38 Things That Look So Good & Cost Less Than $30 On Amazon

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We all have that one friend who's an absolute genius when it comes to shopping. When you ask her where she got the fabulous dress she showed up to brunch wearing, she tells you — and then proudly adds that she paid next to nothing for it. Admit it; you're a little bit jealous of her shopping skills, but here's some great news: With this collection of products under $30 on Amazon, you get to show up to brunch as the friend who's a genius at shopping.

To help you become that friend, I've combed through the thousands of products available on Amazon, cherry-picking the ones that will elevate your wardrobe, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Each of these products has a superior aesthetic sensibility despite their affordability (read: they look good, but they're surprisingly budget-friendly). Consequently, they'll have you feeling like you hired a wardrobe stylist and an interior decorator to inject a boost of style into your life.

Best of all, every single one of these products costs under $30, which means you'll actually have money leftover for another mimosa at brunch. So go ahead and make some reservations — then get ready to scroll through our favorite under-$30 finds that'll turn you into that friend.

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