38 Non-Flashy Inventions on Amazon That May Not Catch Your Eye, But Hundreds Of Reviewers Swear They Can’t Live Without Them

Ours is a society of hyperbole. Everything is all about the latest and greatest, whether it's the magical cream that promises to make you look like you're glowing from within, or the kitchen gadget that claims to reduce your prep time by literally hours. But what about the products that are the solid standbys of our lives — like the products and devices that just plain get things done? Look beyond the bells and whistles, and you'll find a whole lot of hidden gems on Amazon you won't be able to live without.

So when you've stocked up on all those K-beauty faves you've read about or picked up the hot styling tool of the month, dig a little deeper. Trace the footsteps of the Amazon reviewer community and see where they lead. It's a pretty good be — anywhere you find a few hundred enthusiastic Amazon reviewers, you know you've found a product worth investigating fully. They're like moths to the light of hottest products: One minute they're congregated around a multi-cooker, the next they're focused on amped-up socks. But whatever product they've turned their attention to, it's certain to be worth your while. Flashy or not, when hundreds of reviewers swear they can't live without them, these products are definitely worth a second look.

1. This Is One Convertible That Will Vacuum Your House Up In A Hurry

Bissell Featherweight Vacuum, $25, Amazon

Lightweight yet powerful, this is one convertible that really does its job — vacuuming. This handy appliance is great for hard floors and effective on carpets, area rugs, stairs, upholstery, and more. Plus, it converts easily from a stick vacuum to a handheld. Both easy to use and easy to store, the vacuum comes with a removable floor nozzle and a crevice tool, and has a 15-foot power cord, too. One reviewer sums it up: "I'm giving this a 5 star review, because it actually works, and it works well."


2. These Bowls Are Incredibly Handy For Pouring

Trudeau Silicone Pinch Bowls, $10 (Set of 4), Amazon

Hard-core cooks and bakers will love this set of flexible silicone bowls, each with a .5-cup capacity. Ideal for either dry or wet ingredients — or for condiments on a buffet — mess-free pouring is as easy as pinching the bowl and pouring. Clean up is easy, too, as the food-grade silicone is heat-resistant, so these bowls are top rack dishwasher safe. It really does have a lot of uses.


3. This Miniature Iron Presses Your Clothes On The Go

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron, $28, Amazon

If you travel a lot and hate how your clothes get instantly wrinkled in your suitcase, this miniature travel iron is the perfect solution. The 420-watt device heats up in 15 seconds and features three temperature settings. It's small and compact with an anti-slip handle and convenient travel bag.


4. This Strap Will Keep Your Phone To Hand Simply And Easily

goStrap, $8, Amazon

Truly a dependable workhorse, this is one phone accessory that will never let you down. The patented goStrap is compatible with virtually any mobile device up to 1.5 pounds, and gets its strength from hand-sewn anchor tabs that work to ensure both strength and durability. It features a soft rubberized coating that feels great while you're carrying it and is smooth on your hand, and adheres using 3M double-sided adhesives. Plus, it's manufactured by the original inventor, so you know you can trust the quality control.


5. This Is One Kitchen Tool That Will Really Hang Around

Joseph Joseph Edge Dish Brush, $7, Amazon

From the design gurus at Joseph Joseph comes this dish brush that will conveniently hang out waiting for work while its not in use. The integrated non-slip resting point helps store your dish brush inside the sink, yet it keeps it off the bottom so that it can air out and drain in a neat and hygienic manner. The brush itself is no slouch, designed with non-scratch bristles and curved to help clean in the corners of trays and pans. It also features an integrated pan scraper for tough food deposits, and it's dishwasher-safe, too.


6. The Device That Means You'll Never Be Far From Clean Water

Survival Hax Water Filter Straw, $20, Amazon

If you're into camping or hiking, enjoy traveling in remote areas, or just like to be prepared for whatever may come, this straw is a must-have accessory. It removes dirt and contaminants from rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks, mud puddles, and tap water. Basically, if you're near a water source — any water source — this straw can turn it into something you can drink, even removing 99.99 percent of parasites and bacteria. It also works with any standard water bottle, and comes with a bunch of bonus accessories including a carabiner, a signaling mirror, an extension tube, a bear whistle, and a compass.


7. A Hammer That Is 14 Tools In One

Sheffield 14-In-1 Hammer Tool, $8, Amazon

If you're going to own a hammer anyway, why not make it a hammer that has 14 tools built into one? This multi-tool transforms into Linesman pliers, regular pliers, a nail claw, wire cutters, a serrated blade, and more. And its finish isn't too shabby either — it's made from stainless steel and has a hardwood handle.


8. Reususable Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloths

PleasingCare Makeup Remover Cloth, $7, Amazon

You don't have to invest in separate makeup removing cleansers when you have this one reusable microfiber makeup removing cloth, which gets rid of every last stitch of makeup (even mascara) using nothing more than water. This reusable towel comes in rosy, pink, and blue and doubles as a facial cleansing cloth.


9. Clever Clips That Secure Your Fitted Sheet

BSLINO Triangle Sheet Straps, $14 (8 Pack), Amazon

Rather than dealing with the corner of your sheet annoyingly riding up all the time, try these innovative bed sheet straps. The elastic-and-metal devices fit on the corner of your sheets and keep the sides clipped together. They are sturdy, lightweight, and super easy to use.


10. These Trays Make It Possible For You To Ice Down Your Water Bottles

Thermi Ice Cube Trays, $15 (Set of 3), Amazon

Wish you could easily get ice cubes into your water or insulated bottle? With these ice trays, now you can. These BPA-free silicone trays each make 10 ice sticks, and are flexible so that the sticks pop out easily once they're frozen. If you enjoy coffee or another beverages in your flask, simply freeze that in these trays and make flavored cubes instead — it's both tasty and convenient.


11. These Towels Soak Up Lots But Fold Up Small

TravelSnugs Microfiber Towels, $19 (2 Pack), Amazon

Looking for some super-sized travel towels that soak up a lot but fold up small? Look no further than this microfiber two-pack — these towels are four times more absorbent than the standard towel and dry 10 times faster, yet fold down so that they're almost flat. Crafted from high-quality microfiber, they feature drying loops and come with their own carry pouches so they're easy to pack and throw in your luggage.


12. This Electric Air Freshener Is Quiet And Discreet

Febreze Hamilton Beach True Air Odor Eliminator, $24, Amazon

Get rid of troublesome household smells with this odor eliminator that you can plug in and forget about — and it's so quiet it just fades into the background. Using low cost carbon replacement filters, you'll be able to remove pet, tobacco, and common household odors from any room in your house. Great to keep closets odor-free and clothes smelling fresh, too. One filter lasts 120 days, and the convenient filter indicator will let you know when it needs to be changed.


13. This Flashlight Lets You Focus In With Super-Bright Light

INFRAY Pocket-Sized Flashlight, $15, Amazon

With the ability to sweep bright light over the length of 2.5 basketball fields, this pocket flashlight can outshine just about any competitor you put it up against. It also offers the ability to zoom in from a wide to a narrow beam — and has three settings including high, low, and strobe. The light runs for seven hours on the high setting and 14 hours on low, and is crafted from corrosion-resistant anodized aircraft aluminum with an unbreakable, scratch-resistant poly- carbonate lens.


14. These Straws Are Handmade And Eco-Friendly

Hiware Reusable Glass Straws, $9 (Set of 8), Amazon

Given the significant tonnage of plastic clogging our planet's seas, it's incumbent on all of us to reduce our consumption of plastic — and these glass straws are a great way to start. Handmade in the Hiware studio by glass artists, these eco-friendly straws are perfect for use with either hot or cold beverages — including thick milkshakes and even bubble tea. Crafted from lead-free glass, they're BPA- and lead-free, dishwasher-safe, and FDA-approved.


15. These Wraps Work With The Heat Of Your Hands To Keep Food Airtight

Bee's Wrap Reusable Food Wraps, $18 (3 Pack), Amazon

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap products? Cover food either on its own or in a container with this food wrap, then use the warmth of your hands to create an airtight seal to store food naturally. This wrap is reusable as well — simply wash in cool water with soap and air dry. The natural antibacterial properties of beeswax and jojoba oil help keep food fresh and allow Bee's Wrap to be used again and again.


16. This Underwear Is A Basic You Shouldn't Pass By

Closecret Women's Comfort Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty (S-L), $11 (4 Pack), Amazon

Great basics are one non-flashy hallmark you can count on from Amazon — and this underwear is no exception. With a bikini cut fit, these panties are classic cotton with just a hint of stretch and have a super soft waistband for extra comfort. The four-pack includes four neutral shades, pictured here.


17. Fridge Food Liners That Make Fruits And Veggies Last Longer

Dualplex Fruit & Veggie Life Extender Liner, $9 (4 Pack), Amazon

It always feels like those strawberries and kale you buy at the market last a few days before wilting and growing mold — but these refrigerator liners can help. These foam liners allow air to circulate in your produce drawer and they soak up excess moisture, which prevents fruits and vegetables from spoiling fast. You can trim them to fit drawers perfectly and they'll save you money in the long run when you realize you won't have to throw out that almost-new produce.


18. Drawer Organizers For Lingerie And Accessories

SimpleHouseware Dresser Drawer Organizer, $14 (Set of 6), Amazon

Organize your dresser drawers with these organizer basket bins and you'll finally be able to find the underwear, socks, and bras you need without having to root through a mountain of garments. These bins are made from mold-resistant fabric and the set provides two large, two medium, and two small boxes to accommodate your lingerie and accessories.


19. Smooth Blow-Dry Spray That Reduces Drying Time

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

This genius blow-dry spray cuts the amount of time you spend drying your hair by one half. Just spray it on your wet hair and blow-dry like you normally would — the formula speeds up the process while also making your hair soft and frizz-free. Not only that, it protects your hair from the heat and reduces damage and breakage.


20. This Organizer Will Keep Your Hair Tools Handy And Neat

mDesign Over Door Hair Care Organizer, $18, Amazon

Round up all your hair tools into one place and save counter space with this over-the-door storage caddy. Intended for use on the back of a cabinet door, it's generously sized so you can store all of your hot styling tools — including your hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and brushes — as well as your combs and brushes. Store your tools even while they're hot, and rest easy that they're secure even while you're opening and closing the door.


21. These Bags Are One Of The Most Highly-Rated Items On Amazon

Earth Junky Reusable Produce Bags, $23 (Set of 7), Amazon

With 4.7-stars from 200 Amazon reviewers, these produce bags are among the highest-rated products you'll find on Amazon. Reviewers love them for their organic cotton construction. The set comes in a mix of mesh and muslin bags, to keep your fruits and veggies fresher and crisper in your fridge longer than other storage methods. They're also great to bring to the grocery store instead of using plastic bags, which makes them an incredibly eco-friendly option, too.


22. These Sponges Are Eco-Friendly And Stink-Free

Pura Naturals Stink Free Sponge, $16 (6 Pack), Amazon

Normal dish sponges get mildewy and smell up your kitchen in a hurry. These sponges stay stink-free thanks to their unique bacteria- and germ-repellant properties — they're crafted from an eco-friendly, plant-based material originally developed to clean up oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, the scrubber side is made from walnut shells, and is attached without toxic adhesives. The package includes three rectangular sponges and three leaf-shaped sponges, all designed to fit your hand.


23. Bottle Brush Cleaners That Can Reach The Corners

Dish Scrubbie Long Bottle Brush Cleaner, $13 (3-Pack), Amazon

There's nothing more annoying that trying to jam a sponge inside a bottle to get it clean. These easy-to-use bottle brush cleaners let you forgo the hassle, offering a simple way to access those hard-to-reach corners of glassware. The soft bristles, which are constructed from plush polyester yarn, are super durable and non-scratching.


24. These Socks Use Copper To Naturally Reduce Foot Odor

Copper Fit No-Show Socks, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

Enjoy natural odor reduction at your next workout, courtesy of the copper infused right into the fabric of these socks. The high-density activated copper is woven into the footbed, which not only removes any foot odor you generate, but also provides light, breathable compression. Extremely durable and made to withstand everyday use, the socks also feature a heel tab, moisture-wicking material, and a no-show design.


25. This Spatula Is Ultra-Thin For Easy Flipping

StarPack Ultra Flexible Silicone Spatula, $11, Amazon

Crafted from high-quality, FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone, this spatula is ultra-thin to provide all the flipping flexibility as you need to whip through dozens of pancakes or burgers. This tool is topped off with an ergonomically-designed handle with a thumb groove to ensure maximum comfort and control, and a premium stainless steel core for added durability. It's dishwasher-safe and heat -resistant up to a remarkable 600 degrees, too.


26. A Reversible Memory Foam Pillow That Features A Cooling Gel Insert

Sleep Innovations Reversible Gel Memory Foam Pillow, $34, Amazon

If you're one of those sleepers always searching for the cool side of the pillow, this memory foam number could be the solution for you. One side is made with a gel memory foam that keeps you comfortable all night long with that coveted cool-side-of-the-pillow feeling, while the other is crafted with standard memory foam that holds its shape to align your head and neck. The result? You fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling more refreshed.


27. This Umbrella Folds Up Inside-Out To Help You Stay Dry

NewSight Inverted Umbrella, $22, Amazon

It's simple physics: This umbrella keeps you drier by collapsing inside out so the water doesn't run down onto you. But that's just the beginning of the benefits it offers — this umbrella is crafted from double pongee fabric, so it keeps strong sunlight away from users. Additionally, it features a C-shape handle to fit your wrist comfortably and free your hand for other purposes.


28. A Device That Will Restore Your Clothes To Like-New Condition

Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver, $15, Amazon

With two speeds and adjustable blade heights, this fabric shaver is an indispensable wardrobe maintenance tool and one that's travel-ready, too. With a large blade surface and three shaving hole head sizes, it's suited to all different bobble sizes and types of fabric, including sweaters, jerseys, blankets, bed sheets, upholstery, and much more. Plus, the adjustable height spacer protects garments from being cut or snagged and guards your hands from accidentally touching the shaver foil.


29. Three Flexible Measuring Cups That Are Heat Resistant

iSi Flexible Measuring Cups, $23, Amazon

This set of three measuring cups provides a 1-, 2-, and 4-cup measurement system. The cups are made from heat-resistant silicone and are dishwasher and microwave safe. But the best thing about these cups is that they are flexible — you can actually bend them as your pour ingredients into bowls and cups, which eliminates spills and mess.


30. Convenient Oven Liners That Catch Pieces Of Food

Chef's Choice USA Oven Liners, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

These simple but brilliant oven liners prevent your stove from constantly being covered in bits of bread and fallen casserole. They're made with tough, non-stick teflon material that's heat-resistant and super easy to clean. They're also easy to use — just slide them underneath whatever you're cooking and watch how much cleaner your kitchen becomes.


31. An Absolutely Brilliant 2-in-1 Straightening Brush

MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Straightening Brush, $43, Amazon

Most hair straighteners are lacking in the brush/detangling department, but this system saves you unbelievable amounts of time by getting rid of tangles while straightening your hair simultaneously. With the help of ionic heat technology, this innovative beauty tool prevents heat damage, split ends, frizz, and static, and seals cuticles to give you with silky, healthy hair. Complete with an auto shut-off feature for safety, the brush heats up quickly and can be adjusted from 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great option for all hair types.


32. These Smart Plugs Can Make Your House More Secure And Save You Money

TMRLIFE WiFi Smart Plug, $21 (2 Pack), Amazon

Make your home more secure, monitor your energy consumption, and so much more with the use of these smart plugs and their coordinating app. These plugs insert into any standard outlet, then you can plug anything into this plug — your electronics, appliances, home lights, and more — and control them via the app. Turn your lights on before you get home, never worry about forgetting to turn off your iron, turn on your ceiling fan before you arrive home, or sync your lights to sunrise and sunset. These smart plugs save electricity and prevent over-charging, too.


33. These Hooks Go Up Anywhere And Hold Up To 13 Pounds

Fealkira Adhesive Wall Hooks, $8 (6 Pack), Amazon

For hanging towels, bags, or any of that stuff that piles up in the shower or the front hallway, these utility hooks go up quickly and hang up to 13 pounds without batting an eye. The hooks themselves are crafted from stainless steel with transparent PVC backing, and they're easy to adhere by just peeling off the backing. Plus, you can easily remove and reposition them without damage to the underlying surface.


34. An Incredibly Brush That's Even More Incredible For The Price

xtava Double Bristle Natural Boar Brush, $10, Amazon

The stylist's secret for those gorgeous salon waves, this brush is amazingly well-priced for a brush featuring natural boar bristles. It includes long nylon bristles to detangle hair, along with shorter anti-static boar bristles to smooth frizz and add shine. The ergonomic wooden brush handle keeps the round brush cool while styling. The large, round barrel helps to add volume to your roots, and the brush is 9.5 inches in length, a size easy to carry in your bag or carryon.


35. This Ice Cream Scoop Conducts Heat To Soften Your Serve

Berco Kitchen Heat-Conducting Ice Cream Scoop, $14, Amazon

Don't you just hate it when you have to chip away at your ice cream with your scoop because it's so hard coming out of the freezer? This scoop eliminates that problem with its unique antifreeze handle that uses your own body heat to effortlessly slice through hard frozen ice cream and other frozen desserts. The curved scooper shape creates perfectly portioned scoops with no need to defrost your ice cream — and you can use it for cookie dough, too.


36. A Toiletry Bag That Holds It All And Really Hangs Around

Bago Hanging Toiletry Bag, $25, Amazon

Fend off chaos in on your travels with this toiletry bag that's uber-organized — and includes a convenient hook for hanging. It's spacious, compact, and large enough to fit all your accessories and essentials from makeup and razors to shaving foam, shampoos, jewelry, and much more. Durable and lightweight, it's crafted from long-lasting rip-stop honeycomb fabric that's waterproof and designed to protect your items inside. Each bag is durably stitched and equipped with heavy-duty zippers to last you for years to come.


37. The Device That Provides You With An Easier Way To Deal With A Very Boring Grooming Task

Zerhunt Water Flosser, $40, Amazon

Is there anyone out there who actually likes flossing? I sure don't, but I might change my mind with this device — a portable, rechargeable dental water jet for plaque removal, massaging the gums, and improving blood flow. With water that pulses 1,700 times per minute and a 360-degree rotating long nozzle, this water flosser is powerful enough to deeply clean every corner precisely where traditional brushing can not reach. It's great for preventing gum disease, especially for those of us who loathe traditional flossing.


38. A Kitchen Accessory That Will Keep Your Counters Clean

Yamazaki Home Ladle & Lid Stand, $18, Amazon

Crafted from steel, this unique accessory gives you your hands back while you're cooking spaghetti, stews, or soups — it keeps both your ladle and your pot lid close by and off of your counter while you work. Also useful as a cookbook stand, the durable construction will hold the heaviest lids or books without yielding, and the metal is powder-coated to resist rust.

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