38 Wildly Popular Things On Amazon Under $15

We can all try our hardest to be our own, unique individuals, but at the end of the day, you have to admit that there are some situations in which popularity equates to quality. That restaurant down the block that's never busy is probably empty because the food is tasteless. It's the same as how some of the absolute best products on Amazon have more than 5,000 reviews — because they're awesome.

While I like rocking to the beat of my own drum just as much as anybody else, I'll admit that you should probably draw a line in the sand when it comes to spending money. Is taking a chance on a product that has zero reviews thrilling? Of course! But once my order finally arrives and I discover that I've spent $20 on a pair of shoe insoles that are thinner than notebook paper, I'd probably choose getting my money back over the adrenaline rush of an impulse purchase.

Still, just because something is popular doesn't mean it needs to also be expensive. There are tons of things under $15 on Amazon that are legitimately amazing, and luckily for you, we've picked out the cream of the crop; that way, you don't have to go wander through the virtual aisles all by your lonesome. So whether you're looking to save money on a pack of tea bag holders shaped like snails, or just pick up a blackout sleeping mask for your next flight, when it comes to shopping on Amazon for the best products, you can get all that thrill without the risk.


The Tool That Sucks All The Irritants Out Of Bug Bites

Bug bites itch because of the fluid that insects inject into your skin, whereas the Bug Bite Thing suction tool removes those irritants alongside the itch. This tool is designed to work on bites from mosquitos and flies, plus you can also use it for stings from bees and wasps. There are no chemicals or creams required, and the compact size means you can easily keep it with you while hiking and camping.


A Pack Of Tea Bag Holders Shaped Like Cute Snails

Even if you're not a fan of snails, you've got to admit that these snail tea bag holders are adorable. Each snail is made from silicone that easily grips onto the side of your mug or cup, and since they're soft, you won't have to worry about any accidental scratches. The shell on the snail is great for wrapping your tea bag string so that it doesn't fall back in, and the candy-themed colors make it easy to keep track of which cup's yours.


The Magnet That Lets You Hang Your Glasses On Your Shirt

Anytime you're wearing a shirt that doesn't have pockets, try using the ReadeREST eyeglass holder so yours are always within reach — and securely fastened. Made from durable stainless steel that won't warp or rust over time, the strong magnets that come with this holder won't collapse under the weight of your frames, and you can also use it for your earbuds, ID badge, and more.


A Sewing Machine That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Whether you've had a button come loose or found a small tear in your shirt, this handheld sewing machine is a great thing to have on-hand. This brilliant machine lets you single-stitch any rips in your clothes when you're traveling or in a hurry — and you can power it via the adapter or by using four AA batteries. It arrives pre-threaded so that it's ready for use right out of the box, and there's even a knob so you can adjust the tension.


The Natural Deodorizer That Lasts For More Than A Year

Whether you've got unwanted odors in your gym bag, favorite pair of shoes, or damp closet, PURGGO air purifying bags will tackle them without using any harsh chemicals. Made with 100-percent bamboo charcoal, these odor eliminator bags are completely hypoallergenic — plus they're designed to last for more than one year. And if they ever lose their power, all you have to do is leave them in sunlight to refresh the absorbency of the activated charcoal.


A Tool That Relieves Headaches Without Using Any Medications

All you have to do is wear the Aculief on the acupressure point between your thumb and index finger, and this handy little tool will supposedly help alleviate pain from headaches without the need for medication. This relief clip is designed so that anyone can use it, since one size fits most. And while Amazon reviewers noted their initial skepticism, many of them raved about how they were "impressed" with how well it actually worked.


The Rechargeable Light That Only Turns On When You Open Your Drawers

Just attach these motion sensor drawer lights to the inside of any drawer using the included 3M adhesive strips, and the built-in motion sensors will ensure that the lights only turns on when you open the drawer; this not only allows you to find essentials in the middle of the night, but it also preserves battery life. You can use these lights in your closets, cabinets, wardrobes, and more. They run on three AAA batteries.


A Scrubber Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Unlike traditional sponges and cotton dishcloths, the Peachy Clean scrubber is made from silicone that's not only resistant to bacteria, but also super flexible for cleaning nooks and crannies. This scrubber is guaranteed to resist funky odors for up to three months so you don't have to worry about the smell of mildew, plus it's gentle on cookware so it won't cause any scratches.


The Resistance Bands That Let You Work Out At Home

You could pay for an expensive gym membership every month, or you could exercise in the comfort of your own home using the Fit Simplify resistance band set. Each order comes with five bands of varying intensities depending on what works best for you, and they're also great for stretching out sore, stiff muscles. You can use them to work out your legs as well as your upper body, and every band is made from 100-percent natural latex.


A Facial Scrub Loaded With Soothing Aloe Vera

Not only is it great for exfoliating away dead skin, but the Queen Helene facial scrub is also loaded with soothing aloe vera and jojoba oil, which give your complexion a nourishing dose of moisture. People with all types of skin can safely use this scrub since it's formulated with gentle ingredients, plus many Amazon reviewers noted how it left their skin feeling soft and buttery.


The Yoga Pants That Have Convenient Pockets

Not only are they high-waisted and compressing, but the ODODOS yoga pants set themselves apart from the competition by featuring a large, convenient pocket on both legs. Said pocket is large enough to fit your keys, phone, and cash, unlike other pairs which can barely handle a single house key. These leggings are great for lounging around the house as well as exercising, since the four-way stretch material doesn't become see-through no matter how you move.


A Lightbulb That's You Can Control From Your Phone

Smartify your home lighting with the Govee LED lightbulb. By connecting this lightbulb to the company's app, you can easily turn it on or off, change the color, or dim how bright it is — all by using your voice. You can sync this light to your favorite music to transform your living room into a dance club, plus there are multiple preset modes to choose from when setting the mood. Automatic timers mean you can even use it as a sunrise light, no hub required.


The Comb That Painlessly Detangles Any Knots In Your Hair

No one enjoys when their brush gets snagged on a knot, so why not use the Tangle Teezer to painlessly comb them away? Unlike regular hairbrushes, this one has two tiers of teeth that work to smooth your strands while gently pulling apart knots, and the ergonomic design allows it to rest comfortably in your hand. People with all types of hair can use this brush, and it's also great for distributing healthy scalp oils from your roots to your ends.


A Jewelry Box That Keeps Your Rings And Earrings Organized

Whether you're traveling or simply just trying to straighten out your vanity, the Vlando travel jewelry box is a great way to keep your earrings, rings, and necklaces organized. The exterior of this jewelry box is made from premium synthetic leather, and the built-in rollers let you display your rings so it's easy to find the exact one you're looking for.


The Powder That Eliminates Unwanted Foot And Shoe Odors

It only takes me two trips to the gym until my shoes start harboring an unwanted odor — but reviewers swear that Foot Sense shoe powder changes everything. Formulated with 100-percent natural zinc oxide as well as other botanical ingredients, this powder can be used to absorb odors in all sorts of shoes, gloves, and athletic equipment — plus it'll even help prevent blisters if you apply it directly to your feet!


An Organizer That Fits Lipsticks Of All Shapes And Sizes

Not only does the clear acrylic construction look great paired with any vanity, but the BY ALEGORY lipstick organizer also has extra-large slots so that even lipsticks with wide bases will fit. There are 12 slots total, and since it's one solid piece instead of several glued together, it's also exceptionally durable. One Amazon reviewer noted that "there are little rubber 'stoppers' that prevent smaller lipsticks from falling out," which is a huge plus.


The Cream That Prevents Splits, Chips, Cracks, And Peels In Your Nails

If your nails have become weak and brittle after months of gel manicures, the Onyx Professionals hard as hoof nail cream will help restore them back to their natural strength. In the event your nails aren't brittle, the added jojoba oil and vitamins are still great for helping to encourage healthy growth as well as moisturize your cuticles — plus many Amazon reviewers found the coconut scent light and refreshing.


A Cloth That Cleanses Away Makeup Using Only Water

All you have to do is get it wet, and the Pleasing Care makeup remover cloth will gently cleanse away any makeup on your face without the use of harsh soaps. Safe for people who have sensitive skin, this cloth is guaranteed to last for up to 1,000 uses, and it feels incredibly soft on your skin thanks to the special microfiber material.


The Foot File That You Can Use On Both Wet And Dry Feet

Liquid foot peels generally rely on harsh chemicals to exfoliate away dead skin, whereas the Rikans foot file requires zero serums or creams in order to get your feet feeling baby-smooth. You can use this file whether your feet are wet or dry, plus the extra-large grating surface shortens the time it takes to soften skin and buff away callouses. And because it's made with surgical-grade stainless steel, you won't have to worry about the grater losing its sharpness over time — or harboring bacteria after sanitizing.


A Gadget That Seals Opened Bags To Keep Their Contents Fresh

Whether you've got a bag of chips you want to keep fresh, or you're trying to save that bag of airplane peanuts for later, the Shendian mini heat bag sealer is the product you've been searching for. Its compact size means you can easily keep it with you in your purse or backpack to use anytime, plus it's designed to work on multiple types of material to create an airtight seal.


The Batter Dispenser That Helps You Control Drips And Portions

If you've ever wound up with lopsided pancakes or overflowing cupcakes, try using the Homeries batter dispenser to get even sizes every time — without the drips. The measurement markings on the side allow you to keep track of how much batter you've dispensed, and the squeeze handle is ergonomically shaped so that it's easy to grip. Finally, the cap seals tightly so that the risk of spills is minimized and it even comes with a bonus plunger for cupcakes.


A Travel Pillow That Supports Your Whole Upper Torso

Even though the SmartDer travel pillow takes up minimal space while deflated, it expands to provide support for your whole head, torso, and arms simultaneously. The inflation nozzle is tight so that air doesn't leak out while you're resting, and the cover is made from soft PVC fabric — plus it has a light jasmine scent that helps soothe anxious minds during travel.


The Rack That Holds Plastic Bags Open So They're Easy To Fill

Plastic bags frequently collapse on you when you're trying to fill them on your own. Thankfully, the Jokari baggy rack is designed to hold all types of plastic bags open so that they're easy to fill. The non-slip rubber base ensures that these racks stay upright as well as firmly planted on your countertop, and you can also use them as drying racks for your plastic bags once you've washed them out.


A Press That Helps You Make Gourmet Stuffed Burgers

Made from durable non-stick plastic, the Grillaholics stuffed press takes the work out of prepping delicious burgers filled with cheese, peppers, bacon, macaroni, and more. This burger press makes uniform half-pound burgers that cook evenly on the grill, and each order also comes with a free recipe E-book to help get you started.


The Tool That Removes Lumps And Aerates Your Flour

Whether you're sprinkling powdered sugar over cupcakes, or trying to aerate your flour so your brownies come out fluffy, the Tovolo scoop and sift can help you do it. Not only is it able to hold a full cup at one time, but this handy tool is also ergonomically designed so that it's easy to scoop and sift various ingredients — plus reviewers say it's especially effective when it comes to removing clumps and lumps.


A Pair Of Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Actually Sweat-Proof

If you've ever ruined a pair of headphones from sweating too hard, try using the Bluetooth headphones instead. Not only are they sweat-proof, but the Bluetooth signal stays connected for up to 30 feet so you can walk away from your phone without losing the connection. There are also three built-in buttons that let you answer calls, skip songs, as well as pause your music, and the battery lasts for up to seven hours of playtime.


The Tool That Lets You Catch And Release Insects Without Harming Them

If you're the type of person who feels guilty stepping on a bug that's wandered into your home, then your conscience can rest easy with the Iconikal catch and release insect grabber. This handy tool keeps you far away from the spider, cricket, or centipede in question, and all you have to do is squeeze the handle in order for the the gentle bristles to scoop them up. That way, you can return them to the great outdoors.


A Cutting Board That Folds Up For Easy Transference

Not only can it fold down so that it's easy to store, but you can also squeeze the handle to cause the sides of the Joseph Joseph foldable cutting board to flip upwards. That way, pouring your chopped ingredients into a pot is easy and mess-free. This cutting board also features a textured cutting surface and has non-slip feet on the bottom so that it doesn't slide around your countertop.


The Toothbrush That Folds In Half For Hygienic Travel

This set of travel toothbrushes folds in half to help save you precious luggage space while you're traveling — and there's no need for a brush cover since the bristles get neatly tucked into the handle. Because it's made from durable plastic, you won't have to worry about it getting bent or warped while it's packed.


A Tool That Helps You Evenly And Safely Chop Vegetables

All you have to do is insert the Hulless vegetable holder into your onions, potatoes, or tomatoes and you'll be able to use the slats as guidelines so you wind up with uniformly-chopped slices. The prongs on this holder also keep the ingredient safely in place while you cut, and they're made from high-quality stainless steel that won't grow dull over time.


The Eye Mask That Helps Alleviate Pain From Headaches

Unlike traditional eye masks that only block out light, the Brownmed compression eye mask blocks out light and provides a gentle compression on your face to relieve pain from headaches. The massaging beads on the inside provide soothing, facial-conforming weight, and for an added relaxation boost you can also keep it in the freezer during the day.


A Smart Outlet That's Compatible With Amazon Alexa

All you need is an outlet and a WiFi connection for the Gosund mini smart outlet to pair with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Then you'll quickly be on your way to controlling any device using just your voice. The free downloadable smartphone app also lets you control your lights or appliances when you're away from home, and there's even an option that lets you program automatic schedules.


The Muscle Roller Stick You Can Use All Over Your Body

Not only is it versatile enough for use on your legs, arms, back, and thighs, but the IDSON muscle roller stick is also made from high-quality thermoplastic rubber that stands up to ample pressure. The compact size means you can easily keep it with you in your gym bag or while you're traveling, and many Amazon reviewers noted how it's great for targeting the trigger points all over your body.


A Roll-On Serum That Helps Soothe Your Mind Before Bed

Made with 100 percent therapeutic-grade essential oils, the Bliss Bound Wellness sleep roll-on is a great, harmless way to help soothe your mind before bedtime. The scent is light and refreshing with a hint of spiced balsamic, plus it won't leave any greasy residues on your skin. You can also feel good about ordering this serum because 15 percent of profits get donated back to the World Wildlife Fund to help conservation efforts around the globe.


This Handheld, Rechargeable Fan That You Can Use Anywhere

Anytime your surroundings get a little too hot for comfort, just whip out the Supabear handheld fan to quickly cool yourself down. This fan features two operating speeds (low and high), and the built-in battery is rechargeable for added convenience. The small and compact size means that it can easily fit into your pocket, plus the battery lasts for up to five hours when fully charged.


A Bug Swatter That's Electrified For Added Effectiveness

I actually own the Black Flag bug zapper, and I can say without a doubt that it's an extremely effective way to get rid of mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and more. This bug zapper runs on two AA batteries so that you don't have to worry about recharging it, and the LED light lets you know when the electric current is running through the metal weaving. You'll know when you've hit your target because of the satisfying ZZZT! noise you'll hear.


The Handy Accessory That Keeps Your Tacos Upright

Few things are worse than having your taco fall over and spill everywhere, so keep them upright with these Homey Product taco holders. These handy mealtime accessories keep all the ingredients inside, and they work with both soft as well as hard shells. Each holder is made from BPA-free polypropylene that you can even stick in the freezer when making dessert tacos — plus they're also microwave-safe.


An Appliance That Makes Delicious Paninis, Burgers, And More

Yes, you can grill delicious paninis right on your countertop, but the DASH mini press is also great for cooking up burgers, grilling fruit, or even making breakfast sandwiches. The compact size makes it great for cramped kitchens, and both cooking surfaces are coated in non-stick material so you won't have to worry about stubborn clean-ups. Each order comes with a recipe book to help get you started, and it only takes a few minutes for it to heat up.

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