38 Atrocious Products On Amazon That Have Shockingly High Reviews


It's a tale as old as time: as long as the reviews are verified and filled with glowing four- and five-star praises, it can't be that bad of a purchase. And while the word "atrocious" has many meanings, what I'm talking about in the case of these Amazon products is that pretty much all of them are...peculiar in one way or another. Some of them may have a rather oddball design, like the flying spaghetti monster strainer that looks exactly as it sounds, whereas others, like the head-shaped egg separator that makes it look like snot is dripping out the nose, are practical — yet not necessarily appetizing.

But when it comes to discovering the wonderfully weird and the weirdly wonderful products online, you want to make sure that you stick with the totally odd but still brilliant products they have on Amazon. Not only does Amazon verify their reviews so that you know none of them are fake, but with so many users there are hundreds of thousands of reviews to rely on, not just one or two that are vague and unhelpful.

So what are you waiting for? Out of all the weird but awesome Amazon products on here, there's a cat butt coloring book that's definitely calling your name — so get clickin'.

1. The Toys That Are Great For Calming Anxiety

Impresa Products Stretchy String Sensory Toys, $11 (5 Pack), Amazon

Instead of letting your anxiety build up all day, try fidgeting with the Impresa Products stretchy string sensory toys. These sensory toys are great for people who find themselves distracted or anxious because they can stretch, pull, and squeeze these noodle toys to help themselves focus — and since these toys are suitable for ages three and up they make a great gift for people of all ages. Each noodle is 12 inches long, stretches up to 8 feet, and is made from hypoallergenic rubber.


2. A Silicone Lid That Lets Steam Escape From Your Food

Marna Pink Piggy Steamer, $12, Amazon

Instead of letting steam build up on your food and having it become soggy, try the Marna pink piggy steamer. This silicone lid will fit any lid that is 10 inches in diameter, and is microwave-safe as well as heat-resistant — so you won't have to worry about it melting while it's sitting on top of a hot pot. You can even use this steamer lid as a jar opener, because the silicone material gives you a firm grip on whatever you're opening. Many Amazon reviewers even note how they use this lid as a substitute for plastic wrap.


3. The Egg Separator That's Super Appetizing To Look At

Zdz Bogeyman Egg Separator, $9, Amazon

In a case of functionality coming in front of the aesthetic — meet the Zdz bogeyman egg separator, which will keep your hands clean as it separates the yolk from the whites of your eggs. A great (useful but bizarre) gift for friends or family since it's made from sturdy ceramic, all you have to do is crack an egg in the hole at the top of the head, then gently tilt it forwards to pour the whites out away from the yolk — and many Amazon reviewers called this egg separator a "great conversation starter."


4. A Strainer Shaped Like A Fun Spaghetti Monster

OTOTO Spaghetti Monster Strainer, $17, Amazon

Sure, it's a creepy spaghetti monster, but this adorably atrocious strainer can do so much more than creep you out: Large enough to fit a whole box of spaghetti, this strainer is made from thick BPA-free plastic that is heat-resistant to even boiling water, and the fun design makes it a great addition to any kitchen.


5. The Wet Wipes Packed With Natural Saline To Help Dissolve Boogers

Boogie Wipes Natural Saline Wet Tissues, $11 (3 Pack), Amazon

Great for congested kids, babies, or adults who are tired of wiping their nose on the back of their sleeves, the Boogie Wipes natural saline wet tissues not only clean up runny noses, but the natural saline they've infused into every wipe helps dissolve crusty snot and boogers. There's also aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E in these wipes to keep them feeling soft and soothing on your skin, and since the package is resealable, you won't have to worry about them drying out between uses.


6. An Exfoliating Foot Peel That Helps Repair Cracked Heels

Liberex Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

Dry, cracked feet can be difficult to mend, but the Liberex exfoliating foot peel mask uses milk and other plant extracts like aloe, lavender, tea tree, and rose essential oils to help soothe your skin while exfoliating away any dead cells. The entire process takes between one and two weeks — and after that time, your feet will start peeling off the dead skin in sheets. One Amazon reviewer raved that this mask has a "clean smell that I love," and that "immediately after soaking your feet in these your skin will feel soft."


7. The Face Mask That Tightens Enlarged Pores

Skin1004 Zombie Pack Face Masks, $20 (8 Pack), Amazon

Albumin is an amino acid commonly found in egg whites that helps improve the moisture in your skin, and the Skin1004 zombie pack face masks are chock-full of it. These masks practically do it all: exfoliate and clear small acne breakouts, tighten your pores, balance the pH level of your skin, brighten your complexion — and there's even aloe vera extract and lavender oil to give yourself a refreshing boost of moisture. The atrocious part? Your skin tightens up considerably while the mask is on, so while it tries, you get to look like a zombie.


8. A Hand Soap Infused With Dirt To Get You Extra-Clean

Grip Clean Industrial Hand Soap, $10, Amazon

When they say it's "dirt-infused," the Grip Clean industrial hand soap means that they've added high-quality cosmetic-grade clays that help absorb grease and other toxins to their formula — this might help you get rid of dirt, but there's none in the ingredients list. They've also added volcanic pumice to give it a light scrubbing texture that helps get rid of stubborn grime, and the citrus essential oils leaves you smelling light and fresh. And because there's coconut and olive oil in the formula, it won't dry out your skin like other soaps.


9. The Drain Snake That Busts Through Clogs Without Any Chemicals

Omont Drain Snake Clog Remover, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

Who loves the thought of hair clogging up the bathroom drain? Or the thought of standing in that tepid water? If you're not a fan, try the Omont drain snake clog remover. It's 19.7 inches long and reaches deep into the pipes underneath your sink — and the included stainless steel cleaner is 24 inches long. Great for bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, and tubs, one Amazon reviewer wrote that "clog removers didn't work, but after very little time using this tool the drain is flowing perfectly!"


10. A Squatting Toilet Stool That Folds For Easy Storage

Squat N Go Folding Squatting Stool, $20, Amazon

Most squatting toilet stools are too large to store in a bathroom closet and practically demand to be left sitting by the toilet — but the Squat N Go folding squatting stool not only folds for easy storage, but there are also six different colors to choose from to better match your decor: black, blue, grey, white, green, and pink. The rubber grips on the feet of this stool prevent it from sliding around when in use, and it's also ergonomically-designed to fit universally with all toilets.


11. The Cleaning Gel That Gets Crumbs And Hair Out From Your Keyboard

HAYATA Keyboard Cleaning Gel, $14 (4 Pack), Amazon

Keyboards, fans, phones, and more — if there's an difficult nook or cranny that traditional bristles can't reach, try squeezing the HAYATA keyboard cleaning gel in there instead. This gel removes crumbs and dust from underneath your keyboard because the goo can reach in between the crevices, and each package can be reused more than 10 times. Non-toxic as well as biodegradable, this gel also works as a disinfectant, and even removes up to 95 percent of smudges.


12. A Bottle That Helps Clean Out Your Nasal Cavity

Tonelife Nasal Bottle Nose Cleanse, $13, Amazon

It may not look the most appealing, but when you wake up with a stuffy nose, you'll be glad you had the Tonelife nasal bottle nose cleanse to help clear out any allergens, mold, or dust that's found its way up there. Each order comes with a salt mixture that helps cleanse your nasal cavity from any pollutants, and all you have to do is bend over while gently squeezing the solution into your nose from the bottle — and one Amazon reviewer raved that she doesn't "even feel like I have asthma right now," and that this cleanse makes using her CPAC at night more comfortable.


13.The Green Clay Mask That Pulls The Dirt Out Of Your Pores

CJ Olive Networks Shrek Clay Mask, $15, Amazon

Even the most die-hard Disney princess fans can appreciate the CJ Olive Networks Shrek clay mask, as this mask is made with pure green clay from France that helps remove any dirt or oil from your pores. There's also fresh mint extract that delivers a soft cooling feeling as this mask is applied, and the the natural red beans in the formula help exfoliate away dead cells while smoothing the texture of your skin. And as an added bonus, the green tea water in this mask helps tighten your pores to prevent further blemishes.


14. A Toothpaste That Whitens Using The Power Of Activated Charcoal

Cali White Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, $10, Amazon

Activated charcoal is a gentle, natural way to whiten your teeth without a visit to the dentist's office, and the Cali White activated charcoal toothpaste is absolutely bursting with it (and yes, while it won't stain, it will make your mouth black while you're brushing away). Infused with peppermint and coconut oil to hydrate your mouth while leaving it refreshed, this version is also safe for people with sensitive teeth — and many Amazon reviewers reported seeing results after just one day.


15. The Serum That Uses Snail Mucin To Hydrate Your Skin

MIZON All In One Snail Repair Cream, $17, Amazon

You'd think a product that has 92 snail mucin (or slime, whatever you find more atrocious) wouldn't be useful for creating elastic, bouncy, glowing skin — but whoever put it on their face for the first time must have had a hunch, because thousands of Amazon reviewers swear by this. Free from fragrance and parabens, this also helps clear blemishes and fade scarring, and it will hold in moisture, so it's great for dry skin.


16. An Herb Infuser Shaped Like A Rubber Chicken

Fred And Friends Chicken Herb Infuser, $19, Amazon

Simply stuff your favorite herbs inside the Fred and Friends chicken herb diffuser, then submerge it into your pot or pan to let the flavors seep out the ventilated back. Great for stews, soups, and more since it keeps the leaves and stems contained, this herb infuser is made from durable silicone that can handle temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and is dishwasher-safe.


17. The Silicone Holder That Lets You Vent Steam From Your Cookware

Monkey Business Saucepan Lid Holder, $10, Amazon

Made from heat-resistant silicone that won't melt under pressure, the Monkey Business saucepan lid holder will securely prop open your cookware lids so you can safely ventilate any of the steam inside. Each holder is about 2 inches tall, so you can also use them as phone or recipe card holders while you're cooking — and one reviewer writes: "OH.. MY GOD.. never has releasing steam from pots been so freakin’ adorable!!! I love these little guys!! They’re always getting into mischief, trying to sneak a taste of my stir fry!"


18. A Utensil Holder Shaped Like A Fun Mess On The Counter

Flinelife Spoon Utensil Holder, $18, Amazon

It can be a great way to prank your roommate into thinking you've spilled liquid all over the kitchen counter — or you could even use the Flinelife utensil holder as a conversation starter when friends are over for dinner. This spoon holder is made with high-quality silicone material that's both non-slip and heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and can even be used in the bathroom to hold soap, bracelets, other small items. It's also stain-resistant, you won't have to worry about any discoloration down the road.


19. The Plunger That Uses Air Pressure To Blast Through Tough Clogs

Bert High Pressure Toilet Plunger, $20, Amazon

When traditional plungers aren't enough for the storm that passed through your bathroom, try the Bert high pressure toilet plunger and watch as the high-pressure air power unclogs blockages made by hair, toilet paper, grease, oil, and — well, you know. Each plunger comes with four attachments of various sizes so that you can use this plunger on toilets, tubs, and sinks alike, and all you have to do is pump the handle then squeeze the trigger for it to work its magic.


20. A Stress Reliever That Lets You Pop 'Pimples' For Fun

Anboor Pimple Popping Stress Reliever, $11, Amazon

Made from natural silica gel, the Anboor pimple popping stress reliever lets you pop fake pimples as a way to relax and de-stress. Not only is this toy a great way to break the habit of popping your own pimples and leaving yourself with acne scars, but it's also reusable and refillable so you don't have to keep throwing money at replacements. And yeah, it's as gross as you think it would be.


21. The Glove Made With Plush Microfiber For Easy Cleaning

Detailer's Preference Interior And Exterior Cleaning Glove, $7, Amazon

One side of the Detailer's Preference interior and exterior cleaning glove is covered in plush microfiber that's great for both dusting and building up a rich, soapy lather — whereas the other, smoother side is made with heavy duty material so you can scrub away stubborn dirt. Ambidextrous so that you can use it on either hand, this glove makes it easy to clean those hard-to-reach places that traditional scrubbers and bristles won't reach, and is especially useful when it comes to washing your car.


22. A Jewelry Holder Fashioned After A Skeleton Hand

Suck UK Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder, $37, Amazon

Perfect for Halloween or as a gift for that one friend who only ever wears black (me, you are buying this for me), the Suck UK skeleton hand jewelry holder helps keep your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more organized. The base is made from solid beechwood and can hold smaller items like earrings and cufflinks to keep them from getting lost, and the joints on the fingers of this hand are adjustable so you can arrange them in whatever way best suits your needs.


23. The Coloring Book That's All About Cats...Butts

Cat Butts: A Coloring Book by Val Brains, $6, Amazon

I said right in the very beginning there was a cat butts coloring book in here that was calling your name, and so here it is: a coloring book where you color cat butts. As far as adult coloring books go, this one is great for anyone who likes to color, but who also wants an illustration of a cat butt to inspire them. Many Amazon reviewers wrote how it makes for a great gag gift during the holidays, and one even noted that "the book is about the size of a magazine and the pictures are all adorable."


24. A Handy Tool That Gets All The Dead Hair Out Of Your Brush

Perfehair Hair Brush Cleaning Tool, $8, Amazon

Getting all the excess hair out of your brush can be difficult, but the Perfehair hair brush cleaning tool makes it easy with a five-prong design that reaches deep into your brush to grab every last remaining strand. You can use this handy tool on both brushes and combs alike, and its long bristles help get rid of any hair product residue that may have clumped to the bristles on your brush.


25. The Fun Magnets Shaped Like Dog Butts

Kikkerland Dog Butts Animal Magnets, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

You've finished coloring in your cat butts, so keep your animal glute fixation satisfied with the Kikkerland dog butts animal magnets. Each order comes with six magnets that are shaped like a Scottie, Pug, Retriever, Dalmatian, Poodle, and fire hydrant — and they're also strong enough to hold up whatever documents you've got stuck to your fridge. One Amazon reviewer even noted how durable these magnets are, as he wrote that "they will likely last nine lifetimes" and that they're "molded from the finest plastic money can buy."


26. A Tub Full Of 1,500 Live Ladybugs — Which Is Actually Useful If You Have A Garden

Orcon Live Ladybugs, $21, Amazon

No, seriously — you can order actual living insects on Amazon, like the Orcon live ladybugs. They're great for keeping your rose garden intact since ladybugs are able to eat up to 50 aphids (as well as other various bugs including leaf hoppers, mealy bugs, and other plant-eating worms) per day, and they won't harm any vegetables or fruits you've got planted. Plus, using this tub of ladybugs to keep your garden safe will save you money over time, as they'll eventually lay eggs to create MORE plant-protecting ladybugs down the road!


27. The Spatula Shaped Like A Fun Cartoon Hand

Fred And Friends Cartoon Hand Spatula, $10, Amazon

Whether you're making eggs or scraping brownie batter off the edges of a mixing bowl, the Fred and Friends cartoon hand spatula is a fun way to get kids involved in the kitchen. The wooden handle is ergonomically-designed to feel comfortable in your hand, and there's also a hole at the end so you can hang this spatula for convenient storage.


28. A Versatile Spider-Like Holder For Your Smartphone

Rienar Universal Spider Holder For Smartphones, $5, Amazon

Not only is the spider design appropriate for the bug enthusiast, but the Rienar universal spider holder for smartphones is also made from flexible core alloy metal and wrapped in soft-touch rubber to keep your phone free from any accidental scratches. Compatible with any phone that's 6 inches wide or less, the legs on this holder can be used to attach your phone to your bike, headrest, dashboard, and more —or you can just use it to prop your phone up so it stands on its own.


29. The Wine Holder Shaped Like A Quirky T-Rex

Ebros Gift Dinosaur Wine Holder, $23, Amazon

If I knew I was about to go extinct, I'd open a bottle of wine too — and so can you, with the Ebros Gift dinosaur wine holder. This wine holder is handpainted and sturdy enough to keep your wine bottle secure. One Amazon reviewer even noted that this wine holder "has been holding a full bottle of wine for around a month now without any problems!"


30. A Handy Tool That Scoops Up Insects So You Can Put Them Outside

My Critter Catcher Insect Catcher, $20, Amazon

Whether you're too scared to get up close and personal or you feel bad stomping on the little guys, the My Critter Catcher insect catcher is right up your alley. This handy tool lets you safely catch and remove spiders, scorpions, crickets, and more from a safe distance — simply surround the bug with the soft bristles, then pull the trigger to easily scoop it up. And because there are no harmful chemicals required, this insect catcher is great for people of all ages.


31. The Tea Infuser Shaped Like A Fun Octopus

Fred And Friends Octopus Tea Infuser, $8, Amazon

Not only is it shaped like a fun octopus, but the Fred and Friends octopus tea infuser lets you make your own custom blend of tea — just fill his head with whatever flavors you enjoy. Made from sturdy and durable silicone that won't warp under intense heat, you can also hook the long curved tentacle on this tea infuser to the rim of your cup to keep it from sliding around while drinking.


32. An Acupuncture Massage Ball That Increased Blood Circulation

Applicators Lyapko Acupuncture Massage Ball, $30, Amazon

Professional massages and acupuncture can be expensive, but the Applicators Lyapko acupuncture massage ball delivers the same sort of pain relief at a fraction of the cost. The spikes on this ball increase blood circulation, which in turn helps relieve pain from sore and achy muscles — and the surface of each ball has 656 pointed needles that are faceted, so they won't damage your skin in any way.


33. The Odor Neutralizers That Keeps Your Gas To Yourself

Fashion First Aid Subtle Butt, $13 (5 Pack), Amazon

You can keep blaming it on the dog like you normally do, or you could put the Fashion First Aid subtle butt into the back of your pants to keep any, um, odors from escaping. Each filter is made from anti-microbial, activated charcoal that neutralizes odors that pass through them — but they're also thin enough so that nobody can tell you're wearing one. The adhesive on the back of each filter keeps them securely in-place, and once you're done, simply peel it off and throw it out.


34. A Bag Of Chips Made From Real Crickets

Chirps Chips Cricket Chips, $17 (6 Pack), Amazon

Whereas potato chips are mostly made up of, um, potatoes, the Chirps Chips cricket chips are made from nutrient-packed crickets and have 5 grams of protein per serving. Even though they're made from bugs, these chips taste like tortilla chips and use a mix of non-GMO corn, chia seeds, and cricket flour to give them a crunchy texture, and each order comes with three different flavors to try: barbecue, cheddar, and sriracha.


35. A Spray That Eliminates Odors Before They Happen

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray, $10, Amazon

Few things in life are more mortifying than having someone walk into a smelly bathroom immediately after you, so save yourself the embarrassment with the Poo-Pourri toilet spray. All you have to do is spritz this into your toilet prior to using it, and the blend of tropical hibiscus, apricot, and citrus essential oils will eliminate any odors before they escape. Each bottle has up to 100 uses, and is completely non-toxic.


36. A Cream That Helps Control Inflammation And Itching

Puriya Antifungal Cream Ointment, $35, Amazon

Made with tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender oil to better moisturize dry skin, the Puriya anti-fungal cream ointment goes the extra mile by adding beeswax and olive oil to help keep your skin feeling protected and refreshed for longer. This ointment is great for treating mild skin irritations like itching, inflammation, or athlete's foot, and is safe enough that you can use it all over your body (hands, feet, scalp, toes, and more) as an anti-fungal.


37. The Kit That Helps You Take Care Of Ingrown Toenails At Home Ingrown Toenail Kit, $23, Amazon

Made from durable stainless steel, the ingrown toenail kit comes with two nail cutters (one for heavy duty jobs and the other for undercutting the corners of your nails), one pair of precision tweezers, one precision file, and one toenail lifter to get your toes in tip-top condition. Each order comes with an included leather case that makes organizing and transporting your tools simple, and many Amazon reviewers said that even thick, tough toenails were no match for this kit.


38. An Electrified Fly Swatter That's A Lot More Fun Than It Looks

Elucto Electric Bug Zapper, $22, Amazon

If you only buy one item off this list, I highly recommend you get the Elucto electric bug zapper and spend a few hours outside hunting for bugs to swat. This bug zapper is powered by two AA batteries that ensure the bug is quickly put out of its un-sentient misery — and because the bugs generally fall off once they've been zapped, this swatter is also very low-maintenance and requires very little to no cleaning.

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