39 Hilariously Absurd Things On Amazon

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Oh sure, you can definitely find the basics on Amazon. Heck, there's a whole line now called Amazon Basics where the retail behemoth offers deal versions on their version of everyday items ranging from motor oil to bath towels. If you only stick to the basics when you're hitting up everyone's favorite online retailer, though, you're missing out on so much — like these hilariously absurd things on Amazon.

"Chances are, you can find it on Amazon" — it's the premise by which we live our shopping lives. No more wondering or worrying about where you're going to find a particular item you've seen out somewhere and fallen in love with. Now, we all rest secure in the knowledge that it's out there waiting for us on Amazon: and the products on this list are proof positive that this premise is indeed true. Need a silicone pig to separate your yolks from your whites? Check. Amazon has you covered. How about some finger covers so you can bogart your roomie's Cheetos without worrying about the tell-tale sticky orange residue that's typically left behind after such a heist? Yep. A barrette that can help you peel an orange? You're all set.

This, my friends, is of course the true genius of Amazon: You open up the app for one thing and suddenly you have a deep-seated need for $325.42 in additional must-haves. So get some of these hilarious but brilliant finds in that cart right now.

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