47 Genuinely Entertaining Things You Can Buy On Amazon that Make Staying Home Fun

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My typical rainy day at home consists of streaming one too many episodes of my favorite series followed by a melodramatic gallivant outside where I decide being cooped up inside is the worst. But when you have genuinely entertaining things from Amazon that make staying home fun, avoiding a torrential downpour or snowstorm becomes a little more delightful.

Of course, we all know that Amazon is an oasis of bizarre items that are actually brilliant, as well at the best market for finding useful AF products. But it's also the best place to find captivating products that can turn hours of being trapped inside from a punishment into a party.

Whether it's a face mask that's part of a long overdue DIY spa day or a kit for creating your own gin, these products offer an enticing way to spend your free time. Of course, what's considered engaging by one person may not always be too provocative for others. That's why there's a wide range of products that cover a variety of interests from doodling to competitive card games. And of course, there's also a few techie upgrades that turn too many episodes of TV into a theater-like experience (so it still beats your typical lazy day).

By adding these genuinely entertaining products to your Amazon cart now, you'll be prepared for your next night, or day, at home. And who knows, you may even start planning your next one!

1. This DIY Bath Bomb Mold Set With All The Tools You Need For Over 100 Bath Bombs

Swisselite Bath Bomb Mold Set, $20, Amazon

If you love LUSH, you'll love this 369-piece Bath Bomb Mold Set. It has everything you need to create over 100 packaged bath bombs at home, including four aluminum DIY molds, a gauge spoon set, 100 shrink wrap bags, 52 colorful elastics, a handmade sealer, and 100 handmade stickers. You'll just need to provide the basic bath bomb ingredients like baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, and essential oils.


2. This Interactive Book That Will Engage Your Inner Nancy Drew

Keri Smith Finish This Book, $14, Amazon

This compelling book turns you into an author that must pull together the scattered pages of another mystery detective's "lost work" to create your own adventure. Throughout the book you'll use creative problem solving while tracking your own story through creative passages. A captivating activity that will "get your creative juices going," it has almost 200 five-star reviews from readers who couldn't put it down.


3. This Best-Selling Cake Pop Maker That Cooks A Dozen Treats In Five Minutes

Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker, $23, Amazon

This best-selling cake pop maker allows you to make at least a dozen cake pops or donut holes in just five minutes. The dual-voltage tool is made with non-stick baking plates that not only guarantee perfectly crafted desserts but an easy clean-up. Each kit comes with a plastic cake pop stand, a fork tool, and over 50 cake pop sticks.


4. This Competitive Card Game That Takes Just 15 Minutes To Play

Czech Games Codenames, $15, Amazon

Codenames tests your word-association skills by challenging rival spymasters to help their teammates guess the identities of 25 secret agents by giving one-word clues to their codenames. While teams are pitted against each other, everyone plays to avoid the assassin. Best played in two teams, it can also be formatted with fewer players in "cooperative mode." And if you had any doubts about how fun word associations can be, just check over 1,700 five-star Amazon reviews.


5. This DIY Kit That Lets You Turn Any Vodka Into A Flavorful Gin

DIY Gift Kits Homemade Gin Kit, $40, Amazon

If you've never gotten the liquid courage to turn your kitchen into a bootleg brewery, then you'll adore this homemade gin kit. It gives you everything you need— both the ingredients and recipes— to turn a standard bottle of vodka into artisanal gin. It also comes with two glass bottles to store your concoction, custom labels, and a stainless steel flask to take your brews anywhere.


6. This Portable Projector That Connects To Your Smartphone

Artlii Smartphone Projector, $50, Amazon

Instead of huddling up in bed to stare at a 7-inch screen, try using a smartphone projector. This lightweight projector weighs just half a pound but can connect through USB, HDMI, AV, or SD to play video on a large screen up to 60 inches. It also comes in three colors and can be powered by a power bank while traveling.


7. This Instant Ice Cream Maker That Creates Homemade Dessert In Minutes

Chef'N Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker, $43, Amazon

This instant ice cream maker comes with a fast freeze surface that turns any mixed ingredients into a frozen consistency for the easiest fro yo, sorbets, or gelato. The tray, which comes in two colors, must be stored in the freezer for 24 hours before turning your liquid mixture into ice cream. Each kit comes with a scooper, spade, and recipe book so you can great multiple frozen creations– including margaritas.


8. This Portable Table Top Tennis Set That Turns Any Room Into A Court

Franklin Sports Table Tennis Set, $17, Amazon

Challenge your friends to an afternoon of tabletop tennis by whipping out this portable table tennis set. It comes with an expandable net with posts, two ping-pong paddles, and two ping-pong balls securely wrapped into a mesh carrying bag. Just adjust the width of the next up to six feet and attach to any flat table with the adjustable clamps.


9. This Tabletop Version Of Cornhole That Doesn't Required A Massive Backyard

Running Press Desktop Cornhole, $9, Amazon

This tabletop version of Cornhole means you won't need a backyard to play America's favorite lawn game. It comes with two plastic corn hole boards about the size of a dollar bill and eight color-coded bean bags each the size of your thumbnail. Impossibly small, but insanely quiet, this game is great to play while everyone else is snoozing.


10. A Grown-Up Version Of Go Fish With Crazy Rules Designed To Make You Lose

Headburst Go Fish Yourself Adult Party Game, $10, Amazon

Your favorite card game gets an adult makeover in Go Fish Yourself. Rather than hoarding cards, you force other players to make pairs. Each pair comes with a set of ridiculous rules that you have to follow throughout the game. If any player doesn't follow the rules or can't keep up, they're out. Every deck has 54 cards packed with bizarre challenge that will have you and up to five friends in hysterics.


11. This DIY Kit That Lets You Make Authentic Hot Sauce At Home

DIY Gift Kits Hot Sauce Kit, $40, Amazon

Craft seven bottles of delectable hot sauce in the comfort of your own kitchen with this hot sauce kit. Flip through the included recipe cards to select your perfect creation. Each kit comes with a spice blend, three pepper bags, a bottle of apple cider vinegar, and a pouch of ghost pepper. Distribute the finished sauce between three glass bottles or four squeeze bottles through an included two-inch funnel.


12. This Mask That Combines The Power Of Oxygen Bubbles And Charcoal To Hydrate Skin

Purederm Deep Purifying Black Oxygen Bubble Mask (pack of 10), $13, Amazon

Give your skin a much-needed detox with a purifying oxygen bubble mask, which uses a combination of charcoal powder and oxygen bubble to remove toxins, dead skin cells, and excess sebum from skin. Just wear the mask for 10 minutes and let the bubbles activate so your cells feel hydrated and nourished. It's easy to wash off and comes with 10 masks in a set.


13. This Crocheted Mermaid Tail Blanket That's Great For Movie Marathons

Senmar Mermaid Tail Blanket, $14, Amazon

Spend your Sunday channeling your inner Ariel while sporting this luxuriously soft mermaid tail blanket. It's made from a polyester and cotton blend that's been crotched by hand for a super soft, fluffy creation. The unique shape not only looks great, but actually keeps your feet bound to preserve your body temperature. It's machine washable and safe to toss in the dryer.


14. This Expanding Bath Caddy That Holds Everything You Need For A Spa Day

ComfySure Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy, $30, Amazon

Turn your bathtub into a luxurious spa with an adjustable bamboo bathtub caddy. The convenient shelf can expand up to 44 inches wide and is made from a durable wood that's water-resistant and won't mold or rust. Each tray includes a round slot for drinks or candles, a space for wine glasses, a grooved cell phone holder, a sliding utility trade, and a folder shelf for books or tablets.


15. This Relaxing Adult Coloring Book Set That Promotes Tranquility

USA Toyz Adult Coloring Book Set, $20, Amazon

You'll be carried away on a trip to paradise while coloring over 100 unique designs in this adult coloring book. Explore intricate artwork covered in whimsical patterns on over 50 pages in this 8-by-11-inch notebook. It even comes with a dozen Staedtler watercolor pencils that can be used with or without water. A positive reviewer wrote it was "a great stress reducer and a way to get off the technology that has consumed our lives."


16. This Best-Selling Tarot Card Kit That Includes A Thoughtful Guidebook

Kim Krans The Wild Unknown Tarrot Deck and Guidebook, $23, Amazon

This best-selling Tarot card deck includes 78 beautifully designed, full-color cards stored in an elegant lift box. Use the 200-page illustrated guidebook filled with hand-lettered drawings, to lead you though shuffling, cutting, and interpreting the deck. Called an "incredible bargain" by reviewers, it has earned almost five stars on Amazon for its quality and character.


17. A Quesadilla Maker That Creates The Perfect Meal In Five Minutes

Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker, $20, Amazon

Spice up your lunch or dinner (or, hell, your breakfast!)with this quesadilla maker. Just load it up with a tortilla and cheese and have a restaurant-quality creation in five minutes. It even perfectly divides your quesadilla into six pieces. Not to mention it's super easy to clean with non-stick surfaces and a locking lid for less mess.


18. These Budget-Friendly Face Masks That Look Like Four Different Animals

SNP Cosmetic Animal Characters Printed Mask (pack of 8), $10, Amazon

While these animal masks might make you feel more like you belong in a zoo than a bathroom, their hilarious exterior is just a guise to their benefits. Each mask is made from a natural pulp fabric soaked in a premium coconut water that keeps concentrated essence closer to your skin for longer. Every animal corresponds to a unique skin treatment including a soothing dragon mask and hydrating otter mask.


19. This Four-Dimensional Game Of Thrones Puzzle That's Will Make You Feel Like You Belong On The Iron Throne

4D Cityscape Game of Thrones Westeros Puzzle, $34, Amazon

If you geek out of Game of Thrones, then you'll adore this 4-D puzzle with over 1,400 pieces. Made from a jigsaw map, topography map, and 3-D models, the final creation is an interactive puzzle-map that lets you explore essential GOT history. Sold with an informative booklet, 45 famous landmark flags, 10 house sigils, and five battle markers, the final creation requires an empty space that's at least 30 by 18 inches.


20. This Zombie Masks That Smells Bad But Works Great

Skin1004 Zombie Face Masks (set of 8), $18, Amazon

This funky face mask will make you look like a zombie for 15 minutes before revealing a hydrated and brightened finish. Just mix the powder and activator together for an eight-in-one face treatment that improves skin texture, exfoliates dead skin, tightens pores, clears breakouts, and balances your skin's pH level. The all-natural ingredients include aloe and albumin extracted from egg whites (which FYI smells bad, but works great!), and are delivered in eight different pack sets made in Korea.


21. A Book Of Lists So You Can Find Your Own Happiness On A Rainy Day

Life by Design: 52 Lists, Questions, and Inspirations for Finding Your Happiness, $10, Amazon

This guided journal leads you through 52 weekly exercises that instruct you to create lists, answer questions, and complete activities to enable your own happiness. Every prompt encourages you to think about your life as it stands, and where you want to go, to help create a plausible life plan. One reviewer wrote it was "the only book you need to plot your future."


22. This Mini LED Projector That Can Create a 120 Inch Screen

ExquizOn Mini LED Projector, $74, Amazon

Create an at-home movie theater with this LED mini projector that's 50 percent brighter than standard projectors. This means, even if your room isn't completely pitch black, you'll still have a great picture. It can connect to any computer with an HDMI port, Android phones with MHL functions, or iPhones with a lightening AV adapter. The system then projects your video as large as 120 inches or as small as 32 inches. Plus, the projector is equipped with an innovative cooling system that's cuts down on noise for a picture-perfect experience.


23. This Therapeutic Coloring Book Designed To Relieve Stress

Papeterie Bleu Inspirational Coloring Book: Be Fearless, $6, Amazon

This best-selling coloring book is a world of inspiration at your fingertips with 35 whimsical single-sided pages printed on high-quality paper stock. Each book measures just under 9 by 11 inches with a premium matte-finish cover. Great for all coloring tools from pencils to markers, every page has a black backside to prevent bleed-through.


24. This Amplifier That Enlarges Your Smartphone Screen To The Size Of A Tablet

DizauL Screen Magnifier, $15, Amazon

Rather than investing in a tablet, use a foldable screen magnifier to enjoy watching your favorite shows on a larger scale. Great for preventing visual fatigue, the ABS screen creates a high-definition vision while offering radiation protection without requiring a power supply. It offers two different heights with an angular adjustment and weighs just four ounces.


25. This Box Of Thought-Proving Questions That Inspires Conversation

TableTopics Couples: Questions To Start Great Conversations, $25, Amazon

If you fear sitting in awkward silences, take advantage of TableTopics' conversation card sets. Each 4-inch acrylic cube is packed with 135 cards covered in questions like "what's the dumbest argument you've ever had" or "what one possession of your partner's would you like to throw away?" While this set may be geared towards couples, there are also options for a girls night, family, or happiness.


26. This Fast-Paced Card Game That's Family-Friendly And Easy To Learn

Front Porch Classics Deer In The Headlights, $9, Amazon

Compete with your friends to be the first person to ditch all of your cards in the fast-paced game Deer In The Headlights. A mixture of Uno and Yahtzee, this game uses dice to determine how many playing cards you can discard. Rolling a "Car," "Running Deer," or number will help advance you in the game, but a fatal "Deer In The Headlights" means you're likely to lose that round. Each set comes with two decks of custom cards, three wooden dice, and a score pad.


27. This Garden Kit That Includes All The Herbs For 18 Original Cocktail Recipes

Plant Theater Cocktail Garden Kit, $19, Amazon

This bougie garden kit contains everything you need to create an at-home cocktail garden. It comes with six biodegradable pots, six expanding peat disks, six plant markers, and six foil sealed seed sachets. Your completed garden will have a lively mix of the perfect cocktail herbs including cucamelon, blue borage, lime basil, hyssop, mint, and lemon balm. Once it's in full bloom, put your garden to use with the included cocktail recipe cards from an award-winning mixologist.


28. These Hydrating Eye Patches That Increase Moisture Retention

Miskin DiaForce Hydro Gel Eye Patches, $20, Amazon

Eye patches may look more like a science experiment than spa treatment, but there's no doubting their ability to moisturize and firm the delicate skin around your eyes. Crafted in Korea, these patches use both caviar and bird nest extract to treat under-eye circles and puffiness. Just leave on for 20 minutes and follow up with a gentle massage. Each jar includes 60 patches.


29. This Card Game Based On Giving Compliments So Everyone's A Winner

Totem The Feel Good Game, $25, Amazon

If you're looking for a game that won't end up with monopoly pieces scattered in the corner, try Totem's Feel Good Game. It comes with 80 animal cards and 80 quality cards that can be used to build complimentary totems. With over 6,400 different combinations, it's easy to identify and compliment the various personalities of your friend group.


30. This Pedicure Spa That Heats Up And Vibrates

Conair Pedicure Spa With Vibration, $23, Amazon

Forget trekking to the nail space and give yourself the perfect pedicure in the comfort of your own home with Conair's foot spa. Just plug in the 6-foot cord and use your toes to turn on the vibration and heat setting. Gently massage your foot soles on both the textured base of the bath and the nodes on the splash guard.


31. This Hair Steam Mask That Has Over 11 Different Amino Acids

Etude House Steam Hair Pack, $6, Amazon

This steaming hair pack uses a combination of seven different proteins and 11 amino acids to pamper dry hair with split ends from excessive heat styling and coloring. Together the ingredients saturate your hair to restore vital nutrients so your strands feel stronger and softer. To use just distribute the product in your hair, massage through strands, and let the self-activating steam mask help distribute product throughout your locks.


32. A 56-Piece Nail Painting Kit To Create The Most Elaborate Manicures

LoveOurHome Nail Painting Kit, $12, Amazon

If you want to give yourself salon-level manicures at home, then it's time to invest in a manicure nail kit. It comes with over 56 different pieces, including rhinestones, dotting pains, nail files, striping tape, and paint brushes, to help you create elaborate nail designs at home. Not only at "the brushes extremely good quality" according to reviewers, but it's "a great purchase for beginners."


33. This Rubber Mask That Gives Pores A Deep Clean

Dr. Jart Rubber Mask, $14, Amazon

This rubber face mask may seem like it belongs in a modern art museum, but the rubber actually prevents active ingredients from evaporating for deeper ingredient penetration. It uses a calcium-activated algae that calms and cools skin while restoring vital moisture. Crafted for all skin types, it's a great solution for reducing oil, treating blemishes, and minimizing pores.


34. This Sarcastic Coloring Book Stocked With Snarky Creations

Papeterie Bleu Haters Gonna Hate Snarky Coloring Book, $6, Amazon

If peaceful coloring doesn't appeal to you, try and an adult coloring book that actually channels your inner sass. This 84-page paperback book comes with carefully crafted mandala designs single-printed with witty slogans like "Why be moody when you can shake your booty." Not only are the completed creations something you'll actually want to put on the refrigerator, but they're even printed on durable high quality paper stock.


35. This Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle That's Secretly Educational

Bepuzzled ENIGMA Hanayama Puzzle, $10, Amazon

Bewilder all of your friends when they come over by whipping out this brainteaser puzzle. The three-part metal enigma comes from a renowned puzzle company that creates educational games that actually teach you as you play. With average dismemberment taking about a few hours, and piecing it back together another couple, this puzzle requires an afternoon of complete concentration.


36. This Handheld Star Finder That Chars The Night Sky On Any Day Of The Year

The Sarut Group Stellarscape, $35, Amazon

Turn your bedroom into a planetarium by using this stellarscape to locate and identify over 1,500 different stars. Created specifically for latitudes in most of the continental US, Alaska, and Canada, just pick your current latitude, find the right time and date, and look through the scope for an accurate star map of the night sky.


37. A 3-D Printing Pen That Comes With Over 120 Feet Of Plastic Filament

DigiHero 3-D Pen with LED Screen, $40, Amazon

Let your imagination run wild with this 3-D printing pen that turns biodegradable theromplastic (PLA) into non-toxic art. Just load your filament with the intuitive up and down buttons before picking your printing speed. Monitor the amount of filament left and temperature on the LCD screen. Also compatible with ABS plastic filament, the 3-D pen comes with over 120 feet of PLS filament in a dozen different colors.


38. A Nano Drone That Has Built-In Auto Hovering

Tenergy Mini RC Drone, $19, Amazon

If you've always wanted a drone but couldn't drop the big bucks, this mini-drone is for you. Just four inches wide, the nano-drone is small enough to fit into your pocket and comes with a compact joystick that even beginners can master. The X20 model uses a one-key takeoff, offers a headless mode, and includes auto hovering. Powered by USB, the portable drone operates in temperatures up to 104 degrees and can be controlled within a 66-foot radius.


39. A Lip Gel Patch That's Uses Cherry Ingredients To Hydrate Your Lips

Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch, $9, Amazon

Wearing this lip patch for just 10 minutes can even out your lip's redness before leaving them smooth and moisturized. It's infused with rich cherry extract that's packed with multivitamins to keep your skin healthy. Made in Korea, they're gentle enough for sensitive skin and hydrating for dry lips. One reviewer wrote just "one treatment cleared up my chapped lips."


40. An Interactive Journal That Guides You Through Self-Exploration

Meera Lee Patel Start Where You Are: A Journal For Exploration, $14, Amazon

Use this interactive journal from author Meera Lee Patel to nurture your own creativity while stimulating your mindfulness and self-motivation. It has 128 pages packed with various exercises that force you to answer questions about yourself through writing, drawing, creating lists, and more. A best-selling journal, it has almost five-stars on Amazon from reviewers who wrote "it's gorgeous" with prompts that are "simultaneously thought-provoking and fun."


41. This Blackberry Scented Bath Bomb That Comes With A Sparkly Surprise

Soapie Shoppe Galaxy Ring Bomb, $11, Amazon

When you toss this extra-large bath bomb into the tub, not only will your water turn into a celestial space of glittery stars, but it'll also reveal another glittery surprise. Each blackberry-scented bomb dissolves to reveal a ring valued at $6 to $15 and comes in either a size 6, 7, or 8. The floating bombs are made in the USA and crafted out of 100 percent natural ingredients that hydrate the skin.


42. This Indoor Snowball Fight Kit With Faux Snowballs That Actually Feel Like Snow

Snowtime Anytime Indoor Snowball Fight, $40, Amazon

A snowball fight may sound like a blast, but nothing is worse than being pelted with compact ice that inevitably melts in your snow boots. Instead, use that indoor snowball kit for an action-packed fight anywhere. Each ball is made out of a soft material that's safe to throw and feels soft as snow. Every snowball in the 40-pack kit is about three inches in diameter and safe for all ages.


43. This Reusable Notebook That Turns All Of Your Doodles Into Digital Files

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook, $32, Amazon

Not only does this reusable notebook save the environment, but it also turns all of your musings into digital files for easy online access. Just write on any of the 36 pages with a Pilot FriXion pen and let sit for 15 seconds. Once the ink bonds to the specialized pages, you can blast your notes online. When the journal is filled, just pop it into the microwave to refresh or wipe clean with a damp cloth.


44. A Garden Kit That Gives You Everything You Need To Start A Pepper Garden

Plant Theatre Hot Chili & Pepper Kit, $19, Amazon

Spice up your life by planting the perfect indoor chili garden. This gardening kit comes with everything you need to start growing including biodegradable pots, peat discs, seed sachets, and plant markers. From spicy jalapeños to blazing habaneros, the final pots include six different chilis or peppers for you to heat up the kitchen.


45. This Portable Puzzle That Lets You Complete Three Distinct Mazes

Maze Fury Labyrinth Puzzle Game, $9, Amazon

This self-contained 3-D maze is not only great for planes, trains, or automobiles, it's also a great way to relax in bed while stimulating your brain. Just rotates the tube to get the tiny silver ball to one of three destinations. Create a timed challenge with friends or play at your own pace to improve your memory, visualization, and hand-eye coordination.


46. A Back Massager That Turns Your Couch Into A Masseuse

MYNT Cordless Pillow Massager, $46, Amazon

Lounging around on the couch just got a whole lot comfier with this cordless pillow massager. It has four flattened shiatsu nodes that targets different acupuncture points for an unwinding massage anywhere. The built-in battery lasts up to two hours before requiring recharging, so it can be used anytime, anywhere. The streamlined design includes just one button and has a warming feature.


47. This Foot Massager For Both Hot And Cold Relief

Gaiam Restore Foot Massage Rollers, $10, Amazon

Decrease your muscle tension and relieve foot pain at once with this stimulating foot roller. Designed with hot and cold technology that lets the roller keep its temperature for up to 30 minutes, it provides a kneading effect that can relieve tightness, heel spurs, or even plantar fasciitis. One reviewer even wrote "this simple foot massager has made life enjoyable again" after unbearable foot pain.

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