37 Viral & Chic Home Products On Amazon That Keep Selling Out

The way your home looks can majorly influence the way you feel when you're there. If you've ever replaced something as simple as the cereal bowls in you kitchen cabinet, you know what I'm talking about. When you take the time to upgrade even the smallest product (and finally donate the things you've had for years), it can make a massive difference in the way your space looks. And now, that's easier than ever before — with the help of these home products on Amazon that are seriously chic.

From faux fur throw pillow covers that'll instantly add some style to your sofa to clean-burning soy candles in scents like bergamot-infused jasmine to a brushed brass trash can that somehow manages to make garbage seem elegant, this list is packed with items that'll turn your home into a haven. I've also included solutions for storage and organization, because nothing will get you down like a mountain of shoes piled at the bottom of your closet or a home office space that appears to be a tribute to clutter and chaos.

So go ahead and treat yourself — because you deserve some nice new cereal bowls, and so, so much more.

1. This Rotating Cosmetics Organizer With Compartments For All Of Your Makeup

Stop digging through your crammed makeup bag for your eyeliner pencil and keep all your cosmetics on display with this rotating makeup organizer. The spinning organizer features four vertical dividers and six height-adjustable trays, so you can store short and tall items alike. The top tray is outfitted with smaller compartments for makeup brushes and liners, so they won't get crushed or lost among your other cosmetics.

2. This Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp That Promotes Feelings Of Peace And Wellbeing

I'll start with the obvious: this Himalayan salt lamp gives off a warm glow that adds coziness to any room. And now for the less obvious: Himalayan salt gives off negative ions that purify the air, reduce allergens, and increase feelings of well-being — much like the peaceful feeling that you get when you spend time in salty ocean air. The salt rocks in this lamp are hand-carved and set in a minimalist glass cylinder. The lamp is brightness-adjustable and can be powered via wall outlet or USB.

3. A Fringed Farmhouse Blanket With A Rustic Herringbone Pattern

This farmhouse-inspired throw blanket is accented with a cream fringe that gives it a modern twist. The 100 percent cotton blanket is machine-washable, so you don't have to stress if you spill hot cocoa while you're snuggled up with it. It's available in herringbone and chevron patterns in colors like eggplant, marigold, or the mineral gray pictured here.

4. These Small Planters With Cool Designs That Are Perfect For Your Succulents

Plant your cactus or jade in these succulent pots with colorful boho-inspired patterns. Made from kaolin clay, the pots measure in at 3- by 3-inches, and are the perfect size for windowsills and table centerpieces. Want more design options? The pots are available in seven other styles, like delicate marble and fun rainbow stripes.

5. This 3-D Picture Frame That Looks Like It's Floating Off Your Wall

Hang this 3-D picture frame on the wall and it'll give off the magical illusion that it's floating in mid-air. The modern, geometric wire frame can also be set upright on flat surfaces and is available in four sizes in finishes like black, white, brass, chrome, and copper.

6. These Velvet Pillow Covers In Soft Pastels And Vibrant Jewel Tones

Upgrade your throw pillows — without having to invest in new ones — with these chic velvet throw pillow covers. The covers are made with grade-A velvet and feature a hidden zipper for a streamlined look — and come in a variety of sizes in both square and rectangle shapes. Choose from 27 pastel and jewel-toned colors.

7. These Eco-Friendly Soy Candles That Give Off A Natural Fragrance That's Not Overpowering

This line of clean-burning soy wax candles comes in a variety of scents, like jasmine-infused bergamot, fine suede, wild lemongrass, and the unexpected (and crowd-favorite) pineapple evergreen. The candles are eco-friendly, and reviewers say they're "fresh-smelling" and "not artificial" — and give off "just enough scent to fill a bathroom or small office, but not enough to give you a headache." Light one of these for a home that feels instantly warm and inviting.

8. A Natural Wood Plant Stand That Perfectly Shows Off Your Fern

Show off your fern or fiddle leaf with this natural, minimalist wooden plant stand. The durable stand holds pots from 10 to 14 inches — and looks great next to an easy chair, in the corner of your living room, or standing beside the fireplace.

9. This Totally Unique Shelf That's Suspended From Macrame Rope

This macrame hanging shelf is a whimsical way to display photos, plants, and keepsakes. The round wooden tray features raised edges and is suspended by 33 inches of cream cotton rope that's braided at the top and bottom. Hang this for an updated, low-key nod to the '70s.

10. This Timeless Mirrored Vanity Tray For Makeup, Jewelry, And Perfume

Place this mirrored vanity tray on top of your dresser, and you'll have the perfect place to display your jewelry and perfume collection. With a gold-finished frame, the tray has a timeless aesthetic and the bottom is outfitted with felt pads that ensure the top of your dresser won't get scratched when you move it to clean.

11. A Welcome Mat In Oversized Buffalo Plaid

This statement-making welcome mat is a welcome (sorry, had to) spin on the basic welcome mat. The oversized buffalo plaid mat is made with thick and durable cotton and can be machine-washed and dried if it gets a little grimy. Put this in front of your door for a look that strikes the balance between urban and cabin-chic.

12. A Hanging Canvas Organizer With Nautical Sailor Striping

Storage solutions just got a preppy twist with this sailor-striped hanging organizer. With 12 pockets of various sizes, it's perfect for storing office supplies, craft supplies, or toiletries. The organizer is made with sturdy, water-resistant linen and hangs from a wooden bar at the top.

13. This Deluxe Cotton Swab Holder With A Gold-Finished Lid

This transparent cotton swab holder has a gold-finished lid that adds a luxe touch to your bathroom basics. Made from BPA-free material, the square-shaped holder is waterproof and shatter-resistant. You can also opt for other lid color options, like matte white, chrome, and light pink. Each set comes with two holders — use the other one to store bobby pins, bath bombs, or makeup sponges.

14. These Distressed Ceramic Vases That Look Like They Came From A Pottery Studio

These ceramic vases in aqua, chartreuse, and burnt orange are glazed in a crackle finish that gives them a rustic, distressed look. The vases are 5-, 7-, and 10-inches high, and feature pads on the bottom to prevent scratching. Use them as standalone pieces, or group them together with your favorite blossoms.

15. A Brushed Brass Trash Can That'll Make You Feel Fancy Every Time You Throw Away A Tissue

Upgrade your bathroom with this compact trash can in a brushed brass finish. The trash can has a step-pedal opening mechanism and a fingerprint- and smudge-proof coating, so it'll stay looking new for years. If brushed brass isn't your thing, you can opt for black, bronze, rose gold, white, or brushed or stainless steel.

16. A Wrinkle-Resistant Shower Curtain In A Blush Floral Pattern

This floral shower curtain is pure elegance, but the blush color keeps things understated. The full-size shower curtain fits standard-size showers and tubs, and the ring holes at the top make for easy hanging. Best of all — it's wrinkle-resistant, so your bathroom will always look put to together.

17. This A-Frame Stand That Elevates The Humblest Of Bathroom Products

This toilet paper stand is proof that good design can elevate even the humblest of items. The freestanding, A-frame stand is made with white-finished metal with a beech wood roller at the top. The gray fabric sling on the bottom features brass snap buttons and holds two extra rolls or reading material.

18. These Battery-Operated, Flameless Candles That You Don't Have To Worry About Blowing Out At The End Of The Night

If having an open flame makes you endlessly nervous, these flameless candles are for you. The battery-operated candles replicate the warmth of real candles, but without all the smoke and fire. Each set even comes with a remote control that lets you manage brightness and flickering. You can even set the candles on a two-,four-, six-, or eight-hour timer, so you can fall into bed without having to turn them off at the end of the night.

19. This Bamboo Organizer With Expandable Sides So You Don't Have To Cram Your Silverware Together

This utensil organizer is made with eco-sustainable bamboo and features six compartments for forks, spoons, knives, and serving utensils. Six compartments not enough? The organizer expands to give you two full extra compartments, so you don't have to squeeze everything in. Use it to organize desk drawers and craft supplies too.

20. These Cool Bowls With Handles That Are Totally Unbreakable

Enjoy your ice cream on the back patio with these handled bowls that are impossible to break. The bowls are dishwasher- and microwave-safe and come in muted colors, like lavender and gray — and brighter shades, like turquoise and purple. The set of six stackable bowls are compact but deeper in shape, so you can still pour yourself a generous serving of cereal in the morning.

21. This Porcelain Box With Marbling And Gold Edging

This marbleized stoneware jewelry box features a lid with delicate gold edging that gives it a graceful touch. Use it on your vanity to store necklaces or rings, fill it with mints and keep it in your front entryway, or use it as a chicer way to store odds and ends.

22. These Faux Fur Pillow Covers That Add A Touch Of Fun To Your Couch Or Bed

Make a statement on your sofa with these shaggy faux fur throw pillow covers. The covers feature hidden zipper closures and are — surprisingly — machine-washable. Choose from three sizes and 10 color options like pink, mint green, and white.

23. This Set Of Large Storage Bins In Neutral Canvas

These large storage bins in understated beige and gray are the perfect size for throw blankets, towels, toys, and craft supplies. Made from sturdy, waterproof canvas, the boxes feature handles on the sides and fold up flat when not in use, so you can keep them under your bed or stashed in the back of your closet.

24. This Over-The-Door Organizer For Bathrooms, Bedrooms, And Playrooms

Add extra storage to small spaces with this sturdy, canvas over-the-door organizer. The five large pockets and three small pockets are great for organizing bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, and playrooms. Want even more storage space? Get two — they're narrow enough to hang side by side on a single door.

25. This Chic Macramé Wall Hanging

Pay tribute to Joni Mitchell with this macramé wall hanging. The handcrafted hanging is made with pure cotton cords that hang on a simple wooden dowel. Hang it above your bed or put it in your kitchen to transport yourself to Haight-Ashbury circa the 1960s while you make your oatmeal.

26. A Cylinder Table Lamp With A Touch Sensor Base

This minimalist table lamp is touch-activated — tap anywhere on the 360-degree base to toggle between three brightness levels of warm white light that's perfect for working, reading, or getting ready for bed. And if you're throwing a party — opt for the multi-color carousel mode, and the lamp will cycle through all the colors of the rainbow for a truly psychedelic lighting experience.

27. A Ridiculously Soft Faux Fur Blanket That You'll Keep Wrapped Around Your Shoulders Constantly

This faux fur blanket is — hands down — the most luxuriously cozy item on this list. The super soft blanket is machine-washable and comes in the classic gray pictured here, but also more unexpected colors, like aubergine and dark rose. Toss this over your couch and snuggle up with it for a Sunday afternoon nap.

28. This Cheese Board With A Hidden Compartment For Serving Utensils

This acacia wood cheese board is a cheesemonger's dream come true. The round board features a top tray — swivel it out to reveal a cheese knife, serving fork, and parmesan shaver — all made from stainless steel with ergonomically-designed wooden handles. The three small ceramic dishes are perfect for olives, crackers, fig jam, or nuts. This will do justice to your triple cream and Port Salut.

29. A Clear Acrylic Chopping Board That Secures Itself To Your Countertop

This clear acrylic cutting board is virtually invisible, so you can leave it on your countertop instead of hauling it out every time you need to quickly slice something. The cutting board is outfitted with rubber feet and a lip that fits around the edge of your countertop to hold it firmly in place while you chop. It's dishwasher-safe and chip-resistant.

30. These Rustic Coasters Crafted From Olive Wood

I love the rustic charm of these natural wood-grain coasters. Each coaster is completely unique and crafted from Mediterranean olive wood. Put them on your coffee table, pour yourself a glass of Lambrusco, and dream of being on the Italian coast.

31. These "Homesick" Candles That Smell Just Like Your Home State

These nostalgic candles will instantly transport you to your home state, even if it's a plane ride away. Each candle is infused with scents that capture the fragrant essence of each state: the magnolia and sweet tea of Georgia, the campfires and pine needles of Wyoming, the baked apples and maple of Vermont. The candles are made from all-natural soy wax and burn for up to 80 hours.

32. This Twist-Out Fruit Bowl That Looks Like A Sculpture

You might mistake this fruit bowl for a work of art, but it's the perfect place for your oranges, apples, and plums. The stainless steel rods are woven closely together but twist out to create a bowl — fold them back together and it becomes compact enough to store in a kitchen drawer. The open-air design also maximizes airflow, so your produce stays fresh for days.

33. A Complete Cocktail Set In Sleek Matte Black

This stainless steel cocktail set in a matte black finish is an updated twist on your standard chrome version. The set comes complete with a shaker, muddler, double-ended bar spoon/fork, Hawthorne strainer, julep strainer, double-ended jigger, and pourers. Add this to your bar cart and invite your friends over for Negronis and French 75's.

34. These Floating Shelves That Give You Even More Storage Space In Your Bathroom

These floating shelves give you more shelf space without having to invest in an entirely new shelving unit — which might not be an option in smaller spaces like bathrooms anyway. The wall-mounted shelves feature natural wood platforms, metal railings, and a removable rod that's just right for hand towels and washcloths.

35. These Modern, Geometric Wall Pieces That Are Pure Art

Scatter these 3-D geometric wall decor pieces across any wall for an upgraded, modern look. The six half-pieces can also be joined together to create wholes — display them on flat surfaces or hang them from the ceiling with the included invisible string. 3M adhesive makes wall-mounting a cinch, and the pieces are available in copper, black, and matte brass wire.

36. A Minimalist Jewelry Organizer That Keeps Your Necklaces Tangle-Free

Use this dresser-top jewelry organizer to hang your delicate necklaces and you'll never spend precious minutes untangling them again. The organizer has three tiers that let chains hang freely, and a lipped, white base that's perfect for bracelets, rings, and watches.

37. This Set of Three Airtight Storage Containers To Keep Food Fresh

These airtight food storage containers will keep snacks, cereal, coffee, pasta, rice, and baking supplies next-level fresh. Just push the button on top to create a strong seal that'll keep air out. Each set comes with three stackable containers: 1-quart, 1.5-quarts, and 2-quarts There's even a scoop, so you can easily get to that flour and sugar when you're baking a cake. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.