35 Useful Gadgets On Amazon That Are Surprisingly Cheap

There is nothing — and I mean nothing — like the feeling of uncovering a great bargain. It's like you're suddenly one on the same astral plane with Ferdinand Magellan. Only your discovery is a totally astonishing invention that solves a problem you never thought you could solve. That kind of righteousness doesn't come every day — unless, of course, you're a regular patron of Amazon. Then, of course, you can revel in the delightful and useful gadgets on Amazon that are surprisingly cheap.

Bring these clever and inexpensive solutions to life's everyday problems back to your friends, and revel in their excitement at these funky but useful products. Stun them with your self-cleaning hair brush, flash the keychain that's also an LED light and a power bank, and wow them with your pocket-sized projector that makes a theater-quality movie experience possible at the drop of a hat. They'll be speechless when you tell them you brought down all three of these must-have items for under $75 — and there's more where that came from.

So you see, thanks to Amazon, you won't have to leave your house in order to be this kind of modern-day explorer. Go ahead and add these items to your cart right now. Your friends — and your wallet — will thank you.

1. This Tiny Atomizer Holds Days' Worth Of Fragrance For Travel Or Convenience

Travalo Classic Atomizer, $9, Amazon

Taking your fragrance with you when you're traveling typically means investing in a smaller bottle or roll-on of your favorite scent — which is always pricey and inconvenient. At under $10, this atomizer is a bargain, so you can buy several and throw one in your purse, one in your carry-on, and keep one in reserve for your checked luggage (it's TSA-approved). It fills in seconds from any standard perfume bottle, and it's totally leak-free, too.


2. This Three-In-One Device Is Your BFF In An Emergency

Daite Keychain Charger/Flashlight, $18, Amazon

Weighing in at just over 1-ounce, this accessory vastly outperforms its size. In addition to functioning as a traditional keychain, it features both built-in lightning and micro USB cables, so regardless of what kind of device you have, you're all set to go — no extra parts are needed. Additionally, it's fitted with a built-in LED flashlight to illuminate your path to the door, the car, or your tent site when you most need it.


3. A Carabiner That Hangs Around Wherever You Need It

Lulabop Hero Clip Carabiner, $19, Amazon

If you hate having to put your purse or backpack on the floor when you're at the coffee shop or in a public restroom — or out in the woods, for that matter — this gadget is for you. Dubbed "the Swiss Army knife of carabiners," it's crafted from solid aircraft-grade machine-cut aluminum to allow you to hang up to 60 pounds off of just about anything: like a door, a tree branch, a lamppost, your backpack, your tripod, and more. When not in use, the hook folds securely onto the clip.


4. This Genius Device Uses Hook And Loop Technology To Suck Your Drains Out

FlexiSnake Drain Millipede, $5, Amazon

Don't you just hate it when your sink gets stopped up? If harsh chemicals aren't the way you want to go, this ingenious device can help. It uses a hook and loop setup (think deconstructed Velcro) to grab the hair and crud that's obstructing your drain and pull it right out so that your water flows freely again. Once you're done clog-busting, simply wash the device with soap and water (and a scrub brush if needed), and it's ready to reuse.


5. These Aren't Any Old Keys — They're Screwdrivers

Yosoo Keychain Screwdrivers, $6 (Set of 2), Amazon

"Be prepared:" It's the Boy Scout motto, and it should be yours, too. One simple and inexpensive way to start is with these screwdrivers that go right on your keychain. Crafted from precision cast steel, there's one Phillips head and one standard head, both with a flat handle design that makes it easy to exert your strength. It's convenient and great for gifting, too.


6. This Tiny Utensil Is Perfect For Getting The Very Last Drop Of Your Condiments

Dreamfarm Spoonula, $8, Amazon

Your tub of peanut butter is almost empty and you really need a sandwich. Don't you wish you had some kind of — oh, I don't know — spatula or spoon to scrape out those last precious streaks? Bam! Get this utensil, which combines a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides to give you the best of both worlds. With a food-grade, BPA-free silicone head, this gadget's nylon handle also has a clever bend in it to keep the goopy part up and off the counter for your convenience. It even features measuring lines so you can scoop out teaspoons or tablespoons.


7. This Device Combines Massage And Cold Therapy To Treat Your Feet

Moji Foot Pro, $40, Amazon

Small enough to take with you while traveling, this foot massager features six stainless steel spheres to help relieve pain by stretching and massaging the entire plantar fascia. For especially stubborn cases, put the massager — it's about the size of the palm of your hand — into the freezer for a while to combine the massage modality with a cold chill to ice down the pain. Use the Moji while seated, or even stand on it for more intense relief.


8. This Fan Generates A Breeze And A Mist To Cool You Down

CTLPower Portable Misting Fan, $18, Amazon

When the office is the wrong temperature or your roommate just won't let you turn the thermostat down, this versatile fan has your back (or front). Lightweight and designed to operate either comfortably in your hand or independently atop any hard surface, it's ultra-quiet and generates a nice, soft breeze. The fan features three modes: fan only, mist only, and fan plus mist. It's perfect post-workout, and also great for setting your makeup. One reviewer writes: "This little fan IS AMAZING!! After a full charge, IT RAN FOR MORE THAN 9 HOURS!!"


9. The Tape Measure That's A Little Bit Digital, A Little Bit Analog

eTape16 Digital Tape Measure, $30, Amazon

This measuring tape combines the best of both worlds by giving you a traditional analog tape but recording your measurements digitally. Among other things, this means no more contorting both yourself and the tape trying to get it right when measuring around corners — just select the back of the device as your starting point. Made from sturdy polycarbonate plastic, this device is made to last in the most rugged of environments.


10. This Smart Plug Lets You Control Your Electronics Or Appliances From Anywhere

Wemo Mini Smart Plug, $29, Amazon

Completely WiFi enabled, this smart plug enables you to revolutionize your device use with just the touch of a finger. Use it to you set worry-free schedules for your lights and appliances: Using the free app, you can schedule a lamp to turn on at sunset, or keep your house comfortable by scheduling a fan to turn on at noon. Or, pair it with a smart thermostat to save on your energy bills by enabling your home to detect when you're not there — and it'll automatically turn off the lights and the fan. It works with voice controls, too.


11. The Handy Power Cube That's Pretty Brilliant

PowerCube Extended With Remote, $24, Amazon

Besides being incredibly functional, this ingenious device is so much fun, too. Featuring four power outlets configured in a cube design at the end of a 5-foot extension cord, the power to these outlets is triggered either by pressing or tapping the on-off button on the head of the device, or by using the convenient remote that comes included. Just think of how much easier turning on your Christmas tree will be. Additionally, this accessory is grounded and has surge protection to care for your delicate devices. The remote comes with a sticky pad to attach to any smooth surface — without leaving any residue when removed.


12. This Device Will Enable You To Enjoy A Hot Meal Wherever The Day Takes You

HotLogic Mini Portable Oven, $40, Amazon

Not near an oven when it's time for lunch? No problem. If you can plug in your laptop, you can have a hot meal with this appliance, which essentially combines a high-tech heating platform with an insulated tote to reheat your meal perfectly without overcooking it. Just plug in the oven, go on about your day, and this device will safely warm your meal without the super-hot overcooked edges or frozen centers you're used to with the microwave.


13. This Humidifier Is Small Enough To Go Wherever You Do

WINOMO Mini Humidifier, $19, Amazon

Compact and lightweight, this humidifier is the perfect partner for yoga practice, bedtime, your living room — wherever you need a breath of fresh air. Add a few drops of essential oil and it becomes a diffuser, too. Great for helping to prevent dry skin and chapped lips any time of the year, this unit charges via your USB port and also features seven colors of LED lights that operate in two modes: steady on or changing colors. It also includes an automatic shut-off function for added safety.


14. This Device Makes Those Nasty Bloodsuckers Go Thirsty...Safely

SUNNEST Indoor Bug Zapper, $21, Amazon

With all the coming and going of outdoor life, it's only natural that some pesky mosquitos sneak inside. This device combines LED lights with a powerful suction fan to kill the little buggers before they can get to you to pose a problem — and they eventually die of good old-fashioned dehydration. It's safe and non-toxic, the perfect healthy way to kill these nasty pests, and charges via any USB port. The detachable design allows the disposal box to be easily removed and cleaned.


15. This Device Shines Some Light On The Subject

CeSunlight Rechargeable Book Light, $14, Amazon

With a powerful rechargeable lithium battery, this light will enable you to read or work nonstop for up to 10 hours without needing a charge — and it's all hands-free. The two lights on this unique device are supported by arms crafted from steel alloy: They're super durable and strong, but they're also highly flexible, so you can point them exactly where you need them to go, and they're covered with silicone for a soft finish. They're great for inveterate readers, campers, and nurses, too.


16. This Handy Little Gadget Will Save You A Ton Of Time And Effort In The Kitchen

Yarmoshi Garlic Press, $10, Amazon

Mincing garlic has to be at the top of everybody's list of most hated kitchen chores. This little gadget makes it painless, and it's useful for all kinds of other soft veggies and fruits, too — including bananas, kiwis, onions, and smaller peppers. Made with two sets of stainless steel blades, one for slicing and one for dicing, it cuts with one quick motion and your vegetable or fruit is ready and in the tray. It's top rack dishwasher-safe, too!


17. This Is The Device You Never Knew You Needed But Will Be So Glad You Found

Tidy-Cup, $11, Amazon

Doing laundry is messy enough without your liquid detergent running all over the place. Tidy-Cup can help. This simple device fits around the neck of your detergent bottle and holds the cup that accompanies the detergent to catch drips and spills, keeping your laundry room as clean as your laundry. It snaps together in seconds and is a cleaner, more convenient way to store your messy detergent cup and catch the drips.


18. This Gadget Takes The Guesswork Out Of Getting Into Your Wine

Secura Electric Wine Opener, $23, Amazon

Between us: I'm afraid that one day we won't be able to open wine bottles the old-fashioned way anymore, just like there definitely won't be anyone left who can tie lace-up shoes or read a clock with hands. But I'm all about getting into the wine faster, and this corkscrew is the real deal. With its built-in rechargeable battery, you can open up to 30 bottles on one charge, and it comes with a foil cutter.


19. An Accessory That Uses Suction To Hold Your Device Wherever You Like

AboveTEK Suction Cup Device Holder, $35, Amazon

With 360-degree arm rotation and 180-degree folding capability, this device mount offers the ultimate in flexibility for displaying your smartphone or tablet for hands-free, multi-angle viewing. Perfect for home, work, or small business use, its hold is generated by rotary knobs that turn and push out air completely to provide maximum suction power and ensure extreme stability. Portable and lightweight, it's great for travel, too.


20. The Brilliant Hair Brush That Cleans Itself

Qwik-Clean Self-Cleaning Hair Brush, $20, Amazon

Simply squeeze the buttons on the back of this brush, and the bristles retract for easy cleaning: How's that for making one of the most-neglected beauty jobs so much easier? This patented brush is engineered from an ABS base and nylon bristles with a stainless steel suspension. Plus, it's water-resistant, and even survived a drop test at the height of 2 meters. Reviewers say it's great to keep inverted when traveling so the bristles don't bend.


21. The Outlet Adapter That Keeps Your Home Assistant Up And Out Of The Way

Matone Outlet Wall Mount For Voice Assistants, $11, Amazon

Cleverly designed to support your smart home speaker while keeping it out of the way, this outlet mount system means you can say goodbye to the long ugly cord bunched up behind the speaker — all while keeping your speaker safe from any potential damage from liquid spills or food splatter. With this accessory, you can install the speaker on the wall in seconds, and it works with both vertical and horizontal outlets. It's also crafted with a unique anti-slip blue rubber gasket design that makes the hook portion fit more snug to the wall plug, which secures your device on wall firmly.


22. This Little Speaker Goes In The Shower With You

VicTsing Shower Speaker, $13, Amazon

We all know that the shower offers the best acoustics in the house, and here's a speaker to provide some back-up tracks for you. The silicone case and interface design ensure shock-proof and dust-proof play as well as water-resistant use, plus the built-in battery plays for up to six hours on a single charge. Equipped with a detachable suction cup as well as an aluminum alloy metal hook, this device is not only shower-ready, it's also convenient to hang and attach anywhere.


23. This Lightweight Vacuum Gets The Crumbs Out Of Tight Spaces

Fortune Dragon Mini Handheld Vacuum, $18, Amazon

Is there more in your sofa cushions than just change? You might be surprised at what's lurking down there, and if so, this vacuum is just the ticket. Cordless and hassle-free, it's also super versatile: It features a crevice tool for reaching debris in tight corners and spaces with ease, a dusting brush for easily picking up hair or dirt on delicate surfaces or upholstery, and a liquid nozzle for cleaning unexpected liquid spills effortlessly.


24. This Three-In-One Steamer Gives You A Spa Quality Treatment At Home

Pure Daily Care Nano Steamer, $37, Amazon

Combining a conventional heating element with an ultrasonic vaporizer, this steamer produces nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles to give you the ultimate spa-quality facial treatment right at home. It's fantastic to open up pores before a face mask or to help serums and moisturizers absorb better. This multi-purpose device can also humidify a room, and has an extra chamber to warm towels for an unparalleled pampering experience. It even comes with a bonus five-piece surgical grade stainless steel blackhead and blemish extractor kit — just like the ones used at the facialist — that you can use after opening your pores.


25. This Device Peels Apples Like It's Going Out Of Style

Starfrit Pro Apple Peeler, $10, Amazon

Anyone who loves apples or apple desserts will really get a kick out of this gadget that makes short work out of the peel. Crafted with resistant nylon, a stainless steel blade, an integrated spike holder, and four suction-grip feet for utmost stability, it eliminates waste while peeling apples or your favorite fruits effortlessly and quickly. The spring-loaded arm adapts to various shapes and varieties of apples or other fruits, and the suction feet don't slip or budge an inch while it's in use. This device only peels off the skin — not the fruit itself — so you're getting every ounce of usable fruit.


26. This Tool That Keeps Your Pet's Nails In Check

miPets Pet Nail Grinder, $15, Amazon

Trimming your pet's nails is one of those things that has to be done — but it's such a pain. Not with this tool, though: Equipped with a premium diamond bit grinder head and two special motor guards, it takes the pain out of nail trimming for both you and your furry friend. It's basically an electronic nail file that gives you the ultimate control without the cutting. Suitable for dogs and cats, as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds, this device has a specially designed near-silent electric motor, that is also low in vibration. One reviewer writes: "Love this! Definitely worth it if you have one or more pets. Makes nail trimming time so much easier."


27. This Flat Iron Is Only A Little Longer Than Your Cell Phone

Deogratias Mini Flatiron, $30, Amazon

Rechargeable via any USB port, this mini flat iron is only just a little bit longer than your cell phone — do you believe that? It's just as lightweight, and it really does pack a punch, with ceramic tourmaline plate to discharge negative ions, just like the big guys. Perfect for last-minute touchups to carry you from work to a night out or from gym to the office, this accessory eliminates static, reduces frizz, and protects your hair from heat damage while making it shinier and silkier.


28. This Is One Of The Best Gadgets To Add To Your Beauty Routine

iCoostor Handheld Facial Massager, $20, Amazon

Invigorate your facial circulation and stimulate your collagen production with this massager. Incorporating heated high-frequency micro-vibration, the device aids in restoring the elasticity of your skin while also helping your favorite lotions and potions penetrate your complexion for better absorption. Engineered to be held like a writing utensil, this massager is very easy to hold and operate, and incorporates an automatic on-sensor.


29. The Perfect Accessory For Anyone Who Enjoys DIY Work

SE Telescopic Magnet Pick-Up, $6, Amazon

If you do a lot of DIY work around the house — or if you're just plain clumsy — you'll find this telescoping magnetic reacher tool an invaluable assistant. The handle extends to a length of nearly 3 feet, and it's topped with a magnetic head that will pull up to 15 pounds. It's ideal for collecting loose screws and nails after you've been working on a project like hanging pictures — or you can use it to clean out office drawers to pick up things like staples and paper clips.


30. This Bulb Doesn't Only Light Up, It Makes Music, Too

Texsens LED Lightbulb Speaker, $15, Amazon

You'd never guess something that's this much fun is energy efficient, but this LED lightbulb really is all that and a bag of chips. It will display every color in the rainbow in addition to white — and should the mood strike, you can program your own light show with the included remote — plus it connects to any Bluetooth device to stream music through the integrated speaker. It's super easy to install and operate, too.


31. A Personal Smoothie Blender That's Small Enough To Go Where You Go

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender, $15, Amazon

Whether you're on a smoothie and fitness kick or it's a milkshake you enjoy on the daily, there's no reason to forego your favorites when you hit the road: This blender is small enough to tuck into your luggage when traveling. Great for fruit smoothies, icy drinks, shakes, and more, it features stainless steel blades for liquefying power and convenient one-touch blending. The cord wraps around the base with the cup storing upside down for easy storage, too.


32. A Device That Will Keep You On Schedule

Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini, $21, Amazon

Ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? It's a well-known productivity strategy that's based on 20-minute timed work sprints. If you're interested in trying a focus-training productivity strategy like this, or in learning better management, this device is for you. With only two dials to set — one that specifies total alarm time and one for warning time — the timer provides not only an auditory trigger but also a visual one in the form of tri-colored warning lights.


33. This Accessory Charges Six USB Devices At Once

Vogek 6-Port USB Charger, $17, Amazon

Don't let the modern design of this USB charger fool you — it's not only sleek, it goes way above and beyond in the performance department, too. This six-port charger features smart charging technology to automatically identify connected devices and their unique charging requirements, so every port delivers exactly the right amount of power to match your devices' needs. This station frees up outlets by reducing the number of wall spots your devices are taking up, and its small and compact shape means it's great for travel, too.


34. This Pocket-Sized Blanket Is Great To Keep In Your Backpack, Car — Even Your Purse

OutdoorMaster Pocket Blanket, $20, Amazon

You never know when you'll get caught out in the rain or snow, or with car trouble — or when you might find yourself in the mood for an impromptu picnic. With this blanket that folds up to fit into a pouch the size of your pocket, you'll always be ready. It's full-sized, but it's crafted from a lightweight and waterproof insulating material that collapses down to nothing. It features pockets in the corners for additional weight, plus loopholes for stakes, and the storage bag is built right in so you'll never lose it.


35. This Projector Is The Size Of A Deck Of Cards — But It's As Powerful As The One At The Movies

Deeplee Mini Projector, $45, Amazon

How much fun is this? Be the hit of the party for less than buying the crew a round of drinks: Stuff this projector in your back pocket or throw it in your purse or backpack then be ready to stream Game of Thrones or the big game from your phone or any other device at the drop of a hat. Weighing in at just 10 ounces, it supports 1080 pixel resolution with 600-lumen brightness and features built-in speakers and AV, USB, and HDMI ports. You can connect with Mac, PC, laptop, DVD or a cable box. One reviewer writes: I have been looking for something that would get the job done at work and at home. I wasn't try to spend every dime I had, when I came along this little projector. The quality is great for how small it is."

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