37 Stress- & Pain-Relieving Products on Amazon That Tons Of Reviewers Swear Work Extremely Well

One of the things I love most about writing these Amazon lists is all the new products I discover while I'm ferreting out the solutions for life's problems — and that's especially true of today's group of highly-reviewed products on Amazon that relieve stress and pain. This process is especially rewarding when I come across a product that solves issues I know so many of you out there have, like pain from hunching over the computers, stress that comes from having so many responsibilities and so little time to manage them all, or insomnia.

That is, however, until I discovered this weighted blanket that you are absolutely going to love. Not only does it offer a soothing full-body hug, but the beads inside are uniquely cooling, so you won't get overheated or feel stifled, even during the hot summer months. Now I sleep like a proverbial baby. Another personal favorite I'll highlight for you is this anti-fatigue mat that's wonderful for standing in front of the stove, sink, or grill if you're an avid cook like me — and works great at a standing desk, too.

Seriously, you're going to love this list — because all of these reviewers can't be wrong.

1. This Shiatsu Massager Is Small Enough To Go With You Wherever You Ache

With four shiatsu heads that change directions automatically to knead tired, knotted muscles into finally relaxing, this massager is an excellent cure for soreness and aches and can be used to provide relief all over the body. Versatile and compact enough to carry along while traveling (or take back and forth to the office), this unit also has an optional heating function and straps that can be used to attach it to a chair.

2. The Therapy Wrap That Can Be Used Hot Or Cold For Soothing Relief

Filled with non-toxic gel that can be either frozen to use for cold therapy or popped in the microwave briefly to provide some soothing heat, this reusable wrap can be used on your elbow, the arch of your foot, your hand, your ankle — apply it anywhere for instant relief that stays on hands-free. This wrap also delivers light compression to provide additional comfort.

3. A Clever Mat That Eases Fatigue

The partner you need in the kitchen when you spend a lot of time in front of the stove or washing dishes at the sink, this anti-fatigue mat keeps your feet and legs from getting tired when you're standing a lot. Engineered for durability so that it remains thick and comfortable for years, it's crafted with a leather-look finish that's available in six colors to coordinate with your kitchen.

4. The Putty Set That Helps Athletes, Arthritis Sufferers, And Stroke Victims Improve Grip Strength

My mom had a stroke three years ago, and therapy putty like this set helps her keep her affected hand limber and flexible so she can retain her small motor skills — but it's equally as useful for athletes who want to improve grip strength for sports like tennis and golf. The set of four tubs includes increasingly challenging resistance levels to provide ongoing strengthening or enable progressive therapeutic goals for those rehabilitating muscular capabilities.

5. A Posture Corrector Has Acupressure Nubs And An Adjustable Arch For Optimum Efficacy

Designed to be used in your office chair (or any hard-backed chair) to help maintain the curve of your back to promote healthy posture, this device provides a healthy lumbar stretch and is augmented with acupressure nubs that deliver relaxing trigger-point therapy. It features three adjustable levels of stretch for use at a level that's comfortable for you — or for use in a progressive therapy routine — and it's light enough to take with you while you're traveling.

6. An Ice Pack That Uniquely Contours To The Shape Of Your Neck

The contoured shape of this therapy pack is large enough and specifically designed to deliver soothing warm or cold to the entire neck and shoulder area. Keep it in the fridge or freezer for an anti-inflammatory cold treatment whenever it's needed — it can be briefly heated in the microwave to provide muscle-relaxing heat to sore areas in a moment's notice. The non-toxic silica gel inside the pack remains flexible even when frozen so that it can contour to your curves.

7. A Stick That Provides Some Serious Relief

Much easier than carrying your bulky foam roller around, this stick gives you the capability to self-administer deep tissue massage anywhere you are. It's covered with comfortable foam cushioning that's soothing when applying pressure and won't stick to your skin while rolling, and the ergonomic handles mean it's not wearing on your hands while you use it.

8. A Cozy Headband That Conceals A Pair Of Headphones For Outdoor Workouts, Travel, Or Even Sleep

Secreted inside a lightweight and comfortable headband to use for exercise, travel, or even while you're catching some sleep, these headphones won't dig into your ears like even your AirPods do — and won't disturb your SO like it did the last time you left the meditation track on next to the bed. The soft, flat speakers stay right over your ears and will plug into any device with a 3.5-millimeter audio jack.

9. The Flower Essence Lozenges That Help Relieve Stress

Maybe you've heard of Bach's Rescue Remedy, the flower essence drops you put under your tongue to relieve stress? These pastilles are the lozenge-type "candies" that offer the same terrific anxiety- and stress-relieving properties, but taste a bit better than the original tincture. Available in three sugar-free flavors, these homeopathic drops are are so worth it if you, say, suffer from total overwhelm when you're in the airport, if you're on a deadline with a million things to do and are having trouble focusing, or if you're at home all day with the kids and have a meltdown moment (who hasn't?).

10. A Weighted Blanket That's Cooling So It Won't Overheat You

I've been a fan of weighted blankets for several years, but when I first encountered this weighted blanket, it was true love. A cooler temperature is better for you when you sleep, and especially in the South where I live, that can be difficult to maintain — especially under 20 pounds of blanket. Not with this one, though: It stays deliciously cool all the time yet keeps you anxiety-free and able to sleep better.

11. These Sandals Are Based On The "Bed Of Nails" To Provide Reflexology To Your Feet

If you've ever seen the product that thousands of Amazon reviewers simultaneously refer to as the "bed of nails" while raving about and gleefully passing out five-star reviews, you'll recognize that these sandals are a footwear version of same. They feature acupressure nubs to give trigger-point massage therapy to your feet that can actually relieve aches and pains all over your body. These sandals include eight nubs crafted from real jade for enhanced relief in the custom of traditional Chinese medicine, and are designed to be worn about 15 minutes per day for a therapeutic treatment.

12. The Socks That Provide Cold Therapy For Tired, Aching Feet

When your feet are sore — whether that's from being on them all day or from the chronic pain of a condition like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or neuropathy — it makes life so much more difficult. These socks can help pave the path to normalcy with their inflammation-easing cooling gel packs that are designed to be inserted right into pockets in the socks. One pack is located along the length of the bottom of the foot, and one atop the arch. They're great to relieve foot pain and swelling during pregnancy, as well as the inflammation and pain that comes with chemotherapy as well.

13. A Stress Ball Helps Relieve Muscle Tension And Improves Grip Strength

It's a simple motion, but squeezing a stress ball like this one can have so many benefits: It can help you focus, increase grip strength, relieve computer-related repetitive stress, and give you a target to send all that muscle tension — instead of into your shoulders. It also generally relieves stress. Available in three fun color combinations, it's durable and portable, too.

14. A Posture Corrector That's Lightweight And Hardly Noticeable Under Your Clothes

Designed to train your muscles to the point where they develop automatic muscle memory and good posture is just a matter of habit, this posture corrector not only gives you the upright stance your mother always dreamed of, but also helps relieve your back problems. It's crafted from fabric that's lightweight and breathable — and it's both easy to put on and barely visible underneath most clothing.

15. The Hemp Cream That Provides All-Natural, All-Over Pain Relief

Formulated with 1,500 milligrams of hemp oil, this hemp cream is a natural and non-toxic topical pain killer that works great on everything from sprains, strains, and sore muscles to arthritis and joint pain. It's free from irritants like GMOs and glutens and blended with omega-3 fatty acids and other helpful ingredients to nourish the skin as it delivers highly targeted pain relief. And no, there's no THC in this. One reviewer writes: "I wouldn’t have believed how great this works before trying it. I’ve had epidurals with no success for herniated discs as well as suffering from fibromyalgia. This cream is better then any pain killers I’ve been put in all these years too. I plan to keep this stocked on hand as it is amazing."

16. An Between-The-Knees Pillow That Can Help With Sciatica And Other Pain

Engineered to provide maximum relief for knee and hip pain including that from sciatica as well as pregnancy pain, this pillow is crafted from high-quality memory foam to provide long-lasting support. Shaped like a bow tie, it's designed to be inserted between the knees so that the legs, knees, and hips remain aligned during sleep. The pillow is encased in a removable, machine-washable cover that's made from breathable bamboo fiber.

17. This Cookbook For Healing Herbs

Rosalee de la Forêt, the author of this book, says that your most powerful remedies for aches, pains, and stress relief are right in your kitchen or at your nearby grocery store. She'll teach you how to transform them into powerful salves, teas, and other dishes that are remedies for all that ails you in this 384-page volume that includes a plethora of recipes as well as stunning photography.

18. A Shiatsu Massager That Can Even Be Used In The Car

Equipped with both a home power adapter and a car adapter, this shiatsu massager is designed to be used on-the-go — as long as you're not driving, of course. With eight heads that knead deeply to provide long-lasting relief and an optional heat function that's built right in, this massager drapes around the neck and shoulders to provide relaxation and relief. Three speeds — low, medium, and high — enable you to get a customized treatment.

19. The Fidget Gadget With More Options Than Just A Spinner

Engineered from a blend of ABS plastic and silicone that's equipped with six sides of activities to keep your hands busy, this fidget cube is the new spinner. One of eight devices in a series from a manufacturer who specializes in gadgets to keep stressed folks and those with attention disorders happy and busy, it's durable and fits easily in a pocket or a handbag or backpack to take anywhere.

20. A Pint-Sized Diffuser That's Perfect For Traveling

With quiet operation and a small footprint on your nightstand or office desk, you'd hardly notice this diffuser was there — except for the delightful scent and beneficial humidity it adds to your indoor environment. Plus, if you're in the mood, it also incorporates seven mood-changing LED lights with an optional bright or dim display. It's small enough to take with you when you travel, too.

21. An Extra-Large Heating Pad To Soothe Away Aches And Pains

Whether it's period pain that's bothering you or spasms all the way up and down your back, sometimes it seems like your heating pad just isn't big enough to do the job. Not so with this extra-large version that can deliver soothing heat to your abdomen and hips when it's that time of the month — or ease tense muscles from your lower back all the way up to your shoulders. It offers a moist heat option and six heat settings, and is covered with thick, soft micro-plush fibers.

22. These Arch Supports Can Help Absorb Painful Shocks To Protect Your Feet

With a bevy of sizes available, these insoles can accommodate most wearers to provide improved comfort that relieves pain from sufferers of conditions — including flat feet, bunions, arthritis, and diabetes. Crafted from premium EVA that's as breathable as it is supportive, they feature deep heel cups that ensure your feet remain properly positioned in the shoes and fully stabilize them to reduce the shock of impact.

23. The Spider-Like Device That Provides A Tingly Scalp Massage

Made from metal that's topped with acrylic beads that are gentle on the scalp and won't snag in the hair, these head scratchers are designed to relax the tense muscles on your scalp to induce deep relaxation. Great for those who sufferer from migraines and tension headaches, when you pulse the "fingers" up and down on your scalp, you'll get a delightful tingling sensation that's indicative of boosted blood flow in the scalp.

24. A Gua Sha And Roller Set To Give Yourself The Best Facial Massage At Home

Both facial rolling and gua sha are known to provide tension- and stress-relief in the face and neck area — and this set will enable you to administer those spa results at home. Crafted from pink jade, working with either or both promotes increased circulation and relieves pressure from migraines, headaches, and sinus congestion.

25. A Really Adult Coloring Book To Blow Off Steam

Adult coloring is all the rage these days, and this book gives you 21 opportunities to get your frustrations out with these fun designs that are paired with clever and snarky quips like "Home is where the vodka is," and "Dance like no one attractive is watching." One happy reviewer writes: "This book will do exactly as the title says — it will calm you the f down."

25. A Moist Heat Eye Mask To Relax The Face

Designed to provide moist heat to rehabilitate your eyes when they're dry and achy — or just tired from staring at the computer all day, this eye mask needs only 20 seconds in the microwave to provide up to 10 minutes of relief. Also ideal for air travel, it provides soothing therapy when you're having sinus troubles or stuffed up with a cold, and can be very helpful for styes.

26. This Chai Is Made With Holy Basil For Delicious Herbal Stress Relief

If you're in for a stressful day ahead — or recovering from one in the evening — enjoy a cup of this chai tea that's enriched with garden fresh holy basil (tulsi) leaves for stress relief and relaxation. Native to India, this herb is an anti-inflammatory, and has been said to reduce the symptoms of both chronic anxiety and everyday stress, as well as exhaustion.

27. The Straighteners That Help Soothe Hammer Toes

Made from medical-grade gel that's soft and flexible — but firm enough to hold your toes in place in the correct position — these straighteners can dramatically reduce foot pain and provide a therapeutic stretch to cramped, uncomfortable toes. Suitable for wear inside most shoes, they also help bunion sufferers and help prevent problems like calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails, and bent toes.

28. These Lacrosse Balls Are An OG Way To Get Some Trigger Point Therapy

The physical therapist's secret weapon to administer trigger point myofascial release at home, these lacrosse balls are a surefire and easy-to-transport way to self-administer pain-relieving massage. Place one of the balls underneath the area that's cramped and aching, then use your own body weight to lean on the ball to get some release from the knots and spasms. With 100 percent solid rubber construction, these are designed to last — and great to throw in a suitcase when you're going to be on the road.

29. The Muscle Rub That Has Nearly 27,000 Reviews

With more than 2 million units sold worldwide, this rub is a nearly universal favorite — including among the nearly 27,000 enthusiastic Amazon reviewers who have given it 4.3-stars over the years. Blended with active ingredients including arnica, glucosamine, and MSM — it's the perfect topical analgesic for muscle sprains and strains, the pain of athletic overexertion, arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, and other issues. Plus, the odor disappears quickly.

30. A Microneedling Tool That's Designed For Whole-Body Pain Relief

The principle behind microneedling is that the treatments fill the targeted area with blood, boosting circulation and through muscles, skin, and other tissues to — among other things — relieve pain. Made with high-quality rubber that is studded with multi-alloy needles, this roller does all of that and more. The treatments also have a slight sedative affect and stimulate the drainage of toxins built up in the tissues, both of which can relieve pain and calm you down.

31. A Handy Ice Roller To Stave Off Aches And Pains

Headache sufferers and those who battle the pain and congestion from seasonal allergies will love this roller that can also help relieve the pain of sunburn — and it will leave your skin refreshed and tighten your pores while you're at it. Just keep the gel-filled head inside a sandwich bag in the freezer, and it will be ready whenever needed to administer anti-inflammatory, calming cold.

32. The All-Natural Scrub That Clears Your Mind While It Polishes Your Skin

The invigorating, bracing scent of eucalyptus is the primary note in the fragrance of this body scrub that's designed to open both your mind and your pores, leaving your body and your soul scrubbed clean and relaxed. Marjoram essential oil also pitches in to rid you of the stress of the day while you soak or shower. Made from 100 percent Dead Sea salt that's blended with aloe vera and organic jojoba, argan, and sweet almond essential oils, this scrub is vegan and not tested on animals.

33. The Cushions That Eliminate The Pain Of Walking In High Heels

Those stilettos look fabulous, but they're truly excruciating to wear all day — so why not try these ball of foot cushions that are designed to absorb some of the shock and make the shoes more comfortable? Made from medical-grade, high-quality silicone that's durable, they're made with an ergonomic-design that provides soft and comfortable forefoot cushioning. Suitable for most shoe sizes, they won't stick to the skin and can prevent bunions, blisters, and other painful conditions.

34. This Massage Oil Made With Tea Tree

All-natural and made using 100 percent pure tea tree essential oil, this massage oil is ideal for a muscle-relaxing body rub at home. The anti-inflammatory properties in the tea tree oil make it a great bet for stressed muscles and stressed skin, too. From an aromatherapy standpoint, it can boost your immune system and just generally make you feel invigorated.

35. This Professional-Grade TENS Unit Is Handheld For Use At Home

Many chronic pain sufferers rely on TENS units prescribed by their doctors for relief — until recently, this life-changing technology simply wasn't available over-the-counter. Now, this FDA-approved unit, offering professional-quality stimulation, is cleared for home use and easily available via Amazon. The device, using technology engineered to block the central nervous system's pain receptors, features a wide range of clearly-labeled settings and comes with a detailed user manual for assistance.

36. The Small Clip That Delivers Relief From Headaches And Tension With Acupressure

Designed to manipulate the LI4 acupressure point, long relied on in the Chinese medicine tradition to relieve stress and pain including headaches, this clip is attached at the point — between your thumb and forefinger — to provide instant, drug-free relief. Easy to wear while going about your regular activities, it accommodates hands of all sizes, and is said to also release the free flow of energy in your body, so you should also have a little more pep in your step.

37. A Massager With Room For Both Your Tired Feet

Made from sturdy, all-natural Theaceae wood, this foot massager features 10 rollers that each move on their own and are carved with pyramid-shaped nubs to provide acupressure relief. The rods are also arranged into an arch to follow the natural contours of your feet, and the oversized bed accommodates two feet of any size easily while you're seated — whether you're working at the office or relaxing casually at home. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.