39 Genius Products On Amazon That Make It A Lot Easier To Get Fit

Fitness differs from person to person — and that includes both the definition and the approach. That said, if there's one thing that's pretty universal for everyone, it's this: When it comes to meeting your own personal fitness goals, the right tools can make all the difference. That's where the most clever fitness products on Amazon come in.

Now, as both an internet shopper and a commerce writer, I've learned to be pretty skeptical about online products — and that goes double for anything in the category of health and fitness. If it claims to change your life in under five minutes or work for everyone across the board, it's probably a scam. Still, up until recently, there was really no way to know for sure unless you invested in said product and tried it yourself.

Now, thanks to Amazon, you can skip the claims on the infomercials; shoppers can instead make very informed decisions based on the buyers that came before them. Amazon's ratings and reviews help people to separate the things that actually work from the items that are way too good to be true. And while all bodies are different, when a viral fitness product has thousands of glowing reviews, it's pretty hard to ignore.

Some of these products facilitate a full-body workout, while others streamline and support your favorite fitness activity — but either way, hundreds of real people say they're well-worth the investment.

1. These Copper-Infused Compression Leggings For Optimal Support

Compression fabric supposedly encourages circulation and the flow of oxygen, so muscles can recover faster and with less inflammation — but these compression leggings take it one step further. They're woven with conductive copper, which aims to boost support while also keeping bacteria at bay. One reviewer wrote, "I never thought running tights could change my approach to exercise this much, but they have. I had given up running due to knee and hamstring pain. Now, wearing these, I am back to jogging."

  • Available sizes: XS - 2XL

2. A Vibration Platform That Aims To Seriously Boost Workout Benefits

Thanks to the oscillating movement, vibration platforms like this one are designed to boost circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, and work more muscles in the body — even during low-impact exercises. Some simply stand on them, while others incorporate them into their fitness routines, but either way, buyers call it the "best investment" they've made for their bodies. Even though this one costs just $100, it's durable, can support up to 300 pounds, and comes with a remote and resistance bands.

3. This Yoga Ball Chair With Built-In Resistance Bands

When it comes to this RGGD&RGGL exercise ball, the possibilities are endless. Incorporate it into your yoga routine to improve flexibility, use it for back-friendly crunches, or work your arms with the built-in resistance bands. Thanks to the stability ring and puncture-resistant design, some have even replaced their office chairs so they can reap the benefits of active sitting.

4. These Platform Sneakers For Toning & Comfort

Available in four stylish colors, these JARLIF platform wedges aim to engage more leg muscles while you move — but buyers say they're so comfortable, they "wear them almost every day to work." The interior is cushioned for support, the faux-laces design slips on and off, and the mesh outer is breathable and quick-drying so your feet feel fresh all day.

  • Available sizes: 5 - 8.5

5. An Adjustable Dumbbell With 4 Different Weight Options

Dumbbell sets aren't cheap — and neither are most adjustable designs that let you switch between weight options. Luckily, according to reviewers, ATIVAFIT offers a "great quality set of weights for a very reasonable price." This $85 adjustable dumbbell goes from 5.5 to 27.5 pounds with an easy push-pull design. It's durable with a soft, contoured handle, and you can save 10% on a second one when you type the code "FYUROJ8S" at checkout.

6. This $30 Fitness Tracker With All The Best Features

You don't have to drop $100 for a great fitness tracker, and the 4.4-star rating on the Letsfit bracelet is proof. This adjustable, waterproof gadget counts your steps, monitors your heart rate, records your distance and calories, and even keeps track of your sleep quality. It syncs to your phone so you can collect all the aforementioned information — and it even vibrates when you get a call or text. Buy it in five different color options.

7. A Compact Exercise Bike That Fits Almost Anywhere

Thanks to its compact size, you can easily position this mini exercise bike under your desk or in front of the television — some even put it on a table to work their wrists and arms. It offers adjustable resistance levels, an LCD monitor, and anti-slip pedals, all of which make it much easier to get in some movement while you're sitting down.

8. This Vibrating Massage Ball For Faster Recovery

Much like your average trigger-point ball, this one from TuoFang is textured with grooves and knobs for myofascial release — but it also has four different vibration settings to further speed up recovery. It's also waterproof and USB-rechargeable for convenience. "Forget tennis balls," one buyer wrote. "This bad boy is AH-MAZING."

9. This Brilliant Hybrid That Combines Dumbbells With Resistance Bands

"The best investment I have made yet for my home gym," one reviewer raved. Available in three color-coded intensities, POWER REELS combine the versatility of dumbbells with the challenge of resistance bands for a muscle-strengthening workout you can do anywhere. Engage nearly every muscle from your shoulders to your calves, and train at various angles to increase difficulty levels.

10. These Special Socks That Boost Circulation

These cult-favorite socks have over 14,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. While the special fabric helps to reduce inflammation and pain for those who are on their feet all day, athletes are equally as impressed with the compression benefits: "I have already bought a few pairs and can't wait to run my marathon in them!" They're also breathable, stretchy, and available in 10 colors.

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium - XX-Large

11. This One Compact Machine For A Total Body Workout

Even though it effortlessly fits under your bed or in a closet, WONDER CORE is designed to provide full-body toning and cardio in a single machine. The smart handles can be used for bicep curls, tricep lifts, and scissor kicks, not to mention supported push-ups, sit-ups, and bridges. It even comes with a free exercise DVD and fitness guide.

12. This Balm That Maximizes Heat & Minimizes Discomfort

Sweet Sweat is a workout enhancer in a jar, and so far, reviewers have incredible things to say about it. Ingredients like coconut, jojoba, and plant-derived squalane oils aim to target slow-to-respond areas, improve circulation, and heighten thermogenic reactions. The result, according to buyers, is more sweating and less muscle fatigue.

13. A 1-Gallon Water Bottle With Timed Reminder Markings

Whether you're trying to drink more water or you're tired of refilling your bottle seven times a day, BOTTLED JOY has you covered. This 1-gallon jug is made from BPA-free materials and features a leak-proof lid, a wide-mouth, and a comfortable handle. Best of all, it features markings with various times throughout the day, which encourage you to hydrate from dawn until dusk.

14. This Affordable, Portable Way To Work Out Anywhere

Resistance bands work the same muscles that weights do — but they're affordable, portable, and easy to store. This 11-piece set from Whatafit has a near-perfect rating because the bands are stackable, the handles are comfortable, and the metal carabiners are durable and reinforced. Everything comes in a waterproof carrying bag, and you can stack the five weight-equivalents for even more options.

15. Or These Top-Rated Bands For The Legs & Butt

If you're looking to engage your legs and butt, hundreds of reviewers say that Recredo Booty Bands are the way to go. These thick, non-slip resistance bands are designed to fit securely over your thighs during lunges, hip raises, leg raises, and squats. They come in three different resistance intensities, and they have an unbelievable 4.9-star rating due to their quality and effectiveness.

16. "The Best" Recovery Supplement Reviewers Have "Ever Used"

"I have been using BCAA’s for workout recovery for 6+ years and this is by far, the best product I have ever used!" Amino Slim powder contains fermented branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), ashwagandha, and saffron, all of which aim to boost metabolic rate and speed up muscle recovery. It's also caffeine- and sugar-free, plus it has a "great taste" (like fresh lemonade) that mixes well into water.

17. This Ab Wheel That Works Your Upper & Lower Body

This is definitely not your average ab wheel. While the Lifeline does in fact have a smooth-rolling, traction-covered wheel so you can work your core and upper body, it also features foot stirrups so you can work your lower body, too. Thanks to the foam handles and adjustable straps, it's comfortable to use either which way — and reviewers say they've owned tons of ab wheels, but "this is by far the best."

18. A Cycle Tracker That Monitors RPM & Cadence

Here's one for the avid bikers out there: The Wahoo sensor is a sleek, reliable tracker that attaches to your bike's crank arm or shoe (mounts included). It then syncs up to over 50 different fitness apps to keep track of your cadence and revolutions per minute (RPM). Some even use it on stationary bikes and say, "This sensor makes the workout."

19. These Dice To Spice Up Your Workout Routine

If you feel like your workout is getting a little stale, you can keep your body guessing with these exercise dice from SPRI. The set comes with two six-sided dice: One with rep-counts and seconds, and the other with varying exercises. They're made from soft, lightweight foam, and they come with a mesh carrying bag.

20. These Inversion Boots For Core Strength & Spinal Health

Pair these Tonyko inversion boots with your horizontal door bar or lifting frame; then hang upside-down to encourage lymphatic drainage, stretch out your spine, or work out your abs. The cuffs are adjustable to fit all different sizes, and the interior padding is extra thick to prevent discomfort. "They work as expected which I was honestly surprised at because the price is so low," one buyer wrote. "Hold my 220 [pounds] with no problem."

21. A Flexibility Strap That Buyers Call "Incredible"

The Yoga EVO flexibility strap was designed to deepen your yoga poses and improve your restorative routine — but even non-yogis, athletes, and those in physical therapy have benefited from using it. It combines a stretchy, durable material with 10 different loops, so you can personalize it to your body's flexibility levels and your desired intensity. "Don't even hesitate," one buyer raved. "This is an incredible product."

22. These Medicine Balls In 10 Different Weight Options

Sometimes, the genius of a product lies in its simplicity — and in this case, its affordability. These medicine balls from AmazonBasics are available in 10 different weights, and even the heaviest costs less than $45. They're covered in a textured rubber finish so they're resistant to damage and easy to grip; as a result, you can get the most out of your twists, squats, lunges, and sit-ups.

23. Some Sliders That Work On Both Hard Floors & Carpet

Sliders are a compact, portable way to optimize your floor workouts, and these ones from Synergee are double-sided to work on both hard and carpeted floors. They're available in five different colors, and they have thousands of reviews and a 4.6-star rating because they're "well made, easy to use, and provide a great core workout."

24. An Affordable Trampoline For Rebounding

Studies show that rebounding (aka jumping on a mini-trampoline) could help to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and keep the lymphatic system moving — all with minimal stress on your joints. This 36-inch trampoline from Stamina is quiet, bouncy, and even folds up for easy storage, plus it comes with access to free online workouts. "I have used it almost every day since I first got it for rebounding/lymph drainage, and the thing is incredible!" one reviewer wrote.

25. This Full Zumba System On DVD

Get all the benefits of a Zumba class from the comfort of your own living room. Zumba Incredible Slimdown is a high-energy, cardio-heavy dance workout that's "easy to learn and very fun," according to reviewers. It comes on five DVDs with all different dances (and the commentary can be played in both English and Spanish), plus it includes a weekly workout planner and a training guide.

26. A Suspension Training Kit That Attaches To Any Door, Tree, Or Pole

Attach it to a door, pole, tree, or beam, and the TRX GO training kit takes the place of an entire home gym — without the bulky equipment, and without the several-thousand-dollar price tag. The secret is the suspension design, with handles that double as foot straps to work your whole body. Despite the simplicity, reviewers rave that it's a "great workout you can take anywhere."

27. These Cushioned Mats That Fit Together Like A Puzzle

Transform any room of your house into a home-gym — and change it back just as quickly. This BalanceFrom puzzle mat provides up to 24 square feet of padded, non-slip, water-resistant cushioning, but the squares detach and stack one on top of another for easy storage when you'e done. "Much more comfortable underfoot and protects my floor from any accidental drops," one buyer wrote, while another said they're great for "stretching, yoga, crunches, etc.."

28. The Most Popular Fitness Journal On Amazon

Thanks to its sturdy binding, detailed tracking charts, and thorough muscle graphics, The NewMe Fitness journal even has the professionals raving: "I’m pro fitness trainer and [this is the] most useful planner I have ever had!" The 25-week spread is designed by experts and provides goal-setting as well as tracking, so you can monitor your progress every step of the way.

29. A Sauna Suit To Boost Your Body Temperature

Because it's made from a special neoprene material, this sauna suit boosts your body temperature while you exercise, which in turn promotes circulation and detoxification. It also features a full-length zipper for easy removal, pockets for your essentials, and florescent reflectors to keep you safe in the dark. Some reviewers also use it to stay warm during "cold, windy winter weather."

  • Available sizes: Small - 3X-Large

30. This Pushup System That Reduces Pressure On Your Wrists

Simply by adjusting the angle of your hands, you can work different areas of your arms, shoulders, abs, back, and chest. The Perfect Pushup Elite system makes it easy to do exactly that — all while evenly distributing weight and minimizing strain on your wrists and hands. The dual-handle design has a steel ball-bearing system, ergonomic grips, and a 400-weight capacity, so it's really no wonder it's a best-seller.

31. Some Grippy Socks For Yoga, Barre, Pilates, & Dance

The stretchy, form-fitting fabric and five-toe design allow for "natural barefoot movement," according to reviewers — but Ozaiic yoga socks are much safer and more hygienic. The grippy silicone bottoms prevent you from sliding on slick floors and keep you balanced in yoga poses, while the washable combed cotton protects you against any germs on public studio floors.

32. An Anti-Chafe Balm That Buyers Can't Stop Raving About

It doesn't matter whether you're a runner, a biker, or a hiker — uncomfortable chafing has the potential to slow just about anyone down. Luckily, Body Glide offers a breathable, hypoallergenic, long-lasting formula in an easy-to-apply balm, so you can prevent skin-to-skin or clothing-to-skin chafing. "I haven’t had any chafing or discomfort since I started using this," one reviewer wrote. "Honestly a life saver."

33. This Agility Set That Keeps You On Your Toes

Puns aside, buyers have given this MANTRA SPORTS agility set a near-perfect rating thanks to its value, durability, and versatility. It comes with a foldable agility ladder, eight cones for drills, a carrying bag, and four rust-resistant lawn spikes — plus a double-sided wall poster that outlines tons of different exercises.

34. A Smart Bluetooth Scale For An Incredible Price

With this $28 smart scale, you can monitor 13 different measurements, including water levels, BMI, muscle mass, metabolic age, and protein percentages. It syncs up to the free app on your phone using Bluetooth, and the four highly sensitive electrodes display your results in mere seconds. No wonder it has over 16,000 reviews on Amazon.

35. This Disc That Improves Balance, Posture, & Core Strength

Some incorporate the Black Mountain stability disc into their favorite cardio routine to work more muscles during balancing poses; others use it at their standing desks to engage their core while they work, and some people even sit on it to improve posture and promote circulation. However you choose to use it, this one is well-made and inflatable for effortless portability.

36. Some Oxygen In A Can For Speedy Recoveries

"We live at 7,200 [foot] elevation and these are essential whenever we exercise," one reviewer wrote, while another said, "Helps when I am working out at the gym." Boost Oxygen is quite simply 95% pure oxygen in a can, but since every muscle in your body requires it, it's a great tool when you're out of breath, short on energy, or experiencing muscle cramps.

37. This Versatile Ring That's Not Just For Pilates

Yes, the URBNFit Pilates ring is aptly named because it engages extra muscles when used during your Pilates workout, but some buyers don't even do Pilates; instead, they use this ring to tone while they watch television, move while they answer e-mails, and add a little something extra to their floor workouts. The circular design combined with the comfortable dual-sided handles help you work your thighs, legs, arms, chest, and core — plus it helps with flexibility, too.

38. A Dense Foam Roller That Deeply Massages Muscles

Its lightweight, compact size means it's easy to store and transport — but don't be fooled: the Planet Fitness foam roller has buyers raving, "This thing is amazing." It uses a combination of dense foam and ergonomic textures to flush lactic acid after a workout, deeply massage sore muscles, and stretch any tense body parts so you're ready to keep moving.

39. This 12-In-1 Wrap That Keeps You Cool For Hours

Simply soak the Mission multi-cool wrap in water to "activate" it; after that, it aims to lower your body temperature by up to 30 degrees thanks to its instant-cooling fabric. You can then wear it 12 different ways (including as a neck wrap, head cover, headband, and mask) — and it even offers UPF 50 protection.

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