35 Fascinating Products On Amazon That Do At Least Three Jobs In One

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It's surprising that no one's made a meme about it to spam around Facebook yet, but it definitely rings somewhat true: living your best life goes hand-in-hand with living your easiest life. Why play on hard mode when it comes to chores, daily tasks, and every day activities? Life is stressful enough — and with so many products on Amazon that make life easier, it's definitely time to rethink the way you approach this game.

For example, instead of driving all the way to the gym just to quit after 20 minutes on the treadmill, save yourself some gas and drive straight home to your couch instead. Or if you forgot to reply to an important text, just send the message you would've sent 10 times so it looks like you had signal issues.

What's that? You want clever products on Amazon that are game-changing, not my slightly-unethical life tips? Alright, fine — there's a brilliant RFID wallet that protects you from electronic pickpockets, and some silicone refrigerator shelf mats that will help produce last longer before spoiling. And if you're really dying for some insanely innovative products, there are even some attachable camera lenses for your iPhone. All of these things do more than one job — which means you don't have to. Life can be easy, indeed.

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