35 Strange Products On Amazon That Make You Feel SO Good


Let's face it: There are a lot of things that feel pretty darn good, like the warm sun on your bare shoulders, a hot bath on a cold day, and slipping into silk pajamas. But sometimes, those feel-good moments are hard to attain. Here’s the thing, though: There’s a whole wide world of strangely satisfying things on Amazon just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Consider, for example, the ingenious invention known as a neck hammock (which is the eleventh item listed in this slideshow). That's right: Hammocks are no longer just for full-body lounging. Now, they're for necks — and if you’ve ever suffered from a stiffness, you'll probably understand the value of this simple device. FYI, it's designed by doctors to relieve tension and aid healing by providing gentle cervical traction. The best part? You can use it in the comfort of your own home.

Anyway, neck hammocks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the things that sound strange, but feel absolutely amazing. Take a look and prepare for the kind of pleasure that only massage slippers and a shimmering peel-off face masks can provide. Yup, strange products have never felt so good.

1. A Rubber Massage Block That'll Relieve Tension Anywhere

This manual massage block made from thick, soft rubber uses a twin block head to relieve neck pain and stiffness caused by stress and tension. It can be used to break up muscle tension anywhere on your body that needs relief. If you like the kind of muscle release you can get with a foam roller or heavy bodywork, this massage block is for you. But unlike other massagers, it works without wires or batteries, giving you full control.

2. This Exfoliating Gel That's Jam-Packed With Natural Ingredients

Contrary to belief, this peeling facial gel works more like an exfoliating cleanser, working quickly and gently to lift and remove dead skin cells. It's packed with vitamins C & E along with various natural ingredients (like aloe and honey) that'll leave your skin glowing. According to reviewers, this is the real deal. One customer even called it "magic," and another explained, "My skin is smooth and shiny after 1-2 minutes of fingertip cleaning in shower."

3. An Acupressure Neck Pillow That Uses Magnet Therapy To Relieve Stress

This U-shaped neck pillow uses acupressure spikes and magnet therapy to relieve stress throughout your shoulders and neck. It'll help ease the tension at your trigger points and restore feelings of well being. Users love it, with many indicating it has helped improve their sleep quality and energy levels. One reviewer even said, "I feel like a new person since trying this product and it only keeps getting better."

4. A Vibrating Scalp Massager That Feels SO Good

This battery-operated scalp massage tool uses pulsing vibrations and five "hands" to gently stimulate your scalp in an oh so relaxing manner. In addition to feeling great, it can also help increase circulation and ease muscle tension. Reviewers even say that it can help relieve headaches.

5. A Cupping Therapy Set For Home That's Made Of Comfortable Silicone

This cupping therapy kit includes 10 easy-to-use cups along with instructions that'll guide you throughout the process, helping you relieve muscle pain and tension. Since, they're made of durable (but lightweight) silicone, they're simple to clean with soap and water. The cups also come in a compact case that makes it easy to travel with them.

6. These Golden Face Rollers That Actually Vibrate

This battery-powered face rolling bar uses vibrations to increase circulation and nurture your skin. The package itself actually comes with two rollers that offer vibrations (one's T-shaped and has two rounded extensions). Apparently, they're even made from 24-karat gold.

7. A Foldable Back Scratcher With Built-In Bristles

This unique folding back scratcher uses flexible (yet rigid) bristles to help scratch your itch, along with a grooved "bear knuckle" tip that'll help relieve specific pressure points. Thanks to its curved design and firm grip, it's super easy to use. One reviewer said, "This back scratcher is the best we've ever used and we have bought some of every kind."

8. This Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set With Over 1,400 5-Star Reviews

This foam acupressure mat is literally covered in "spikes" (aka acupressure points) that'll help increase circulation and relax your muscles. The mat itself is made with 100 percent cotton for maximum comfort, and comes with a pillow that's also covered in acupressure points. The set comes in seven colors including black, orange, blue, pink, green, purple, and grey.

9. A Shower Mat That Uses Bristles To Clean & Massage Your Feet

This bristle-covered shower foot scrubber, which suctions to the bottom of your tub, gives you a non-slip surface where you can massage and clean your feet at the same time. Just squish your toes around the mat and enjoy the massage — all while warm water cascades over your shoulders. The mat itself can also help increase blood circulation and ease pain.

10. A Skin Roller That Uses Titanium Needles To Sooth Your Skin

This highly-rated microneedle derma roller uses titanium needles to help rejuvenate your skin. It comes in a handy kit that includes one roller handle, four replaceable roller heads, three sanitary cups (because you have to disinfect the rollers before each use), and a convenient storage case. The titanium rollers are easy to replace and gentle enough for home use.

11. A Doctor-Designed Neck Hammock That'll Ease Your Tension

This genius hammock cradles your head and subtly pulls it away from your neck, helping relax the muscles surrounding your spinal cord. It can help ease tension and reduce stress, all while improving your posture. What makes it even better is that the hammock was designed by a doctor with experience in physical therapy. Still, make sure you read the directions before using the device.

12. This Posture Corrector That Comes With Removable Armpit Pads

This comfortable posture corrector uses adjustable straps to help realign your spine and reduce back pain. Since it's fully adjustable, you can customize the fit for your body. You can even wear it underneath your clothes — and if you do that, you can use the included armpit pats for extra comfort. The straps feature neoprene material with Velcro assets, which basically guarantee a comfortable (and snug) fit.

13. This Neck Cradle That's Covered In Foam Cushions

This neck cradle is a simple device designed to cradle your neck and skull, allowing cervical traction that'll help your muscles relax. The cradle itself is lined with grooved cushions for maximum comfort, and you can use it anywhere you want. When you use it, you should feel relief in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. In all, it's a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

14. A Silicone Shampoo Brush That'll Massage Your Scalp

This shampoo brush is made with silicon material that'll help clean your hair and massage your scalp at the same time. Plus, it's gentle enough to do the job without being too harsh on your skin. The brush itself has a grip that'll help you hold onto it while you're in the shower. One reviewer described it this way: "It's like getting a shampoo from the hair salon when they scrub your head in a satisfying way."

15. This Elongated Body Brush That'll Clean Those Hard-To-Reach Places

This bath body brush can be used on dry or wet skin — and its soft bristles are still firm enough to exfoliate and increase circulation. Its long, curved handle also makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places on your back. The brush has a hole at the tip of the the handle makes it easy to hang in the bathroom. Plus, it's available in five colors including green, white, dark blue, light coral, and yellow.

16. This Vibrating Brush That'll Massage (& Clean) Your Face

This vibrating facial cleansing brush uses silicone bristles and rotating beads to massage your skin while you wash your face. It has four different settings that'll give you a deep cleanse, resulting in extra smooth skin. It's also waterproof and fully rechargeable.

17. A Pedal Exerciser That Can Literally Fit Underneath Your Desk

This smart stationary pedal exerciser is small enough to fit under your desk, making it possible to get a workout in while answering emails or drafting proposals. By using it, you'll be able to increase blood circulation and enhance your concentration. Plus, it's super easy to assemble (whether you're at the office or at home).

18. A Portable Shoulder Massager That You Can Plug Into Your Car

This shiatsu electric back massager features eight massage roller balls, three levels of intensity, and optional heat. Plus, you can take it into your vehicle and plug it into the car charger. It comes with all the power adaptors you need, along with a carrying case so you can use it wherever you go.

19. A Portable Muscle Roller With Over 1,500 5-Star Reviews

Do you know how good it feels to have your leg or back muscles rubbed? A handheld muscle roller like this one puts that feeling within reach — even when you can't get an appointment with a professional. This roller is compact and portable, giving you the ability to relive tension and reduce tightness wherever you are.

20. This Airplane Foot Rest That's Made Of Memory Foam

This genius memory foam airplane foot rest replicates the experience of having your feet up on an ottoman while you're on a plane. Simply hang it from the arms of the tray table in front of you and adjust the straps to your comfort. It'll help prevent leg stiffness, swelling, and back pain during the ride.

21. A Fleece Travel Pillow With Over 10,000 Reviews

The next generation travel pillow has officially arrived, and it looks like a scarf. It's designed to support your neck in comfortable position, letting you nod off in comfort during your next red-eye flight. Not to mention, the "pillow" is made of cozy, soft fleece, and it's fully machine-washable so you can keep it fresh for your next trip.

22. This Vegan Scalp Scrub With UV Protection

This vegan scalp scrub uses various natural ingredients to help detox your scalp and rejuvenate your hair. Apparently, it even features much-needed UV protection. As one reviewer said, "This stuff is a lifesaver for me. It cleans all the gunk (hairspray, etc) out of my hair — way better than shampoo alone." Even better, this ultra-purifying scalp scrub is free from harsh additives like sulfates and parabens.

23. This Soothing Eye Mask That's Filled With Gel Beads

Just looking at this cooling gel eye mask makes me take a deep sigh of relief. Made with flexible gel beads, the mask contours naturally to the shape of your face and feels instantly soothing. Some users report finding relief from headaches and migraines. It's also perfect for reducing inflammation and calming puffy eyes. You can even heat it up for a warm, therapeutic sensation.

24. This Foam Foot Rest That Has A No-Slip Grip

This ergonomic foot rest is made of foam and covered in soft fabric that's easy to clean. It also features an anti-slip grip that'll help keep it in place while you're using it. By kicking your feet up, you'll be able to improve circulation. You can even flip the cushion over and rock it with your feet, for an "active sitting" experience.

25. A Double-Sided Massager For Your Fingers & Hands

This finger massager has two sides: one to massage each individual finger, and one to massages each hand. This small (but useful) product can be used to increase circulation and help reduce pains due to arthritis and stiffness. Plus, it's no-slip grip makes it easy to use.

26. This Wooden Rocking Board That Can Fit Underneath Your Desk

This well-crafted wooden foot rest rocking board is great for improving circulation and relieving aches caused by long periods of sitting. The anti-slip rubber grips at the bottoms of the board protect the flooring, while the textured grip on top of the board helps keep your feet in one place while you're rocking. The entire board can fit under your desk, which is a huge plus.

27. This Weighted Blanket That's Made With 100 Percent Cotton

This weighted blanket is made from 100 percent cotton, so it stays cool even with the extra weight. It also comes in various sizes and weights, varying from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. Plus, you can choose from 12 colors and patterns so the blanket matches your decor.

28. This Bendable Travel Pillow That's Made Of Memory Foam

This versatile travel pillow is made with flexible memory foam, so you can bend it into whatever shape you want. Plus, its cotton cover is machine washable. This pillow can help relieve pain while you're resting, whether you're traveling or taking a spur-of-the-moment nap.

29. A Cold Therapy Massage Roller To Get You Back In The Game

This cold therapy massage roller provides powerful cold therapy in a rolling sphere that you can use to relieve sore muscles. It stays cold for up to six hours, with no leaky ice to worry about. One reviewer said, "THIS IS one my favorite sport therapy items EVER!

30. This Vibrating Eye & Face Massager That Can Heat Up

This facial massage wand uses vibrations to help tighten and rejuvenate your skin. There's also an optional heat mode to further enhance the treatment. The massage wand is suitable for all of the delicate areas of your face, including the spaces around your eyes. It holds a long battery charge, and its compact size makes it portable.

31. This Foam Wedge Pillow Will Keep You Comfortable In Any Position

If you've taken to tucking a pillow between your knees when you sleep, you need to check out this foam wedge pillow. This wedge pillow is designed with an ergonomic curve and made with high-density foam to help you achieve proper spinal alignment and sleep in comfort without causing undue strain of muscles — and thousands of reviewers swear by it!

32. A Cooling Ice Roller For Your Face

This facial ice roller has over 2,000 near-perfect reviews. It comes with two roller heads (one plastic and one stainless steel) that you keep in the freezer. Pop them on the roller base and use anytime you need to tighten pores, revitalize your appearance, soothe a sunburn or just the cool the eff down. Reviewers also report loving the relief they get from tension headaches and migraines when using this little gem.

33. A Soothing And Purifying Foot Soak Blend

This therapeutic foot soak blend is next level comfort, combining naturally anti-fungal tea tree oil and other essential oils with Epsom salt, to soothe and purify tired, sore feet in need of TLC. Suitable for use with any heated foot bath, these salts will make your evening foot soak something to look forward to all day long. Perfect for anyone coping with edema, swelling, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, or other foot conditions.

34. A Grip Strengthener Your Hands Will Thank You For

Made with top quality silicone, this hand grip strengthener is not only great for strengthening you hand muscles, but it can also be used for injury prevention and rehabilitation. It comes with six different pieces for varying needs, and in just a few minutes a day using these can benefit everyone from athletes to those coping with Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel conditions.

35. These Flip-Flops Massage Your Feet While You Walk

These lightweight but durable and washable massage flip-flops aim to increase circulation and reduce pressure points so you can walk anywhere in comfort. One reviewer said, "I can be on my feet all day long again as long as I am wearing these!" Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.