39 Genius, Highly Rated Products On Amazon That Are At Least $100 Cheaper Than The Name Brand

You've probably heard the phrase "You get what you pay for," and sometimes, that's entirely accurate. Other times, however, you're paying hundreds over the manufacturing cost — not for the durability or the quality of a product, but for the name-brand sticker on the front. If you're looking to save some serious money with products that look way more expensive than they are, the internet is the place to do it.

In fact, a little-known website named Amazon has entirely changed the way I furnish my space, fill my closet, and supply my self-care routine. See, for years I believed that a product's price tag was a direct reflection of its quality. I, like so many other shoppers, thought I had to hold out until I could afford the coveted $300 stand mixer and the leading-brand luggage set.

Then I started writing about Amazon products, and my whole perspective shifted.

I knew there were cheaper alternatives out there, but up until that point, I didn't realize how much other shoppers actually loved them. Those thousands of rave reviews helped me to understand that something could be affordable and well-made simultaneously. After that, I vowed I would never again overpay for a sticker with a recognizable logo.

If you're looking for the best name-brand dupes on Amazon, look no further than these 40 products reviewers can't stop raving about.

1. This $40 Weighted Blanket With A 4.7-Star Rating

According to the hundreds of five-star ratings, this ZZZhen weighted blanket is just as soothing and cozy as the name brands. It's filled with glass beads, which are evenly distributed with meticulous stitching, and the exterior features breathable cotton so you won't overheat. Get it in three colors, three weights, and three sizes.

2. A Top-Quality Stand Mixer For Under $100

Get a quality-made, sleek-looking stand mixer for under $100, all thanks to the KLARSTEIN Bella Rossa. The 650-watt engine is powerful and quiet, the tilted head and quick-clamping system allow for easy use, the three attachments help with all sorts of jobs, and the six color options suit any kitchen.

3. This Rechargeable, Budget-Friendly Sonic Facial Cleanser

Available in three colors, this sonic facial brush has soft silicone bristles, a wide selection of cleansing modes, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a month — all for under $20. As a result, it's a budget-friendly way to cleanse pores, remove makeup, and improve circulation. "Don't waste your money on more expensive name brands," one reviewer wrote. "This product works great."

4. These Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

Why do these COWIN headphones have over 15,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating? Because the 40 millimeter-driver sound is crystal clear, the Bluetooth capabilities allow for wireless listening, the padded design is extremely comfortable, and the noise cancellation actively reduces external sounds. "This product is on par with big brand names," raved one buyer who has tried "several of them including Bose and Dr. Beats."

5. This Designer-Dupe Tote That Comes In Over 40 Colors

"I get a lot of compliments on this bag, and people often mistake it for one of those designer handbags," one reviewer said about this Dreubea tote. It's made from faux leather with a fashionable tassel, and buyers love the magnetic closure and roomy interior. Best of all, it's $14 and comes in over 40 colors.

6. This $25 Sonic Toothbrush — With 3 Replacement Heads

Now that the Dnsly sonic electric toothbrush exists, people are dropping their expensive brands left and right. This rechargeable unit has built-in timers, five cleansing modes, a 30-day battery life, and three replacement heads, all for under $25.

7. An Extreme Cooler That Keeps Ice Up To 5 Days

"Seriously can’t imagine that the Yeti coolers are worth the money compared to this," one reviewer raved. In fact, the Coleman Xtreme cooler is so well-insulated, it keeps ice frozen for up to five days. It's also surprisingly lightweight and leak-resistant — and thanks to the 250-pound capacity, you can use it as an impromptu seat while camping or tailgating.

8. These Matte Lip Crayons That Come In A Set Of 10

Because they're moisturizing, velvety, matte, and pigmented, reviewers say these BONNIE CHOICE lip pencils are "comparable to Nars" — but if you opted for 10 different colors of the latter, you'd be spending $270. Instead, this wide selection of shades costs just $16, and shipping is free with Prime.

9. A Great Alternative To A Smart Mug

Smart mugs keep your coffee at a hot, drinkable temperature all day long — and so does this beverage warming set. That said, the latter has touch-screen controls, is way less glitchy, and costs a fraction of the price. The set comes with a compact heater plate and a matching stainless steel mug.

10. A One-Step Blow Dryer Brush That Both Dries & Styles

Even though it's a budget brand, reviewers say the Abody One-Step dryer brush "speeds up [their] post-shower routine," "adds tons of volume," and is "very easy to use." It combines a brush and a hair dryer into one simple tool; the heat dries and styles hair while the bristles separate your strands. You even get two free sectioning clips.

11. This Automatic Egg Cooker With Over 13,000 Reviews

Over 13,000 reviewers ditched their expensive, inconvenient egg-cooking tactics for the Dash rapid egg cooker. This compact appliance cooks up to six eggs with any technique, from poached and hard-boiled to scrambled and omelet-style. The one-touch control is also extremely simple, plus it comes in five colors.

12. This $15 Hanging Shelf For A Magazine-Ready Living Room

Find this hanging plant shelf in any home decor or furniture store, and it'll cost a pretty penny — but on Amazon, it's just $15. It's made from Paulownia wood and jute rope for a clean, rustic touch, and it's 28 inches around to hold your herbs, picture frames, and ornaments.

13. These Leggings That Are "By Far" Reviewers' Favorite

Buyers say these SYRINX high-waisted leggings feel almost like their pairs from Lululemon; they're soft, stretchy, and offer quality compression, all for $14. You can get them in a huge selection of colors and variety packs — and yes, they're squat-proof. Available sizes: 2 - 32

14. An Air Fryer For An Incredible Price

Fries, chicken tenders, wings, mozzarella sticks, veggies, steak, salmon — you can make just about anything in this Dash air fryer, and the result is crispy edges and a juicy interior. Like the leading models, it uses circulating air to cook food with minimal oil, but unlike leading models, it's $60 or less depending on the color.

15. This Best-Selling All-Season Comforter

Upgrade any bed on a budget with this LINENSPA all-season comforter. It's filled with a down alternative for a sleeping space that's plush but breathable, cozy but hypoallergenic, and durable but affordable. It comes in any standard size and a large selection of colors — and they're all machine-washable, too.

16. A Video Doorbell With All The Best Features

Looking for an affordable but reliable alternative to Ring? The Kalogl doorbell allows you to access a wide-angle video stream from your phone, so you always know who's at your front door. It's also waterproof, rechargeable, easy to install, and has all the best features, like night vision, motion activation, and two-way audio.

17. A 3-Stage Air Purifier That Actually Makes A Difference

Not everyone can drop $400 on an air purifier. Luckily, this one from KOIOS offers the same three-stage filtration technology to remove allergens, impurities, and unwanted odors. Even though it's compact, it has a 360-degree intake to handle surprisingly large spaces — and reviewers say, "What a difference it made!"

18. This Fitness Tracker That Does It All For $21

It tracks your steps, calories, and quality of sleep. It delivers notifications for calls, texts, and alarms. It has 14 different sports modes and a GPS map tracker. It can withstand water submersion and daily use, plus it comes with a free colored band — all for $22. No wonder the runme fitness tracker is reviewers' "best purchase this year!"

19. A 3-Piece Hardshell Luggage Set In Dozens Of Colors

Quality hardside luggage — especially a three-piece set — can run you several hundred dollars. Luckily, these hardshell suitcases from Coolife offer multi-directional wheels, aluminum telescopic handles, TSA-approved locks, three different sizes, and roomy organizational interiors, all for $140. Choose from over a dozen color options.

20. This Energy-Hacking Sunrise Alarm Clock

Wake up with the sun thanks to this Aspimo sunrise alarm clock. While leading brands will run you over $100, this $20 version does the exact same thing: It gradually brightens within 10 minutes so you can forego the beeping and awake peacefully. It also has a color-changing night light, five natural sounds, and a snooze function — plus it tells you the temperature and humidity levels.

21. This $13 Eyeshadow Palette That's "Better Than" Top Brands

Urban Decay's Naked palette may be filled with highly pigmented mattes and pearls — but it's also a weighty investment. "I think this is better than the Naked 3," one reviewer wrote about the Coastal Scents Revealed palette, and other's agree: It's pigmented, extremely easy to apply and blend, and lasts all day without creasing or fallout. It even comes with double the shades, all for just $13.

22. A Luxury Dual Shower Head For Under $30

With its dual shower heads, six massage settings, removable handheld, maximized water pressure, and adjustable angles, this fixture from Hotel Spa has reviewers saying, "I never knew that I could have a hotel spa inside my bathroom. Be prepared to be blown away by this purchase." You don't even need tools to install it.

23. These Faux-Fur Slippers With A Memory Foam Interior

If you're in the market for some slippers, but can't justify splurging on Uggs, this pair from CIOR is "just as comfy, according to buyers. They're covered with a warm upper, lined with cozy faux-fur, and cushioned with high-density memory foam. They even have a non-slip rubber sole. Get them in eight different colors.

24. These Brushes That Turn Your Drill Into A Power Scrubber

For a shockingly low price, you can turn your existing hand-held drill into a convenient, portable power scrubber. Drillbrush attachments come in a pack of three and slip onto any standard drill, so you can buff porcelain, scrub tiles, and deep-clean fixtures with minimal elbow grease. (They also come in multiple stiffness-levels for everything from leather to furnaces.)

25. A White Noise Machine For Under $17

Reviewers are "obsessed" with this little white noise machine, which offers all the best features for an incredible price. For one, it has seven soothing sounds that block out sleep-inhibiting or concentration-disturbing noises. For another, it has a volume knob, sleep timer, earphone jack, and built-in USB port for device-charging.

26. These Tilted Crystal Tumblers That Look Super Expensive

These tilted tumblers are an awesome conversation piece — but since they aerate your drink and prevent spills, they're as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. Most sets of two cost over $100, but you can grab this four-piece crystal set for just $30.

27. Some Color-Changing Smart Bulbs That Don't Need A Hub

They're compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, they don't require a hub, and they allow you to choose between 16 million color options. These Peteme smart LED bulbs even allow you to set schedules and presets, and they last longer and save more energy than your average bulb.

28. This Hand-Crafted Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

Hand-crafted stone diffusers are usually somewhere around $150, but this one won't even cost you a fourth of that. The Vyaime essential oil diffuser has a sleek ceramic cover, a large-capacity water tank that runs for up to 10 hours, and a color-changing night light. In short, it fills your home with hydration and relaxing scents — and it looks great while doing so.

29. A Set Of Blackout Curtains For An Incredible Price

Because of their thick, insulating, opaque fabric, blackout curtains aren't usually cheap — but these sets from AmazonBasics boast an affordable price tag and a 4.4-star rating. They come in a wide range of colors and lengths, and they keep the light out and the temperature in. "Finally a 'room darkening' curtain that really darkens," one reviewer wrote.

30. This Nourishing Serum To Grow Brows Or Lashes

While competing growth serums cost over $100, this one from Silksence won't run you more than $20 — but don't let the price fool you. It's packed with nourishing ingredients that stimulate hair follicles for thicker brows and longer lashes, and reviewers say they're "very surprised at how well this product works."

31. A Compact Machine That Makes Delicious Espresso

Skip the $500 espresso machine — and the daily $5 latte. The Espressotoria Caprista machine uses special capsules to make delicious, foamy espresso at the touch of a button. (The machine even has a plug-in for their milk-frothing attachment.) Best of all, it's sleek-looking and takes up minimal space on your counter

32. This All-In-1 Gel Manicure Kit For Home Use

Reviewers say they will "never go to the salon again" thanks to this $27 gel kit. It comes with everything you need to create a long-lasting gel manicure at home, including a UV-LED lamp, nail-grooming tools, four different gel polishes, and remover wraps.

33. A Pair Of Bluetooth Earbud Pods In A Charging Case

Why spend hundreds of dollars on AirPods when these Letsfit Bluetooth earbuds are supposedly just as good? Reviewers say the battery-life is mind-blowing, the charging case is convenient, and the sound quality is great — plus there's even a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.

34. This Budget Tablet That's "Really Nice For The Price"

"I have come up in a household [where] you wait until you have enough money to buy an iPad," one reviewer wrote, but "this thing is way nicer than the price [lets] on." The Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 tablet is 7 inches wide with a 64-bit quad-core processor, a crisp display, a long-lasting battery, and 32 gigs of memory. It also has an impressive camera, all for $65.

35. These $10 Extensions That Look So Real, Buyers Are "Blown Away"

Reviewers are "so amazed by how natural they look," and thanks to the comfortable clips, they're also super easy to put in. These REECHO hair extensions come in four lengths and nearly 30 shades, from natural black to silver gray.

36. A Zip-Up Fleece Jacket That's Soft, Warm, & Affordable

"I like it more than my NorthFace that cost 4x as much," one reviewer wrote, while a second said, "Similar to Columbia." Even though it's warm, soft, layerable, and contoured, this full-zip fleece jacket from Amazon Essentials costs just $20 — and it comes in almost 20 colors and patterns. Available sizes: XS - XXL

37. These 5 Glass Storage Jars To Upgrade Your Pantry

Use them to make your open-shelf pantry Pinterest-worthy — or organize your art supplies, toiletries, and baked goods. This five-piece set from EatNeat comes with assorted sizes of glass canisters, each with a sleek stainless steel lid. (And yes, they're BPA-free for your safety.)

38. A Set Of Bamboo-Microfiber Sheets That Feel Like Luxury

Even self-described "sheet snobs" love these Zen Bamboo sheets, which are made from a cozy, breathable mix of bamboo and microfiber. The blend offers body-encompassing softness and cooling ventilation simultaneously, and since they come in five sizes and 12 colors, there's a set for every bedroom.

39. This Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven In 4 Colors

AmazonBasics does it again with their cast iron dutch oven, which offers even heat distribution and superior temperature retention. It's also oven-safe up to 400 degrees, so you can use it to marinate, cook, bake, and store food. Get it in your choice of four colors, each with a matching, secure-fitting lid. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.