37 Lesser-Known Products On Amazon That'll Literally Change Your Life


If you shop often enough on Amazon, you'll come across your fair share of popular gadgets and tools that boast rave reviews from hundreds and thousands of customers. But the most celebrated products aren't always superior — these lesser-known products on Amazon that'll literally change your life are unsung heroes in their categories. When you choose one of these items, not only will you experience the thrill of discovering an up-and-coming gem, but you'll prove yourself a total trendsetter and shopping authority in your crowd of friends.

This list includes products in categories as diverse as kitchen gadgets, portable hair tools, and even face masks for blackheads. If you're still relying on your old-fashioned makeup remover to get rid of clumpy mascara, stop right now and peruse this list for a reusable cloth alternative that won't get you stopped at airport security.

The point is this: the products you're currently using are probably fine and dandy — and may even include a few of those super popular items loved by Amazon costumers. But there's more behind the curtain — don't let a product's smaller marketing budget keep you from uncovering an absolute star when it comes to beauty, health, or home goods that can make your life so much easier. Here are 37 lesser-known products that are about to become your new favorites.

by Lisa Fogarty

1. A Spoon Saver That Keeps Utensils From Falling Into Pots

Monkey Business Hug Doug Spoon Saver, $12, Amazon

Once you stop cooing over this adorable silicone spoon saver —shaped in the form of a character named Hug Doug — put it into action and it will save your spoons from falling in or out of pots. The flexible tool stretches and adjusts to fit most cooking utensils, then clings to them and prevents them from falling or transferring food from pots onto counters and making a royal mess. It's resistant to heat and dishwasher-safe.


2. A Space-Saving Magnetic Knife Holder

Yohum Magnetic Knife Holder, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're struggling to find counter space for a knife stand or are searching for a more modern option, these magnetic knife holders are the easy storage solution. They stick to many surfaces with suction cup technology — no tools needed — so you can install them on tile, refrigerators, plastic surfaces, glass, metal, and stainless steel. They can hold up to 11 pounds, so bring on your heaviest knife, but also your car keys, metal tools, and utensils.


3. The Makeup Remover Pads You Can Use Again

Miss Savage Makeup Remover Pads, $14 (5 Pack), Amazon

Remove every last drop of makeup at the end of the night without so much as a single chemical — these microfiber cloth makeup remover pads are activated by nothing more than water. Use one to clean your entire face free of makeup and then toss it in the washing machine and reuse it up to 1,000 more times. These portable pads have a tag so you can hang them to dry, and they even come with a travel bag.


4. These Motion-Sensory LED Light Strips You Can Stick Anywhere

Livin' Well Motion Sensor Light LED Strip, $20, Amazon

Place these LED light strips anywhere you could use a little guiding light in the dark — bedrooms, basements, and hallways are popular options. They detect motion 14 feet away and you can program them to shine for 30, 130, or 380 seconds at a time. There's absolutely no installation required, either: they stick to walls and surfaces using durable 3M tape. They should even last you up to 10 years without needing a replacement.


5. A Blackhead-Clearing Spot Treatment Gel

BRTC Pore Magic Healing Gel, $19, Amazon

If you're looking to minimize pores but are tired of those blackhead masks, try this pore refining gel instead, which is a lesser-known product that enjoys nearly flawless ratings and reviews. Made with ingredients like volcanic ash, the gel is more of a spot pore treatment that you apply to blackheads and other areas of concern — just leave it on for five minutes and rinse off. Reviewers say to be prepared for a heating sensation, which cools off quickly, and that it actually clears up blackheads, reduces the appearance of pores, and makes skin feel incredibly soft.


6. An Adjustable, Inflatable Pillow For Neck Support

GreenMoon Inflatable Pillow, $35, Amazon

This inflatable pillow is designed to take pressure off of your neck and shoulders — but it does so with the understanding that no two people require the same amount of support. You can adjust the cervical roll pillow to the precise height you need to be comfortable and relieve pain. It even has an optional heating function that runs via USB port and can help with stiffness and aches. Roll it up, toss it into its convenient travel bag, and pack it in your luggage or carryon bag — it barely takes up space.


7. A Self-Stirring Salad Dressing Maker With A Spout

Zalik Salad Dressing Mixer, $15, Amazon

Whipping up a simple salad dressing or marinade shouldn't require a blender, bowl, and two measuring cups. Cut out the excess and mess with this salad dressing mixer, which can be used to measure ingredients, blend them together (just turn the handle and the whisk will mix it all up), and store your dressing or sauce in the fridge. It even has a spout for easy pouring. One reviewer writes: "This salad dressing shaker mixer helps me make the best vinaigrette I have ever made. Lets me store them with just enough time before I can change containers and create a different dressing. I'm in love."


8. An Adjustable Teaspoon And Tablespoon With Slide Covers

KitchenArt Adjust-A-Teaspoon and Adjust-A-Tablespoon Set, $7, Amazon

Say goodbye to dangling measurement spoons that always seem to get lost and minimize the number of cooking tools you have to store with this convenient measurement duo: an adjustable teaspoon and tablespoon with slide covers. With a simple push, the teaspoon measurements can be converted from 1/8 teaspoon to a full teaspoon, and the tablespoon measurement ranges from 1 teaspoon to a full tablespoon. The set is made from plastic and is safe in the dishwasher.


9. A Travel Jewelry Bag That Rolls Up

Vlando Jewelry Roll Bag Organizer, $18, Amazon

Cramming earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in plastic baggies is not an ideal travel solution. This jewelry roll bag provides hooks for necklaces, a ring holder, earrings holder, and a separate zippered pouch for larger accessories. Best of all: it then rolls up and fits neatly in a pouch with a tasseled zipper, ensuring your jewelry is organized, safe, and untangled. Choose among four colors: pink, mint green, white, or gray.


10. A Laptop Desk With Folding Legs

LapGear Lap Desk, $35, Amazon

This bed tray is great for enjoying a relaxing breakfast in bed, but it's also functional as a workspace and can accommodate tablets, phones, and laptops up to 17 inches. Made from sustainable bamboo, it has a contoured front tray and folding legs that make it a cinch to store. The media bar keeps phones from falling off, and has a lowered front tray lip to keep your wrists comfortable as you type.


11. A Travel-Friendly Cordless Heated Mini Brush For Sleek Hair — And You Can Charge Your Phone With It

Bibi Wireless Ceramic Mini Hair Brush, $40, Amazon

Not only does this cordless miniature heated brush plug into any old USB port anywhere you travel to deliver softer, sleeker hair on the go, but it accomplishes this feat using ceramic coated bristles that are safer and gentler on strands. The 9-inch brush has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a travel bag and a folding compact mirror to make your life even easier. Snag it in one of three colors: aqua, red, or pink. The silicone prevents you from burning your scalp, and yes, you can charge your phone with it.


12. The Organic Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls

Friendsheep Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls, $24 (6 Pack), Amazon

Dryer sheets aren't particularly eco-friendly, and they can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. These organic wool dryer balls, however, are a fantastic alternative — one that is handmade in Nepal and designed to look like adorable penguins. Not only are they safer if you have kids and pets, but they're also fragrance- and chemical-free, and won't irritate sensitive skin. They're also no slouch when it comes to removing lint from clothing and reducing drying time.


13. The Dough Press Tools That Make Perfect Empanadas And Treats

Prepworks By Progressive Dough Press, $6 (set of 3), Amazon

If a recipe for empanadas, ravioli, dumplings, or pierogi that requires fiddling with dough makes you more than a little nervous, you aren't alone. Dough can be fragile and falls apart a little too easily, which is why this trio of dough press tools are such cooking treasures. The back side of the press cuts out perfect dough circles and you can then easily insert dough into the front side, fill it with meat, cheese, or fruit, and press down to seal the deal. They're dishwasher-friendly and even have crimped edges that eliminate the delicate task of pressing down on your dough with a fork.


14. A Headphone Stand With Three USB Ports

Cozoo Headphone Stand With USB Charger, $25, Amazon

Free up precious desk space by installing this under-the-desk headphone stand, designed with three USB charging ports. The stand is built to hold two sets of headphones, but can be repurposed as a storage space for your Apple watch. Both stands have grooves that can hold USB cables in place for a more orderly and organized workstation. It's easy to install this stand, and one screw and 3M adhesive tape are included in each order.


15. These No-Show Cushioned Socks That You Can Wear With Any Shoe

DRP Select No Show Sock Liner, $15 (2 Pairs), Amazon

These no-show sock liners have light padding along the arch and balls of the feet and are made from breathable nylon material. They're cut low enough to stay hidden in any shoe — yes, even ballet flats. One reviewer raves about how these stay put even during runs, and they come in pairs of two with all beige, all black, or a mix of beige and black options.


16. A Car Headrest That Provides Total Back And Neck Support

Aukee Car Seat Pillow Headrest, $39, Amazon

These detachable headrest pillows finally make it possible to get a decent nap in the car. Designed with memory foam padding, they support both your head and neck, and can be adjusted to suit the width and height needed for each passenger. Installation requires a screwdriver — but reviewers who gave this product a perfect star rating are pretty clear about how it's well worth the extra set-up time. And even if you're always in the driver's seat and never have the luxury of sleep, these headrests keep your head and neck in a comfortable position and are a useful accessory to add to your ride.


17. A Hair Removal Device For The Face And Body

Noxzema About Face Sonic Beauty Wand, $9, Amazon

If you'd prefer to get rid of peach fuzz or you just want a tool that exfoliates dead skin and preps your skin for smoother makeup application, this beauty wand does the trick for a fraction of the price of lasers or other tools. Glide it carefully along your face and any area of your body where you want to remove hair. The discreet, portable wand runs on battery power and uses sonic wave technology to remove hair and help increase cell turnover for healthier skin.


18. A Knife Made For Peanut Butter And Jelly

PB-JIFE! The Ultimate PB Knife, $13, Amazon

Peanut butter fanatics of the world, take note: this peanut butter knife was designed with your needs in mind. Its strength-treated stainless steel blade is long enough to reach into the largest jars of peanut butter and jelly, and it features a flat end that digs up large scoops so you save time while prepping sandwiches. And when your prep work is done, it effortlessly slices through bread in one cut.


19. A Cold Clay Mask For Headache And Puffy Skin Relief

FOMI Cold Clay Facial Ice Mask, $15, Amazon

This multi-tasking cold clay facial ice mask reduces puffiness in the skin, but it also doubles as a headache and sinus pain relief solution. Store the clay mask in your fridge until you need it. It has adjustable straps that can be secured around your head to keep it in place and a double-sided design: on one side you'll find plush, soft fabric and on the other a PVC cover that stays extra-cool for longer periods of time than gel alternatives.


20. A Travel Mirror With LED Lights And Magnification

Easehold Travel Makeup Mirror, $15, Amazon

For such a compact travel makeup mirror — one you can throw into any bag — this mirror boasts features galore. One side has 10 times the magnification, making it easier to pluck pesky hairs or view your eye makeup from a close-up angle. It also has LED lights that you can turn on and off and it expands like an accordion, which makes it possible to position it on your counter and use the mirror hands-free.


21. The Egg And Pancake Rings For Perfect Breakfasts

Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings, $11 (4 Pack), Amazon

Stop pancake batter or eggs from stretching in your pan, colliding, and making a mess with these egg and pancake rings. These heat-resistant silicone circles can be placed directly in hot pans before you pour in your batter or ingredients, and they keep everything contained in perfect circles for prettier breakfasts. They won't stick to your pan and are dishwasher-friendly, too.


22. These Space-Saving Hangers That Can Be Used Vertically Or Horizontally

MeetU Magic Cloth Hanger, $12, Amazon

The problem with most hangers is an obvious one: they do an important job, but then take up lots of space in your closet — and there are few people on the planet who don't wish they had more closet space. By simply changing direction, this clothes hanger can be used horizontally to hold up to 10 clothing pieces or vertically, in which case you can store up to five pieces that weigh 40 pounds or less.


23. A Multi-tool Carabiner Keychain

ThorKey Carabiner Keychain, $26, Amazon

This multi-tool carabiner keychain packs 12 tools into one gadget the size of a credit card. Made from durable titanium, it features two types of screwdrivers, a hex bit, bottle opener, can opener, and seven wrenches. Carry your keys on it, keep it in your pocket or bag, and you'll never be caught in a jam without having the essential tool you need to survive (or to simply open that stubborn bottle of water).


24. A Universal Cell Phone Holder

Auxo-Fun Universal Cell Phone Holder, $10, Amazon

Enjoy a hands-free cell phone viewing experience while feeling secure that your device is safe when you position it on this sturdy universal cell phone holder, which clamps down and attaches firmly to most tables and counters. The holder has a flexible gooseneck arm clip with 360-degree rotation, so you can adjust it to find the perfect angle for watching movies or working. It comes in black, metal, or white, and is large enough to hold iPhone Plus devices.


25. An Air Purifier And Ionizer For Your Fridge

GreenTech Environmental Extend Food Life Air Purifier and Ionizer, $49, Amazon

Baking soda can only do so much — and this refrigerator air purifier and ionizer provides a high tech solution that keeps bacteria, ethylene gas, and mold from stinking up your fridge and prematurely spoiling produce and food. The rechargeable device runs on a lithium battery that lasts 18 to 24 days, and can be recharged overnight. This highly-rated device saves you money on food, and keeps your produce tasting fresh and delicious for longer.


26. These Reflexology Slippers That Massage Your Feet As You Walk

Byriver Acupressure Foot Massager Sandals, $24, Amazon

If you suffer from any kind of foot pain, these acupressure and reflexology sandals provide relief every time you take a step. They're designed to be worn indoors, and feature natural jade and tourmaline stones, as well as a rotating spring that provides an actual massage whenever you move your feet. These are designed to provide foot and body therapy — so expect them to feel slightly hard and uncomfortable in a hurts-so-good kind of way.


27. A Toilet Freshener Spray That Neutralizes Odors

Puracy Natural Toilet Freshener Spray, $10, Amazon

Look, there are times when you need to use the toilet, there's company over your house, and the thought of leaving a smelly bathroom is enough to make you contemplate holding it in. No need for that — just spritz this toilet freshener spray in toilet water before you use the toilet and it works to neutralize odors without chemicals or obvious perfume smells. The light lavender and vanilla spray won't give you away — and it's vegan, biodegradable, and safe for septic tanks.


28. The Wearable Towel Gloves That Exfoliate Your Skin

SongWol Korean Beauty Exfoliating Gloves, $12 (10 Pack), Amazon

What do you get when you combine a washcloth with a wearable exfoliating treatment? These smart bath towel gloves, which fit on your hand and deliver gentle exfoliation in the bath or shower. Use them for both cleansing and sloughing away dead skin cells on your body. And you can't beat the value: each set provides 10 gloves so you can use one every day.


29. The Stackable Glass Food Containers For Organized Pantries

Brabantia Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers, $26 (Set of 3), Amazon

Keep pantries neat and orderly — and save food from spoiling — with these stackable glass food storage containers. This space-saving trio includes 10-ounce, 20-ounce, and 34-ounce storage containers, all of which have air-tight lids and are dishwasher-safe.


30. A Microfiber Window Blinds Duster

Aifuda Window Blinds Duster, $10, Amazon

Save yourself the aggravation of cleaning window blinds with a paper towel or cloth (which takes ages) and switch to this microfiber window blinds duster, which has a comfortable handle and cleans up to two blades at once. Detachable microfiber sleeves capture dust particles much better than towels, and can be washed and reused.


31. A Six-In-One Tech Tool Pen With A Ruler

Jiulyning 6 In 1 Tech Tool Pen, $10, Amazon

This is no ordinary writing device — it's a tech tool pen that includes a ruler, spirit level, Philips screwdriver, stylus, flat-head, and, yes, a pretty amazing ballpoint pen as well. It comes in black, yellow, blue, and silver, and is so compact you can keep it in your bag at all times and forget it's there (until you need it — then it becomes the most handy gadget you've ever owned).


32. A Mess-Free Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Primula Pace Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, $20, Amazon

Brew coffee in this borosilicate glass iced coffee maker and store it right in your fridge door — it creates a cup of Joe that is much less acidic than traditional brewed coffee, and the fact that no messy straining is required is the cherry on top. The lid features an ice catcher, and its removable bottom makes cleaning this pitcher much easier. Reviewers say you can expect this maker to yield 4 cups of iced coffee — and keep in mind that it takes 24 hours to brew — but the rich taste makes it well worth the work and wait.


33. A Handheld Electric Massager With Four Interchangeable Heads

Nursal Handheld Electric Massager, $30, Amazon

This handheld electric massage provides fuss-free relief from muscle aches and pain anytime you need it. It features a variety of speed settings and comes with four interchangeable nodes that work on areas of your body like your neck, lower back, and calves. One reviewer sums it up: "This is by far the best-feeling massager ever. Most of the percussion (two-headed beaters) are too violent, and the ones that just vibrate don’t do much. This thing is dead on in the middle, and I love it. The massage therapist at my gym used on me, and said it was recommended to her by the chiropractor. I believe every word of it. This thing is legit."


34. A Sport Water Bottle With A Filter

Jetery Sport Water Bottle With Filter, $16, Amazon

You'll never need to buy another bottle of water again — especially when you own this sport water bottle, which comes with its very own filter that is capable of preventing chlorine and other chemicals from passing through. It can filter up to 150 gallons of tap water before needing to be replaced. The 23.3-ounce bottle itself is made from BPA-free Tritan, has a leak-proof lid, and comes in orange, gray, or yellow. Expect to have to change out the filter every three months, depending on how often you use this bottle.


35. The Cleansing And Exfoliating Pads For Your Bikini Line

Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster, $24 (2 Pack), Amazon

If you groom your bikini line on a regular basis and you every time you do you fully anticipate that you will end up with bumps and ingrown hairs, it's time to set the bar higher. If you use these exfoliating and cleansing skincare pads on your bikini line regularly, reviewers say you'll notice a major reduction in ingrown hairs and bumps after about two to three weeks. The formula contains cleansing witch hazel and green tea, as well as an exfoliating blend of salicylic and glycolic acids, which get rid of dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration for softer skin.


36. A Progress Planner To Keep Track Of Your Goals

ThoughtSpace Journals Progress Planner, $15, Amazon

You may need a daily planner to get through hectic mornings and afternoons, but this progress planner is so much more than a calendar. It has daily, weekly, and monthly sections that you can use to keep track of appointments, duties, and birthdays, but it also features goal-setting worksheets and an organized system aimed at helping you accomplish major goals in 90 days.


37. A Set Of Silicone Egg Poachers

OXO Good Grips Silicone Egg Poachers, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

For many egg lovers, poached eggs are the gold standard of how eggs should be prepared — but they're also notoriously difficult to cook just right. Leave the guesswork to this set of fool-proof silicone egg poachers. Helpful lines indicate how much water to use, and their funnel hole pattern controls water flow around the egg to ensure it cooks evenly and to perfection. And when you're finished using these, they stack together for easy storage.

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