37 "Gross" Products On Amazon With Shockingly High Reviews


When most people think of Amazon, they think of practical household goods and luxe-but-affordable products that customers are proud to display in their homes — but a good percentage of the items on there are in fact the complete opposite. There are loads of atrocious products on Amazon that have shockingly high reviews. Maybe we're all suckers for high ratings, or maybe "gross" will always be synonymous with "oddly satisfying" or "intriguing," but these products are selling like bizarre-yet-brilliant hotcakes for a reason.

In fact, there's a whole subcategory of the internet that can't get enough of these nasty but necessary items. (You can get lost for hours in subreddits like r/AmazonWTF and r/StrangestProducts, and admittedly, I quite often do.) Whether it stems from the entertainment factor or a genuine need, people just really seem to love odd, unlikely purchases.

Personally, I say good on you. I'm a huge fan of any products that solve real problems — whether they're problems we'd feel comfortable talking about in a room full of our coworkers or not. Anonymity is one of the biggest draws when it comes to the internet, so you might as well use it to research and purchase a few strange products. After all, you'll never have to look a cashier in the eye (not there is any shame in these strangely satisfying products), and thousands of brave people decided to publicly rave about them anyway.


These Aptly-Named Mittens For Thoroughly Cleaning Your Butt

There are few combinations I appreciate more than practicality and wit. Shittens are aptly-named disposable wipes that fit over your entire hand for protection and control. They're also pre-moistened with a cleansing formula that reviewers say is okay for sensitive skin. "I know it's a gag gift, but I for one am grateful and a return customer," one raves.


This Nasty Game That Has A Solid Four-Star Rating

If you (or someone you know) feels extreme satisfaction from popping pimples, then this gross but well-reviewed game will be right up your alley. Pimple Pete has players pop blemishes one at a time, but if his face moves too much, you might irritate the "mega-zit" on his nose. "Bought this for my sister as a gag gift," says one reviewer, but it ended up being surprisingly "fun to play."


An Easy-To-Install Bidet That Takes Butt-Hygiene To A New Level

With a nozzle guard to keep things sanitary, pressure control knobs for personalized water flow, and an easy-to-install design that works on any standard toilet, the Luxe Bidet Neo 110 is a luxurious way to keep your butt extra clean. "I cannot believe I went so long without this," says one reviewer. "You feel so clean, and you save so much money on toilet paper."


This Tiny Vacuum That Sucks The Gunk Out Of Your Pores

Thanks to its four interchangeable heads and strong, rechargeable suction mechanism, the VOYOR vacuum sucks out the oil, dirt, and other stuff that's clogging your pores. It's great for blackheads, exfoliation, and even whiteheads, according to reviewers — and since you can see all the gunk it's collected, buyers say it's "so satisfying."


These Ingrown Toenail Tools That "Work Like A Charm"

If you get ingrown toenails, reviewers say these special tools work "better than [they] ever expected." They're double-sided so you can lift, clean, file, and move ingrown nails out of the way — and they're made from stainless steel, so they're both durable and easy to sanitize.


This Weird Goo That Dusts And Sanitizes Your Electronics

When it comes to cleaning your keyboard, vents, fan, controllers, or other electronics, this unique product is surprisingly effective. Thanks to its goo-like consistency, this stuff picks up dirt, dust, and germs without damaging your devices. It's also reusable and comes in a pack of four, so reviewers "leave one at work, one at home, give one to a friend and keep the last as a back up for the future."


This Rounded Trimmer You Stick In Your Nose

For those who do, grooming nose (or ear) hair has never been so easy and painless. The ToiletTree trimmer has a rounded, steel-covered blade that reaches into nostrils to clip long, visible hairs. It's also waterproof, battery-operated, and is "so much better" than other brands reviewers have tried — even the high-end ones.


A Highly-Moisturizing Repair Cream Made From Snail Mucus

Before you count this one out entirely, you should know that reviewers have called the Seoul Ceuticals snail cream, "a life-saver" and the "best moisturizer [they've ever] tried." It's made from 97 percent snail mucin extract, which deeply hydrates and heals dry skin, but also absorbs quickly so you don't have to worry about a greasy, tacky residue.


This Number-One Best-Selling Snake That Improves Upon The Classic Design

"Sure beats hiring a plumber," one reviewer says about the FlexiSnake, and hundreds of others agree. This flexible, reusable tool is covered in over 4,000 tiny hooks that grab onto hair and other obstructions, so you can clear virtually any drain in your house — without toxic solutions and without shelling out $300.


This Exfoliating Foot Mask That Sheds Dead Skin Like A Snake

If you ever wished you could shed your skin like a snake, now's your chance. Apply these serum-soaked booties, keep them on for an hour and a half, and then soak your feet. Within four to seven days, the outer layer of rough, dead skin will literally come off in sheets. Reviewers say their "feet have never felt softer."


These Ear Tools That Actually Get Wax Out, Instead Of Pushing It Further In

Instead of pushing the wax in deeper, like Q-tips, these ear tools help you grab and clear obstructions in the ear canal. They're made from rounded, polished stainless steel, so they're gentle on skin and easy to sanitize — and even a physician says that the "quality is outstanding despite its low price."


This Jet-Black Toothpaste That Actually Whitens Teeth

At first, jet-black toothpaste can be a little off-putting, but reviewers swear that their teeth have gotten "a shade whiter" in just a few days. FineVine toothpaste uses coconut oil and activated charcoal to fight bacteria and absorb stains on the surface of teeth. It's also totally natural, vegan-friendly, and infused with real essential oils for freshness.


This Rechargeable Roller That Buffs Away Dead Skin And Callouses

Even though it's portable, USB-rechargeable, and pressure-sensitive, this electric callous remover "shaves all the dead skin" off your heels in minutes. It comes with three interchangeable rollers for different sensitivities, all made with quartz micro mineral crystals that buff away rough patches without any effort on your part.


A Dirt-Infused Soap For Stubborn Stains, Smells, And Grease

Washing your hands with literal dirt seems pretty counter-intuitive, but according to mechanics, landscapers, and engineers, it's the only thing that "completely got the stains and smells" off their hands. Grip Clean's dirt-infused soap works for grease, tree sap, and gasoline. It's also gentle and infused with natural oils for hydration and skin-health.


This Flexible Pumice Stick That Makes Your Toilet Bowl Look Like New

According to reviewers, the Pumie ring remover tackles that "impossible-to-remove ring" in your toilet bowl when "nothing else [is] working." The secret? A 100 percent natural pumice stone that flexes to remove rust and lime build-up in any toilet bowl, no matter how old. Buyers say it works "like magic" because in under three minutes, their bowl looks "like a brand new toilet again."


This "Life-Changing" Soap With Weird Ingredients — And An Even Weirder Name

Yeah, it's a mouthful of a name, but reviewers say that after using this Dr. Squatch soap, their skin has "never been more hydrated and soft." It's filled with unlikely but nourishing ingredients like goat's milk, oatmeal, and hemp — all of which help with exfoliation, moisture, shaving, and even eczema.


This Fluffy Slime For Satisfying Stress-Relief

Tense? Anxious? Constantly feeling the need to fidget? This fluffy slime is extremely satisfying, but never sticky or toxic. Just take it out of the jar and mold, squish, and punch your way to relaxation. Reviewers even say it "smells like clean linen," so it's no wonder they "freaking love this stuff."


A Fart Spray With Over 5,000 Reviews (And Many Unexpected Uses)

Yep, this exists — and it currently has over 5,000 reviews. Simply put, Liquid Ass is an overwhelmingly-nasty spray that smells like farts. People have used it for pranks, getting out of school early, and manipulating their significant others into thoroughly cleaning the house in search of the odor.


These Tweezers Specifically For Stubborn Or Ingrown Hairs

With an extremely strong grip, precision-aligned surgical steel tips, and the ability to grab even the shortest hairs, it's no wonder these Majestic Bombay tweezers have over 3,000 reviews. "Any place where I pluck hairs, I eventually end up with ingrown hair issues," says one reviewer. "These tweezers let me handle all thicknesses of hair with minimal damage to the skin... No other tweezers do as good a job."


These Non-Toxic Air Purifying Bags That Actually Work

Place these air purifying bags in your trunk, closet, bathroom, laundry room, or stuffy basement, and they'll create a fresh, odor-free environment. They're filled with fragrance-free, non-toxic activated charcoal, which is extra absorbent to soak up smells and moisture. After "refreshing" them for an hour in the sun, they're even reusable.


A Set Of Toe Separators That Help With Circulation, Alignment, And Pain Relief

For bunions, plantar fasciitis, or overlapping toes, these ViveSole toe stretchers help to reduce pain, boost circulation, and realign your feet. Reviewers love these particularly because they're "soft and squishy" thanks to the gel material, but are also "easy to rinse clean" with soap and water. They even come in two different designs — closed loops and spreaders.


These New And Improved Pore Strips That Are Worth A Second Go

Made with tea tree oil, menthol, and witch hazel, these deep-cleansing nose strips suck the gunk, oil, and blackheads out of your pores — all without irritating your skin. According to reviewers, this updated formula is way more effective than the original. Each box comes with 6 strips.


This Simple But Hilarious Game With A 4.4-Star Rating

"The laugh factor alone on this game gives it [five] stars," reviewers say about Hasbro's Pie Face. The concept is simple: Load the hand with whipped cream, spin the spinner, and turn the handle the indicated number of times. As the tension builds, so does the probability that you're going to get pied in the face.


This Nose Waxing Kit That's "Literally Not Painful At All"

If you, too, are of the belief that tweezing nose hairs is the worst beauty practice ever, then NAD's waxing kit will be a welcome (and barely painful) alternative. Just heat the wax in the microwave and apply some to the special applicator. The collar will sit outside the nostril to ensure that the important, higher-up nose hair is left alone — and everything else comes out in one quick pull.


This Plunger-Like Tool That Humanely Removes Bugs From Your Home

Instead of squishing, flushing, and cowering, the BugZooka can catch any kind of bug for a humane release back into the wild. Simply press the button to suck spiders, stink bugs, crickets, and moths into the container. When you get outside, just open the trap door and let the critter out — and you never even have to get close to them.


A Quirky New Friend To Help You Separate Your Eggs

Looking for a quirky but effective way to separate your eggs? Mr. Sneezy holds the yolk in his head while the whites drip out his nostrils. He's made from earthenware ceramic and makes for the "best gift ever," according to reviewers.


This Goat Milk Lotion That Makes Your Skin Feel "Smooth And Silky"

If you ever felt like smearing Canadian goat milk all over your body, now's your chance. Nature by Canus' lotion contains a high concentration of emollients, nutrients, and vitamins, as well as lavender essential oil. The result? Reviewers say it's "by far the best" because it totally "renewed [their] skin" without irritation or a greasy residue.


This Thing That's Essentially A Turkey Baster For Your Boogers

This one was originally designed for babies who can't blow their noses, but reviewers say it works great for adults, too. BoogieBulb offers hospital-grade suction in a hypoallergenic bulb to suck out all the snot and boogers without irritation. It also opens, so you can clean and sanitize it for next time.


This Unique Plunger That Can Be Used On Virtually Any Type Of Drain

Thanks to its four interchangeable heads, this drain blaster can be used on toilets, sinks, tubs, floor drains, blocked pipes — the list goes on. The secret is pressurized air, which blows away the toughest clogs in seconds — without damage and without expensive plumber bills.


A Peel-Off Mask That Sheds Dead Skin And Unclogs Pores

Reviewers get up close and personal with their pictures when it comes to this peel-off blackhead mask. Why? You can actually "see the little blobs of yuck that were just sitting [in] their pores." It uses real charcoal powder to pull the blackheads and pore-plugs to the surface, so you can get a clearer, brighter complexion.


These Nail Pens That Are Filled With An Anti-Fungal Formula

If you're dealing with unwanted nail fungus, these Evagloss pens are a quick and easy way to handle it. They're filled with a professional solution that eliminates infections, kills fungus, and promotes healing and regrowth. Since they evenly-dispense solution through a convenient brush tip, reviewers say it's the "best and easiest product" they've used.


This Weird-Looking Brush That Actually Works Like A Champ

Reviewers say that their grout, door tracks, tiny crevices, and backsplashes look "brand new" after using this Fuginator scrub brush. Its stiff nylon bristles are lined up into a single row to get deep into hard-to-reach places, and it has an ergonomically-shaped handle so scrubbing feels like minimal effort on your part.


This Well-Designed Kit So You Can Irrigate Your Sinuses

Because it's soft, flexible, and ergonomically designed to allow for more comfortable positioning, reviewers say that Dr. Hana’s Nasopure wash is "so much easier than a neti pot." It even comes with 20 buffered salt packages, which are a natural and gentle way to get relief from cold symptoms, allergies, and sinus infections.


An Extraction Kit So You Can Handle Those Blemishes Without Using Your Fingers

Quit using your fingernails to squeeze out those blemishes; the BESTOPE extraction kit comes with five double-sided tools, all made from hypoallergenic, easy-to-sanitize stainless steel. The various tips work well on whiteheads, blackheads, and ingrown hairs, and they all come in a classy metal case for storage and travel.


These All-Natural Blotting Papers Made Of Charcoal And Bamboo

"I love these and keep them stashed everywhere," reviewers say about these blotting papers. They come in a pack of 200 and use bamboo charcoal and linen fibers to soak up excess oil and shine, so you can freshen up your makeup anywhere. They're available in eight scents and even those with sensitive skin call them "gentle" and "soothing."


These Carbon Butt Pads That Neutralize The Smell Of Gas

For some, it's a gag gift, and for others, it's a genuine tool. Subtle butt pads comfortably fit inside your underwear and utilize activated carbon to neutralize the smell from your farts. It's ready to go with a non-damaging adhesive and comes in a pack of five, so you've got a travel-friendly backup.


This Before-You-Go Spray That'll Make You Forget What Poop Smells Like

Unlike your average air freshener, Unicorn Gold stops the smell from hitting the air in the first place. Its essential oils and tiny gold particles line the surface of the water, so all smells get trapped underneath and flushed away. Just remember to spray before you go; reviewers say it's so effective, they "don't even know what poop smells like anymore."

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