38 Exciting Amazon Finds Under $10 If You’re Frugal & Proud


Do you ever see those coupon-cutting ladies on television talking about how they've just come home from the grocery store with a whole year's worth of paper towels and canned peaches and feel an overpowering surge of jealousy, or is that just me? I can't seem to get my act together to get ahead of the shopping and always find myself ordering in groceries at exorbitant prices 10 minutes before I'm supposed to have dinner on the table. Oh well. At least when it comes to online shopping, I can always fall back on these exciting Amazon finds under $10 that make me feel both frugal and proud.

Leave it to Amazon to both provide me with fabulous shopping opportunities that are affordable. Witness the handheld chef's torch that will enable you to churn out professional-looking crème brûlée for under $8. All you need is some eggs, some cream, and some sugar — and just like that, you're looking like Julia Child for your dinner guests.

These buys aren't just great acquisitions for your own home, they're great for gift-giving, too: Take the under $9 wine aerator, for example. Pair it with a tasty-but-inexpensive bottle of red from your local wine shop or grocery, and you've got the oenophile in your life all sorted.

And all for under $10? Coupons or not — that's a bargain.


This Smartphone Armband Holds Your Stuff, Too

Suitable for any smartphone up to 5.8 inches, this armband is engineered to hold not only your phone, but also your money, your keys, and your ID, and your cards. Crafted from a stretchy, breathable fabric that's waterproof and lightweight, it fits arms of most sizes, and is soft on the skin, too. Your smartphone and all your accoutrements will stay dry, and this accessory has all the bells and whistles: An earphone exit port, a reflective strip to help you stand out when you exercise outside after dark, and a touchscreen window that facilitates navigational control of your device while it's stored.


These Silicone Mats Will Save You Time And Money When You Bake

Made from food-grade silicone that's heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, these baking mats are a terrific investment that will save you so much time and money in the kitchen: Use them wherever you'd use non-stick spray or place under cookies or other baked goods and you'll get flawless, easy removal every time: with effortless clean-up, too. The great thing about these durable liners is that they can go right in the dishwasher — plus, they roll up for easy, compact storage.


These Lashes Are So Affordable, You Can Stock Up

Stock up so that you're glam-ready every day of the week with these super-affordable false eyelashes. Featuring a cross-style design for a natural look and made from soft synthetic fibers, they're easy to wear and give you a full, lush look without weighing your eyes down. Apply with professional eyelash glue, and they'll remove easily with eye makeup remover.


These Cloths Will Get Your Electronics Squeaky Clean

With these microfiber cloths, you'll no longer be squinting through a sea of fingerprints to see the type on your computer screen — everything will be clear as day and super legible. Their smudge-erasing superpowers come thanks to their highly-packed fibers that are so soft they won't scratch a thing, and are extra-efficient at removing dust, dirt, and oils from even the most delicate surfaces: including your glasses, camera and smartphone lenses, and yes, your laptop.


These Sponges Work Just Like The Name Brand For A Fraction Of The Price

Makeup aficionados, don't miss the unbeatable deal on these makeup sponges that look and work just like the cult-favorite name brands for a fraction of the price. They're crafted from hypoallergenic, latex-free material that helps your beauty products — like your pricey foundation, for example — go farther, and you'll get a flawless application, too. Use wet or dry, and it's perfect for both base, highlighting, and contouring.


A Silicone Clip That Keeps Your Earbuds Neat As A Pin

With this silicone accessory, your earbuds won't be a tangled mess in your pocket, backpack, or handbag anymore — and they'll stay neatly organized and clipped into this handy device. It's durable enough for every day use and releases the cord in question with just a flick of your thumb for quick and easy access. With six attractive colors to choose from, there's one for everyone out there.


This Rack Saves A Mess In Your Sink From An Unreliable Disposal

These days, I throw away a lot of my kitchen scraps in a grocery bag because my disposal is untrustworthy, and this rack makes getting all my kitchen waste out to either the trash or the compost so much easier. Made of chrome-coated stainless steel, this silent sentry loops over a cabinet door and will stand by with a bag at the ready. It's also great for the bathroom or the garage.


These Brushes Will Give You A Firm Handle On Any Bottle You Need To Clean

If you have difficult-to-clean bottles in your kitchen or workshop, you need this set of brushes in your life. Each of these brushes are purpose-made to clean the hard-to-reach spaces in a specific, challenging bottle or dispenser: four feature natural boar bristles and five have nylon bristles to best meet every cleaning need. The handles are made from wound wire that's crafted from galvanized steel so that it resists rust, but it's flexible enough to conform to the odd shapes of every container you have.


A Torch That Will Make You A Pro Chef Right At Home

Whether you're after restaurant-quality crème brûlée or indoor s'mores, this torch will help you deliver and look like a real pro while doing it. It operates on butane cylinders and is capable of sustaining 2,500 degrees for up to 20 minutes at a time to finish your foods with flair. The ignition is easy to trigger, and features a lock to ensure safe operation and no leakage.


A Spray That's A Great All-Purpose Cleanser

A cult-favorite among Amazon reviewers and at the natural foods store near you, this magic water is soothing, softening, and hydrating anywhere on the body. If you have dry skin, especially in the winter months, this is literally the one product that you must have in your grab bag at all times. It makes a spritz to freshen your face with or without makeup, plus it has natural cleansing and pH rebalancing properties. Use it all over your body to protect from harsh weather, and spray it in your hair for added shine and gloss.


The Wine Aerator That's Such A Great Buy, You'll Want One For You And One For A Gift

At this price, you definitely need to order more than one of this wine aerator: Make sure you get enough for every oenophile on your list, and one for yourself, too. With an ergonomic design that prevents splashing while infusing your wine with oxygen, this device allows your favorite red varietals to bloom prior to drinking so their flavors are optimized. Crafted from FDA-approved materials, this aerator includes a leak-proof rubber stopper and a clear acrylic spout. It's boxed for gift-giving, too.


A Cable That Bends But Won't Break

With a bendable neck and a braided cable that's both tangle-free and extra durable, this fast-charging cable blends performance with durability in a uniquely long-lasting combination that will last you a good long time. Over 6.5 feet in length, it's crafted from military-grade materials and delivers superior performance for Samsung and Google devices — as well as the Nintendo Switch and some MacBook Pros.


These Patches Not Only Disguise Your Acne, They Cure It, Too

You know all things K-beauty are have it goin' on when it comes to skin care, and these acne patches are no exception. Made from thin, virtually clear hydrocolloid materials, they're designed to sit on top of your skin — and reduce the redness and inflammation of your breakouts while providing a protective barrier against further infection. Wear them on clean skin alone or under makeup, and after just a few hours you'll notice the effect of their absorbent properties.


This Container Is A Great Little Organizer For Home Or Work

Stylishly crafted from black acrylic with three compartments to fit everything you need and keep it close at hand, this organizer is an excellent catch-all for makeup brushes or really anything you need on your vanity, desk, or countertop. Nearly 8 inches wide, its three compartments are virtually 3 inches square and almost 4 inches tall to keep your tall items marshaled and organized, and it features rubber feet so it won't slip around on smooth surfaces.


These Gloves Are Great For Everything From Scrubbing Dishes To Grooming Your Dog

Crafted from heavy-duty silicone, these gloves are just as great at grooming your dog or cat as they are at scrubbing your dishes or knocking the dirt off of your veggies before eating. Made from food-grade silicone, they're suitable for any kitchen use you can think of, and they clean up super easily: Just throw them in the dishwasher. You can even sanitize them and switch between chores, since they're heat-resistant up to 300 degrees and can even be boiled or microwaved.


These Gadgets Make A Great Kitchen Starter Set

Great for anyone moving into a new home or just starting out, this kitchen gadget set includes all the tools you need to operate in the kitchen. Featuring the basics like a can opener and a vegetable peeler — as well as more niche tools like a melon baller and a corer — this set is made from stainless steel and topped with durable ergonomic handles to ensure an extended lifetime.


This Box Keeps Your Eggs Airtight So They'll Last Longer

Made from long-lasting, BPA-free plastic, this egg container could be the key to getting more life out of one of the world's greatest protein sources: Eggs. Guaranteed to be both air- and water-tight, this container will also assist you in organizing your fridge, since the heavy-duty construction will permit you to stack other items on top of it, unlike traditional styrofoam or cardboard egg containers.


These Heel Cups Will Make Being On Your Feet All Day So Much More Comfortable

Engineered from thermoplastic rubber gel, these heel cups will make you feel like you're walking on air, whether it's your job or physical activity that keeps you on your feet all day. With superior cushioning and energy return capabilities facilitated by the built-in heel plate, reviewers rave about their ability to keep feet aligned and upright to alleviate pain — as well as their usefulness in relieving pressure from heel spurs and injuries to the Achilles heel.


These Cheap And Cheerful Cloths Eliminate The Need For Disposable Facial Wipes

These makeup remover cloths were one of my first purchases upon writing an "awesome inexpensive purchases on Amazon" story, and they have lived up to the hype. They remove every trace of makeup with just water, and they tick all the boxes for me: They're machine- washable, they'll save me money on cleanser in the long run, and they're really great at getting off my makeup, even on the rare occasions when I have a face full!


This Is The OG Heavy-Duty Hand Cream

If no one has told you that you have the hands of a dairy farmer lately, you'd better act fast and get yourself a tin of this ointment, and fast. If you've never heard of Bag Balm, well, it's the hottest thing fresh off the farm since Mane 'N Tail: When they came in from milking, dairy farmers were massaging this thick, gooey preparation into their hands to prevent chapping, and noticed that the resulting baby-softness was leading everyone in their households to swipe the stuff. The rest, as they say, is history.


This Brush Is Designed Specifically For Use In The Shower

Designed to twist and turn without snagging to untangle your hair in the shower, this brush features ultra-flexible bristles that will ensure no painful catches or breakage — even when you have plenty of knots. It's engineered without a cushion so it dries quickly after use, and the handle is styled into a hook so that it hangs handily by itself over your shower head in between uses. "It has single-handedly saved my hair and my sanity," writes one happy reviewer.


This Tablet Stand Does The Job For Less

If you haven't checked out the AmazonBasics line yet, start with this tablet stand: It's sturdy yet impressively priced, compatible with just about any tablet or ereader you can name, and will give you hours and hours of use for a very low outlay. It's also foldable, so it's great for traveling or use for presentations — and it features two vertical pivot points to display your device at virtually any angle.


The Vicks Balm That Actually Smells Good

Everyone of a certain age knows Vicks as the makers of VapoRub, that stuff your mom used to slather on you when you had the croup. This unguent comes to you from the kinder, gentler side of Vicks — the side that makes products that you can stand to smell from a radius that's within the tri-state area. Scented with the age-old insomnia remedy powerhouse combo of lavender and chamomile and brought to you by such a trusted name, this one's sure to be a winner.


These Devices Give You Your Hands Back In The Kitchen

You know when you're trying to get leftovers packaged up for storage and it just seems like you need to grow another pair of hands? These odd-looking plastic devices make it so that you don't have to. Their rabbit-ear-like structure features clips at the top of each arm to hold your zip-top bags open while you ladle the food in, and non-slip rubber bases anchor them to the slickest of surfaces while you work.


These Silicone Sponges Are Long-Lasting And Ultra Hygenic

Porous and designed to stay moist, your average kitchen sponge is a breeding ground for bacteria. Not so for these silicone sponges that are long-lasting and super-durable: They're non-porous and totally impervious to germs and bacteria, plus they're heat-resistant to 250 degrees, so you can sanitize them in your dishwasher or microwave. With these naturally antibacterial qualities, they won't smell, either, and they're great little scrubbers, too.


This Eight-In-One Kitchen Gadget Set Is Super Cool And Stores Easily

Fun, festive, and functional: This kitchen tool set has it all, and it stacks into a compact bottle shape to store easily, too. Made from BPA-free plastic, the set encompasses a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator, and a measuring cup that are all color-coded and stack together into the form of a wine bottle. It's a perfect gadget for small spaces.


The Set That Will Pry Loose Any Hard-To-Open Seals In Your Pantry

Great for anyone stocking a new kitchen and especially for people with hand strength deficiencies, this opener set will make short work of those hard-to-twist jars in your pantry. The set includes a silicone mat, a five-in-one bottle opener, and a jar opener with a non-slip silicone coating that's your best friend when it comes to jar lids of just about any size.


An Angry Mama That Cleans Your Microwave With A Full Head Of Steam

How can you not love this Angry Mama? Despite her frightful countenance, she cleans your microwave simply and quickly by working up a head of steam and dispensing it through the top of her purple 'do. Just fill her body with water and vinegar, add some lemon juice if you like, then set your microwave for seven minutes, sit back and let Mama do her thing. Wipe the interior down after the steam blows from her ears and you're good to go.


A Mask Set That's One Of The Best Buys On Amazon

If you ask me, this mask set from K-beauty brand Celavi is one of the best buys you can find site-wide on Amazon. If you're a skin-care enthusiast, you can experiment with different facial mask formulations — and each is packed with a different combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals — to see what works best for your skin type. This comes with variations like detoxifying charcoal, soothing aloe vera, and plumping collagen.


These Bath Bombs Are Nourishing For Dry Skin

Crafted with organic ingredients including premium essential oils, these bath bombs will deliver even more than you expected: Unlike your regular bath bomb, these generate loads of delightful and long-lasting bubbles. Formulated to begin bubbling on contact with the water, they dissolve quickly and contain only FDA-certified ingredients so you can bathe in total relaxation. The selection of various scents ensures a unique sensory experience every time you bathe.


A Black Powder To Get Your Teeth Sparkly White

Composed of 100 percent natural activated charcoal from the coconut tree, this teeth whitening powder is a naturally effective enamel cleanser and whitener. FDA-tested and proven safe for scouring your teeth to a brilliant, pearly white, it's also a natural antibacterial that balances the pH level of your mouth to make it inhospitable to germs, thus reducing the level of both decay and unwanted odor.


A Light That's Perfect To Stick Anywhere You Need A Little Illumination

With four super-bright LEDs, this light adheres to any level surface to provide up to 80 lumens of illumination in those hard-to-light spaces like your closet, that long, dark hallway, and the scary reaches of your basement: all so you don't have to stumble through life in the dark. Featuring ultra-strong 3M adhesive, it installs easily in just seconds without tools, and shines much-needed light on the situation in areas with little or no electricity.


This Wallet Actually Protects Your Sensitive Financial Data

Engineered to block both frequencies of RFID signals, this case features the capacity to hold up to nine credit cards — and a latch that locks securely to protect your cards when they're not in use. Made from premium aluminum and ABS plastic, it's crafted with rounded corners to protect your clothing from harm, and it comes in a selection of nine colors to suit your fancy.


A Scale That Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars In Excess Baggage Fees

Use this scale to weigh your checked luggage, and this under-$10 investment could return you literally hundreds of dollars in savings when you don't have to pay those costly airline excess baggage fees. Small and lightweight, you can take it with you on the road to see how much all the souvenirs you're bringing home weigh, and the LCD screen makes it incredibly clear to view.


These Towels Mop Up Spills And Save The Environment, Too

Wipe up spills and feel good about yourself while doing it with these reusable towels that are crafted from sustainably-harvested organic bamboo rayon. Simply tear off a towel and use it just like you would a regular paper towel, then set it aside and machine-wash it with your other towels — and then it's ready to go the next time you spill. Plus, these towels are stronger and more absorbent than the non-Earth-friendly paper version. It's a real win-win!


These Resistance Bands Are The Perfect Packable Workout

Great to throw in your bag for when you want to work in a workout on the road, these resistance bands offer varying resistance that allows you to increase the intensity of your workout gradually. They're made of TPE-free natural latex so they're allergy-free, and come with both an ebook and a printed manual to help guide you through some of the nearly infinite exercises you can do with these compact and versatile workout aids.


This Glove Is Your First Line Of Defense When You're Practicing Knife Skills

Made from a blend of fibers that's four times stronger than leather, this glove will keep your hand safe from cuts and scratches when you're practicing those all-important cheffy knife skills that so impress your guests. Despite offering superior protection, it's still lightweight and breathable, and it's even machine washable for easy cleaning (although it's recommended that you let it drip dry). They're great for outdoor work, too.


These Straws Will Help You Save The Planet, One Piece Of Plastic At A Time

Replacing plastic straws with alternatives like these stainless steel straws is one small step we can take toward limiting the amount of damage we're doing to our precious natural resources. At 10 inches, these straws are long enough to fit your favorite double-walled, vacuum-insulated tumbler, and their bent necks are both attractive and easy to sip from.

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