35 Genius Products On Amazon Every Grown-As-Hell Person Should Have

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You know you’re grown AF when you can make your own decisions about what you want and need — but if you think once you grow up you'll magically know what those things are, you're in for a surprise. Luckily, there are genius products on Amazon every grown-as-hell person should have to help streamline those daily needs and help you out when you're in a bind. They'll at least make your day go by a little easier, and solve some mini annoyances that every adult is familiar with.

I can certainly recall the first three monumental purchases that made me feel grown-as-hell: 1) The first time I bought an assortment of luxury towels, I knew I was nailing my 30s. I offered anyone that came to my house a fresh towel to let these youngins know I had fancy linens pouring out of my grown closet. 2) My trusty blender, because it allows me to make my own sauces and salad dressings. Meal prep? Yes please. 3) My first set of really nice satin sheets that went effortlessly with the smooth sounds of R&B and a lover, of course.

Need your own list of grown AF purchases you love? For the grown and for the future grown, I bequeath unto you this list of genius products that will ease your growing pains.

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