39 Exciting Amazon Finds Under $10 If You’re Frugal & Proud

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Do you ever see those coupon-cutting ladies on television talking about how they've just come home from the grocery store with a whole year's worth of paper towels and canned peaches and feel an overpowering surge of jealousy, or is that just me? I can't seem to get my act together to get ahead of the shopping and always find myself ordering in groceries at exorbitant prices 10 minutes before I'm supposed to have dinner on the table. Oh well. At least when it comes to online shopping, I can always fall back on these exciting Amazon finds under $10 that make me feel both frugal and proud.

Leave it to Amazon to both provide me with fabulous shopping opportunities that are affordable. Witness the handheld chef's torch that will enable you to churn out professional-looking crème brûlée for under $8. All you need is some eggs, some cream, and some sugar — and just like that, you're looking like Julia Child for your dinner guests.

These buys aren't just great acquisitions for your own home, they're great for gift-giving, too: Take the under $9 wine aerator, for example. Pair it with a tasty-but-inexpensive bottle of red from your local wine shop or grocery, and you've got the oenophile in your life all sorted.

And all for under $10? Coupons or not — that's a bargain.

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