40 Freakin' Weird Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear By

We all have those things in life that might seem a bit weird, but we get very attached to and simply can't operate without. Yeah, yeah, maybe sometimes it's your cute-but-loud dog, but I have a feeling that for some folks, their comfort comes from freakin' weird products on Amazon that reviewers swear by. With the avid following that these offbeat top-sellers have amassed, it's easy to envision them having collected an ardent network of devotees who are out there pressing the "subscribe" button with wild abandon to ensure they never have to go without.

For example, consider this portable bidet. Did you even know that a portable bidet was a thing? Neither did I, but 870-plus fans give this one great ratings, with reviews titled "A clean bottom is a happy bottom!" and "Wipe more than thrice? Buy this, my advice!" Dude wrote a couplet, that's how much he loves his bidet, y'all.

Then there's this shaver designed for unwanted back hair, a favorite of nearly 1,400 reviewers. One five-star reviewer notes that it was "Hands down best $30 I ever spent." Kind of makes you intrigued, doesn't it?

Just as problems come in all shapes and sizes, so do their solutions — and luckily for us all, Amazon is a treasure trove of odd-but-genius fixes for problems you didn't even know you had. Read on.


The Odd But Genius Calf Stretcher That's Medically Proven To Reduce Pain

You'll see one item in just about every pro and collegiate sports locker room and it's this calf stretcher. If you're an athlete, on your feet all the time at work, or suffer from any of a myriad of conditions like heel pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or sciatica, do yourself a favor and invest in one of these simple-but-genius devices. They deliver a stretch that goes deep and is more effective than any you'd get otherwise.


A Net That Keeps Your Lightweight Plastic Items Where You Put Them While They're Being Washed

If you're tired of opening your dishwasher after a cycle to find all of your lightweight items jumbled around in a mess, this net has your back. Crafted from silicone that's super stretchy, it expands to encompass larger loads as needed, and hooks onto the sides of your dishwasher or onto the bottom of the rack. When not in use, it easily folds away for storage.


This Massager Combines The Benefits Of Therapy Balls And A Foam Roller In One

Forget the foam roller — this brilliant massage tool provides all the same benefits of its big, bulky cousin with a much smaller, targeted profile that molds itself to your body's curves for pinpoint myofascial release. Designed to deliver therapeutic relief everywhere on the body from the soles of the feet to the scalp, this device can be used for deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, or all-over light body work. Plus, it's completely portable, ideal for use at the gym and when traveling.


The Dental Health Set That Uses Charcoal To Clean And Detoxify Your Mouth

Charcoal is having a moment in health and beauty, and this set gives you the opportunity to try it out throughout your entire dental health routine, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash all formulated with activated charcoal. This ingredient alters the pH of your mouth so that it's inhospitable to the bacteria that cause tooth and gum decay or bad breath before they start, and in this set, you're getting it in three doses for a triple detox — plus coconut oil, which is also a natural antibacterial.


A Banana Slicer That's A Little Frightening But Totally Works

Dozens of uniform rounds cascade over your cereal or onto your fruit salad in just seconds with this slicer that's purpose-made to do just that one thing: Slice the bananas in your life. Crafted with stainless steel slicers instead of blades, this tool keeps hands and fingers safe, so you can feel good about younger kids trying it. Plus, it's top-rack dishwasher safe, so the clean up is easy.


This Brush Easily Removes Pet Hair And Debris From Upholstery At Home And In The Car

Made from soft and durable rubber, this brush removes pet hair and lint from upholstered surfaces in your car, including the seats, floor, and mats. However, it's also equally useful for your indoor upholstery — it's ideal for sofa, curtains, bedding, and blankets, and particularly for getting into small crevices and crannies. Durable, quick, and efficient, this brush is a lifesaver for anyone with "fur children" in the family.


The Rack That Organizes Pans In A Neat And Space-Saving Manner

Designed for either horizontal or vertical use, this pan rack with its stylish bronze finish is so attractive it can be placed right out on your countertop. It can accommodate up to five pans and can be used free standing or mounted into place with the included hardware. More than 2,300 reviewers love this rack, including several who mention that it can even hold heavier cast iron pans in its shelves.


A Toilet Accessory To Use While Camping, During Foreign Travel, Or Anytime You Want A Little Extra Clean

You might feel like this is an odd choice, but for one couple who surfs in a remote coastal part of Central America each year, this portable bidet has been a lifesaver — and they're not alone. More than 800 reviewers, ranging from world travelers to the elderly, give it 4-plus stars for ease of use and the thorough clean it provides, and it comes with its own travel bag to take on-the-go.


These Adorable Fish Help Your Laundry Dry Faster, Softer, And Static-Free, Too

Sure, they're cute with their big eyes and slightly amused expressions — but these fish mean business in your dryer. Thrown in with your garments, the fish increase air flow and help them dry faster while controlling static and softening fabric naturally. These eco-friendly fish save energy thanks to decreased drying times that produce soft, wrinkle-free clothing naturally, without added chemicals.


A Facial Scrub That Uses Tea To Get You Glowing

Formulated with all-natural, organic ingredients, this scrub is made with premium green matcha tea that boosts circulation, reduces the appearance of pores, and infuses skin with antioxidants. The tea is complimented by all-natural sugar to provide gentle exfoliation, and sweet almond oil that leaves skin hydrated and renewed. This scrub is cruelty- and preservative-free, and one reviewer writes: "The scent, the is amazing how it goes from an exfoliating granular sensation to a creamy texture. It leaves the skin soft and amazingly clean."


A Cordless Electric Razor That's Perfect For Travel

Using three angled blades and a hypoallergenic foil, this dual razor/trimmer prevents nicks and cuts while providing a close, comfortable shave. Because it's small, battery-operated, and can be used wet or dry, it's perfect for travel and on-the-go touch-ups. All it requires is two AAA batteries, and you'll be on your way to smoother skin in no time.


A Razor That Gets To Those Hard To Reach Places To Eliminate Unwanted Hair

For unwanted hair "back there," this shaver can't be beat. Designed with an ergonomic, S-shaped handle that makes it easy and comfortable to use while allowing you full access to all areas of your back, this device also delivers a close shave without the guesswork — and without having to ask for help. The blades have been specially designed to provide a comfortable shave wet or dry, and nearly 1,400 users say it lives up to the promise, giving it 4.4-stars.


This Microfiber Duster Gets The Ick From Under Your Appliances

You wouldn't believe how much dirt and grime collects underneath your appliances. Don't wait until you move to find out — get this duster that flexes to get underneath your oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and other appliances instead. It's made from two types of microfiber to provide maximum contact with uneven surfaces, and clings to dirt like a magnet. The duster head is machine-washable for hundreds of uses.


These Tongs Cut Right Through The Prep Work For A Delicious Tossed Salad

Part scissors, part tongs, this innovative kitchen gadget takes all the prep work out of making salad. Featuring stainless steel blades that have micro-serrated edges to slice through vegetables like onions, peppers and radishes and greens, this unique chopper means you can just toss all your ingredients into the bowl together then give them a rough chop all at once. The handles are comfortable to operate, and lock shut for safe storage.


The Board That Actually Makes Folding The Clothes Fun — And Fast

Laundry can easier and more fun with this folding board that makes it possible to fold a shirt in just three steps — and in three seconds flat. It's suitable for folding anything in your wardrobe, and will make all your clothes flatter and neater so they keep you organized.


This Dual LED Light Twists Into Any Shape You Need

With strong, flexible arms that can be wrapped around just about anything, this twistable light is perfect for nighttime reading, walking, or more — and it's so bendy, it can go from being draped around your neck to being wrapped around your wrist for hands-free lighting wherever you need it. Super-bright LEDs on each end provide plenty of illumination, and each arm has its own switch to control the amount of light you're using.


A Hanger For All Your Leggings, Yoga Pants, Or Jeans

The perfect accessory for any closet clean-up, these hangers are perfect for all your pants. You'll also find them useful for accessories like blanket scarves, and they're great for kids' closets, too. The rust-resistant chromed steel means they can also prove useful in the laundry room for drip-drying delicates straight from the washer.


A Wine Tool That's Also A Refrigerator Magnet — So It's Always Handy

With a magnetic design that means you can stick it to your fridge and it won't get lost, this foil cutter is a must for all oenophiles. Four stainless steel wheels slice through even the thickest foil cleanly and with ease. Don't use your corkscrew for this chore when you can keep your fingers safe with this ingenious little gadget.


The Spatula That's Purpose-Made For Pancakes

With a strong stainless steel handle and an oversized, heat-resistant nylon head, this spatula makes cooking up picture-perfect pancakes a breeze. Durable with just the right amount of flex, this utensil is excellent when it comes to omelets, toasted sandwiches, fish, and much more, and features an ergonomic grip that gives the user a good handle on the task at hand.


This Silicone Scrubber Keeps Your Makeup Brushes In Top-Notch Shape

Extend the life of your expensive makeup brushes with this scrubber that's crafted from high-quality, BPA-free silicone. With nubs and grooves of varying sizes, it's made to agitate the powders and creams of your makeup off the brush fibers with just water — no harsh chemicals needed. Its compact size makes it easy to slip right in your makeup case and carry along, too.


The Brush That Detangles Your Hair And Adds Shine

With a combination of nylon and boar bristles that are wide-set to allow hair to move through it without breakage, this brush detangles while keeping hair's cuticle smooth, delivering added shine. The secret is built right in: It's infused with 17 rare earth elements and Germanium that work to improve scalp circulation, promoting healthy hair growth and better distribution of oils throughout your strands.


The Super Cute Headwear That Comes In All The Colors

Trendy and versatile, this beanie can be worn as a casual hair accessory, when working out, or whenever you need an extra layer to keep your head warm in cold weather. Available in a wide range of fashion colors, it's crafted from a fine, stretchy jersey knit that washes beautifully and looks great with a high pony or messy bun.


A Soap Bar That Offers The Benefits Of Charcoal And Is Delightfully Scented

Formulated as an all-purpose face and body wash, this soap combines the gentle detoxifying and cleansing effects of activated charcoal with moisturizing shea butter to provide a unique clean that's also lightly scented with a delightful blend of lavender and lemongrass. This soap is wonderful for sufferers of skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis — and it's a great-smelling and thorough everyday soap.


The Shopping Bag System Hundreds Swear By

Designed to fit the shopping carts at most popular grocery stores, these trolley bags fit in the cart and enable you to sort your groceries while you're shopping. With one specially-designed insulated cooler bag and one padded bag for fragile items like eggs and wine, this system is incredibly full-featured. Sort as you go, or wait until the end of the checkout line.


A Board Game That Will Have You Singing Out Loud

Get the party started with this best-selling game that gets everyone carrying a tune — but don't worry, no musical ability is required. Players draw a word and the race is on to blurt out a song containing that word, with the goal being to stump the other players. Great for all ages, and up to 10 players can play, or you can split into teams.


The Batter Mixer That Will Shake Up Your Pancake Game

The secret in this mixer bottle is two-fold. One, it features a wide opening on the top that makes it easy to load in your ingredients. Two, on the inside, you'll find a stainless steel BlenderBall — just like the one in your protein shake bottle but a bit larger — that mixes the batter for you as you shake up the mixer. The easy-pour spout on this dishwasher-safe mixer lets you draw fun shapes and pattern while it controls the drips.


These Clips Get The Most Out Of Your Toothpaste

Don't be one of those people who squeezes from the middle — get these devices that will help you get every last molecule of toothpaste out of your tube. Simply clip one of these plastic devices on to the flattened end of the tube, then pull that end through and push the paste down to the end: nothing goes to waste.


A Spray That Cleans Your Produce Naturally

So many produce washes just use different chemicals to remove those put on by farms and stores to make your fruits and veggies look bright and appetizing: but not this spray. It gets off wax, dirt, and chemicals used in the growing process using all-natural and safe ingredients including citrus, corn, and coconut. A favorite for more than 15 years, it's better and more effective than rinsing — and leaves no residue of its own.


A Charcoal Mask That Does The Extractions For You

Gently detoxify and purify your skin with charcoal — by using this mask that draws out blackheads and impurities from the skin and cleanses it of the environmental toxins that we all pick up the moment we walk outside. Free of dyes, petroleum products, mineral oil, and harsh chemicals, it reaches deep into pores to clean out dirt and oils, and leaves skin soft and refined.


This Straw Makes Just About Any Water Safe To Drink

Ideal for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and emergency kits, this straw contains an antibacterial activated carbon filter that removes 99.99999 percent of all the nasty stuff that can make you sick from water you find outdoors — or just tap water you're not sure about. The water purifier meets EPA water-quality standards, and is compact enough to carry in a backpack.


The Nail Treatment That Gets Rid Of Fungus For Good

Composed by doctors with a variety of natural, clinically-proven ingredients like sea buckthorn oil, this brush-on formula eliminates fungus and irritation on toenails while hydrating surrounding skin. It can be used both to cure active issues and as a preventative treatment. Vegan and cruelty-free, it's also an excellent resource for diabetics looking to ensure foot health.


This Gadget Produces Perfect Stuffed Burgers Every Time

Burgers filled with cheese, bacon, veggies, or other toppings are delicious — and this burger press can help you crank them out easily and quickly so that they're perfectly round every time. Crafted from durable, BPA-free plastic, they make up to 1/2-pound patties, and the non-stick material means both that getting your burgers out of the press is easy and that clean-up is a breeze.


A Tripod That Can Hold Onto Anything

With octopus-like legs that even the most flexible yogi would envy, this smartphone tripod will grip onto just about anything — a stair rail, a tree branch, a light post — allowing you to get the perfect, stable shot you want. With an included Bluetooth remote that will capture the selfie of your dreams and a ball joint that will maneuver your smartphone into just about any angle, this small-but-mighty gadget is just the ticket for your next vacation or to make your blog or vlog pop.


The No-Show Socks That Made One Reviewer Fall In Love

You'd think it would take a lot to get people to rave about something this simple — and more than 1,400 people give these no-show socks 4.3-stars. Made from an antibacterial, sweat-absorbent bamboo material, they fight foot odor, and feature a large silicone heel grip for added comfort. "I'm in love," writes one reviewer. What more can I say?


The Ice Cream Machine That Brings Back The Good Old Days

Hearken back to those days when it was hot outside and you were on the back porch, at the pool, or around the picnic table with this ice cream maker that does it the old fashioned way with ice and rock salt. It'll churn up 4 delicious quarts of creamy goodness for you that somehow just taste better — thanks to its powerful electric motor that does all the work.


These Versatile Silicone Scrubbers Are Useful All Around The House

Scrub glasses and dishes with these silicone wonders, use them as coasters for glasses or mugs, place them underneath hot pots and pans to keep your countertops and tables from getting scorched, use them to get tight jar lids open — their versatility is endless. Long-lasting and durable, they're dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant, and can even be used in the bathroom as a loofah substitute.


A Floss Made With Naturally Antibacterial Coconut Oil

Made with a powerful combination of coconut oil and xylitol, this dental floss naturally disinfects and cleanses your mouth — and leaves your breath fresh, too. The polyester floss naturally expands in-between your teeth to clean more efficiently, while the natural antibacterial effect of both coconut oil and xylitol establishes a pH balance in your mouth that inhibits the growth of decay-causing bacteria.


An Exerciser That Increases Wrist Strength

Athletes or anyone who plays a musical instrument will appreciate this wrist strengthener that works you through forward and reverse wrist curls with with an adjustable stabilizer pad. Its compact size makes it perfect to throw in your gym bag or take on the road while traveling, and it's also useful for stress relief — as well as for strengthening the forearm and wrist muscles to prevent repetitive stress injuries from daily activities.


These Little Bowls Are Great To Have Around The Kitchen

Made from flexible, BPA-free silicone, these bowls are called pinch bowls because you can pinch them between your fingers to easily funnel small quantities of ingredients — herbs and spices, for example — into your favorite recipes. They're also great for crafting to keep track of those small sequins, beads, and other items, and can also be used in the workshop for small nuts and screws. They're great for dip, too.


The Device That Turns Any Popcorn Into Microwave Popcorn

Enjoy your favorite snack anytime in just minutes — without oil, if you'd prefer — using this popper that allows you to use kernels in the microwave. Available in 14 colors, this heavy-duty silicone device is virtually indestructible, comes with its own lid, and collapses to just a couple of inches in height for easy storage. Great for dorm rooms and RVs, it can go right from the microwave to snack time: and then directly into the dishwasher.

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