37 Of The Most Oddly Satisfying Products On Amazon, According To Redditors


Sometimes a product is just so darn satisfying, you can't help but share it with the world — or whoever happens to be subscribed to that sub. In fact, there are countless threads dedicated to the quirky but brilliant products on Amazon that Reddit users swear by. Why? Some people (namely me) base a lot of their purchases on this information; in a way, it's like having your own personal shopping consultant.

Subreddits like ProductPorn and Shut Up And Take My Money have one purpose and one purpose only: find the most satisfying products out there and share them with your fellow Reddit users. Unlike reviews, which can sometimes be more about the negative than the positive, these Reddit threads are a goldmine for someone trying to research a particular product and how effective it really is. That's because users are posting their honest feedback of their own accord, so if they can't stop raving about a particular item, it's probably for a reason.

What kinds of things will the users of Reddit be suggesting today? Cult-favorites and life-hack products that are actually worth obsessing over. After checking out these 37 satisfying items, you'll wonder how you ever shopped without consulting the internet first.

1. An Outlet Plate With A Built-In Motion-Activated Light

Aodigesa Outlet Wall Plate, $12, Amazon

"Night light built into bathroom outlet," says Reddit user Toad32. "Now I can pee at night without turning the lights on," which is a life-saver for your retinas. This Aodigesa wall plate doesn't require any wiring or extra batteries — just screw it in like any other switch plate, and you have bright, motion-activated illumination that costs you only a few cents a year to run. It even automatically turns off in the daytime.


2. An Intensely Satisfying See-Through Highlighter For The Neatest Notes Ever

Sharpie Clear View Highlighters, $6 (4 Pack), Amazon

Reddit users are freaking out about these Clear View highlighters, which — thanks to their transparent tips — let you see exactly what you're highlighting. "These are Sharpie brand highlighters and they are damn good," says rastapasta808. "Stops you from going too far past the line you're highlighting." You can buy them in various counts and colors, and they've been given a super-high Amazon rating because they're well-made and don't bleed through paper.


3. A Special Water That Cleanses, Removes Makeup, And Purifies In An Instant

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, $7, Amazon

"Dude. Micellar water!" says one Reddit user. "It is the best facial cleanser on earth and it is gentle as [F] on your skin. Also, it is the best makeup remover there is. Oh, and you can use it to clean pretty much anything. No smell, no toxicity, and it is cheap!" This one has over 2,500 reviews on Reddit, and people say it works "like magic."


4. A Curved Shower Curtain To Increase Your Elbow Room By 20 Percent

Wholesale Plumbing Curved Shower Curtain Rod, $30, Amazon

KalEl8180 recommends "a curved shower curtain rod," and haleysname agrees: "BLEW MY MIND. Wasted 8 years on a stupid, straight curtain rod." Not only does this one give you 20 percent more room to shower in a small tub, but the installation is effortless, the rod is itself is adjustable, and it's available in three different finishes: satin nickel, chrome, and bronze.


5. A Little Kitchen Gadget To Spray Any Kind Of Citrus On Any Kind Of Dish Without Seeds Or Hassle

BLUETOP Lemon Sprayer, $6 (Set of 2), Amazon

This lemon sprayer was posted to Reddit's Product Porn a couple days ago, and it already has a significant number of up-votes. Just screw it into a lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit and instantly spray your citrus of choice without having to worry about seeds or messes. It's great for dishes like fish, salad, guacamole, or desserts, and it's dishwasher-safe.


6. A Putty-To-Silicone Glue To Repair Or Optimize Basically Anything

Sugru Mouldable Glue, $20 (8 Pack), Amazon

"Sugru," says DominikKruger. "Its a silicone putty that you can repair things with, make grips for things, etc. I've added a grip to my old swiss army knife (it's much better than the original plastic grip), repaired my dishwasher rack, added a grip to my slippery aluminum flashlight, made a tiny knurled light switch easier to turn by adding some bulk to it..." Since it cures in 24 hours into a waterproof rubber, and it comes in various color options, you can repair and optimize just about anything. It's also heat-resistant.


7. The Ventilation Fan That Also Plays Music Into Your Shower

Delta BreezIntegrity Exhaust Bath Fan with Bluetooth Speaker, $80, Amazon

Reddit user howdoimom advises other people to "replace [their] normal bathroom vent with [a] Bluetooth capable speaker bathroom vent." Yep, those exist. They easily pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device, they consume a minimal amount of power to save energy, and they direct your favorite music straight down into your shower so you can jam out during your morning (or nighttime) routine.


8. This Comparatively-Inexpensive Way To Totally Transform Your Bed

Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper, $73, Amazon

"A while back I got a memory foam mattress topper in an Amazon flash sale," comments Barrel_Titor, and it "completely transformed [their] bed. Went from terrible to comfortable." This one from Linenspa is relatively inexpensive in comparison, but has extremely rave reviews. It's cooling and breathable, but offers 3 inches of high-quality, safe foam that conforms to your body to support you from head to toe. You can also get it in six different sizes to fit any mattress.


9. The Genius Gadget That Just Might Replace Your Cable

Roku Streaming Stick+, $68, Amazon

If your cable bill is through the roof, consider atworknotworking89's advice: "I cancelled my cable subscription and purchased a Roku streaming stick. It's been a month now and I couldn't be happier." Basically, it turns any TV into a smart TV so you can access all your favorite streaming apps. It has four times the WiFi range for smooth streaming, one simple and intuitive remote that's even voice-activated, and a clutter-free installation that also works for wall-mounted televisions.


10. These Crafting Scissors That People Are Obsessed With

Fiskars Gingher Gold Knife Edge Bent Trimmers, $26, Amazon

If your house (or craft area) is filled with bad scissors that won't cut through anything, then you know how satisfying it is when a pair slices through something like butter. That's why one Reddit user recommends their "gold plated Gingher knife edged 8" sewing shears... Greatest general purpose scissors ever," especially when it comes to even the thickest fabrics.


11. A Mirror That Makes It Possible To Enjoy The Hot Water While You Shave (Or Pluck, Or Groom)

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror, $28, Amazon

"I just put a fogless mirror in my shower and now always shave in the shower so I can enjoy the hot water longer," writes cadencehz. "Very glad I started doing this." This one installs without damage thanks to the included adhesive tape, rotates to multiple angles for people of various heights, has a shelf for your razor or soap, and even comes with a free built-in squeegee.


12. This Unsuspecting Kitchen Gadget That Blends, Chops, Grinds — You Name It, It Does It

Magic Bullet Blender, $40 (Set of 11), Amazon

User heatseekr says the Magic Bullet is "seriously the best thing for making blended drinks and smoothies whenever you want with no clean up at all." It's also awesome for grinding nuts and beans, blending sauces, and making dips like guacamole — plus the interchangeable cups are dishwasher-safe. "I would say I use it 2-4 times a day and I eat 10x more fruit than I did before just from having at least 2 smoothies a day."


13. The One Thing You Need If You Hate Buying Batteries

AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries, $30 (9 Pack), Amazon

"A decent charger and [some] high quality rechargeable AA and AAA batteries," says thefurt, who recommends Amazon Basics as a trustworthy but affordable brand. "Dead batteries go on the charger overnight and then in a small box in a drawer marked 'fully charged.' I have not bought (or thrown away) a battery in 2+ years and always have charged batteries at the ready." You can also get them in AAA, and the set comes with a protective wall charger that even has a built-in USB-charging port.


14. This Menstrual Cup To Minimize Hassle, Leaks, Cramps, And Plastic Waste

Diva Cup, $18, Amazon

"Diva cup, all the way. Makes having a period SO much easier once you get used to its learning curve. Seriously. No more tampons, no toxic shock syndrome, and you can keep it in for up to 12 hours... Great investment," writes plssavethebees. Several other users agree, saying that it also minimizes cramps, plastic waste, and odors — and they'll never go back to using pads or tampons ever again.


15. This Gradually-Brightening Sunrise Alarm Clock Helps You Wake Up Peacefully

instecho Sunrise Alarm Clock, $30, Amazon

"An alarm clock which softens the waking process by emitting light before it alarms. It has improved the quality of my mornings by over 60 [percent]," says Sontikka. This affordable option has all the best features, like six built-in nature sounds, seven color options, ten adjustable brightness levels, and the option for batteries, USB power, or a wall adapter. It works by gradually increasing the brightness in the room before you wake up (much like the real sun does), and ends in soothing sounds.


16. These Automatic Under-Cabinet LED Light Strips To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Vansky Motion Activated LED Light Strip, $22, Amazon

According to Securus777, motion-activated under-the-cabinet lighting is one of the most satisfying purchases you can make. "It's just awesome to walk into the kitchen and have it light up for you to do what you want, then turn off after you leave." This one from Vansky is flexible, comes with its own adhesive backing, and can also be installed under beds, in closets, and along staircases.


17. This Satisfying Purchase Makes The Cold Way More Bearable

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Electric Throw Blanket, $34, Amazon

"My electric blanket is the only thing I like about winter, but God, I love it!" says user Hairskinteeth. "I couldn't believe I'd overlooked such an amazing and simple piece of technology for so long!" With thousands of reviews, the Sunbeam Microplush is easily one of the most popular options. It comes in various colors, automatically adjusts for even heating throughout, and even turns off after three hours to keep you and your home safe.


18. This Bizarre Yet Adorable Thing That'll Instantly Top Any Other Stress Toy You've Ever Had

Oshaberi Doubutsu Talking Animal Ball, $10, Amazon

"Oshaberi Doubutsu," says racoonattack. (It's basically a Japanese stress ball that squeaks and sticks out its tongue when you squish it.) "Best $10 I've ever spent. I love it, my two kids love it, everyone else who's ever played with it wants one. It's just... hilarious." They also linked to this video, to which another Reddit user responded, "I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at fifteen seconds of YouTube."


19. A Cushion That Makes A Huge Difference If You Spend Hours In Front Of A Computer

IMAK Wrist Cushion Pad, $8, Amazon

"A wrist cushion for use with your mouse," says wombatgal. "You don't realize how sore your wrist is until you buy one of these dudes. I have this one, and my wrist has never felt better." It offers ergonomic support and a massaging-sensation thanks to the interior beads, and since it slides along with your wrist, it doesn't restrain your movement, either.


20. These Tablets That Instantly Transform Into Biodegradable Cloths

Wysi Wipe, $12 (100 Pack), Amazon

"I buy these little pods that turn into hand towels when wet. They're the best for the outdoors or anywhere where you need a towel to wipe your hands or clean something," writes thetiffany. Since they're biodegradable and don't contain any harsh additives, they're safe for both the environment and sensitive skin. You can even add hand sanitizer to them to turn them into instant wet wipes.


21. A 10-Foot Charging Cable So You're Not Stuck By The Outlet

AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon Apple Charger, $13, Amazon

According to rockbar814, a "10 foot charging cable for your phone" is an absolute "game changer," and loads of other Reddit users agree that it's just so damn freeing. This AmazonBasics charger is indeed ten feet long, but it's also braided with nylon for durability, Apple MFI-certified for effortless device syncing, and available in several colors to suit your style.


22. This "Magical Device" That Makes The Worst Chore Infinitely Better

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer, $30, Amazon

"The most magical device I've used recently is a steamer," comments ecib. "As somebody that hates ironing with a fiery passion, it is the most bang for my buck I've gotten. Just turn on and instantly wave it in front of your item of clothing and the wrinkles just fall right out. Awesome. It completely eliminates my most hated chore." This one heats up in 70 seconds, has multiple safety features in place, and is lightweight and compact enough to fit in a suitcase — so no wonder it has such high ratings.


23. A Brilliant Drunk Purchase That Surprised One Lucky Redditor

Lucky Rain Ocean Wave Night Light Projector, $20, Amazon

Apparently, one night Reddit user ibiblio got, um, a little drunk — and then ordered this ocean wave projector light. "I feel like past me was a bro to present me for that one. I had literally never thought about buying one before, so it was completely random. Seriously changed my life/dance parties, though." Not only does it change colors while it projects hypnotizing patterns onto your ceiling, but it has built-in nature sounds and a music player, too. "Really made the atmosphere feel more suited for good times."


24. This Smart, Damage-Free Way To Stay On Top Of The Important Stuff

Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard Sheet, $25, Amazon

"A whiteboard for the kitchen. As someone who struggles without guidance, I need incentive to keep going. I need to write out what I need to do and when I need to do it," comments TheWookiePrincess, and since "the kitchen is the hub of the house," it's a great way to keep yourself on-task and motivated. This one has an incredible 4.8-star rating because it's large, durable, and magnetic so it won't damage your fridge — plus it even comes with three dry-erase markers that have built-in erasers.


25. A Tiny Appliance That Reddit Users Swear You'll Use All The Time

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $19, Amazon

"I bought a countertop egg cooker," says octoberness, and the consensus? "It's amazing! You pour a little water in, set up the eggs, push a button and let it go. The eggs are steamed, shells come off easily, it turns itself off." They didn't specify which one, but the model of choice for Reddit users seems to be the Dash rapid egg cooker, which is super affordable, compact, easy to use, and can make up to six eggs at once. It can even make eggs scrambled or omelets, and automatically shuts-off to make meal prep or breakfasts a breeze.


26. A Cute Yet Functional Way To Store Your Cotton Swabs

MelonBoat Lotus Cotton Swab Holder, $8, Amazon

"I bought this adorable little Q-tip holder. It always cheers me up when I see it sitting on the bathroom counter. It's cute and functional which is my favorite combination," says Neo_Queen_Calamity. It even comes with a clear cover to keep them clean, and it can hold up to 30 at once. You can uses it for toothpicks, too.


27 . This Number Two Stool That's All Over Must-Buy Reddit Threads

Squatty Potty, $25, Amazon

"Those squatting stools for toilets," says Quarkster. "Now I poop so fast I don't even have time to get my phone out." In fact, the Squatty Potty is so effective, it has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon and is constantly mentioned on Reddit. Basically, it's an ergonomically-shaped stool that hugs your toilet and lifts your legs up to the optimal height so your body thinks it's squatting. (That's the ideal pooping position according to science.) Your colon then unkinks, so you can eliminate much more effortlessly.


28. This Coveted Pressure Pot That Can Cook Frozen Chicken In 20 Minutes

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, $80, Amazon

If you're into cooking (or if you're trying to be), so many Reddit users agree that the Instant Pot pressure cooker is well worth the investment. "Replaces a crock pot and rice cooker. Didn't thaw your chicken?" asks mrlucky2u. The Instant Pot makes it easy to go "frozen to the plate in 20 minutes. Makes yogurt, cottage cheese — it does everything." You can also set timers, delay cooking, and use the 14 pre-programmed options to cook virtually anything in significantly less time.


29. This Durable, Portable Hammock That Doesn't Require Any Trees Or Poles

Vivere Double Hammock, $83, Amazon

One Reddit user turns any location into their own personal vacation spot with this brilliant item. "My quality of life improved exponentially with a portable hammock. Going to the park for a day? Hammock time. Beach? Hammock time. Apartment balcony? Hammock time. Cannot recommend enough." Since it can support up to 450 pounds, but its tool-free stand takes only minutes to set up, you can put it basically anywhere. It even comes with a carrying case.


30. A Headlamp You Just Might Find Yourself Using On A Daily Basis

LuminoLite Ultra Bright LED Headlamp, $11, Amazon

"My mother gave us headlamps in our stockings," says spicycolleen. (This one from LuminoLite is just $11, but it has hundreds of rave reviews because it's adjustable, water-resistant, dimmable, and extremely bright.) "I thought it was ridiculous at first, but now I use mine all the time. Reading in bed, carrying things down the stairs when it's dark and I won't be able to reach the light switches because my hands are full, crawling around the basement to feel like an explorer... the list goes on and on."


31. This Adorable Tap-Sensitive Cat Light

GoLine Kitty Night Light, $15, Amazon

"This cat light," says one Redditor, and others agree it's adorable as well as practical. Since it's rechargeable and has a built-in 1200mAH battery, it's totally portable to set the mood in any room or accompany you to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It also changes colors and needs only a gentle tap to turn on. It's also made of soft silicone, so it's great for people of all ages.


32. A Luxurious, Breathable Set Of New Bamboo Sheets

Royal Hotel Collection Bamboo Bed Sheet Set, $87 (Set of 4), Amazon

"Bamboo sheets," raves Reddit user Bhruic. "They are the [most] comfortable sheets I've ever had. Every time I get in bed, I just luxuriate in the sheets before I go to sleep." The Royal Hotel Collection sheet set is less than $100, but made from 100 percent real bamboo viscose. They're also easy to care for, resistant to dust mites, extremely soft and breathable, and available in 14 colors and various sizes.


33. This No-Hassle Magnetic Phone Mount For Your Car's Air Vent

Mpow Magnetic Vent Phone Holders, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

"These magnetic phone holders that you stick in your car's AC vent," says trashlikeyourmom. "I stick my phone on there (if your phone isn't made of metal, they include metal plates to either attach to your phone or slip inside your case)... The magnet is surprisingly strong, but not OBNOXIOUS. I can pull my phone off easily, and it doesn't fall off when I slam on the brakes hard enough for my purse to fly off the passenger seat."


34. This Lifesaver Of A Wallet Tool That Ensures You're Always Prepared

Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool, $37, Amazon

MrStranger recommends the Victorinox Swisscard Lite pocket tool, which is extra-satisfying because it "can be kept in the wallet." It has 13 built-in tools, including a blade, scissors, ruler, tweezers, letter-opener, magnifying glass, pen, and screwdriver. It's also extremely well-made and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you'll only ever have to buy one.


35. These Brilliant Sheet Clips Will Prevent Your Sheets From Riding Up

RayTour Bed Sheet Holder Straps, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

"Sheet straps," comments KA260, who says that the "sheets [would] pop off the corner of the bed every [effing] night. It was driving me nuts. I bought little straps that go under the mattress and clip... Have not had an issue since. It is amazing." These ones are adjustable and damage-free, so they'll work with any size and type of sheets.


36. This Versatile Clothing Staple That You Can Dress Up Or Down — And It Has Pockets

TOPONSKY Casual Loose T-Shirt Dress (Sizes S-XL), $10-$20, Amazon

RoarOmegaRoar says this no-hassle dress is one of their top three favorite Amazon purchases of all time. "I got it in black and it's super versatile to layer with and dress up or down." The soft cotton is comfortable as well as flowy, but here's the absolute best part — it has pockets, and it's available in two sleeve lengths and various colors.


37. This Bathroom Luxury That You'll Get Used To Real Quick

Delta Faucet Slow-Close Toilet Seat, $26, Amazon

"A no-slam toilet seat," says letshavefunw_science, who prompted a particularly long discussion about the dangers of this luxury — apparently you get so used to it, you slam everyone else's toilet seat by accident. This one from Delta Faucet also has non-slip bumpers to keep the seat in place, solid parts that are extremely easy to install, and two options for different shaped bowls: round and elongated.

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