38 Quirky Inventions That Germaphobes Swear By

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I'm one of those people who can't concentrate on anything unless their space is clean — and since I work entirely out of a studio apartment, that means there are no doors to close out the clutter and no one but me to do the cleaning. Cue the most brilliant hygiene and cleaning products that germaphobes swear by. These unique items keep everything bacteria-free and spotless I can focus on the task at hand.

See, in my opinion, the term "germaphobe" is a misnomer, because germs aren't the only thing worth worrying about. If you, like me, also dislike the idea of dust, bed bugs, water contaminants, mold, mites, soap residue, odors, dirty dishes, food splatters, and stains, these quirky inventions on Amazon have you covered. They do pretty much all of the heavy lifting (and sanitizing) for you, so you can relish in the feeling of freshness without a ton of effort on your part.

So go ahead — hang your pocketbook from any surface. Bring your own sheets wherever you go. Suck up the dirt from your drawers without having to empty everything out. From one germaphobe to another, these brilliant cleaning inventions might just be some of the most satisfying purchases you ever make.

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