38 Quirky Inventions That Germaphobes Swear By

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I'm one of those people who can't concentrate on anything unless their space is clean — and since I work entirely out of a studio apartment, that means there are no doors to close out the clutter and no one but me to do the cleaning. Cue the most brilliant hygiene and cleaning products that germaphobes swear by. These unique items keep everything bacteria-free and spotless I can focus on the task at hand.

See, in my opinion, the term "germaphobe" is a misnomer, because germs aren't the only thing worth worrying about. If you, like me, also dislike the idea of dust, bed bugs, water contaminants, mold, mites, soap residue, odors, dirty dishes, food splatters, and stains, these quirky inventions on Amazon have you covered. They do pretty much all of the heavy lifting (and sanitizing) for you, so you can relish in the feeling of freshness without a ton of effort on your part.

So go ahead — hang your pocketbook from any surface. Bring your own sheets wherever you go. Suck up the dirt from your drawers without having to empty everything out. From one germaphobe to another, these brilliant cleaning inventions might just be some of the most satisfying purchases you ever make.

1. This Genius Handbag Hammock That Keeps Your Purse Off The Car Floor

Car Cache Handbag Holder, $20, Amazon

Car mats are like magnets for dirt, leaves, sand, and germs, so instead of putting your bag down there, there's the Car Cache. It's like a hammock for your handbag, and it installs in seconds and keeps your bag secure and easily accessible behind the center console. It even has a big pocket for other items like umbrellas and sunglasses, and you can wash it in the machine if it gets dirty.


2. A Plug-In Sanitizer That Zaps Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, And Odors

GermGuardian Pluggable UV-C Sanitizer, $32, Amazon

You can clean the counters all you want, but some germs still remain airborne. The GermGuardian sanitizer plugs into any outlet and zaps away bacteria, odors, mold spores, and viruses without any effort on your part. It uses a UV-C light and titanium dioxide to kill 99.9 percent of germs, and reviewers say it's "quiet and efficient."


3. A Set That Ensures You Can Always Sleep On Your Own Sheets, No Matter Where You Are

Adult Travel Sheet Sack, $25, Amazon

If hotel sheets, air mattresses, or guest rooms gross you out, there's this travel sheet sack. It's essentially a sleeping bag made from lightweight microfiber, and since it encompasses your whole body like a cocoon and even has a pillow pocket, it protects your skin from germs, mites, and bed bugs. The microfiber material is breathable, washable, and resistant to stains, too. Reviewers say it's a "lifesaver for someone with bad allergies" and a "great product for someone who travels a lot."


4. This Genius Vacuum Attachment Comprised Of Small Tubes

KOKODI Universal Vacuum Dust Attachment, $13, Amazon

Reviewers are obsessing over this KOKODI dust attachment, because it "cleans out every nook and cranny" of their homes and cars. It universally attaches to virtually all vacuums and uses dozens of tiny, flexible tubes to suck up dust in hard-to-reach places. It's great for keyboards, air vents, furniture nooks, and even drawers with stuff already in them, since the hoses are too small to pick up anything of importance.


5. The Simple Tool To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Germ-Free And Feeling Like New

MelodySusie Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner, $6, Amazon

The MelodySusie brush cleaner is an easy way to remove all that grime, residue, and bacteria from your makeup brushes. It features four different textures in a sleeve-like design that fits right over your fingers — and since it's made from silicone, it rinses clean, dries fast, and won't harbor germs. "My brushes look brand new again and I'm happy knowing they've been thoroughly cleaned," one buyer raves.


6. This Phone Charger That Kills Nearly All The Bacteria On Your Touch Screen

PhoneSoap 3, $60, Amazon

You've likely read about the shocking number of germs on your cell phone screen, but luckily, the PhoneSoap 3 offers a quick and easy way to keep your devices sanitary. In just a few minutes, this gadget kills 99.99 percent of bacteria by scanning your phone with a UV-C light. It fits all different models (plus a smart watch at the same time), and even allows you to charge your phone while it sanitizes.


7. An Ingenious Gadget So You'll Never Touch Another Dirty Toilet Seat Again

YOLOPLUS Toilet Seat Lifters, $9 (Set of 3), Amazon

Whether you use them at home, at work, or in public, these seat lifters ensure that you never have to touch a dirty toilet seat again. They're made with a sturdy adhesive that attaches to any toilet without damage, and you can even lock them into a folded position to keep them out of the way while you sit.


8. These Wool Slippers Have Removable Soles, So You Don't Track Any Dirt Back Inside

Dualyz Kush Removable Sole Slippers, $50, Amazon

If you go outside in your slippers to take out the trash, get the mail, or pick up after the dog, these genius Dualyz slippers ensure that you don't track any dirt back in. That's because the durable soles are actually removable, so when you're back inside, you can leave them by the door. They come in multiple sizes and colors for men and women, and the wool exterior and cushioned insoles keep your feet both warm and supported.


9. A Set Of Brushes That Turn Your Drill Into A Powerful Scrubbing Tool

Brison Drill Attachment Scrubbers, $18, Amazon

You could spend upwards of $100 on a powerful motorized cleaning scrubber — or you could turn your drill into one for less than $20. These Brison attachments fit virtually all types of drills and instantly turn them into cleaning devices that can handle both tiny nooks and huge surfaces. All three attachments are made from high-quality PP-material, which is durable and chemically-resistant without scratching your tiles, porcelain, granite, car parts, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen surfaces. It even cleans rugs.


10. These Open-Cell Sponges Won't Absorb Smells, Moisture, Or Food Residue

DishFish Scrubber, $14 (4 Pack), Amazon

I first tried these DishFish scrubbers a few months ago, and I don't think I'll ever go back to a traditional sponge. They're made from a durable, pliable material that features open-cell technology, so instead of absorbing odors, moisture, and food particles, they simply rinse clean. These sponges won't scratch anything (counters, porcelain, dishes, or non-stick pans), but they scrub extremely well to get rid of baked-on food and scum — and they even have cut-outs to wash utensils in one quick motion.


11. A Handy Gadget That Keeps Your Microwave Pristine

Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner, $8, Amazon

Keep your microwave looking like new all the time thanks to this ingenious steam cleaner. It loosens grime and splatters so you can just wipe them away with ease — simply fill it with water and vinegar and set the microwave for a few minutes — and you'll have much less work to do. You can even infuse it with lemon to add a nice scent, and it only takes seven minutes to work.


12. The Sleeves That Keep Your Clean Clothes And Your Dirty Shoes Separate In Your Suitcase

eBags Shoe Sleeves, $20 (Set of 2), Amazon

No one wants their dirty sneakers touching their clean clothes while they're traveling. Thankfully, eBags shoe sleeves put a water-resistant protective barrier between the two. They're made from a stretchy fabric that can fit any size or style of shoe, and they have a drawstring closure for easy packing and retrieval. You can get this one in seven different colors, and each comes with two matching shoe sleeves.


13. This Bath Mat Dries In Just Three Minutes, So It Won't Collect Mold, Smells, Or Bacteria

Diatomaceous Earth Antibacterial Bath Mat, $35, Amazon

Yes, it's made from crushed fossils, but this diatomaceous earth bath mat dries in three minutes — even when it's soaked all the way through. As a result, it's resistant to bacteria, mold, and odors, so it keeps your bathroom way cleaner than a traditional fabric mat. "This shower mat is amazing," raves one of many five-star reviews. "When I got out of the shower and stood on it the bottom of my feet were instantly dry."


14. These Hypoallergenic Body Wipes Are Like A Shower In A Travel-Friendly Tub

Defense Soap Body Wipes, $25 (2 Pack), Amazon

When you desperately want to feel fresher, but can't make it to a shower, you'll be happy you have a tub of these Defense body wipes in your bag or car. Even though they wipe away bacteria, odors, and fungi, they're hypoallergenic and still respect your skin's natural barriers. That's because they use tea tree and eucalyptus oils to freshen you up instantly, whether you're on the road, heading out after work, or running errands after the gym.


15. A Mite-Killing UV Vacuum That's A Godsend If You Have Allergies

Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum, $65, Amazon

Most vacuums can handle surface dust, but don't do much for mites and other allergens. For a germaphobe, this UV vacuum is a dream come true. It uses a special sterilization light as well as powerful HEPA filtration to kill microorganisms and dust mites while also sucking up dander, pollen, and dirt. It's handheld, so you can easily use it on beds, carpets, drapes, and furniture, and reviewers say the suction is "pretty amazing for such a small machine."


16. The Natural Spray That Boosts Your Immune System And Protects Your Throat

Comvita Propolis Throat Spray, $9, Amazon

Flu season is coming in quick, but reviewers are astounded by how well propolis throat spray boosts immunity and eases symptoms. It's made with raw propolis and manuka honey, both of which contain enzymes and resin that help fight bacteria and protectively coat the throat to ease coughing and pain. The best news? It's made from natural, recognizable ingredients, and it has a "slightly sweet herbal taste," according to buyers.


17. These Universal Lids For Any Cup, Mug, Or Glass

AvecToi Silicone Drink Covers, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Prevent spills while traveling with your coffee. Keep bugs and dirt out of your drinks in the backyard. Ensure optimal freshness when storing unfinished juice in the fridge overnight. These AvecToi drink covers make an awesome addition to your germ-free kitchen because they use suction to create a tight seal on basically any-sized cup, mug, or glass. They're also made out of food-safe silicone, so they're BPA-free and can be put in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.


18. The Pre-Moistened Wipes That Let You Sanitize Any Touch Screen, Anywhere You Happen To Be

Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes, $17, Amazon

These individually-wrapped cleaning wipes travel with you anywhere, so you're always prepared to sterilize any screen or lens. The high-tech formula gets rid of dirt, grime, and germs on glass without damaging technology — and without leaving behind streaks. Plus, since they're disposable, you can just toss all that touch-screen bacteria right into the trash.


19. An Antibacterial Shampoo That Reviewers Say Is A "Miracle" For Problem Scalps

ANTI-b Antibacterial Shampoo, $20, Amazon

This is not your average shampoo. In fact, ANTI-b is made with special ingredients like lemon essential oil, aloe, and witch hazel, all of which work to fight bacteria, ease inflammation, and treat infections. As a result, it's a great choice for those with dandruff, seborrhea, eczema, and scalp acne. The one word that reviewers keep tossing around? "Miracle."


20. These Dusting And Cleaning Rags That Disinfect Themselves

Udderly Clean Antimicrobial Silver Towels, $17 (25 Pack), Amazon

Why are these Udderly Clean towels so revolutionary? Because they disinfect themselves. They're woven with microfiber and real antimicrobial silver, so they trap dirt, dust, and moisture while fighting germs simultaneously. They're also extremely absorbent, won't scratch your furniture or appliances, and retain their antibacterial properties throughout hundreds of washes, so they're way more eco-friendly than paper towels.


21. A Clip To Hang Your Bag From Virtually Any Surface

Clipa2 Handbag Hanger, $16, Amazon

Loads of reviewers are asking, "Where has this been all my life?" The Clipa2 sits on your handbag strap while you're on-the-go, but when you reach your destination, it folds out to create a gravity-defying clip. You can then hang your bag from bathroom stalls, the backs of chairs, bar tops, and even edges of tables, so you never again have to put your purse on a dirty public floor. It's even available in six different metallic finishes and can support up to 33 pounds.


22. The Brilliant Bottle That Filters Virtually All Harmful Contaminants Out Of Your Water

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle, $60, Amazon

Yes, it's a pricey investment, but for travelers, survivalists, or germaphobes, the GRAYL purifier bottle is worth it. This fast-working and lightweight bottle has won awards for how well it purifies water in just 15 seconds. Fill it with tap, river, or lake water and press down on the top to remove viruses, bacteria, sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, odors, bad tastes — you name it. People say it creates "incredibly clean water that tastes great," and "kept [them] from any stomach problems" in countries with notoriously-bad water.


23. This All-In-One Toothbrush Holder That Sanitizes, Organizes, And Dispenses Toothpaste

FUNOHYE UV Sanitizing Toothbrush Holder, $27, Amazon

This genius FUNOHYE sanitizing toothbrush holder does so many things to keep your bathroom tidy and hygienic. For one, it protects the heads of up to four toothbrushes and sanitizes them with an ultraviolet sterilizing light. For another, it automatically dispenses your toothpaste for a drip-free and hands-free experience, and for another, it mounts to the wall to minimize clutter on your counter top.


24. This Enzyme Stain Remover That's Totally Natural, But Shockingly Effective

Puracy Natural Enzyme Stain Remover, $12, Amazon

Natural products are rarely as effective as their chemical-laden alternatives, but Puracy natural stain remover is the exception. This hypoallergenic and vegan formula uses powerful enzymes to effortlessly lift all types of stains (mud, red wine, oil, and cosmetics) from any and all washable fabrics. It also removes odors, which is a lifesaver for households that have both rugs and pets.


25. These Biodegradable Seat Covers For Public Toilet Emergencies

GoHygiene Disposable Toilet Seat Covers, $10, Amazon

Most germaphobes have sworn off public restrooms, but when you absolutely have to go, you've got these GoHygiene seat covers. They're made from a biodegradable pulp paper that protects you against the bacteria on a public toilet seat. Reviewers absolutely love that they're individually-wrapped and take up "hardly any room" in a purse — and when you're done, you can just flush them away.


26. These Hand Sanitizers That Skip The Nasty Additives And Skin-Drying Ingredients

ArtNaturals Natural Hand Sanitizer Gel, $14 (4 Pack), Amazon

In recent years, there have been tons of studies about the dangers of antibacterial hand sanitizers, but there are safer alternatives when it comes to keeping germs in check. ArtNaturals hand sanitizer gels utilize skin-friendly ingredients while killing viruses and fungi with coconut and essential oils. This set comes with four different scents — lavender, coconut, tea tree, and scent-free — and each one is designed to keep your hands clean, moisturized, and healthy.


27. A Healing Balm Reviewers Swear "Should Be On The Shelf Of Every Drugstore In America"

Zincuta Skin Ointment, $13, Amazon

Wounds, cuts, and irritations need to be protected and kept clean. Luckily, Zincuta skin ointment works on just about all of them. This cult-favorite balm uses healing ingredients from nature, like beeswax, slippery elm bark, and styrax resin. It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory qualities, so you can use it on bug bites, poison ivy, burns, eczema, sun exposure, chafes, dry lips, cracking hands, or basically anything else you can think of. "This stuff is getting harder and harder to find," says one reviewer, but it's the "best [they've] ever used... It should be on the shelf of every drugstore in America."


28. This 18-Cup Water Filter That Gets Rid Of 23 Contaminants Including Lead

PUR Ultimate Water Dispenser, $40, Amazon

I'm pretty freaked out by the contaminants in tap water, which is why the PUR ultimate water dispenser has been the best addition to my kitchen in years. Using activated carbon and ion exchange, this filter removes 23 different contaminants including lead — and most other leading brands can't do that. It also holds up to 18 cups of water at once, fits in the fridge thanks to its slim design, and has a toggle spout so you don't even have to pick it up to pour. Oh, and it tastes way better than any other filtered water I've tried.


29. The Deodorant Stick That Also Detoxifies Your Underarms

Sway Detox Deodorant Kit, $20, Amazon

A deodorant that also purifies? Yep — Sway is revolutionary because it's the first deodorant kit that actually helps your body detoxify itself and balance your natural pH. This set comes with apple cider vinegar-infused deodorant as well as dusting powder to keep you dryer, and reviewers love it because it actually works and won't irritate sensitive skin.


30. An Adorable Bamboo Set So You Can Bring Your Own (Clean) Utensils Everywhere

To-Go Ware Bamboo Travel Utensil Set, $13, Amazon

Who knows where those plastic utensils have been, and how many hands have touched them? Do yourself (and the environment) a favor with this To-Go Ware travel utensil set. It's made from stain-resistant bamboo that won't absorb odors and can go in the dishwasher without damage. You can also get it in seven different colors, and each set comes with a fork, a spoon, a knife, and chopsticks, all in a protective and compact travel pouch.


31. These Brushes Designed To Clean Every Inch Of Your Reusable Water Bottle

OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set, $10 (Set of 3), Amazon

Yes, reusable water bottles are eco-friendly, but they're also hard to thoroughly clean. Enter the OXO Good Grips bottle set, which comes with three distinct brushes to clean inside straws, all around intricate mouth-pieces, and deep down to the bottom of your bottle. They're all made with durable nylon bristles, and they come on a handy clip for drying or hassle-free storage.


32. An Effective Air Purifier That Won't Break The Bank And Won't Take Up Your Whole Desk

Koios Upgraded Air Purifier, $43, Amazon

Air filters are typically large, clunky, and super expensive. Luckily, the Koios upgraded purifier is none of those things. This compact unit is small enough that some people bring it to work with them. It's quiet, has an effortless one-button design, and utilizes three layers of filtration to remove everything from odors and mold to pollen and pet dander. So far, reviewers have given it a 4.8-star rating.


33. An Innovative Way To Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Tyroler Antibacterial Toilet Brush, $30, Amazon

Toilets: Everyone's least favorite thing to clean. Unlike your traditional toilet brush, however, the Tyroler antibacterial brush is made from silicone, so it won't absorb germs, smells, or moisture. The soft bristles scrub away residue and stains without scratching your bowl, and since it rinses clean, dries fast, and comes with a no-spill canister, the worst chore you have just got a little easier.


34. The Massive Sticky Lint Roller That You Can Wash And Reuse

Sticky Lint Roller, $13, Amazon

This is potentially the weirdest item on this list, but according to reviewers, it actually works. Use this giant sticky lint roller to clean up pet hair, dust, dirt, crumbs, and pilling. The non-toxic silica gel can be used on any fabric or surface without leaving stains, it's sticky enough to pick up a 4-pound object, and you can wash it over and over again to start new. This one even comes with two refills.


35. These Brilliant Mesh Tents That Keep The Bugs Off Your Food And Plants

Mesh Screen Food Cover Tents, $11 (Set of 4), Amazon

If you like eating outdoors, these food cover tents are essential. When they're not in use, they fold up into compact sticks that store easily in a drawer, but when you pull the wire, they pop open into colorful mesh tents that protect your food against all types of bugs. Some people even use them to protect their newly-sprouted plants, and other reviewers call them a must-have "for outdoor parties and/or camping."


36. A Little Apple That Keeps Your Vegetables Fresher For Longer So Your Fridge Stays Odor-Free

Bluapple Produce Freshness Extenders, $20 (Set of 2), Amazon

Refrigerators don't stop the growth of bacteria and odors — they just slow them down. Bluapple produce freshness extenders slow them down even more. They use a non-toxic replaceable packet in a BPA-free plastic apple to absorb ethylene gas, which reduces the rate of spoilage. This keeps your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, so your fridge stays sanitary and odor-free.


37. These Smart Two-In-One Masks That Protect Against Germs While Traveling

Message Masks, $16 (2-Piece), Amazon

These adorable message masks kill two birds with one stone while you're traveling. First, they protect your mouth and nose against airborne germs using a 100 percent cotton barrier that's washable, reusable, and comfortable. Second, each has a different statement, so they let the flight attendant know whether you want food or you want to sleep.


38. This Super Satisfying Product That Keeps Your Brushes Clean And Hair-Clump-Free

MISEL Hair Brush Cleaner, $13, Amazon

If you're grossed out by clumps of hair in your hairbrushes, the MISEL brush cleaner is for you. It works with any size or style because of its metal bristles, which effortlessly untangle and remove strands as well as product build-up. The wooden handle feels comfortable in your palm, and according to reviewers, "all the hair comes out in one little wad." So satisfying.

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