38 Self-Care Products Under $20 Trending On Amazon That You Effing Deserve Too

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When it comes to online shopping, there's impulse buying (typically done with a credit card in one hand and a glass of wine in the other), and there are self-care products that help you achieve a much-needed a mental holiday. As someone who tries to avoid unnecessary clutter, I believe that the latter is a better use of my paycheck.

Don't get me wrong. I've amassed a fair amount stuff since moving out of my childhood room and into a new apartment — probably because I work with products day in and day out, and sometimes, that "add to cart" button is just too tempting. But I can confidently say that the self-care products trending on Amazon have been among my best buys. If it contributes to my meditation exercises, yoga practice, self-compassion abilities, or gratitude levels, they're products that actually make me happier on a daily basis, and that's a win in my book.

So if you're looking for practical things you can buy on Amazon for under $20, you're in luck. Not only will you get real, daily use out of these wonderful items, but they're likely to boost your mood and give you the self-care treatment that you effing deserve.

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1If You're New To Essential Oils, This Is A Lovely Place To Start


Pure Joy Aromatherapy Premium Kit, $14, Amazon

If you're just beginning your essential oil collection, the Pure Joy premium aromatherapy kit is a great place to start. It uses 100 percent pure essential oils (without any additives) to mix with body oils, put in your diffuser, or refresh your home. The kit includes lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, and sweet orange, and they all come in a gorgeous gift box.

2This Hybrid Mix Of Coffee And Tea For Nourishment, Focus, And Clarity


Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea, $13, Amazon

As much as I love the taste and no-crash clarity of Wize Monkey coffee leaf tea, I love the mission even more: this company creates year-round jobs for coffee growers and uses an "earth to cup" process — meaning there's no middleman, and they know the exact farms they're harvesting from. It's smooth, rich, loaded with antioxidants, and brewed in a biodegradable sachet. It's also available in multiple flavors including Earl Grey, Jasmine, Mango, Peppermint, and Original.

3This Comprehensive Book Changes The Way Your Brain Reacts To Stress


The Stress-Proof Brain, $13, Amazon

We can't change the things that stress us out, but we can change how we respond to them. The Stress-Proof Brain is written by practicing psychologist Melanie Greenberg, and it uses comprehensive tools based in mindfulness, neuroscience, and positive psychology to help you rewrite and master your brain's emotional response to stressful situations. Reviewers say it's "Illuminating and scientific without being overly technical," and "I am actually experiencing a significant difference in my stress levels. Such a huge relief!"

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4This Soothing Heating Pad With A Moist Heat Option


Sunbeam Moist / Dry Heat Heating Pad, $14, Amazon

Whether you're dealing with muscle pain, headaches, cramps, or just stress, the Sunbeam heating pad features both dry heat and a sponge insert for moist heat. It has a slide controller with multiple settings, and the removable cover is machine washable and dryer-friendly. It powers up within 30 seconds, and reviewers say it has lasted them for years.

5This Nourishing, Soothing Oil Made From Real Lavender


Basq Lavender Calming Oil, $17, Amazon

Put it in your bath, mix it with your favorite skincare products, or give yourself a soothing massage. However you choose to use it, this Basq lavender calming oil is hypoallergenic, free of parabens, and clinically tested to work well with any skin type. It's also made from real lavender to nourish your skin and relax your body and mind. It even helps users achieve a deeper, more restful sleep.

6This Highly-Rated Sound Machine For A Ridiculously Great Price


Big Red Rooster Portable Sound Machine, $13, Amazon

If you're looking for a sound machine for an unbelievable price, this is it: the Big Red Rooster portable sound machine, and reviewers are in love with it. "Now I can't be without it!" one raves. It's pre-programmed with eight natural sounds, like rain, songbird, waterfall, and summer night. Because it runs on batteries, it's totally cordless, and there's even an optional auto-off timer — and it will last 75 nights in a row without needing a battery change.

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7This Must-Read If You're Looking To Empower Yourself And Understand The Universe


The Divine Matrix, $11, Amazon

No matter what level of spirituality you are or what denomination you follow, readers agree that The Divine Matrix is a "must read" if you're looking for empowerment, joy, and understanding. Author and scientist Gregg Braden bridges spirituality with real peer-reviewed scientific experiments to explain how the quantum field of energy works in our lives, and how we can utilize it to create joy, to heal suffering, and bring peace.

8These Portable Mindfulness Exercise Cards For Stress Relief On The Go


Stress Less Cards, $13, Amazon

For quick and interactive stress relief no matter where you are, there's these Stress Less Cards. They contain 50 easy exercises that cultivate mindfulness and stop the mind’s automatic stress response in its tracks. Reviewers call them "thought provoking" and "clever," and say it really helps to "shuffle the cards and pick one or two for the day." The meditation techniques were developed by advanced Yogi's to help reduce anxiety and fall asleep, too.

9This Moisturizing Socks And Gloves Set To Wake Up With Baby Soft Skin


Pinkiou Moisturizing Gloves And Socks Set, $14, Amazon

Infused with vitamin E, olive oil, and grape seed oil, these Pinkiou gloves and socks lock moisture into your skin for softer hands and feet. They can be worn at night or around the house, and the socks even have grip dots on the bottom so you don't slip. "These are amazing," says one reviewer. "I was blown away with just one night's improvement." They can even be used with moisturizer for an even greater softening effect.

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10This Set Of Quality, Hand-Made Aromatherapy Bath Bombs That You Should Jump On ASAP


Enhance Me Bath Bombs, $20 (Set of 12), Amazon

These Enhance Me bath bombs are handcrafted in the USA using incredibly high-quality ingredients, like real essential oils and coconut oil. They're fizzy, deeply moisturizing, totally vegan, and smell great. This set even comes with a free lip balm, and scents include peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, and lavender.

11This Full-Spectrum Bulb That Replicates Natural Sunlight


Fulight Full-Spectrum Bulb, $8, Amazon

"I don't think I realized how much different my world looked until I replaced the ceiling lights with these bulbs," one reviewer writes. Unlike your average light source, this Fulight bulb creates a full-spectrum daylight illumination that's eye-friendly, uplifting, and allows you to more accurately distinguish colors. As a result, it's great for applying makeup, reading, or getting a little mood boost when you're stuck inside all day.

12This Brilliant Planner That Marries Productivity With Mental Health


Live Whale Planner, $20, Amazon

Because it combines practicality with effective happiness exercises, the Live Whale Planner is designed to balance your productivity with mental health. It organizes your dates, meetings, and goals, but it also cultivates gratitude and self-improvement with journaling and habit trackers. It's well-made, fits in most purses, and is undated so you can start anytime.

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13These Adorable Animal Slippers That Make Any Self-Care Netflix Day


Fuzzy Babba Slipper Socks, $15-$18, Amazon

I'm obsessed with these Fuzzy Babba slipper socks, and my self-care day isn't a self-care day without them. They come in 14 adorable animal designs, (everything from puppies, piglets, bears, and owls), and they're lined with a super soft furry interior. They even have gripper bottoms to keep you from slipping on hard floors.

14These Yoga Dice With Varying Poses To Mix Up Your At-Home Practice


Yoga Dice, $15, Amazon

If your home practice is getting a little stale, inspire yourself with these awesome Yoga Dice. Made from solid wood, they have seated, standing, balancing, and twist poses to generate a variety of routines for yogis of any level. They also come in a cute container for easy travel, storage, or display.

15This Seemingly-Simple Foot Massager With 2,000+ Reviewers


TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller, $19, Amazon

Who knew something so simple could provide so much relief? This TheraFlow foot massager is made from textured Theaceae wood rollers that stimulate pressure points, soothe tired feet, and increase circulation. Reviewers say it's a must for people who work long hours, experience heel spurs, have flat feet, or just need some unwinding time.

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16This Card Game That Helps You Cultivate Compassion In The Real World


Sneaky Cards Card Game, $9, Amazon

Sometimes your own happiness-boost starts with making someone else feel better. This genius Sneaky Cards game invites you to cultivate compassion and joy among an unsuspecting public. Each card has an objective to complete (like buy someone coffee, or take a selfie with a stranger). Once you're done, you pass the card onto that person, so they can continue the chain; you can even track how far it's gone online.

17This Waterless USB-Powered Diffuser That You Can Bring Anywhere With You


Youlanda Portable Essential Oil Diffuser, $18, Amazon

Because it uses a fan instead of a water tank, the Youlanda essential oil diffuser is highly portable and great for travel, commutes, and desk-side relaxation. Simply add your favorite oils to the fiber pad, plug it into a USB port, or power it using two AAA batteries. People say it's "almost completely silent" and "can fill up a room with scent in a very short time."

18This No-Hassle Travel Cup That's Good For Both You And The Environment


Kafe in the Box, $16-$18, Amazon

Few things boost my mood quite like a hot cup of tea or coffee. Be kind to both yourself and the environment with Kafe in the Box — a travel cup that's lightweight, BPA-free, and reusable. It fits in most cup holders and under most cartridge coffee makers, and its splash-proof lid has a removable sliding tab top that feels super comfortable against your mouth.

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19An Energetic Spray That Revives You With Citrus And Vanilla


Revive Aromatherapy Mist, $20, Amazon

This citrus and vanilla aromatherapy spray is safe to use in the shower, on linens, as a room spray, or directly on the body for an uplifting energy boost. The scent combination can even help relieve anxiety, it's made with all natural ingredients, and one reviewer writes: "I LOVE the scent! Wakes me up in the morning. I spray it in my face for a boost..."

20These Brilliant Pads For Joint Support During Your Yoga Practice


GoYonder Yoga Pad Cushions, $10, Amazon

For use with or without your yoga mat, these GoYonder pads give you extra cushioning and non-slip support. They're made from an eco-friendly material that won't absorb moisture and "hugs" your elbows, knees, ankles, sit bones — wherever you need a little extra support during your practice. It can even be used for knee support during other activities, like gardening, and it's even heat-resistant.

21This Gorgeous Aromatherapy Bracelet For Essential Oil Use Anywhere


Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet, $18, Amazon

Made 0f stainless steel and leather, this gorgeous diffuser bracelet allows you to take your favorite essential oils with you anywhere. It comes with eight different colored pads that are reusable and effortlessly lock into the tree pendant using a magnet. The scent then evaporates throughout the day for effortless aromatherapy at work, while traveling, or while running errands.

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22This Quality Candle If You're Looking For Some Balance And Harmony In Your Life


Chesapeake Bay Candle Balance And Harmony, $15, Amazon

The Chesapeake Bay Candle company utilizes natural soy wax blends, real essential oils, and self-trimming wicks for a clean burn with any candle. Balance And Harmony features notes of orange, sandalwood, water lily, and tropical fruits for a scent that helps you journey into relaxation and calm your body and mind. It burns for approximately 70 hours, and comes in a frosted jar with a natural wood lid.

23This Coloring Book That Actually Helps You Become A Better Artist


Good Vibes Coloring Book, $10, Amazon

This beautifully-designed coloring book is filled with affirmations, reminding you to enjoy life and look inward, but it's also for those who want to learn how to color more artistically — it also includes a basic guide to real techniques like patterning and shading. Additionally, the paper is extra-thick and you can color using markers, crayons, and even watercolors. The paper is perforated, too, so you can display your creations.

24This Journal That Combines Creativity And Gratitude


Happy Journal, Happy Life, $11, Amazon

If you're looking to cultivate creativity, the Happy Journal, Happy Life journal is the way to go. It combines drawing with gratitude exercises for a mindfulness activity that helps you "rediscover child-like joy" and "record the good in a fun, non- threatening way," according to reviewers. It also works to forego negative thoughts and learn to express gratitude for the little things.

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25This Hair Repair Masque That Works Wonders Without Excess Weight Or Grease


NatureLab TOKYO Perfect Haircare Repair Masque, $16, Amazon

When you need a hair-focused self-care day, but can't make it to the salon, there's NatureLab TOKYO repair masque. As someone with thin, heat-processed hair, this stuff is a life-saver. It fortifies, heals, and protects strands with bamboo, keratin, and prickly pear oil, but it's free of parabens and harsh chemicals. Most importantly for me, it doesn't weigh hair down with heavy oils and greasy ingredients.

26This One-Touch Mood Light To Calm, Illuminate, Or Accent A Room


Verliux ORBit LED Calming Relaxation Mood Lamp, $13, Amazon

This Verliux ORBit mood lamp helps you unwind with calming colors, illuminate with natural spectrum light, or accent a room with color-changing LEDs. It works with a simple one-touch design, and it runs on batteries, so it's great for travel, emergencies, outdoor use, or easy portability from room to room.

27A Soothing Mask Made From Matcha And Mud


Matcha Green Tea Face Mask, $16, Amazon

The antioxidants in green tea do wonders for skin — they can heal blemishes, even skin tone, and reduce puffiness — and because matcha is one of the main ingredients in this face mask, that's what it'll do for you. It also helps to clear pores out, and one reviewer writes: "Mask takes about 20-25 minutes to dry but made my face feel clean and very hydrated. Great product!"

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28This Ridiculously Affordable Crock Pot Makes A No-Hassle Home-Cooked Meal


Crock-Pot Round Manual Slow Cooker, $9, Amazon

After a stressful day or a rough week with the flu, nothing heals quite like a home-cooked meal. Since all you need to do is chop your ingredients and throw them in, this Crock-Pot slow cooker takes all the effort out of it. Also, it's under 10 dollars, it holds 2 quarts. which is just enough for one or two people, and it has three heat settings, a dishwasher-safe stoneware insert, and a clear glass lid.

29This Simple But Effective Tool To Work Out Knots Anywhere On The Body


Tiger Tail Knotty Tiger, $18, Amazon

By allowing you to lock the wrist and apply pressure via the trigger point curve, this Tiger Tail Knotty Tiger saves your hands and fingers (or someone else's) while working out muscle knots. The firm, smooth surface glides over clothing and makes it easy to apply differing amounts of pressure, and reviewers say it's "such a simple design but so incredibly effective."

30This Luxurious Shea Butter Body Lotion That Absorbs Right Into Skin


Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion, $14, Amazon

Because it's made with unrefined African shea butter, this Nubian Heritage lotion is deeply moisturizing and nourishing — but it absorbs right into skin for a lightweight, non-greasy feel. I wear it daily underneath my makeup, and my face looks matte and healthy all day. It also has extracts of Frankincense and Myrrh to invigorate your senses; one reviewer even says, "I've had strangers stop me to ask what type of perfume I'm wearing."

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31This Chakra Bracelet With Real Gemstones And Oil-Diffusing Volcanic Lava Rocks


Jewelry Yoga Chakra Bracelet, $12, Amazon

With 100 percent authentic gemstones (each representing a different chakra), reviewers love this Jewelry Yoga chakra bracelet. The rest is made from volcanic lava stones, which absorb essential oils for use as a portable diffuser, and the elastic is strong and stretchy to fit any wrist. The stones include amethyst, red agate, and tiger eye.

32This Anti-Stress Coloring Book Filled With Quotes And Gorgeous Illustrations


Today Is Going To Be A Great Day Adult Coloring Book, $6, Amazon

This inspiring adult coloring book has over 400 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. That's because it's so easy to relieve stress and cultivate mindfulness with its one-sided sturdy pages, gorgeous illustrations, and uplifting quotes. Pages are perforated so you can tear them out, and reviewers say even paints and markers won't bleed.

33This Innovative Neck And Back Massager That Feels Like A Professional's Hands


Gideon Neck and Shoulder Deep Massage Tool, $14, Amazon

Made to mimic the feel of a professional massage therapist's hands, this strange but intriguing Gideon massage tool offers targeted pain relief with its trigger point golf-like silicone balls. Because of its convenient design, you can now reach difficult places (like the neck and back) all on your own, and reviewers say they "use it every day."

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34This Body Wash Is Made From Soap Nuts And Essential Oils, And It Heals Problem Skin


Tree To Tub Soapberry For Body, $20, Amazon

Made from genuine organic soap nuts that have been used in Ayurvedic dermatology for years, Tree To Tub Soapberry is so gentle even on the most sensitive skin. Even though it's antibacterial and antiviral, it balances pH and invigorates with real essential oils for smooth, protected skin. Reviewers also say it works wonders for acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

35This Book Teaches The Difference Between Self-Esteem And Self-Compassion,


Self-Compassion, $13, Amazon

If you ever feel like your self-worth is undermined by advice columns, glossy images in the media, and other people's highlight reels on social media, Self-Compassion is a must-read. Rather than temporarily inflating your confidence levels, life coach and health counselor Simeon Lindstrom teaches a realistic, compassionate view of ourselves — a powerful attitude shift through various exercises that reviewers say are "in a word, awesome."

36This Roll-On Essential Oil Blend To Help You Chill Out Anywhere


Bliss Bound Wellness Chill Out Relaxing Blend, $15, Amazon

Handmade with nine different therapeutic grade essential oils — including cinnamon and lavender, this Bliss Bound Chill Out blend rolls onto the skin so you can access relaxation anywhere. It's stored in a dark blue glass vial to protect the healing qualities of the oil, and whether you need it at work, for your commute, or at the gym, it's so easy to travel with. It's also made with fractionated coconut oil, which is moisturizing as well as soothing.

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37This Heat And Aromatherapy Eye Pillow Filled With Flax Seeds And Herbs


Lavender Eye Pillow, $15, Amazon

Available in both satin or cotton (each in multiple colors), this soothing eye pillow is filled with organic flax seeds and real aromatherapy herbs to promote relaxation. It can be stored in the fridge to reduce swelling or microwaved for calming heat therapy. Reviewers span from professional massage therapists to chronic migraine-sufferers, and all of them are thrilled.

38This Reflexology Acupressure Mat For Your Feet


ROSENICE Acupressure Foot Stone Pad, $9, Amazon

Not only does this Acupressure foot pad show you which part of the foot is connected to which part of the body using a reflexology chart, but it features textured stones that stimulate pressure points and increase circulation. The stones are removable, and the mat easily rolls up for travel or storage. It also helps relieve pain and even claims to help strengthen immunity.

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