38 Smart Amazon Products So Useful You'll Reach For Them Every Day

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Your wallet can't speak, but if it could, it would ask you very nicely to try and focus your spending on useful purchases instead of on Amazon products that are genuinely entertaining. Exercising fiscal irresponsibility is fun when you're on vacation, but the minute those tires hit the tarmac back home it's time to reign it in and start saving up your money so you can afford the next adventure you go on.

The only exception here, of course, is when you need whatever you're looking to buy: food, rent, and useful products available on Amazon are some of those, but you just have to make sure you're actually going to use whatever you're purchasing. Letting an entire pound of chicken go bad in the fridge is just as wasteful as spending money on a product that never makes it out of the packaging, which is why each and every item on this list is super functional in everyday life.

From a cable organizer that keeps your earbuds from getting tangled, to a heated lunchbox that can warm up your meal, the number of shockingly useful Amazon products is almost endless. You'll be surprised how often you reach for them — so they'll never feel like you're wasting your money.

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