38 Revolutionary Products On Amazon That Have Started Tripling In Sales

by Lisa Fogarty

Sales aren't always everything. You can have a great up-and-coming cult product that hasn't broken through to the mainstream market yet, and it can still be amazing. But these genius products on Amazon that have tripled in sales represent the best of both worlds: they have inventive features that makes them burgeoning rock star products, but they've recently caught on just enough to impress hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of consumers.

When a genius products is described as "revolutionary," it nearly always means that it can provide a smart solution to a common problem in a way that saves time, saves money, and makes your life easier.

For one person, the product that dreams are made of may just be a pocket-size aromatherapy inhaler that clears your sinus passageways with natural essential oils like eucalyptus. For someone else, drain cleansing strips that attack odors, grease, and food particles are everything. Your best friend could get really excited about a fabric and lint shaver that keeps wool sweaters looking spiffy. While, for you, the item you can't live without could be an ultra lightweight backpack that folds up and fits into a portable pouch.

Check out this miscellaneous list of revolutionary products that are selling like wildfire — and score the items that you just know will make your life more of a pleasure.


This Zipper Puller So You Never Have To Ask For Help Getting Dressed

Imagine never having to say "can somebody help zipping me up?" ever again. You won't have to rely on outside assistance to get that dress on when you have this genius zipper puller. The long strappy tool works on all zipper types, including invisible zippers — and it's especially great for children who are learning how to dress independently.


A Leather Furniture Repair Balm That Makes Sofas Look Brand New

Remember how amazing your sofa or chair looked when you brought it home from the store? And how it slowly faded in color and life and now you're dreading having to replace it? Save your money for a little while longer — this amazing leather re-coloring balm restores the condition of your furniture, and also works on car seats and leather accessories like purses. It comes in 18 colors.


An Affordable Cooking Tool That Ensures Evenly Cooked Meat

If you're making chili or any other dish that requires chopped meat, you can ensure all pieces are uniform and cooked to perfection with this hamburger meat chopper. The five-blade tool is made from heat-resistant nylon and provides effortless chopping action that makes cooking a lot easier.


The Rotating Hanger With 20 Hooks For All Of Your Accessories

Still dangling all of your belts or scarves on one hanger (which makes it impossible to find what you need)? Stop the madness with this simple, amazing rotating hanger, which features 20 hooks for ties, belts, scarves, and more. The three-pack of hangers come in white or black, fit right over closet rods with no installation, and are fully adjustable.


These Glass Water Globes That Keep Plants Hydrated When You Can't Be There

Take good care of your plants and flowers, even when you can’t be there to physically water them and give them love, with these glass plant watering globes. The colorful hand-blown glass globes are filled with water and simply inserted into the soil in flower and plant pots. They will deliver the perfect amount of water when plants need a drink, keeping your green friends hydrated.


A Razor Extension Handle That Helps You Tackle Hard-To-Reach Areas

There are always spots on the backs of legs that are impossible to shave — but there’s no need to emerge from your shower with patches of unwanted hair. This razor extension tool is a telescoping handle that adds an additional 15 to 20 inches of length to existing razors, making it much easier to reach those areas without having to contort yourself into a pretzel. It has a pivoting head and two universal razor attachments for large and small razors.


This Snap-Together Dust Broom And Pan For Simple Storage

Keep your broom and dust pan together — where they belong. This duo snaps together, which offers an easy stand-up storage solution. The broom has a lengthy 52-inch handle and its roomy pan features a built-in scraper and comb to keep the broom clean as a whistle. It comes in orange or grey and green.


An Electricity-Free Shake And Slush Maker That Works Magic In 7 Minutes

In seven minutes or less you can whip up a delicious, nutritious (or just plain fun) smoothie, shake, or slush in this shaker maker cup. The 8-ounce cup doesn't even require electricity or heavy-duty clean up: freeze the inner compartment for eight or more hours, place it into the outer cup, add ingredients, mix and scrape the concoction using a spoon that comes with the cup, and you've just whipped up a fun treat.


These Silicone Beer Saver Caps That Keep Opened Brews Fresh

Just because you've opened a bottle of beer, doesn't mean you have to finish the whole thing at one time. These silicone beer saver caps fit perfectly over bottles and lock in freshness by locking out air. Beer stays fizzy and tasting great and the caps are dishwasher-friendly and reusable.


The Portable Humidifier That Works With Just A Cup Of Water

You won't even need a water bottle — never mind an electrical outlet — to get this portable humidifier working so that it adds moisture to the air and helps to eliminate allergens. The adjustable humidifier, which can be charged using a USB cable, simply has to be placed in a cup of water and it will deliver a cool mist that's perfect for your personal office space, car, or any small room in your home.


This Warm Beanie With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Stay warm and listen to your favorite music or podcasts (and take phone calls) with this smart Bluetooth beanie. The warm knit beanie has a built-in speaker that eliminates the need to choose between your hat or headphone. Its battery works for up to 20 hours before requiring a recharge — and the double-knit hat is super snug and washable (just remove the speaker first).


An Organizer For Keys And Must-Have Items That Fits On Door Knobs

It's the last thing you'll see before you leave your house — and the perfect place to set up reminders: this door knob organizer provides three pockets and a key chain where you can set all of the items you need to take with you so that there's zero chance of forgetting them.


A Gentle Detangling Brush That Glides Through Knots

There’s only one way to handle knots without compromising your hair — with a gentle brush like this detangling brush, which can be used on wet or dry hair. Reviewers say the brush literally glides through hair and that it can be used on any hair type — straight, curly, coarse, fine, you name it.


This Miniature Inhaler Filled With Essential Oils That Help You Breathe Better

Having trouble breathing? Bring this mini inhaler wherever you go and take a deep breath of powerful essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender that help clear your passageways. The portable inhaler is infused with healing Himalayan pink salt crystals and provides instant aromatherapy benefits wherever you roam.


The Facial Mister That Hydrates Skin So That It's Soft And Smooth

Every good DIY facial starts with a deep pore-cleaning spa treatment — and this nano facial mister comes through with ionic mist that penetrates deep and provides soothing hydration for softer, smoother skin. The little mister is lightweight, portable, and can be charged with a USB cable.


A Safe Magnet Trap For Flies And Other Winged Pests

You may be able to catch more flies with honey, but this magnet fly trap is even better (and won't lure in the ants): the reusable bait calls to flies and then traps them within its diamond-shape lid. Once the trap gets filled up, discard the flies, add more bait, and start again.


These Acne-Busting Patches That Heal Pimples While You Sleep

Help heal inflamed, red, painful pimples overnight with these genius acne patches, which are made with natural ingredients like hydrocolloid that soak up excess sebum and pus to dry out zits without sapping your skin of needed moisture. The transparent patches easily adhere to pimples and can even be worn during the day under makeup.


The Manual Food Chopper That Preps Veggies In Seconds — Without Electricity

With a number of sharp quality blades and a manual pull string that does the job regardless of whether you’re near an outlet or not, this manual chopper chops, blends, and pureés vegetable and fruits in seconds. Its portable design makes it the perfect gadget to take camping or hiking and its roomy 25-ounce bowl is dishwasher-safe.


An Easy-To-Clean Double-Sided Lint Brush

Remove lint, dust, and debris faster and with greater ease with this double-sided lint brush, which has arrow tips along the handle to indicate which way you should swipe to pick up lint and which way to swap to clean the brush (without having to use your hands — hurray!). The brush is perfect for pet owners, works well on clothing and upholstery, and reviewers say it is sturdy and lasts forever.


The Eye Roller That Instantly De-Puffs And Makes You Feel Awake

Why apply eye cream when you can multitask with this eye roller that both hydrates and de-puffs sensitive under-eye skin? The cooling roller contains an effective blend of caffeine and vitamin C that moisturizes, brightens, and makes tired eyes look smooth and alert.


The Easiest Way To Select The Spice You Need For That Dish

If you're like many people, there's a solid chance it takes forever to find the spice you need in a disorganized cabinet filled with bottles of all sizes. Simplify the process: this futuristic spice carousel has 12 removable spice compartments on a rotating base. Mount the tool or leave it on your counter — it has a convenient auto-measure dial and can fit up to 48 spices.


A Natural Serum For Longer Lashes And Brows

Your lashes and brows will grow longer and stronger with the help of this natural lash serum, infused with peptides and biotin. The hypoallergenic serum boasts more than 15,000 amazing reviews (with accompanying photos that show the difference it can make). And it couldn’t be easier to use: it has a thin brush wand applicator — one quick application along the upper and lower lash lines is all you need.


These Cleaning Drain Strips That Keep Sinks Smelling Fresh

Insert one of these concentrated cleaning and deodorizing drain strips directly into drains each month to effortlessly drain any grease and debris that gets stuck in pipes before it becomes a much more expensive dilemma. The strips kill bacteria, keep sinks smelling fresh, and are safe on all pipes and septic systems.


An Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker That Stands Up Against Water

Listen to music and podcasts or take phone calls when you’re in the shower, outside, and even poolside with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The mini speaker has a suction cup and hook for mounting or hanging anywhere. It can pair with devices that are located up to 33 feet away and plays music for up to six hours straight before requiring a charge.


The Phone Mount That Stays In Place Wherever You Put It

Feel secure that your phone is mounted in your car on a device that will keep it sturdy and in place. This phone mount stays in place on car air vents, as well as bike handles, tables, desks, and other surfaces. The lightweight mount can be used to view your phone in portrait or landscape format.


This Table Cup Or Mug Holder That Frees Up Work Space

Enjoy your beverage while working without taking up even an inch of precious desk or table space with this table cup holder. The holder attaches to surfaces with a strong clamp and you can choose between a cup holder or mug holder. It comes in a number of colors and doubles as a trusted place to store your phone or wallet.


An Incredibly Lightweight Backpack That Folds Up Into A Small Pouch

This ultra-lightweight backpack solves the dilemma of what to do when you get to your destination and no longer want to carry around a backpack (or how to get on that flight without being charged extra for bags) — it folds up and can be stored in a compact pouch. The durable nylon backpack is coated in a waterproof material that protects it against the elements. It has a roomy main compartment, exterior pouches, and it comes in 13 colors.


The Powerful Mouthwash That Keeps Breath Fresh For 24 Hours

This is no ordinary mouthwash. This is a powerful, bacteria-killing oral rinse that has been clinically proven to keep breath fresh for up to 24 hours. Reviewers swear that it's a miracle cure for halitosis and that it actually prevents morning breath.


This Multi-Tasking Dish Brush And Soap Dispenser

Get those dishes, pots, and pans clean and sparkling without having to stop every now and again to add soap to your sponge. This soap brush has strong, but gentle bristles that remove caked-on grease and food without scratching pans and pots. Fill it with dish soap, press a button when you need to add suds to cookware, and toss the tool in the dishwasher to keep it clean and free of odors.


An Affordable Facial Cleansing Brush That Deep Cleans Pores

While costing a fraction of the price of many similar facial cleansing brushes, this seriously popular choice features two speed settings and comes with seven interchangeable brush heads that address every skin concern under the sun. From exfoliating dead skin cells to removing makeup and massaging skin, this waterproof cleansing brush can do it all.


A Multi-Functional Tool That Serves 11 Functions

This is more than just a tool. It's a multitool with 11-in-one purposes as a hatchet, hammer, pliers, Phillips head screwdriver, saw, rasper, slotted point screwdriver, wrench, wire cutter, bung puller, and bottle opener tool with a safety lock. Keep this compact, portable gadget in your car or bag and you'll always find a good use for it.


The Toothbrush Holder That Comes With An Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

Mount this toothbrush holder on your wall and use it to store up to five toothbrushes. The holder's clamshell design ensures that bristles are protected from dust and dirt and the set comes with an automatic toothpaste dispenser, which frees up major counter and cabinet space.


A Fabric Shaver And Lint Remover That Makes Sweaters Look Brand New

Restore that beautiful wool sweater — or couch or knit scarf — to its original condition with regular use of this fabric shaver and lint remover. The battery-operated tool features three shave heights, two speeds, and three shaving head holes.


This Car Steering Wheel Tray For Working And Eating On The Road

This car steering wheel tray can be mounted to steering wheels or the backs of seats and used to hold plates, laptops, or notebooks — which means no more trying to balance these items on your lap. The portable tray has a drink holder, comes in black or grey, and can be installed in just seconds.


The Personal Water Filter For Clean Water On Camping Trips And In Emergencies

Whether you're an avid camper or hiker, or just want to be prepared during emergencies, this personal water filter can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water and rid it of 99.9% of waterborne bacteria so that it's safe to drink. The lightweight, portable filter comes in a sealed bag.


A Better, Wider Toaster For Bagels With A Clear Window

Finally: a toaster that's big enough for bagels and provides a clear window so that you can view the level of toasted goodness that's about it emerge and it's never a mystery. The toaster features seven browning level options and both the crumb tray and glass window pop out for easy cleaning. It comes in four colors: black, white, red, and aqua.


This Doggy Water Bottle For On-The-Go Hydration

This leak-proof dog water bottle is a convenient 19-ounce bottle that you can operate with just one hand, which makes it perfect for hikes and walks. Press the water key to fill the bowl with water and release it to stop water. It also comes in 12 ounces and is offered in blue or pink.


A Hands-Free Personal Fan For Instant Coolness

Trapped inside of a hot office? Strap on this hands-free personal fan, which wraps around your neck, and it provides cooling without disrupting people around you. The double fan can be charged using a USB cable and will operate for four to 12 hours straight before requiring another charge. It comes in black, blue, pink, and white.

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