38 Things Under $30 On Amazon That Are Always A Hit With Reviewers Because They're Effective As Hell

Take it from someone who knows a lot about products: Always read the customer reviews. Will it take up a little bit more time than simply hitting "Add to Cart"? Yes, probably. But it'll also save you the frustration of sending something back. To be honest, that's why I always try to shop on Amazon — because of its robust customer review section, the awesome products on Amazon almost always end up being really, really good.

Many reviewers let you know right off the bat whether or not they're happy with their purchases. Others take more time writing their feedback, which helps give you a complete picture of exactly what you're spending money on. Maybe that food processor you've been eyeing out doesn't come with its own blades, or maybe that chic spice rack you've had on your wish list requires a complicated assembly. Either way, taking a dive into the customer reviews will help ensure that you're happy with your purchase.

Luckily, each item that I've included on this list has a near-perfect rating — so I'll let it slide if you only skim the reviews over. But in the future, make sure to give them a thorough read; it'll be better for you in the long run.


The Flushable Wet Wipes Infused With Vitamin E And Aloe Vera

Most wet wipe brands will clog your pipes or ruin your septic tank, but these DUDE Wipes won't. Not only are they flushable, but they're also infused with vitamin E and aloe vera so that your skin is left feeling smooth. Plus, they're 25% larger than competing wipes, so they can easily clean every inch of your backside. They're also thick enough that you won't have to worry about your finger accidentally poking through.


A Smart Thermometer You Can Connect To Your Phone

Not only does it provide you with an accurate temperature reading in just eight seconds, but this smart thermometer also uses your age, fever, and symptoms to figure out how to help you feel better. You can use the downloadable smartphone app to track your family's health and determine when you should call a professional doctor. Plus, the thermometer itself is versatile and can take temperature readings from your armpit, mouth, or rectum.


This Mouthwash Made With Activated Charcoal

Unlike regular mouthwash that comes with a burning sensation whenever you swish it around, this activated charcoal mouthwash is completely alcohol- and fluoride- free. (It's also cruelty-free as well as vegan.) The activated charcoal in the wash helps detoxify your gums and breath, and there's also coconut oil so you're not left with an uncomfortably dry mouth. Plus, the sugar-free sweetener xylitol was even added to make the taste pleasant.


A Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser With Colorful LED Lights

Most diffusers have a clunky, plastic appearance, whereas this one has a wood grain exterior that looks chic in any home. It's great for bedrooms, bathrooms, and small living rooms. Plus, the LED light has seven different colors to choose from while you're setting the mood. The mist can run for up to six hours when the reservoir is completely full, and it works at a near-whisper quiet level.


The Drain Plug That Catches Debris Before They Clog Your Sink

All you have to do is pop it into your sink, and this drain protector by SinkShroom will catch any stray hairs or debris that attempt to make their way down your pipes. It's designed to fit into drains up to 1.25 inches wide, and it's available in six colors including white and clear. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that it "catches not only hair, but grease and gunk from hair products, skin products, oils," and more.


A Cup That Lets You Eat A Bowl Of Cereal On-The-Go

There isn't always time to eat breakfast before you head out the door in the morning, so try using this cereal cup so you can enjoy a bowl of cereal during your commute. All you have to do is pour your milk into the bottom compartment and put cereal into the top. Then, whenever you take a sip, the two will combine so that it's like you're eating cereal right out of a bowl.


These Markers That Keep Track Of Everybody's Glasses

Not only are they a fun way to keep track of your glasses whenever guests are over, but these glassware markers can also be used to label spice bottles, jars, bakeware, or any other glass containers you bring to parties. You can even use them to draw on ceramic planters and dinner plates. Plus, each order comes with five markers in metallic colors: gold, silver, purple, red, and green. You can use soapy water to wash the writing off whenever you need to.


A Silicone Pot Topper That Prevents Accidental Spills

If you don't like the mess that comes from pots boiling over, why not save yourself some stress by using this spill stopper? It's made from heavy-duty silicone that's heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and it doubles as a splatter guard whenever you're frying food. It's great for pasta, quinoa, soups, and other starchy meals that produce a lot of foam. Plus, it's safe to use in the microwave.


The Planter That Waters Itself

I'll be the first to admit that my thumbs are black instead of green, which is why I keep my plants in a self-watering planter, like this one. This planter is made from high-quality plastic that makes it suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Plus, its high-gloss finish looks great in any home. The water level indicator lets you know if you need to refill the basin, and the drainage holes at the bottom prevent your plants from being over-watered.


A Pack Of Coffee Grounds Infused With Collagen And Biotin

Not only is it keto- as well as paleo-friendly, but this pack of ground coffee is also infused with collagen, biotin, and manganese that leave your skin glowing. It's also great for helping to fortify your nails and hair, and the added cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants that combat free radicals. You can brew these coffee grounds in regular coffee pots, French presses, or even use them for cold brew. The 100% Arabica beans are sourced from Mexico and Brazil.


The Foot Spa That Vibrates To Relieve Stress After A Long Day

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and relax after a long day — so why not alleviate some of that stress by soaking your feet in this foot spa? This spa sets itself from the competition by featuring a vibrating massage function that helps relieve stress after a long day. Plus, the splash guard prevents water from spilling out onto your floors. The rollers are removable so that you can adjust how intense the massage is, and the power cord is extra-long so it's easy to use no matter where the outlet is.


This Device That Takes The Work Out Of Cooking Eggs

You could keep dirtying up pots and pans, or you could save yourself some stress and mess by cooking your eggs in this rapid egg cooker. This device lets you poach, scramble, and soft boil your eggs. Plus, you can even make individual omelets with it. The machine's compact size is perfect for cramped kitchens, trailers, dorm rooms, or even office spaces — and each order comes with a recipe book to help get you started.


A Batter Mixer That Lets You Draw Fun Shapes On The Griddle

All you have to do is toss your ingredients inside with the "BlenderBall," and then shake this batter mixer until it's all combined into a smooth mix. It's perfect for pancake and waffle batters — and the narrow, easy-pour spout lets you draw fun shapes and designs on your griddle. The spout also won't melt if it comes into contact with your pan, because it's made from heat-resistant silicone. The base even doubles as a stand so you won't have to worry about it tipping over.


The Body Wash Made With Organic Bladderwrack Seaweed

This body wash — which is made with totally natural bladderwrack seaweed — contains over 65 vitamins and minerals that help refresh and detoxify your skin. The added neem oil leaves your skin feeling hydrated, and the added coconut oil and aloe vera work to leave your skin feeling extra-soft. There are zero dyes, parabens, or gluten in the formula. Plus, it's vegan- and cruelty-free.


A Kit That Lets You Do Your Own Gel Manicure At Home

Getting professional gel manicures on the reg quickly adds up to more than hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Why not save yourself some money by using this gel manicure kit, instead? This kit comes with four gel polish colors as well as a UV curing lamp — and if applied correctly, the base coat and top coat can last for up to a whole month without any touch-ups.


The Facial Cleansing Brush With Four Different Scrubber Heads

If rubbing with a washcloth just isn't doing it for you, try getting rid of impurities from your pores by using this facial cleansing brush. This brush has three speed settings to choose from (depending on how sensitive your skin is). Each order also comes with four scrubbing heads for all of your needs: one facial brush, one body brush, one sponge brush, and one pumice stone head. It's completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower.


A Plunger That Doubles As Squeegee To Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel and thermoplastic rubber, this toilet plunger lets you unclog your pipes within just a few quick seconds. It can also be used as a squeegee to get the sides of your toilet bowl extra-clean. Each order also comes with a storage caddy that opens up without needing to be touched. One Amazon reviewer even noted that "it works so much better and so much faster" than traditional plungers.


The Shampoo And Conditioner Made With Moroccan Argan Oil

If your hair leans towards the dry and frizzy side, maybe it's time to try out this shampoo-and-conditioner pack that's moisturizing and chock-full of Moroccan argan oil. This set contains zero sulfates or parabens, and it's safe for color-treated hair. Unlike various other shampoos and conditioners, these ones have built-in UV and thermal protectants that help reduce damage from the sun and flat irons. Plus, they leave your hair looking shiny and soft.


This Kitchen Device That Cooks Your Omelettes For You

Professional chefs and novice home cooks alike can struggle to flip an omelet, but this omelet maker takes all the work out of the equation. Simply wait for the indicator light to let you know when the non-stick cooking plates are hot. After that, pour your ingredients in, close the lid, and wait for your delicious breakfast to cook. It's great for small kitchens as well as college dorms, and each order also comes with a recipe book.


A Smart Light Switch That's Compatible With Alexa And Google Home

Sometimes, it's tough to pick yourself up off the couch to turn the lights on or off. On days like those, use this smart light switch so you can continue relaxing. It's compatible with Alexa as well as Google Home — and the included step-by-step tutorial video helps you easily set it up. The downloadable app also lets you set a schedule and timer so that your lights are on when you come home. Plus, the switch itself is made from flame-resistant material.


The Durable Handle That Attaches To Almost Any Water Bottle

Not only is the paracord rope construction incredibly durable, but this water bottle handle is designed to fit onto practically any wide-mouthed water bottle (from 18 ounces all the way up to 64 ounces). It's great for hiking, camping, yoga, and other activities where you'll want to keep water nearby. It also comes with an extra metal carabiner so that you can easily attach it to your backpack or knapsack. The handle comes in 18 shades with different colored ropes.


A Shaker That Lets You Make Your Own Salad Dressing

All you have to do is add your favorite ingredients to this salad dressing shaker, and the "BlenderBall" in the bottom will ensure that it all gets mixed evenly when you shake it. The easy-open pour spout helps prevent any accidental spills (since it remains closed until you press it open), and the measurement markings on the side help you keep track of how much dressing you've used.


This LED Light That Helps Your Indoor Plants Flourish

It doesn't matter whether you have seedlings or full-blown plants; this LED Grow Light with red and blue bulbs can help them thrive indoors when there's little sunlight to be had. The built-in timer allows it to automatically turn off when you aren't home, and there are five dimmable levels to choose from (depending on how much light your plants need). It's also made with a flexible gooseneck so you can adjust the angle of the light.


An Aluminum-Free Deodorant That Smells Like Lavender And Eucalyptus

Many natural deodorants lose their strength after just a few hours — but this deodorant has over 3,000 positive reviews from people who've confirmed that it works all day long. Its lavender and eucalyptus scent isn't overbearing, and it's derived from therapeutic-grade essential oils (not artificial fragrances). The stick is also completely free from any aluminum. It's also non-toxic and cruelty-free.


This Glass Board That Adds Counter Space To Cramped Kitchens

Put this instant counter over your stovetop burners or your sink to create even more counter space while you're preparing meals. It's made from tempered glass that won't break easily, and the feet on the bottom are coated in heat-resistant, non-slip silicone that prevents any accidental scratches on your surfaces. As an added bonus, it even doubles as a fashionable serving tray during dinner parties.


A Whitening Toothpaste Made With Activated Charcoal

If your toothpaste isn't getting your teeth as white as you'd like, try using this activated charcoal toothpaste instead. It's made with activated bamboo charcoal that's detoxifying and eco-friendly, along with added coconut oil. Plus, its mint flavor will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and clean. Each order also comes with a toothbrush that's completely BPA-free.


These Exfoliating Facial Pads Made From 100% Natural Loofah

Made with 100% natural loofah and soft terry cloth, these exfoliating facial pads are great ways to clear away makeup, oil, acne, blackheads, and more. There's an elastic hand strap on the back of each one so that it's easy to keep a firm grip as you cleanse away dirt and grime. Plus, you only need to replace them every four weeks (or whenever they get a little too dirty).


A Cutting Board With Three Built-In Compartments

It's easy to run out of space on your cutting board when you have multiple ingredients laid out, but this cutting board is made with three built-in compartments where you can easily keep your prepped ingredients until they're ready to cook. It's made with eco-friendly bamboo that's completely BPA-free, and it's extra-thick for exceptional durability. The grooves on the edges even collect juices so that they don't spill onto your counter. Plus, it can even double as a charcuterie board.


This Drying Rack That Saves Countertop Space In Your Kitchen

If you don't have a lot of counter space to work with in your kitchen, might I suggest placing this drying rack overtop your sink? Not only does it open up space in your kitchen, but it's also made from food-grade stainless steel that won't rust over time. You can also use it as a trivet with hot pots and pans — and it rolls up neatly so that it's easy to store when you're not using it.


These Stick-On Acne Patches That Help Heal Your Blemishes

Whenever you wake up with a stray blemish, use one of these acne patches to help heal it quickly. These patches are transparent, so they can blend in with various skin tones. Plus, they can help keep you from picking at your skin. They're also made with ingredients like tea tree oil and hydrocolloid dressing — and they're so subtle that you can even wear them during the day. Each pack even comes with three sizes: small, medium, and large.


A Bamboo Shelf That Fits Over Your Sink

Whether you've got a cluttered vanity or just need a place to keep your kitchen sponges, this convenient shelf is a great way to expand your storage capabilities over any sink. It's made from natural bamboo that's eco-friendly, and you can use it practically anywhere you need some added storage (not just over sinks). One Amazon reviewer even noted that "it requires no tools to put together; you simply fit each leg into a pre-drilled hole."


A Mat That Prevents Water Damage To The Cabinet Under Your Sink

The cabinet under your sink is usually at risk for water damage in the event that your pipes begin to leak, so keep that space in near-pristine condition by using this under-the-sink mat. It's made from absorbent fabric with a waterproof backing so that it can soak up any drips without letting them leak onto your cabinet floor. The waterproof backing is also slip-resistant, so it'll stay in place once you put it down.


The Paper Towel Holder That Saves Kitchen Space

If your kitchen is as cramped as mine, then an over-the-cabinet paper towel holder will be an easy way to free up some space. This paper towel holder slides over any standard cabinet door without any tools required. You can even slide it over a drawer, depending on how your cabinetry is configured. It's made from durable steel that won't warp easily, and its padded foam backing will prevent any accidental scratches.


A Backlit Vanity Mirror With 2 Sides

Not only is it completely cordless and easy to move around in your home, but this LED-backlit vanity mirror also features a second mirrored side that provides extra magnification. The strong suction cup on the bottom ensures that it'll stay firmly secured wherever you put it. It can also rotate a full 360 degrees so you can always have the best viewing angle while putting on eyeliner, blush, fake eyelashes, and more.


The Gel Foam Kitchen Mat For Comfort While You Cook

Made with an anti-slip backing that keeps it firmly secured wherever you put it, this kitchen mat is a great way to keep your legs feeling limber while you prepare meals. It's made from thick gel foam that'll help you maintain good posture while standing. Plus, you can even stand on it while wearing high heels without having to worry about rips or tears. It's available in five colors, and it's even 100% recyclable. The mat's also resistant to water, so don't worry about spills.


A Durable Standing Desk That's Made Of Cardboard

Most standing desks are incredibly expensive, but this cardboard standing desk is a fraction of the cost (and just as effective as its higher-end cousins). Its two-level design works great with a regular laptop, especially if you use a separate keyboard at elbow-height. Plus, since it's sturdy, you won't have to deal with any annoying wobbling. One Amazon reviewer even noted that it's "very sturdy, and easy to put together."


These Refrigerator Deodorizers Filled With Bamboo Charcoal

If you're looking for a refrigerator deodorizer that's stronger than baking soda, this air-purifying bag will get the job done. It'll even prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing in the process. There are zero artificial fragrances or chemicals in this bag, and it's filled with eco-friendly bamboo charcoal. You can reuse this purifying bag for up to two years — and if it ever loses its odor-absorbing power, all you have to do is leave it in direct sunlight to refresh it.


A Pack Of Sleep Masks That Don't Exert Pressure On Your Eyes

Most sleep masks exert uncomfortable pressure on your eyes, but these sleep masks have 3-D designs so that they don't touch your eyes while you wear them. Each strap is adjustable so they can fit heads of all shapes and sizes. Plus, the material that they're made from is lightweight and breathable so you don't feel smothered while you sleep. And unlike most sleep masks, these ones also have a closer fit around the nose to help prevent any outside light from leaking in.

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