36 Wardrobe Staples On Amazon That Hide Wrinkles, Odors & Stains

Amazon is one of the most low-maintenance retailers in history — just find an item at a great price, add it to your cart, and give it two days to show up. It seems fitting, then, that there are tons of low-maintenance clothes on Amazon that resist odors, stains, and wrinkles. Maybe you're traveling, prone to accidental spills, or just don't get to the laundry as much as you'd like; whatever it is, these durable, resilient pieces make your life infinitely easier.

Note that unless an article of clothing is specifically treated to resist stains, odors, and wrinkles (which isn't too common outside of travel or work clothes), it likely won't do all three simultaneously. That said, choosing specific fabrics will ensure that there's as much overlap as possible.

Merino wool and bamboo are two natural materials that are extremely moisture-wicking and breathable; as a result, they not only resist water, but they allow for quick evaporation before sweat or moisture can feed odor-causing bacteria. Copper-infused fabric is another odor-proofing trick, which actually fights the bacteria itself. In terms of wrinkle-free clothing, synthetic fabrics will be best, as materials like polyester, rayon, nylon, and spandex are a lot less prone to creasing. They're also more likely to have a protective sheen, which resists not only moisture, but stains, as well.

If you're looking to transform your wardrobe so that it's as low-maintenance as possible, check out these 36 brilliant wardrobe staples on Amazon.

1. This Sweatproof Undershirt

For those who are tired of sweating through their button-downs or blouses, these sweatproof undershirts are "life-changing," according to reviewers. They're made from combed cotton and bamboo for a soft, breathable fit, but they also have advanced, built-in underarm pads that protect your clothing and make for quick evaporation. Get them in three colors: beige, black, and white — and yes, they're opaque and non-bulky enough to be worn alone, too. Available sizes: XS — XXL

2. A Breathable Dress That Won't Wrinkle

"The material is very soft and stretchy, like pajamas, and is completely wrinkle-free," says one reviewer. In fact, "you couldn't wrinkle it if you tried." The HUSKARY sleeveless maxi dress is made from a moisture-wicking polyester-cotton blend and comes in 20 solid colors, floral patterns, and geometric prints. Even better, the spaghetti straps are adjustable and the dress has pockets. Available sizes: XS — XXL

3. These Quick-Drying Antimicrobial Underwear

These ExOfficio Give-N-Go briefs were initially designed for hikers and campers who had minimal access to a washing machine — but their antimicrobial, quick-drying fabric also makes them an awesome choice for traveling, demanding commutes, and the gym. The mesh material improves airflow and dries extremely fast, and it has a special treatment that reduces the growth of odor-causing germs. Get it in tons of colors and patterns. Available sizes: XS — XXL

4. A Bamboo Shirt With Sun-Protection

Yes, this Coolibar long-sleeve shirt is treated with zinc oxide to block up to 98 percent of UV rays, but it's also made from cooling, stretchy bamboo-spandex fabric. As a result, it's protective, breathable, and extremely soft. "This shirt washed and dried perfectly, no wrinkles, keeps its shape, and still looks like new after several washings," one reviewer says. Available sizes: XS — 3XL

5. These Cute Shoes That Are Actually Waterproof Rain Boots

Rain boots may be practical, but they don't exactly go with every outfit. Believe it or not, these DKSUKO shoes are waterproof, anti-slip, and resistant to stains and odors. Even though they're designed to look like fabric low-tops (or high-tops), they're actually made from a waterproof PVC that keeps moisture out, resists odors, and rinses clean of any stains or splatters. Get them in your choice of two heights and seven colors. Available sizes: 6 — 11

6. A Moisture-Wicking Merino Wool Sweater

Thanks to its 100-percent Merino wool construction, this KNITTONS crew sweater is suitable for a wide range of temperatures. It'll keep you extra warm in colder weather, but still allows for optimal sweat-wicking and heat-regulation when it starts to warm up. It's also resistant to wrinkles, bacteria, and itching. Reviewers say, "It’s like your favorite T-shirt for the winter. I own several and wear them almost every day." Get it in 10 colors. Available sizes: XS — XL

7. These Water- And Stain-Resistant Pants

The Columbia Just Right pant has over 400 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. That's because it's comfortable, versatile, and extremely difficult to damage. The special fabric not only blocks UV rays, but also allows water and stains to simply roll right off. There's even a convenient zip pocket on the thigh and a hidden drawstring for a more personalized fit. Available sizes: 2 short — 24W regular

8. A Casual Dress That's Easy To Wear, Pack, And Care For

Thanks to its effortless fit, dual pockets, and lightweight, suitcase-friendly fabric, the KORSIS casual T-shirt dress is extremely easy to wear. It comes in over a dozen colors and prints, all of which pair effortlessly with all kinds of shoes and jewelry. "There are no wrinkles even when I ball them for drawer storage." Another writes, "This dress is amazing, I'm considering ordering a second one! Super lightweight and of course love the pockets. Sunscreen stains came out easily." Available sizes: XS — 3XL

9. This Lightweight Bamboo Cardigan

Cardigans are an easy way to complete an outfit or make any piece a little more modest. The Soft Bamboo cardigan is more convenient than most thanks to its breathable, odor-fighting bamboo fabric. It comes in virtually any color you can think of, has an open-front, draping silhouette, and the "wrinkles just [fall] out," according to reviewers. Available sizes: S — 5XL

10. Some Copper-Infused Leggings That Eliminate Microbes

Because copper is naturally antimicrobial, manufacturers have started to add it into fabrics so clothing can effectively resist odors. These Tommie Copper compression leggings are made from a copper-polyester that not only improves blood flow to the legs, but also helps to keep you feeling dry and fresh. They even feature UPF-50 protection to keep you safe from harmful rays. Available sizes: S — XXL

11. This No-Hassle Skater Skirt

Thousands of reviewers love these skater skirts because they "pack perfectly, resist stains, and are wrinkle free." They also come in loads of colors, from solid neons to delicate florals — and there are even a few with thicker waistbands for added length. Thanks to the polyester-spandex fabric, they're stretchy, flowy, and easy to pair with anything from blouses to T-shirts. Available sizes: XS — 3XL

12. A No-Iron, Stain-Resistant Button-Down

It seems a bit ironic that the most "professional-looking" shirts are also the most likely to wrinkle and stain. This Chico's button-down, however, is made from a stay-crisp fabric that won't require ironing — and it's treated with a stain-shield technology that repels moisture, oil, and brightly colored foods. It's available in a wide range of colors and prints, but if you're looking for an elegant white shirt that you can wear without fear, this is it. Available sizes: XS — XXL

13. These Shockingly Stylish Crocs Sandals

As exemplified by these Sexi sandals, Crocs have come a very long way in their designs. They're made from 100-percent Croslite, which is a lightweight, waterproof, supportive resin material. As a result, these sleek thong sandals resist moisture, odors, and wear. They even have a foot-massaging texture on the interior — one of the many reasons why they're the "most comfortable sandals" reviewers have "ever worn." Available sizes: 4 — 11

14. This Bra That "Feels Like You're Wearing Nothing"

Looking for a wire-free, nude-colored bra that "feels like you're wearing nothing?" Look no further than the Boody Body EcoWear bra, which has unparalleled breathability thanks to the bamboo fabric and absolutely won't chafe due to the seam- and clasp-free design. Even though it's lightweight and non-bulky, this bra features elastic fabric and aptly-placed cinching for lift and support — and it comes in five skin tones, as well as black and white. No wonder reviewers have called it "the most comfortable bra." Available sizes: XS — XL

15. These Copper-Infused Socks That Fight Foot Odor

Because they're made from activated copper and breathable mesh fabric, these Copper Fit socks have reviewers "impressed" with "the absence of odor." They're also much better at wicking moisture than your standard pairs, and the no-show ankle design works well with most shoes — especially since the reinforced heel and toe improve longevity. You can get them in both black or white. Available sizes: S/M — L/XL

16. Some Durable, Stylish Jeans

In terms of resilient, stylish clothing, prAna has made a name for themselves as the go-to company — and their Kara jeans are no exception. They're made from soft-stretch cotton that's made to move with you, but their elevated comfort levels doesn't make them any less rugged. This pair comes in pretty much any color, and the loose-fitting cut can be worn long or cuffed. "I live in Prana Kara jeans," one reviewer says. "A little stretchy but never clingy, soft but durable." Available sizes: 00 — 18

17. A Long-Sleeve Shirt That Does It All

Whether you're hiking, sailing, or at a baseball game, this Vapor Apparel performance long-sleeve T-shirt can handle it all. The fabric has built-in UPF-50 protection, but is also infused with moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology. As a result, you stay safe, dry, and fresh, no matter what you're doing. It comes in 11 colors, all of which "wash well and dry quickly without wrinkles." Available sizes: XS — XXL

18. This Raincoat That's Actually Breathable

Most rain jackets effectively keep the rain out — but as a result, they keep your body's heat and moisture in, too. Thanks to its quick-dry lining and breathable exterior, this FISOUL raincoat doesn't leave you with that sweaty, clammy feeling — even in hot, "humid conditions," according to reviewers. It comes in almost every color, has a detachable hood and large pockets, and offers a personalized fit thanks to the drawstring waist. Available sizes: S — XXL

19. A Skort That Can Handle All Your Adventures

This is not your average skirt. For one, the Columbia Just Right skort has shorts built into the design, so you can move, sit, or bend any which way. For another, the 96-percent nylon fabric is well-suited for comfort, but it also has UPF-50 protection and Omni-Shield technology, so sunlight or dirt doesn't stand a chance. Finally, it repels moisture to dry quickly and even has a drawstring waistband for a personalized fit. Get it in black, gray, charcoal, beige, or maroon. Available sizes: 2 — 24W

20. This Merino Wool Tank Top

Merino wool isn't just a cold-weather fabric — it's also extremely well-suited for hot environments because of its chafe-resistant, quick-drying qualities. This wool tank from Woolly Clothing is lightweight, anti-microbial, and resistant to odors. It also comes in four colors and has a racerback design, so it won't slide off your shoulders during a workout or hike. Available sizes: S — XL

21. A Versatile Off-The-Shoulder Tunic

"Perfect top for relaxing or exercising with leggings," one reviewer says, while another writes, "Wore it with dress pants for a special occasion." It seems that this Luranee cold shoulder tunic is versatile enough for any outing — especially given that it's lightweight, breathable, and "will not wrinkle." Available sizes: M — XXL

22. This Hoodie That Repels Liquids, Stains, And Odors

If you're in the market for a new hoodie, this one from Ably Apparel is worth the splurge. It's made from 100-percent cotton, but the material is Filium-activated to repel liquid, stains, and odors. Even though the treatment is eco-friendly, it still makes a huge difference during rain storms, intense workouts, or around a firepit (say goodbye to that lingering smoke smell). Available sizes: XS — XXL

23. These Merino Wool Sneakers That Feel Like Slippers

These LeMouton sneakers are made mostly from real Merino wool, so they offer optimal temperature-regulation as well as the ability to wick away moisture and prevent odors. They're available in six colors, and they work in both hot weather as well as cold to keep your feet comfortable and balanced. Reviewers love them because they're supportive, quick-drying, machine-washable, and "feel like [you're] wearing bedroom slippers." Available sizes: 6 — 13

24. A Wrinkle-Resistant Travel Cardigan With Hidden Pockets

The SCOTTeVEST Lucille cardigan is specifically designed for travel, all thanks to its breathable, lightweight texture, wrinkle-proof design, and four hidden pockets (two drop-in, two zippered). It's currently available in both black and white, and since it weighs .4 pounds and won't crease in your suitcase, it's one of the easiest items of clothing to pack. "This cardigan is engineered for traveling," one reviewer says. "Light enough to throw over a tee or tank in the summer but surprisingly warm with a silk scarf for a dressy night out or freezing air conditioning. Now I want the black one, too!" Available sizes: XS — XXL

25. This Sleeveless Dress In 40 Print Options

"Traveled well [and] did not wrinkle," one reviewer raved about the FENSACE sleeveless tank dress, but that's just one of many positive comments. Others say that the midi-length polyester piece is "so comfortable," "super cute," "very breathable," and "easy to wash." It comes in over 40 patterns, including florals, polka dots, and geometric prints. Available sizes: S — XXL

26. A Bamboo Bodysuit

Bodysuits are already convenient, but when they're made from moisture-wicking, thermo-regulating bamboo, they're an absolute wardrobe staple. The Boody Body EcoWear bodysuit features long tapered sleeves, a scoop neck, and a one-piece design that pairs effortlessly with skirts, jeans, shorts, cover-ups — you name it. It even has three clasps for easy removal, and reviewers love it because it's "soft, comfortable, and breathable." Available sizes: S — XL

27. Your New Favorite Everyday T-Shirt

If you're looking for a plain, comfortable T-shirt for your next hike, gym session, or day off, the Woolx Mia tee has quickly become reviewers' "new favorite." Since it's made from 100-percent authentic Australian wool, this shirt is lightweight, won't chafe, and helps to speed up evaporation so you stay dry and comfortable. It's also easy to care for (just wash it and dry it in the machine), and it resists odors and bacteria. Get it in just about any color, from sunset orange to graphite gray. Available sizes: XS — XXL

28. White Jeans That Stay That Way

People hesitate to buy white jeans for fear of staining them, but Chico's jeans utilize stain-repelling, bright-white fabric technology, so water-based stains don't stick; just flush the area with water and blot it dry. In addition to a stretchy fabric that hugs your body, these ankle-length pants have a mid-waist fit and five functional pockets. Reviewers say they "love these pants" because they're "super comfortable" — but that comes second to the peace of mind. Available sizes: 0 regular — 20 tall

29. This Chiffon Blouse For A Put-Together Look

Pair it with a high-waisted skirt for dinner, or wear it with slacks for a business meeting. Thanks to its long sleeves, tie collar, and flowy chiffon fabric, this ACEVOG blouse always looks elegant and put-together — especially because it's breathable and "does not wrinkle easily," reviewers say. It's available in nearly 30 colors and prints, a few of which are offered in short-sleeve versions, too. Available sizes: S — XXL

30. A Well-Made, Affordable Denim Jacket

Historically, denim was known for its durability and resistance to stains and wear. Now, it's getting harder and harder to find quality pieces. Reviewers are shocked at how "stylish and well-made" this Hollywood Star denim jacket is, especially given the affordable price tag. A high percentage of cotton and polyester keep it structured and resilient, while a touch of spandex adds stretch without impacting the durability. It comes in white, black, and two shades of blue. Available sizes: S — 3XL

31. This Dress That People Can't Get Enough Of

"I absolutely adore these dresses and can't recommend them enough," one reviewer raves. "I own five in different colors and styles. Perfect for traveling — [they] never wrinkle!" In addition to its crease-resistant polyester fabric, the Rekucci fit-and-flare crossover dress pairs easily with all kinds of accessories, so it can be dressed up for work or dressed down for a casual outing. Buyers also report that the silky-soft fabric is "stain resistant" and "easy to wash." Available sizes: 2 — 18

32. The Most Practical Skirt For Travel

Skirts are very rarely made for practicality, but the Discovery Skirt from Royal Robbins is the exception. Made from a mix of nylon and spandex, it's lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, lined with a quick-drying mesh, and features UPF-50+ protection. It also has a zip pocket and a snap-secured cargo pocket, as well as a back zipper. This one comes in four colors, and reviewers have given it a 4.4-star rating because they can "look fabulous while carrying [their] stuff." Available sizes: 2 — 16

33. This Wrinkle-Free Work Blazer

The Auliné Collection Color knit blazer is stretchy, vibrant, versatile, and professional-looking, so it has all the makings of a great piece anyway. Throw in the wrinkle-resistant rayon-polyester and the lightweight, breathable feel, and it's no wonder it's reviewers' go-to for travel, work, or to simply "polish up a plain shirt or a sundress." It comes in classic colors like navy, black, and gray, or a few eye-catching ones like powder blue and Tartan. Available sizes: S — 4XL

34. The Best Shirt For Hiking And Exploring

If you're headed out on an adventure, there are few shirts as well-suited as the Royal Robbins Expedition Chill shirt. The UPF-50 material is made to protect your skin against heat, humidity, and sunlight, and the mesh patterning on the back even improves sweat-wicking and ventilation. "Very quick drying, so great for travel. They wash like a dream." (Reviewers also say there's "no need to iron" because they come out of the dryer wrinkle-free.) Available sizes: XS — 3XL

35. These Breathable Bamboo Pajamas

There's no reason why your odor-resistant, breathable wardrobe can't extend to your sleepwear. This pajamas set from NEIWAI is made from 95-percent bamboo viscose with a bit of spandex thrown in, so it's cooling, moisture-wicking, and silky soft. The short-sleeve top and shorts are both trimmed in satin, and you can get the set in 17 different solid colors. Available sizes: S — 4XL

36. A Durable, Quick-Drying Backpack Made From Hemp

Hemp, when woven into a fabric, is known for its eco-friendly durability. This mini backpack is hand-made in the Himalayas using 100-percent hemp, and reviewers say it's quick-drying, great quality, and easy to carry around. It comes in two colors and features one large, main zipper compartment and a smaller front one. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.