40 Weird AF Products On Amazon That Are Actually Shockingly Useful

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You're really missing out if you only shop Amazon for the basics: Did you know that Amazon also has an eclectic side, stocked with weird AF products that are actually shockingly useful?

That's right, of course you know Amazon is a terrific source for books. Same for electronics, paper goods, food, and beauty supplies. And I'm sure you're aware that they've recently gotten into the fashion game themselves, with a baker's dozen of private label brands. However, if you never venture away from these — let's face it — pretty basic neighborhoods of the retail powerhouse, you'll miss the really quirky side of Amazon, and that's where it really shines.

Seriously, you'd be surprised to see some of the exciting stuff Amazon recommends for me, because believe me, I am. Once you click on one of these items — say, for example, the SLOTDOG mentioned in this rundown — you can literally kill hours (and hundreds of dollars) with other fascinating items you would never have known you needed, things like the Hot Dog Spiralizer, the Hot Dog Roller, Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, Can Opener With A Fork (exactly what it sounds like), and more.

Pretty soon you'll realize: the fun on Amazon starts when things start getting real weird.

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