The 21 Best Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes


Your lowest-maintenance clothing doesn't have to look it. Especially when you're traveling on business or for an important occasion, the best wrinkle-free travel clothes can prioritize fashion and practicality without the need for constant pressing. Instead, they come out of your suitcase looking like they just came out of the dryer.

For the most part, wrinkle-resistance comes down to fabric choice and construction methods. Unfortunately, most thin natural materials wrinkle easily (like linen, cotton, and silk), while most synthetic fabrics don't — namely polyester, spandex, nylon, and rayon.

That said, if you're set on wearing natural materials, wool and cashmere are good choices because they're thicker, so they resist creasing and flatten out quickly. Cotton and rayon can also occasionally resist wrinkles when they're treated, blended with a synthetic fabric, or when they're constructed using tighter manufacturing weaves. (Think denim versus muslin. Both are typically made using cotton, but denim is much more resilient, while muslin is both delicate and prone to wrinkles.)

While specific pieces may be marketed as wrinkle-resistant, the vast majority won't be, which can make shopping for travel-friendly clothes a bit more challenging — especially online. Luckily, reviewers will be quick to disclose the fabric's resilience and ease of wear, so a deep-dive into the comments section can offer tons of insights.

If you're in a rush to book your flight or get on the road, these are some of the most popular pieces available when it comes to both style and wrinkle-resistance.


Stretchy Dress Slacks That Feel Like Yoga Pants

Even though they could easily pass for business slacks, Boston Proper's wrinkle-resistant pants feel more like "yoga pants," according to reviewers. They're stretchy, relaxed-fitting, and made from a blend of nylon and spandex in order to resist wrinkles. Get them in five different colors, as well as short, regular, and long lengths.

  • Available sizes: XS short — XL regular


A Two-In-One Cardigan

When open, the Chico's Zenergy looks like a cardigan layered over a matching tank. When closed, this convertible piece looks like a scoop-neck sweater. Whichever way you choose to wear it, the waffle-weave pattern stays resistant to wrinkles, while the rayon-polyester-spandex blend is both soft and breathable.

  • Available sizes: M — XXL


The Best Paper Bag Waist Pants

Paper bag waist pants are extremely trendy right now because they're comfortable, professional-looking, and easy to customize to your size. These GRACE KARIN trousers, for example, have an elasticized waist and a classy front-bow for comfort and style. The cropped length and adjustable ankle-ties also mean they work for various heights, and their countless color options (from subtle to bright) suit just about any outfit. Since they're made from polyester and spandex, reviewers say, "This fabric won't wrinkle throughout the day nor will it get stretched out."

  • Available sizes: XS — XXL


A Lightweight Dress With A Linen-Like Fabric

It may have a linen-like appearance (which is ideal for more-formal gatherings and warmer climates), but the ECOWISH pleated mini-dress is designed to settle into its natural creases. It's available in beige, blue, or pink, and its loose fit and lightweight fabric keeps you cool while traveling or exploring.

"Adorable and easy dress," says one reviewer. "Thin fabric, but it doesn't wrinkle at all so great for traveling. For me it is appropriate for just about any occasion."

  • Available sizes: S — XL


The Best Hiking Pants

For hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities, the Columbia Saturday trail pant is extremely resilient and practical — but still surprisingly fashionable. The fabric is resistant to water and stains as well as wrinkles, and it's even constructed with UPF-50 protection to guard you against the sun's rays. The partially elastic waist allows for freedom of movement, the four pockets hold your essentials, and the 13 different color and pattern options mean there's a shade for any wardrobe.

  • Available sizes: 2 short — 24W long


A Cooling, Versatile Dress

Offered in black or heather gray, the Daily Ritual sleeveless V-neck can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair it with booties or sneakers for a laid-back look, or wear it with heels for a night out — but either way, the spandex-infused rayon remains stretchy, cooling, and low-maintenance. Reviewers rave, "Perfect travel dress! Easy to pack, looks great straight out of [a] suitcase."

  • Available sizes: XS — XX:


The Best Wide-Leg Palazzo Pants

Wide-leg pants offer a great combination of style and breathable comfort, which is why these Boston Proper Palazzo pants have a 4.3-star rating — that, and their wrinkle-resistant fabric. They're available in white or black, and their loose fit and wide waistband have reviewers saying, "absolutely love these." Buyers also write: "Put them on and the wrinkles disappear. I wear these with chiffon tops in various colors and always get compliments."

  • Available sizes: XS — XL


A Sarong That Can Be Worn As A Skirt, Shawl, Or Cover-Up

Made from wrinkle-resistant polyester, this Sassy Sarongs wrap is already well-suited for travel — but since it functions as a beach cover-up, wrap skirt, or shawl, reviewers rave, "can be worn in a variety of ways that are modest to cool." It supposedly fits sizes up to 14, and it has built-in ties to ensure a secure fit. Get it in black or navy.


This Wrap Dress With A 4.3-Star Rating

Even though this Rekucci wrap dress has an elegant, put-together appearance thanks to its three-quarter sleeves and crossover top, reviewers call it the "most comfortable dress" they own. Its stretchy fabric is resistant to wrinkles, but it also "will not fade or shrink," which means it's as low-hassle on the road as it is in the washer. Best of all, it comes in over 30 designs, both in solid colors and eye-catching floral patterns.

  • Available sizes: 2 — 18


The Best Casual Maxi Dress For Travel

Throw the MAKEMECHIC maxi dress on as a beach cover-up, or pair it with a belt and heels for the bar. Its rayon-spandex blend has reviewers saying, "This is a great dress for traveling, as it packs very easily and it can be dressed up or worn simply." It's available in 16 different colorful patterns, and a few of them are a bit shorter for petite people or those looking for a midi-length dress. It also has two functional pockets.

  • Available sizes: XS — XL


A Wrinkle-Resistant Sleeveless Button-Down

Few articles are as versatile as a button-down — but when you pair it with a sleeveless design and a wrinkle-resistant weave, it becomes a must-have suitcase staple. These Calvin Klein button-downs are in fact made with 100-percent cotton for skin-friendly breathability, but even so, reviewers say "they wash well and are wrinkle-free." Get it in white, pastel blue, or light pink.

  • Available sizes: 2 — 16


This Top-Rated Fit-And-Flare Dress

Smooth, stretchy, and stylish are just a few of the positive words used to describe the Rekucci Fit N' Flare dress. The floral patterns give it a classy, business-like appearance, the geometric designs are a little more modern, the solid colors have a casual feel, and the polka-dots are fun and playful — but whichever print you opt for, the polyester-spandex material is highly-rated and easy to bring on your next trip: "Travels great. Take it out the the suitcase and wear it!"

  • Available sizes: 4 — 18


Some Wide-Leg Trousers

These Tanming wide-leg trousers are well-suited for meetings and restaurants due to their button closure and slack-like material, but reviewers also say they're "very comfortable" and "so soft and lightweight." Thanks to the "wrinkle-resistant fabric," they can be worn on flights or stored in your suitcase without issue. Complete with functional pockets, this pair comes in six different colors, including khaki, black, and olive green.

  • Available sizes: XS — L


The Best Tank Top For Layering

Loads of put-together outfits start with a reliable tank top, and this Chico's tank is as reliable as they come. The scoop neck and thicker straps work well alone, but are also easy to wear alongside your favorite blazers, blouses, and cardigans. The stretch-microfiber material is soft as well as durable, and it comes in just about every color imaginable.

  • Available sizes: XS — XXL


Durable Crop Pants For Varying Climates

For trips that involve varying climates, it pays to have a versatile pant that works in all different temperatures. Boston Proper's crop pant offers moderate coverage for air-conditioned flights and cooler weather, but features an ankle crop and lightweight, breathable fabric for warmer environments.

It's available in brown, blue, or black, and most importantly, the nylon-stretch material is specifically designed to resist wrinkles and creases. "These are the best pants ever," one reviewer raves. "I had a pair for at least 10 years. Fabric doesn't wear out, never wrinkles."

  • Available sizes: XS — XL


The Most Comfortable Travel Pants

These Conceited Palazzo pants are essentially high-end elephant pants, and reviewers can't get enough of them — especially since they've got pockets. The extremely soft fabric, wide waistband, and roomy design have reviewers saying, "I never want to take these pants off."

They also say they're "stupendous for travel and overall comfort," and since they come in fun patterns as well as solid colors, some wear them with T-shirts while others pair them with blazers. Finally, even though one size aims to fit women's 0 to 18, reviewers still say they "actually fit, unlike a lot of 'one size fits all' clothing."


The Best Flowy Skirt

Skirts are an easy way to dress up a blouse or T-shirt, but that doesn't mean they need to be uncomfortable. With the Stretch is Comfort flowy skirt, the secret is in the same. This piece is made from a soft modal rayon and has 8-percent spandex for optimal stretch and movement. It also has a wide ruched waistband that adds to both the style and the comfort.

This one is available in various colors, and reviewers say it's "perfect for travel" because it won't wrinkle and takes up minimal space in a bag, but can still work for varying climates and outfits.

  • Available sizes: S — 3X


A White Chiffon Blouse

Opt for or against the neck bow, but either way, the ROEYSHOUSE button-down is made from a lightweight polyester chiffon that breathes, resists wrinkles, and completes any outfit. The cuffed long sleeves give it a professional look, but the flat collar and modern patterns have reviewers raving, "I love this shirt! It fits great and can be dressed up with a skirt or dress pants [but] I also like it dressed down with a pair of jeans!"

  • Available sizes: S — XXL


This Professional Black Dress

"Great dress for traveling as it doesn't seem to wrinkle," reviewers say about this piece from Chico's. Its polyester and spandex material is stretchy and comfortable, but the ruched-sleeves, scoop neck, and modest length can easily be dressed up with heels and a blazer.

  • Available sizes: S — XXL


The Best Blazer For Travel

Blazers are notoriously difficult to keep smooth, but the Allegra K lapel blazer has reviewers raving, "wrinkle-free, lightweight, [and] nicely fitted." The 100-percent polyester construction is available in four colors, and the three-quarter length sleeves make this blazer a natural fit for jeans, slacks, and skirts alike.

  • Available sizes: XS — XL


A Shirt And Tank Top Set

The best travel clothes aren't just about wrinkle-resistance — they're also about practicality and convenience. This two-in-one set from Chico's comes with a matching button-down and tank top. They're easy to separate so they can be worn individually, but together they create a versatile, no-hassle top that can be paired with jeans, skirts, or dress pants. Best of all, the six color options are all made from a lightweight, chiffon-like material that resists creasing and takes up minimal room in a suitcase.

  • Available sizes: XS — XXL

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