39 "Gross" Products On Amazon With Shockingly High Reviews

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When most people think of Amazon, they think of practical household goods and luxe-but-affordable products that customers are proud to display in their homes — but a good percentage of the items on there are in fact the complete opposite. There are loads of atrocious products on Amazon that have shockingly high reviews. Maybe we're all suckers for high ratings, or maybe "gross" will always be synonymous with "oddly satisfying" or "intriguing," but these products are selling like bizarre-yet-brilliant hotcakes for a reason.

In fact, there's a whole subcategory of the internet that can't get enough of these nasty but necessary items. (You can get lost for hours in subreddits like r/AmazonWTF and r/StrangestProducts, and admittedly, I quite often do.) Whether it stems from the entertainment factor or a genuine need, people just really seem to love odd, unlikely purchases.

Personally, I say good on you. I'm a huge fan of any products that solve real problems — whether they're problems we'd feel comfortable talking about in a room full of our coworkers or not. Anonymity is one of the biggest draws when it comes to the internet, so you might as well use it to research and purchase a few strange products. After all, you'll never have to look a cashier in the eye (not there is any shame in these strangely satisfying products), and thousands of brave people decided to publicly rave about them anyway.

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