35 Feminist Quotes To Get You Through Hump Day

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Wednesdays aren't terribly easy to deal with under the best circumstances — removed from both the fresh energy of the start of the week or the promise of freedom that hangs over the end of the week, Wednesdays are generally a bit of dead weight. But if you're a feminist, Wednesdays since the election — ok, let's be real: EVERY day since the election — have been a bit much to deal with. With every day seeming to bring startling new revelations about how the next four years might play out under President-elect Trump, it can feel like a struggle just to make it through your normal routine, let alone feel psyched about fighting from a brighter tomorrow.

It's fine to feel that way. But it's also fine to want to feel inspired, move forward and figure out what to do next — and if that's the headspace you're in, the 35 quotes from feminist thinkers, artists, and activists in this set will help. Drawn from all different eras, these quotes show that there's not just one kind of feminism, nor one kind of feminist goal — but no matter what feminists are fighting for, they fight for it with heart, dedication, and a belief that a better future is always within reach.

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