38 Strange Things That Look Painful But Amazon Reviewers Say Make You Feel So Good

by Andrea Hannah

I don't know about you, but I'll do anything to avoid pain. For instance, I'd rather live with a slightly sore shoulder than deal with an intense, deep-tissue massage. And even the sight of some of those foam rollers and face masks on Amazon make my stomach churn. But here's the truth: Some of the strangest things on Amazon may look painful, but they actually feel amazing.

If you can get past the initial product image and read the reviewers, you'll find that tons of Amazon customers had to do the same — and they're so glad they did. Take this wooden foot roller, for example. It looks like it hurts (a lot). And if I'm dealing with scar tissues or sore arches, the last thing I'd want to do is step onto a roller with wooden knobs sticking out of it. Still, reviewers rave about it, saying how using this device regularly has saved them from pain.

And I have to be honest: When I see something that looks weird and painful at the same time, I click right on through unless someone tells me that's it's a good item. For example, if I didn't hear about this simple strap that's meant to stretch out your whole body, I would have never known how great I feel after using it.

Now, it's time to introduce you to the good stuff. Here's a collection of some of the weirdest items that you can find on Amazon — but I promise that they'll make you feel so much better.


A Foam Pillow That Stretches Out Your Neck

This chiropractic pillow looks like a Venus flytrap at first glance — but hundreds of reviewers swear that it's eliminated their neck pain. Here's how it works: First, you lie down and place your head between the zig-zag foam cushioning. That part will gently cradle your head while keeping it in place so your neck can stretch out. While it looks a little uncomfortable, one reviewer insists that they're "no longer in chronic pain" due to this genius little device.


An Acupressure Headband With Spikes On The Inside

This acupressure headband puts pressure in all the right places to help stave off headaches. The band itself is made from super soft cotton that won't irritate your skin — and it's lined with small acupressure spikes. You can wear this headband for at least 10 minutes per day to release muscle tension and reduce headaches right away.


A Wooden Foot Massager With Tons Of Trigger Points

This deep-tissue massager is a game-changer for any type of foot pain — but especially if you have built-up scar tissue. The tough wooden knobs on the roller break up the painful tissues and trigger acupressure points in your feet to release tight muscles. Some reviewers have written how using this massager has helped them completely eliminate their foot pain over time.


These Nasal Inhalers Mades With Essential Oils

Not only do essential oil inhalers clear out your nasal passages, but they leave behind a fresh, clean scent. This variety pack comes with menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus options — and all three are made with top-notch essential oils. Reviewers swear by these when they're struggling with a sore throat or stuffy nose. Just remove the narrow lid and inhale to let minty-fresh scents clear you up, offering plant-based relief.


A Skin Roller With Hundreds Of Tiny Needles

Reviewers have raved that this derma roller has increased the effectiveness of their favorite skin products. Plus, it doesn't even hurt to use. While the wheel does feature hundreds of tiny needles, they're so slim and short that it truly doesn't hurt to roll them over your face. The product works by exfoliating your skin to help your serums and soaps sink in deeper, last longer, and work more efficiently.


An Arched Acupressure Board That Relives Back Pain

This acupressure board does wonders for all kinds of back pain. The board itself is curved — so when you lie on top of it, it helps open up your chest and shoulders to relieve pain and tension. This board also features small plastic nodes to trigger muscle release. You can even adjust it depending on how deeply you want to move into your stretch.


A Massage Cane That You Can Use Solo

You can give yourself a massage all on your own with this genius acupressure cane. The cane itself is super lightweight and easy to lift over your shoulder — and the two nodules at the end are just the right distance apart to tackle multiple muscle groups at the same time. Use the cane, hold it over your shoulder, and leverage pressure onto your back for immediate relief.


A Deep-Tissue Massager That Treats Your Arms

While it looks like this deep tissue massager may take off your arm, it actually helps heal sore muscles in a snap. Its frame adheres to any smooth surface, and there are four powerful suction cups on the bottom. The inside has two separate massage rollers, each featuring a different pattern for various massage experiences. Adjust the rollers so that your arm can fit between them, slip your arm in, and roll. These massagers dig deep into your muscle tissue to finally relieve that tennis elbow pain.


An Acupressure Neck Pillow That's Filled With Magnets

This unique neck pillow has spikes on the outside and magnets on the inside. And while it might look like a bit much, reviewers swear that it's great for anyone with sore back and neck muscles. On the inside, several magnets are strategically sewn in where trigger points tend to be, which then helps ease pain by giving off a therapeutic magnetostatic field. On the outside, several plastic nodes trigger muscle release points so you can achieve a fully relaxing experience.


These Massage Slippers With Jade Stones In The Soles

These brilliant slippers feature a patterns of jade stones and "buttons" in the soles that help release pain and pressure. There are various textures within the design to help release tension in all the right places. There's even a foot map of various reflexology trigger points on the soles so you can see where certain painful points are located and address them with more pressure, if needed.


This Huge Wheel That Rolls Out Your Back

This wheel massager looks a little intimidating at first glance, but it's truly a game-changer for sore muscles. Designed by a chiropractor, this wheel features protruding nodules that press into your back while it rolls up and down your spine. Plus, it's almost a foot tall — so one side of this wheel can cover a large amount of muscle tissue on your backside. Therefore, you'll be able to alleviate pain all over with just a few rolls.


A Foot Cradle That Stretches Out Your Arches

If you need a good stretch, this foot cradle has you covered. Just slip your foot inside, wrap the strap around your ankle to keep it in place, and then pull the ultra-durable strap that's attached to the toes. The cradle tightens and guides your toes backwards for a deep stretch in your arches. The best part? It's totally self-guided, so you can pull the straps as much or as little as you need. Plus, you can release it whenever you're ready for a break.


A Strap That Stretches Your Entire Body

If you need a deep stretch for your entire body, this extremely durable strap can stretch you out from head to toe. For a simple stretch, hook your hand or foot into one loop and pull. You can also use different limbs and parts of your body for leverage to stretch out your thighs, calves, or even hard-to-reach places like your triceps. And if you ever run out of ideas, it also comes with a handy little exercise guide.


A Massage Stick With Rollers That Spin

This massage-roller stick is a great addition to your post-workout routine. Unlike other massagers, this one features several free-spinning rollers that move as your body does for an even, deep reach. Plus, the ergonomic handles allow you to apply as much pressure as you need to help relieve muscle cramps and soreness. The device can even help increase your blood circulation.


A Slant Board That Eases Calf And Ankle Pain

This foam slant board does the work of a massage roller while you just stand there. But relaxing on the slanted foam, hard-to-target areas — like your calves and ankles — naturally stretch out on their own. On top of that, you can even use this board to kick up your weight workouts at home, like some reviewers did. Reviewers have also written that the boards have helped alleviate plantar fasciitis, shin splints, muscle strains, and more.


A Steel Roller That Cools Down Irritated Skin

Pop this sleek ice roller into your freezer for a few minutes, and then start rolling out puffy, irritated skin. The stainless steel that it's made with is safe for your complexion and gets chilly super fast. Gently roll it over your face when you first wake up in the morning to cure tired eyes. You could even use it before you put on your makeup to smooth your skin and minimize the appearance of your pores.


A Scalp Massager That You Can Wear

This electric scalp massager literally vibrates while it's on your head. Wear it over your scalp and turn it on — and then, the arms will begin to vibrate. You can choose between two modes that will offer different types of massages. The best part is that no batteries are necessary. Plug this little device into a standard USB cord to charge it up for your next scalp massage.


An Enormous Ice Pack That You Can Strap To Your Back

Hundreds of reviewers swear by this reusable gel ice pack for major sprains and injuries — but it can even be used to cool down in the heat. The inside is filled with gel that freezes up in under two hours. The pack itself is wide enough to cover almost your entire back, and you can slip the strap around your waist to keep in place while you relax. Reviewers have written that this pack also works great to keep you cool when the sun's beating down.


A Roller-And-Cream Kit That Eases Arthritis

This hand and wrist kit is a total lifesaver, especially if you spend long hours typing at the computer or struggle with joint pain in general. First, there's the cream. It's made from tons of anti-inflammatory ingredients, including eucalyptus oil. There's also a finger massager with mini foam rollers that you slip your fingers in and out of. Apply the cream, roll out your joints, and finally feel some relief.


A Gel Mask That Works Hot Or Cold

This reusable gel mask pretty much does it all, from relieving puffy eyes to soothing sinus pain and banishing headaches. It's filled with silky gel beads that work as both a hot and cold compresses. To open up your pores and relax your muscles, pop this mask into the microwave for a few seconds and carefully apply to your face. If you'd rather target sinus pressure and headaches, throw it into freezer for a bit and relax while you treat yourself.


A Hamstring Stretcher That Won't Hurt Your Hips

This hamstring-stretching device is a must-have if you're working on your flexibility. At a first glance, it kind of looks like an intense leg brace — but luckily, you only need to wear it when you're actively stretching. The reason this device even better than a strap is because it actually holds your leg in alignment with your hip as you stretch. And with your hip in place, you can really target your hamstring muscles, which is the whole point.


An Acupressure Pillow That's Made With Organic Linen

This acupressure pillow has tons of five-star reviews for a good reason: It can help you get an amazing night's sleep and relieve some stress. The pillowcase itself is made out of luxe, organic linen that feels like a cloud against your skin. On one side, there's also a series of small acupressure nodes. You can lie on your back and let them apply pressure in all the right places for 15 minutes each day.


These Cold Therapy Socks That Help Your Feet Chill Out

If the idea of making your feet freeze seems like a bad idea, then you obviously haven't tried these cold therapy socks yet. They come with multiple gel packs that you can put in the fridge to freeze up. When your feet are hot, achey, and swollen, just slip on these sock and place the packs in the fabric pockets at the toes and heels to instantly soothe your feet. Even reviewers with the most sensitive feet swear that these socks feel ridiculously good.


A Trigger Triangle For Individual Muscles

This tough plastic triangle looks small — but it has a major impact on your muscles. While other massagers attempt to cover as many muscles as possible in one sweep, this triangle focuses on just one at a time. The intense slanted point at the top pushes directly into your muscles to instantly stop spasms or break up contracted knots. A lot of reviewers use this device for their glutes and hamstrings — but you can use it on any muscle that needs some TLC.


An Ice Pack Hat That Calms Your Headaches

This ice pack wrap may not be the most gorgeous thing that you'll ever wear, but you'll definitely be glad you put it on. The band is super soft and easily fits around your head — and the front compartment is filled with a cooling ice pack that offers compression against your sinus cavity and eyes. To use the hat, just slip it on after it's cold and let the compression take care of your headache while you chill out.


A Foot Massager That Feels Like A Spa Service

This electric foot massager does not mess around when it comes to alleviating sore, achey muscles. It features 18 (yes, 18) rotating massager heads to pinpoint every inch of your tired feet. The two massage options imitate a traditional shiatsu massage, and they each hit various trigger points in your feet to release muscle tension. You can even turn the heat on for added warmth. Plus, you can also adjust the height of this brilliant massager so you can truly rest your legs while you treat yourself.


A Silicone Cupping Set That's So Easy To Use

This cupping set works just like the glass cups that an acupuncturist might use, but you can apply them right in your own home. They're made from silicone, so they're a bit softer and more flexible than the glass (which also makes them easier to put on). Use these cups to increase blood circulation and aid muscles whenever you're sore, or use them regularly to prevent stiffness altogether.


These Smooth Skin Scrapers Made With Buffalo Horn

These buffalo horn skin scrapers have ultra-smooth edges that actually feel good when you use them on your arms or legs. Gently scraping these across your skin can help increase your blood circulation, help alleviate various pains, and promote feelings of relaxation. This set even comes with four different sizes and shapes so you can choose a scraper that feels ridiculously good to you.


A Popular Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

It's time to face the facts: You have bacteria hanging out in your mouth, and this tongue scraper can remove it for you. This high-grade metal tongue scraper helps clears off your tongue in just a few swipes, reducing bacteria that can cause certain odors in the process. Since it's made with surgical-grade stainless steel, it's also super easy to clean. And even though it looks funny, reviewers insist that it actually feels really good to give your tongue a massage.


These Gel Gems That Stretch Out Your Toes

Over 2,000 reviewers have insisted that these gem toe separators are an absolute must — especially if you struggle with bunions or general foot pain. These little gems are made from a pliable gel that gently cradles your toes as you wear them. Then, the gems separate your toes to help keep them in alignment with the bones in your feet.


A Flosser That Cleans In Between Your Teeth With Water

This powerful, ADA-accepted water flosser literally blasts away plaque between your teeth. Although it's a little intense to shoot a high-powered stream of water directly into your mouth, it actually feels way better than it looks. The water cleans your teeth and massages your gums with zero pain — and it clears away debris and grime faster than traditional floss. Plus, it's completely cordless, so you can take care of your teeth anywhere.


A Skin Scrubber That Pulls Blackheads From Your Pores

This genius facial scrubber vibrates at such a high frequency that it literally shakes dirt loose from your complexion. It's also powerful enough to take on blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum that can get stuck in your pores (even when other exfoliants can't). Plus, the scrubber itself is made with high-quality stainless steel, so you can easily clean it between washes. It can even be charged with a USB cord.


These Textured Gloves That You Can Wear In The Shower

You can ditch the loofah for good with these textured bath gloves. They improve your skin's texture by gently sloughing away tough, dead skin all over your body. Plus, they work even better than a brush or loofa because you have way more control over how much pressure you apply. Some reviewer love these glove so much that they bought a second pair to use for dry-brushing their skin, too.


A Hammock That Cradles Your Neck

This neck hammock is a game-changer when it comes to preventing aches and pains. All you have to do is lay your head in this hammock and relax. That's it! As you lie down for up to 10 minutes at a time, your spine slowly straightens and your muscles release any stored pain or tension. One reviewer who loves it wrote, "Truthfully this thing is straight magic!"


A Clay Sponge That Makes Your Skin Buttery Soft

While this clay sponge looks like it would feel nightmarish against your skin, it actually softens up a lot when it's wet. In fact, it's soft enough to use with water alone to gently exfoliate your skin. You can also combine it with a few drops of your favorite cleanser and start exfoliating. The best part? This sponge is vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free.


A Back Brace That Helps You Stand A Little Straighter

Not only does this back brace correct your posture, but it can also help your shoulders relax and release tension. By wearing this harness all day for a few hours every day, your posture can majorly improve. It works by guiding your shoulders back and down to help you stand and sit straighter, which therefore retrains your muscles to do it on their own when you're not wearing the harness.


An Orthopedic Pillow That Adjusts To Your Height

This cervical traction pillow keeps your head in line with your spine to stave off spasms and relieve pain. To use it, just place your head directly on the small acupressure nodules and allow your neck to bend with the pillow (even if it feels a little awkward at first). As you relax, your muscles soften, your spin straightens, and you can finally get some much-needed pain relief.


This Pod You Can Put On Your Back To Prevent Hunching Over

It's easy to hunch over your phone all day, but luckily, there is this back pod can help pull your spine upright. Just lie down on the pod and let it do the work. The before and after pictures from reviewers are impressive — and most say that using this device three to five times per day to roll out their spine and pull open their chest has done wonders for their posture.

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