35 Cult-Favorite Products On Amazon That You Will Be Obsessed With Too

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Some products are so unique, so brilliant, or solve a problem so skillfully that all the hype surrounding them is actually well-deserved. When this happens on a site like Amazon, they become cult-favorite products that you’ll be obsessed with, too. You'll know a cult fave by the number of stars and positive reviews it acquires — but you'll also know a cult classic in the making when you see a product and think: why don't I already own this?

This product list runs the gamut from odd kitchen products that are actually genius — because who doesn't want a device that makes cute spiral pasta out of zucchini? — to teeth whiteners that really work and fashion accessories that pick up lint.

Maybe you're into health and fitness and want to score products that can strengthen and tone your muscles without adding 100 dumbbells to your small apartment space. Perhaps you've discovered a newfound love of organization, but have yet to master the art of folding your shirts. Maybe you just want to find an incredible skincare serum that does everything it's supposed to do without costing you two pay checks.

Whatever your need or desire, there's a good chance you'll find what you're looking for in one of these 35 cult-favorite products on Amazon that the reviews will speak for — and will quickly become your new favorites.

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