39 Products On Amazon That You Didn't Realize You'd Get A Ton Of Daily Use Out Of


When is a product actually worth more than you spend on it? Easy: when you purchase a product that you end up relying on so much more than you ever thought possible. These products on Amazon that you didn't realize you'd get a ton of daily use out of range from kitchen tools to facial serums. But they all share that one incredible quality in common: use them once or twice, and you'll be completely hooked, which makes them worth every penny and then some.

A useful product doesn't always try and reinvent the wheel, but rather takes a design that already exists and kicks its usefulness up a few notches. You may be perfectly happy with your vacuum cleaner and handheld vacuum, but both work far better when you're cleaning up large debris and messes. A miniature crumb and dust sweeper that's so compact it can be used on laptop keyboards? Now that's an alternative cleaner that you never knew you needed (but will use every single day).

The same holds true for the other innovative products on this list — like a razor extension handle for easier hair removal, a deodorizing candle, and the smartest plug on the planet — one that sends you updates on how much energy you're using. Even if an item seems too odd to be true, you can guarantee it's a useful product you'll find yourself using on a daily basis.


This Citrus Juice With A Pour Spot

You may never have even thought of making your own homemade juice before getting your hands on this tool. But this glass citrus juicer with pour spout makes the process of juicing and pouring so simple — and you can store it right in the glass. Have a glass of fresh lemon water, whip up homemade dressings, or make a five-minute marinade. It also comes with a lid for storage, and all of the pieces are dishwasher-friendly.


A Brilliantly Miniature Crumb And Dust Sweeper

Debris like crumbs and dust aren't always easily picked up by your average handheld vacuum cleaner. This crumb sweeper, however, is designed specifically to remove the smallest little crumbs it can detect, whether they're on your countertop, floor, or laptop keyboard. This battery-operated cleaner has a button that you simply press when you need to empty and clean it — so it'll keep all your surfaces pretty spotless.


A Reusable And Retractable Lint Roller

The problem with the way most lint rollers were designed is an obviously sticky one: after you've used them, you're essentially left trying to store exposed tape. Enter this retractable and reusable lint roller: It's small enough to take with you, and twists to open before retracting back into its case. Each roller holds 30 sheets of tape, and it comes in six colors and patters.


The Cotton Grocery Bags You Can Use For Everything

Replace regular plastic grocery bags with these eco-friendly cotton reusable bags, which are sturdy and can hold up to 20 pounds each. The bags are breathable and especially perfect for produce or farmers markets, but you can use them for laundry, gym clothes, or whenever you need to run a small errand and don't want to use plastic bags. If they get wet, no worries: they dry fast and can even be tossed into the washing machine for a quick clean.


5.These Gripper Clips That Make It Easy To Transfer Hot Items In The Kitchen

Available in a pack of two with random color assortments, these gripper clips can be attached to the handles of pots and pans, and they also work with hot plates, trays, and bowls that need to be safely removed from the oven, microwave, or air fryer. Each durable gripper is made with a stainless steel head and silicone pads, and is strong enough to lift up to five pounds with one hand. The handles are also anti-skid and BPA-free, and you can easily toss them in the dishwasher after use.


A Brightening Cream With SPF

This Korean beauty cream is basically like an Instagram filter for your face. The absorbent primer contains SPF 33 protection and help blur out blemishes and pores while brightening your complexion. Some reviewers say this can even replace BB cream and highlighter, but it's better to be used as a base if you're have medium to dark skin tones.


A Razor Extension Handle So You Never Have To Bend While Shaving

Shaving your legs isn't just a hassle — all of that bending and twisting to make sure you get every single hair you want removed can be a literal pain on your back. Get smooth legs without twisting yourself into a pretzel with this razor extension handle, which can be used to reach as far down as your ankle. It has a pivoting head, the telescoping pole adds 15 to 20 inches in length, and it comes with two universal attachments: a small and large razor.


A Portable USB Charger That Plugs Into The Wall

Plug this high-speed USB charger into your wall and use it to charge up to two devices at the same time. The charger has a three-prong design to prevent overheating and it's so compact, slim, and lightweight that you can take it with you anywhere.


A Portable Laptop Desk With A Cushioned Pillow Underneath

Whether you work at a desk or prefer pulling your laptop right on your lap, a barrier like this laptop desk with a cushioned pillow isn't just a million times more comfortable, it also makes your entire workspace more functional. The desk has two wrist pads, individual slots for your cell phone and tablet, and a ridge to keep your laptop from moving around at any angle. Plus, the laptop desk is super lightweight, so you can easily take it with you anywhere.


A Smart AF Candle To Have Around That Deodorizes With Aromatherapy

You can love your pet more than life itself, but that doesn't mean there aren't times when the odors from pet areas in your home start to get a little overwhelming. This soy candle for pets was made specifically for those times. It does an amazing job of deodorizing pet smells, but what makes it an even cooler purchase: you can choose among 17 natural scents that can calm, de-stress, energize, and soothe pets (and yourself, of course). It even works for other house odors, too, like cigarette smoke.


A Veggie Chopper That Makes Food Prep So Easy

Even if you live to cook, chopping and prepping vegetables isn't usually a favorite part of the process. Make life so much easier with this vegetable chopper, which has stainless steel blades that slice right through tough skins without effort. The container itself holds 2.5 cups of food,and has a pour spot so you can transfer ingredients to bowls without making a huge mess. It's a life-saver if you meal prep, and it's non-slip base makes it a cinch to use.


An Acupressure Massage Mat That Relieves Muscle Pain

If you suffer from pain or insomnia, try this full-body acupressure massage mat. It gently but effectively relieves tension in your back, legs, shoulders (everywhere, really) by targeting the body's trigger points. Reviewers say that only a few minutes can energize them or rid them of pain, while a longer duration can give them the best sleep of their lives. It's made from plant-based eco-foam, comes in magenta, navy, or pagoda blue, and arrives with its very own travel bag so you can take it on trips or to the gym.


These Antibacterial Silicone Dish Scrubbers

It's not that your old dish sponge doesn't work, it's that it soaks up germs and bacteria super fast — and will start to smell if you don't replace it often. This set of four silicone dish scrubbers remove caked-on food and debris from any pot, pan, dish, or even countertop without scratching surfaces. Unlike fabric sponges, they have a hanging loop, dry fast, and are resistant to mold and mildew. When you want to give them a wash, toss them right into dishwasher.


A Three-In-One Heated Brush For Styling

Don't be surprised if you find yourself using this three-in-one curling iron and hot brush every day. It can be used to detangle hair, straighten hair, or add volume and waves to roots (which is fantastic for second or third day hair). It heats up in just 30 seconds, features ceramic tourmaline ionic technology, and has a 60-minute automatic shut-off timer, so you can rest easy on your way to work.


A Natural Body Wash Made From Wild Soapberries

This vegan body wash takes natural to a whole new level. Not only is it completely free of chemicals and toxins, it's made from wild-grown soapberries that include hydrating, nourishing ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera, and cucumber. Whether you are suffering from dry skin, a lover of all-natural products, or have skin so sensitive it reacts negatively to most soaps, this natural body wash is the ideal soap alternative.


An Air Fryer Big Enough To Cook For A Family

Your tastebuds will forever crave French fries, onion rings, and chicken nuggets — but who wants to use a gallon of oil and risk burning yourself? As luck would have it, this cult-favorite electric air fryer exists, which fries, bakes, grills, or roasts using little to no cooking oil. Its basket holds 3.7-quarts of food, making this a handy cooking tool that's large enough to feed an entire family. One reviewer sums it up: "I..put in potato wedges sprayed with cooking spray...and ended up with the best tasting fries I've ever had...they were blistered golden on the outside and creamy on the inside. Then I tried raw broccoli with cooking spray -- and it was absolutely divine. Don't be fooled by the cheap price...this is a great air fryer!"


A Loop For Your Earbuds That Will Forever Keep Them From Getting Tangled

Loop your earbud cables around this earbuds holder and keep them from getting twisted and knotted in your bag. The pack of three loops will prevent cables from splitting, and can save you a ton of money in the long run. They come in 10 translucent colors. One reviewer writes: "I just got these today and whoever invented it should be congratulated! The earbuds don't tangle at all in the winding and they don't come undone after."


A Roll Of Bamboo Towels That You Can Use Over And Over

This roll of bamboo towels is not only super durable – it's also more absorbent than a standard roll of paper towels. It's made up of 20 perforated bamboo sheets and can be stored on any standard paper towel holder. Each individual towel is designed to be used over and over again – they're machine washable up to 100 times, and are dishwasher-safe as well. According to the manufacturer, a single roll of Bambooee towels can replace up to 286 rolls of paper towels, making this item not only friendly to the environment, but to your wallet as well.


These Infuser Water Bottles That Let You Make Fruity Water Drinks

If you hate the taste of plain water, but know darn well you need to drink more of it, this infuser water bottle will be a game changer. It can be filled with 32 ounces of water and has a full-length infuser rod that fits fruits, vegetables, or herbs. This sports-style bottle is leak-proof, has a flip-top lid, and comes in 10 colors. The infuser rod can be removed, and it can even be used to steep tea.


The Magic Cleaning Sponges For Tough Stains Anywhere

If there's a spot on your wall or a stubborn stain on your couch, don't give up hope before trying to remove it with this magic cleaning sponge, which is the best cleaning eraser you'll ever own. This sponge is ideal for all surfaces — furniture, floors, steel, leather, marble, and more — and activating it requires nothing more than a little water. You'll find yourself turning to these pads for both everyday cleaning, and to get rid of tough marks you were sure you'd have to live with forever.


An Exercise Bike For Under Your Desk

Stuck at work all day and not sure you'll make it to the gym on time? This folding exercise peddler fits right under your desk and provides a discreet way to keep your legs moving and your circulation going even when you're hard at work. It has a display that shows you your exercise time and revolution count, too. You can even play with and adjust the resistance to make your cycling more challenging.


A Snap-On Strainer That Fits Pots And Pans

Save tons of kitchen cabinet space with this snap-on strainer, which features a universal design that allows you to simply snap it into place on pots and pans when you need it. You can drain liquids from foods without actually having to transfer food over to a colander and then back again to the pot (the strainer has a barrier that prevents food from spilling out). It comes in green or red, and is made from BPA-free silicone that's safe in the dishwasher.


An All-Natural Pillow Spray That Uses Aromatherapy To Help You Sleep

Made from all-natural essential oils, this pillow spray promotes relaxation and relieves tension for a better night's sleep. It contains a blend of lavender, chamomile, orange, ylang-ylang, and tangerine oil, while using zero chemicals or artificial fragrances. It comes in a 4-ounce bottle, requires only a couple sprays with each use, and according to one reviewer, the "scent lasts all day."


A Portable Car Vacuum That's Super Easy To Maneuver

Effective on both wet and dry dirt, this portable car vacuum is designed to tackle every hard-to-reach crevice of your vehicle. It provides strong suction with a 160-watt motor, as well as a 16-foot power cable so you can reach every corner of your car. Thanks to the transparency of the large trash container, you can easily see when it's full and needs emptying. In addition to the washable HEPA filter, the vacuum also comes with a long elastic hose that's compatible with other nozzles, a plastic tube nozzle, and a brush nozzle, so no matter what mess you are tackling, you have the tools to get it done right.


These Reusable Gear Ties That Are Resistant To Water

Snag this one pack of reusable gear ties, which can hold and store anything — including thick and heavy cables — and you'll never have to waste money again on flimsy, disposable ties. These rubber ties come in assorted colors and are both waterproof and resistant to UV rays, so you can feel good about using them outdoors and indoors.


A Handbag Organizer That Keeps Important Items In Order

Don't let important items get lost at the bottom of your bag or purse. This handbag organizer comes in small, medium, and large sizes and has 12 inner and outer compartments, as well as two roomy zippered compartments, where you can neatly store what you need and access it when you need it. It also has handles, so you can easily transfer this from one bag to another.


An All-In-One Coffee Press And Travel Cup

This coffee press and cup is a necessity to any and all coffee-loving people. You can brew your own personal cup of hot coffee right in the cup before using the 12-ounce stainless steel travel mug to enjoy it anywhere. The BPA-free double-walled mug keeps beverages hot for several hours, and comes in eight colors. The double micro-filter prevents any grains from getting into the beverage, and only takes three to four minutes to brew.


A Sandwich Maker For Warm Pressed Sandwiches

You could make a traditional sandwich, but you'll never want to do that again when you own this sandwich maker, which churns out perfectly pressed hot sandwiches that taste like a dream. Plug it in, press your sandwich into place on the non-stick grids, and pull down on the cover. It's that simple to use — and just as easy to clean. It's also great for French toast, because this innovative sandwich maker seals the edges shut.


These Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Bags

Save the planet while freeing up major storage in your kitchen cabinets with these reusable bags. Instead of relying on plastic, these eco-friendly alternative baggies are made from BPA-free silicone and are leaf-proof, spill-proof, and airtight, keeping produce and food fresher for longer. You can toss them in the dishwasher for a quick clean and use them over and over again. They're also great to use as sous vide bags, too.


A Double-Sided Cutting Board For Meat And Vegetables

This double-sided cutting board has grooves on one side that are specifically designed to hold meat and poultry in place, and a flat board on the other side for slicing and dicing veggies, fruit, bread, and other ingredients. Its angled cutting surface captures liquids and hold onto them, while a rounded corner allows you to easily dispose of juice, crumbs, or peelings without creating a mess on counters and other surfaces.


A Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Facial serums can be costly elixirs, but if you find a great one that makes your skin softer and more radiant, you might be tempted to pay more for it. Save your money and purchase this affordable hyaluronic acid serum instead. It holds 1,000 times its weight in water, which really just means it moisturizes your skin incredibly well and holds onto that moisture to make your complexion look plumper and healthier.


A Reusable Makeup Removing Cloth

You don't have to spend a lot of money on makeup remover wipes, many of which contain ingredients like alcohol that are irritating on sensitive and dry skin. These reusable makeup removing cloths are activated by water and gently, effectively remove all traces of makeup — from waterproof mascara and foundation to red lipstick — without the use of cleanser.


A Magnetic Key Holder You Can Safely Mount On Your Wall

You'll never misplace your keys again when you store them on these magnetic key holders, which hold up to 3 pounds and stick to walls safely using 3M adhesive tape. Applying these magnets is as easy as peeling back the film on tape and positioning them in place — no tools necessary.


These Silicone And Stainless Steel Straws That Are Super Eco-Friendly

In addition to being environmentally friendly, this set of reusable straws is also easy to clean. It contains six food grade silicone straws and two stainless steel straws, as well as a storage pouch. There are even two cleaning brushes, but all of the straws are also dishwasher-safe. The 10-inch straws have a standard inner diameter that makes them perfect for sipping water, coffee, sodas, and more, and reviewers love how much variety is included with the set, with one fan saying, "Husband prefers the stainless, while the kids and I prefer the silicone, so there’s something for everyone. We kept 4 silicone straws full length for big tumblers, and trimmed 2 of them down to fit smaller cups; you get so many straws for the money, it’s nice to be able to ‘customize’ a few."


A Wax For Eyeglasses That Keeps Them From Slipping

If your glasses keep slipping and sliding down your nose, you don't have to replace them right away or live with this annoyance. Nerdwax is a Shark Tank winner made from 100 percent natural ingredients that will keep your glasses in place. Apply the glasses wax directly to the nose pads of clean glasses, and they'll stay in place on your face for anywhere from one hour to one full day, depending on how much product you apply.


A Hand Therapy Kit For Aching Fingers And Joints

After a long day of typing or trying to ignore the arthritis or joint pain that's making life less than ideal, massage your fingers with this hand therapy kit, which is a dual-sided roller that provides two massage options. One side gently clanks down on individual fingers with two rollers to apply pressure and relieve tension, while the other side has one roller that targets a specific area on your hand where you're experiencing pain.


A Board That Helps You Fold Laundry Into Perfect Bundles

This folding board makes folding shirts, trousers, pajamas, and other laundry a breeze. All it takes is a few seconds of your time and three steps, and boom — your shirts and pants will look like they belong in a store display. The board is made from tough, durable materials and will both save you time and give you back precious drawer space.


A High-Tech Temperature Control Mug

Because different drinks taste better when served at different temperatures, this high tech temperature control ceramic mug can be customized to suit your drink temperature preferences. Use the Ember app on your phone to pre-set temperatures and get alerts on your device when your beverage is ready. You can choose an LED color for your cup, and use the mug with our without the accompanying coaster, which can be charged to keep drinks hot or warm for the entire day. One reviewer writes: "This thing is my new best friend. I never realized how bad drinking lukewarm or cold coffee was until I bought the Ember."


These Antibacterial Mats That Will Keep Your Refrigerator Extra Clean And Fresh

These refrigerator mats are made from a BPA-free and 100% food grade material, and in addition to being antibacterial, they're also waterproof, mildew-free, and resistant to stains, frost, and oil. They're safe to be in direct contact with food, and thanks to the foam-like material, they can prevent bruising on produce and even slow down the spoiling and rotting process due to the cushioning effect. The machine-washable set comes with two sets each of red, green, and blue mats, and they can also be used on countertops, desks, inside drawers, and more.

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