without the help of a second person. Great for physical therapy, athletes, or people who are chronically stiff, this strap has 10 loops that are big enough to fit shoes of practically any size, and since the strap is made from durable nylon, it won't stretch out with use. One reviewer writes: "If you have to do stretching, do NOT hesitate to buy this. It's made so well that I expect this strap to last for years!!! LOVE IT!"


7. The Laundry Supplement That Removes Pet Hair From Your Clothes

FurZapper Pet Hair Remover, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

All you have to do is toss the FurZapper pet hair remover into the wash with your laundry, and this handy device will collect all the pet hair from your clothes so that you're not stuck re-washing garments that accumulate hair — and not only does that save you time and money on detergent and water, but these pet hair removers are also reusable as well.


8. An Egg Separator Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Nuovoware Silicone Egg Separator, $7, Amazon

Silicone naturally inhibits bacteria and germs from growing, which means that the Nuovoware silicone egg separator won't incubate harmful diseases like salmonella. Great for keeping your hands clean while cooking, this egg separator is simple enough to use, too — all you have to do is place the separator over the yolk, squeeze the fish, then release. And because it's dishwasher-safe, cleaning up is a breeze.


9. The Spatula That Prevents Your Food From Falling Apart

Westmark Double Turner Spatula, $14, Amazon

How many times have you tried to flip an omelet or burger, just to have it break apart? With the Westmark double turner spatula, you can ensure that your food doesn't fall apart when flipping, as the second attached spatula allows you to grip your food like you would with tongs, but with the stability of a spatula. Made from strong aluminum but covered in heat-resistant tips that prevent it from scratching your cookware, this spatula can handle temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.


10. A Cold Therapy Hat That's Great For Headaches

FOMI Migraine Gel Ice Hat, $25, Amazon

Whereas buying medication can quickly get expensive, the FOMI migraine gel ice hat is both reusable and effective at assuaging away headaches and other pains. The fastener in the back is adjustable, and each hat comes with three removable liquid gel pack inserts that you can reuse time and time again. Unlike other ice packs, this one conforms to the shape of your head so it delivers relief all over instead of just in one concentrated area.


11. The Toilet Night Light With 16 Different Colors To Choose From

Vintar LED Toilet Night Light, $11, Amazon

Not only are there 16 different colors to choose from (or a rotating carousel mode if you can't make up your mind), but the Vintar LED toilet night light also has a built-in motion and light detection sensor that allows it to automatically turn off when you aren't in the room to help preserve its battery. There are five different levels of brightness to choose from so you're not blinded in the middle of the night, and because the clip-on arm is soft and flexible, this night light can fit practically any toilet.


12. An Incredibly Bizarre Electric Cooker That Takes The Work Out Of Making Eggs

Rollie Hands-Free Electric Egg Cooker, $35, Amazon

Because the interior is non-stick, any eggs you put into the Rollie hands-free electric egg cooker won't wind up getting stuck on the inside. This convenient cooker takes all the work out of making eggs — just crack an egg into the top for it to work its magic, and when they're done cooking they pop out in a fun tube shape for easy eating while on the go. You can add toppings like vegetables, meat, or cheese in them, too. And because it's made from stainless steel, you can be sure that it'll last for years to come.


13. The Beauty Roller That Promote Blood Circulation In Your Face

Rose Beauty Roller, $26, Amazon

Put it in the freezer for 30 minutes beforehand, and the Rose beauty roller becomes a great way to decompress after a long, stressful day. This roller features 30 massaging beads infused with germanium that stimulate blood circulation in your face so that your pores get cleared faster when you apply a cleanser, and because it's made from a strong aluminum alloy, you can apply pressure without worrying about it snapping.


14. A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Washes And Dries In Seconds

Sunandy Makeup Brush Cleaner, $26, Amazon

Dirty makeup brushes can leave your skin with breakouts, so get all the gunk off of them with the Sunandy makeup brush cleaner. This cleaner works on makeup brushes of almost any size — and makes little to no mess as it both cleans and dries your brushes within seconds. One Amazon reviewer even raved that she has over 50 brushes that used to take her a day to clean, and that this device cut that time in half. It's battery-operated, and comes with eight different rubber grips for brushes of different sizes.


15. The Face Wash That Uses Charcoal To Detoxify Your Pores

Chilogy Charcoal Face Wash, $19, Amazon

Charcoal a is natural purifier, which means that the Chilogy charcoal face wash is great for cleansing your pores — but it's also safe for people with eczema, rosacea, blemishes, or persistent acne. The coconut and olive oils in this wash help keep your skin hydrated, while the soothing aloe vera and organic orange peel help repair any areas that are suffering from irritation. And because this wash has a light citrus scent, it's pleasantly refreshing.


16. A Pad That Relieves Pain From Your Neck And Shoulders

NeckZen Neck And Shoulder Relaxer, $23, Amazon

Designed to cradle your head while gently pulling it away from your shoulders so you feel an effective stretch, the NeckZen neck and shoulder relaxer leaves you feeling refreshed in just five minutes. Stretching your head from your shoulders helps alleviate any tension or stress you may be carrying with you, and the curved shape of this device helps restore the natural C-curvature of the neck so that you don't immediately snap back to your previous posture.


17. The Belt That Corrects Your Posture And Supports Your Back

BetterBack Lower Back Support Posture Belt, $59, Amazon

Having poor posture can leave you riddled with back pain, so quit slouching and prevent that uncomfortable soreness with the BetterBack lower back support posture belt. This belt fits up to a 36-inch waist on any chair or seat, and all you have to do is wear it for just 15 minutes every day to easily fix your posture over time.


18. A Travel Pillow With An Attached Hood For Added Comfort

HoodiePillow Brands Travel Hoodie Pillow, $20, Amazon

Whereas most travel pillows are just pillows, the HoodiePillow Brands travel hoodie pillow has an attached hood, so you can block out the light from your seated neighbors when traveling. The drawstrings allow you to adjust how big the hood is, and the pillow is inflatable so that you can choose how soft or firm it feels. And because it's made from sweatshirt material, the whole thing is super cozy.


19. The Baking Tray That Gives Every Brownie You Bake An Edge

Wilton Brownie Bar Baking Pan, $18, Amazon

The best part of any brownie is the chewy edge that bakes against the edge of the pan, and with the Wilton brownie bar baking pan every brownie you make can have four sides of that delicious goodness. Each pan can fit 12 brownies, and since it's non-stick, both cleaning and popping out each individual brownie is a breeze. And because this pan is made from steel, you won't have to worry about it warping or becoming damaged over time.


20. A Convenient Shelf That Attaches To The Edge Of Your Bed

BedShelfie Original Bedside Shelf, $35, Amazon

Whether you don't have a nightstand or are just looking to keep the one you have clear, the BedShelfie original bedside shelf can hold all your belongings with the utmost stability. The built-in clamp that attaches to your bed frame is one of the strongest ones available on the market, and since the shelf is made from durable bamboo, you can be sure it'll last for years to come.


21. The Notebook That You Can Use Again And Again

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook, $16, Amazon

You could waste paper using a traditional notebook, or you could exercise some environmental awareness by using the Rocketbook reusable notebook. It works with any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter (one pen is already included), and each purchase comes with a free app that scans your notes and uploads them to your email, Dropbox, iCloud, and more for safekeeping.


22. A Personal Blender That Makes Your Favorite Smoothies In Seconds

Dash Arctic Chill Blender, $22, Amazon

You wouldn't expect the Dash arctic chill blender to be very powerful since it's so compact, yet this blender has 300 watts of force that crush ice and blend drinks into a smooth consistency without any lumps. Great for coffee, cocktails, smoothies, and more, it's double-insulated to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold with zero condensation for up to 24 hours. And because this blender even comes with a travel lid attachment, you can go straight from blending your beverage to drinking it on-the-go without needing to transfer it to another glass.


23. The Water Bottle That's Also A Bluetooth Speaker

Next All-In-One Freezable Water Bottle, $65, Amazon

It won't clean the dishes or balance your checkbook, but the Next all-in-one freezable water bottle can do practically everything else: use it to charge your phone while you play music using the built-in Bluetooth speaker, or keep cold and refreshing drinks in the water bottle portion using the double-walled insulation system. One Amazon reviewer even noted that it's great for taking her son to the park during the summer, as the speaker recharges her phone and the water bottle keeps him hydrated.


24. A Compact Iron You Can Take With You When Traveling

Collar Perfect Compact Travel Iron, $35, Amazon

Opening up your suitcase just to find a pile of creased clothes can put a damper on any vacation, but with the Collar Perfect compact travel iron, you can get rid of all those wrinkles with ease. There are five different temperature settings to choose from so that you can safely use this iron on more delicate fabrics like silk, and because it can also fold in half to use on smaller areas, it's a great way to get that perfectly creased collar no matter how long the shirt was sitting in your luggage.


25. The LED Light You Can Use Hands-Free

Striker Concepts Professional LED Light, $18, Amazon

There are 11 neodymium magnets in the Striker Concepts professional LED light that allow you to attach it to metal surfaces so you can use it completely hands-free. Great for using during DIY projects or in emergencies, this light can also work as a freestanding 360-degree light, as the tripod posts allow it to stand on its own without rolling away. There are even four different light functions to choose from depending on your needs: low, high, red night vision, and blinking red signal.


26. A Magnetic Finger Glove That Keeps Track Of Your Nuts And Bolts

Busted Knuckle Garage Magnetic Finger, $13, Amazon

Nuts, nails, bolts, and other small metal tools can get easily lost when you're working on a project, so keep track of them all with the Busted Knuckle Garage magnetic finger. This finger glove has a powerful magnet at the fingertip so that it can hold onto small metal objects, and it even works with sewing needles. One Amazon reviewer wrote: "it's good quality and should last a while."


27. The Hot And Cold Face Mask That Reduces Puffiness

FOMI Therapy Gel Facial Mask, $17, Amazon

Simply put it in the fridge or freezer until it's as chilled as you want it, and the FOMI therapy gel facial mask is ready to help reduce inflammation and puffiness in your face. Great for dark circles, sunburns, fevers, headaches, and more, this face mask has an adjustable fastener in the back so that you can wear it as tight or as loose as you like, and because it's filled with therapeutic gel this mask remains flexible no matter how cold you make it.


28. A Closet Organizer That Allows You To Stack Your Clothes Neatly

EZSTAX Closet Organizer And Shirt Folder, $22, Amazon

Each shirt gets its own partition in the EZSTAX closet organizer and shirt folder, allowing you to pull a shirt out from the middle of the stack without messing up the others on top of it. You can also use it as a folding board so that all your shirts are pressed in the same uniform way, and in the event you enjoy having a messy closet you can also use this organizer for documents, folders, coupons, and more.


29. These Antiperspirant Wipes Are Weird But Genius

La Fresh Antiperspirant Wipes, $20 (20 Pack), Amazon

It doesn't matter if you're out camping or if you just feel like you want a refresh, rub yourself down with the La Fresh antiperspirant wipes and it works just like the sticks you're used to. Each wipe is individually sealed so that there's no risk of any spills or leaks, and the clear formula doesn't leave any greasy residues behind on your skin. Toss one of these in your bag for emergencies, and because they're biodegradable you won't have to worry about your carbon footprint when you use these.


30. A Cup Holder That Clips Onto The Edge Of Your Table

Supercope Cup Holder Clip, $18 (2 Pack), Amazon

Strong enough to hold your coffee, water bottle, potted plants, and more, the Supercope cup holder clip has an extremely sturdy clamp that keeps your belongings safe while attached to a desk. The premium ABS material won't snap or crack under weight, and each order comes with one white and one black holder so that you won't have to worry about it clashing with your current decor.


31. The Cleaning Gel Made Specifically For Your Keyboard

HAYATA Keyboard Cleaning Gel, $15, Amazon

You wash your hands, so why not your keyboard? The HAYATA keyboard cleaning gel is a bizarre ball of gel that you can use to get those annoying crumbs that fall underneath your keys — because it's able to fit into tight spaces that bristles on a brush can't reach. Great for cleaning fans, monitors, action figures, and more, this gel can be reused for more than 10 times per package until it turns opaque, which means you should throw it out.


32. A Pack Of Magnetic Twist Ties With Unlimited Uses

Monster Magnetics Magnetic Twist Ties, $20 (10 Pack), Amazon

Use them to keep cables organized, or use the Monster Magnetics magnetic twist ties to keep opened chip bags sealed — really, if you can think of it, these twist ties can do it. Each order comes with 10 ties that have a strong magnet embedded at each end, and the twist tie itself is made from durable silicone that won't break with frequent use.


33. The Pad That Neutralizes The Odors From Your Farts

Fashion First Aid Subtle Butt, $13 (5 Pack), Amazon

You never know what kind of fart you're going to have if you have a stomachache, so be kind to the people around you by using the Fashion First Aid subtle butt. This pad slips between you and your underwear so that the odors from any passed gasses get neutralized, allowing you to fart long into the night without anyone being the wiser. And because these pads are thin and discrete, no one can tell you're wearing them.


34. A Pizza Cutter Shaped Like A Power Saw

Fred & Friends Pizza Saw, $14, Amazon

A great gift for any pizza and power tool lover, the Fred & Friends pizza saw is shaped like a power saw so that whoever's slicing up pizza looks like they're crushing a DIY project. The blade is made from laser-etched stainless steel, and the engineering-grade plastic is durable so that they won't crack under pressure. And because it's dishwasher-safe and has a removable shield, it's also incredibly easy to clean.


35. The Scalp Massager That Stimulates Hair Growth In The Shower

Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager, $20, Amazon

Great for all hair types (including curly and coarse), the Vanity Planet groove scalp massager gently loosens any product build-up on your scalp — and then massages it away to help promote new hair growth. This scalp massager is water-resistant so that you can use it in the shower with your shampoo, and can be used outside the shower dry as well.

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