39 Things That Make Being A Human 10x Less 'Gross'


This thing called life can be pretty messy. But whether you're looking to feel better physically, mentally, or just spruce up your surroundings, the smallest investments can work wonders in helping you own it with confidence. These Amazon products that make life less 'gross' are a good place to start to make intentional living a little easier. And the best part is, these products don't just help clean and tidy, but many actually help keep things that way.

For example, how about giving your feet the TLC they deserve for carrying you through the everyday hustle and bustle? A foot peel and a hydrating cream will go a long ways in giving them a pampering session that'll make you feel ready to tiptoe barefoot through the tulips. Or maybe you can put your soul at ease by turning your bathroom into a sparkling sanctuary of hygiene with a toothbrush-sized power scrubber that really gets into those tight corners without you having to scrub. The clever gadget makes short work of getting rid of grime, mold, and mildew on your sink, tiles, and grout.

So if you're ready to up your upkeep game, check out these 39 Amazon products that are shockingly helpful.


A Peel That Makes Feet As Soft As They Were The Day You Were Born

There's nothing worse than heels that are so dry and cracked, they snag your socks and blankets which is why it's time to put this foot peel to work. It gently sloughs off skin over a week or two, revealing the softer skin underneath. Made with a blend of plant-based ingredients, the peel is an effortless route to softer feet.


These Sneaker Balls That End Shoe Odor

Do your sneakers smell like a locker room? Keep a pair of these shoe deodorizers in them to neutralize the odor-causing bacteria. Capable of generating a fresh scent that lasts for up to six months, they're great for use in other tight and smelly spaces, too — like gym bags and closets.


This Gadget That Steam Cleans Your Microwave

This microwave cleaner is one angry mama you don't want to mess with. Fill her body with water and vinegar, then put her in the microwave for five to seven minutes; she'll blow her top (literally), which results in an effortless steam cleaning of your microwave's interior. Just wipe down after, and even the most stubborn stains and grime will come off.


These Body Wipes That Refresh You On The Go

Extra-thick and soaked in natural ingredients like tea tree and peppermint essential oils, these body wipes are a convenient way to refresh yourself after the gym or any other time. They're big enough to give you a whole-body cleanse, and since they're individually wrapped, they're super portable.


A Pair Of Gloves That Exfoliate Your Skin In The Shower

Made from stretchy nylon crepe, these exfoliating gloves are ideal for an all-over exfoliation session that will leave your skin soft and glowing. Available in light, moderate, and heavy exfoliation options, they'll also improve circulation, and ensure that problem areas like the elbows and knees are smooth and revitalized.


This Antibacterial Spray That Gives Clothes A Fresh, Clean Scent

Made with naturally antibacterial ingredients, this laundry spray knocks out odors by eliminating the germs that cause them in the first place. The eco-friendly formula is biodegradable, free of harsh ingredients, and safe to use on all kinds of fabric and surfaces, including garments, upholstery, car interiors, shoes, and luggage.


A Hands-Free Soap Dispenser That's A More Hygienic Solution

The infrared sensor on his hands-free soap dispenser releases just the right amount of soap when it detects your hands, offering the ultimate in convenience and hygiene. You can also adjust the volume of soap, depending on your preferences, and the brushed-stainless steel finish of the dispenser fits in with any décor.


This Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush With 4 Settings To Choose From

Made with a high-quality silicone bristles and rotating magnet beads, this sonic facial cleansing brush delivers a thorough, invigorating, spa-level clean. It's USB-chargeable, waterproof, and operates on four different modes to address different skin types and concerns. And since it also delivers massage benefits that boost circulation, your complexion will be left glowing after just one use.


The Foaming Dishwashing Spray That Gets Rid Of Stuck-On Foods Without Scrubbing

I can't remember the last time I've been excited about dish detergent, but this spray dishwashing foam will change your post-dinner cleanup routine. You just spray your dishes, wipe with a sponge or brush, then rinse. The grease-busting formula works on even stuck-on foods. This is a huge time saver, and I use far less water washing my dishes, too.


These Convenient Patches That Banish Blemishes

Deal with unwanted spots the simple and easy way by applying one of these acne patches. Made with hydrocolloid dressing and infused with bacteria-fighting botanicals like tea tree oil, they reduce the appearance of zits in just six to eight hours. And since the thin patches cover your breakouts, they help prevent picking, recontamination, and the spread of germs.


A Facial Steamer That Gives You A Spa Treatment At Home

The real selling point to this facial steamer set is the ionic technology that generates nano particles to better penetrate your skin for a thorough clean. But still — how cute is the accompanying cat-ear headband that holds your hair back while you use it? The steamer also comes with extraction tools, so you can clear your own pores.


The Mat That Lets You Massage Your Feet In The Shower

Designed to adhere to the floor of your shower with ultra-strong suction cups, this foot massage pad is outfitted with silicone bristles to give your feet a relaxing treatment in the shower. Just apply the soap directly to the pad then run your foot over it to scrub clean.


A Pumice Wand That Cleans All Kinds Of Surfaces Without Chemicals

Clean porcelain bathroom fixtures, barbecues, steel, stone, and pool tiles with this pumice scrubber. The scrubber removes hard-water stains, calcium, and lime, and has a fine grit that's extra gentle and won't scratch surfaces. This stone is an eco-friendly choice, too, since it cleans without harsh chemicals.


This Basket That's Great For Home Storage And Shopping

This multipurpose basket can be used for so many things — it's great for transporting groceries, holding your yoga supplies, or just for keeping in your living room as a place to stow books, magazines, toys, throw blankets, or plants. It's available in nine colors, and when it's not in use, it collapses down for easy storage.


A Fluoride-Free Charcoal Toothpaste To Get Your Teeth Pearly White

Made with sustainably harvested bamboo charcoal, this fluoride-free toothpaste is a natural choice for polishing your pearly whites. And it's got more than teeth-whitening power — the addition of coconut oil works to vanquish the germs that cause tooth decay and bad breath. This minty-fresh paste is totally free from a whole host of harsh ingredients, and it's totally vegan, too.


These Tongue Cleaners That Banish Bad Breath

Made from high-quality surgical steel, these tongue scrapers help to remove the halitosis-causing germs that are lurking on your tongue. The flexible scrapers are specifically designed to cover the entire surface of your tongue, and the "anti-gag arcs" make them comfortable to use.


A Bidet That's A Breeze To Install

Reviewers say this bidet is "super easy to install" and will make you feel "squeaky clean." The non-electric device features a control dial, so you can adjust the amount of water flow, as well as a spray nozzle that retracts to keep everything hygienic.


The Scrubber That Deep Cleans Tight Spots

It looks a little like a big toothbrush, but this power scrubber with an oscillating head is the perfect tool for getting into all those nooks and crannies in your bathroom and kitchen. The battery-operated scrubber features two power settings and an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to remove mold, mildew, dirt, and grime.


An Essential Oil Foot Cream That Fights Fungus

Whether you deal with athlete's foot, toenail fungus, or just dry, itchy feet, this foot repair cream will help. Formulated with a blend of fungus-fighting essential oils like tea tree and lavender, this cream offers fast, hydrating relief, and will leave feet smelling fresh as a spring morning.


This Water Flosser That Makes Dental Hygiene A Little More Fun

Delivering high-pressure pulses more than 1,600 times per minute, this water flosser makes one of the more annoying dental chores much more pleasant and a whole lot easier. The cordless, USB-chargeable flosser features four cleaning modes, so you can customize your cleaning. It comes with five nozzle tips that all rotate 360 degrees, so you reach every part of your mouth.


The Antibacterial Pillow Mist That Prevents Breakouts

Lavender, a naturally antibacterial ingredient, is the key ingredient in this pillow mist that helps eliminate acne-causing germs that may be on your bedding. This essential oil is also a classic relaxation aid, so it'll help you fall into a peaceful slumber. Just spray this on your pillow before you hop into bed.


This Handheld Scrubber That Deep Cleans For You

Deep cleaning hard surfaces is ultra-efficient with this power scrubber that can cut your cleaning time in half. Cordless and battery-powered, it's easy to maneuver, and comes with a three large spinning brush heads — flat, rounded, and pointed — so you'll be equipped for a variety of cleaning situations.


These Drain Sticks That Prevent Clogging

Keep drains from clogging — and deodorize them too — with these drain sticks. Made with enzymes that are safe for your plumbing, the sticks stay put in your drain trap where they prevent buildup from grease and other materials. The set of 48 sticks comes in four scents: lemon, orange, ocean fresh, and lavender.


These Dust Mop Slippers That Make Cleaning The Floors Fun

These dust mop slippers make it easy to keep the floors clean. Made with microfiber chenille, they attract and trap dirt, dust, hair, and fur, and all you have to do is walk around (and maybe imagine you're a figure skater, just for fun). Each set comes with four machine-washable pairs.


The Stain Remover That Keeps Your Sneakers Looking Good

Few things bring me more joy than a fresh pair of white sneakers. . . for the two minutes they actually are fresh and white. Luckily, this sneaker cleaner removes tough dirt and stains, and even has a little built-in scrubber for easy use. This reviewer writes, "No fading, no smearing no removing paint. Just spray on, let it seep in and scrub. It made all of my shoes look brand new."


A Sulfate-Free Hand Soap That's Made With Plant-Based Ingredients

Formulated by doctors, this sulfate-free hand soap removes dirt and germs with gentle, plant-based ingredients instead of harsh ingredients. The addition of aloe vera and vitamin E leaves skin moisturized instead of dried out, and the citrus and sea salt scent adds an extra boost of freshness.


The All-In-One Razor That Lets You Shave On The Go

This little travel razor really packs a punch. It's outfitted with a shaver, built-in refillable water bottle, and pint-sized soap stick — so you have everything you need to shave, no matter where you are. Just twist the donut-sized wheel to access whichever element you need, then throw it into your gym bag, backpack, or purse.


These Sheets That Will Make You Feel Like You're Sleeping In A Cloud

I'm in a committed relationship with my bed, and sheets have made that relationship even more fulfilling. Made from microfiber, they're as soft on your skin as butter, and they couldn't be easier to take care of since they wash and dry like a dream. Available in more than 40 colors and designs, you're sure to find one that suits your nighttime dreamscape.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King


This Hardcore Hand Cream That Really Locks In Moisture

Formulated with glycerin, this hand cream establishes a protective barrier on skin that protects and heals even the driest and most cracked hands. This barrier prevents further moisture loss that might be caused by weather, sensitivity, or repeated washing. The non-greasy formula won't leave your hands tacky after use, and this reviewer writes, "After just a few applications your hands (and elbows too) will no longer be dry at all."


The Cult-Favorite Stain Remover That Works On Just About Everything

A cult favorite for good reason, this stain remover gets out even the toughest spots, like blood, red wine, grass, and grease. Best of all, the remover even works on set-in stains. One reviewer raves, "We've been using it for over a year now and have never met a stain that it couldn't handle!" Each order comes with three bottles that are small enough to stash in your bag.


This Slime That Cleans Keyboards And Other Tight Spaces

When it comes to removing dirt and grime from your keyboard, camera, or other delicate electronics and spaces with tight corners, this cleaning slime is an easy solution that really works. Made without harsh ingredients, the soft and flexible slime works into all those little gaps, where it attracts and removes dirt. And you'll get multiple uses from it, so it's a great value, too.


A Spray That Puts A Lid On Bathroom Odors

Control bathroom odors with this bathroom spray that you spritz directly onto toilet water before you go. Made with essential oils, it creates a barrier on the surface of the water that traps odor. Small enough to carry in your purse or backpack, the 2-ounce size is TSA-compliant for travel. Choose from three scents: citrus, grapefruit, and original.


These Exfoliating Washcloths That Will Brighten Your Skin

Durable and built to last for hundreds of washes, these exfoliating washcloths are the perfect way to get a spa-like polish without harsh chemicals .The washcloths deliver a mild dermabrasion treatment to leave your complexion totally refreshed; just use for two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night.


The Exfoliating Brush That Eliminates Razor Bumps

With a wide head covered in flexible bristles, this exfoliating body brush is a terrific way to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs when used regularly. It provides just the right amount of resistance, and it's safe to use on all parts of your body — legs, underarms, and bikini area.


These Simple Tools That Remove Drain Clogs

Long enough to dive deep into pipes, this stainless steel drain cleaner features a flexible body and claw at the end, making it ideal for breaking up hard-to-clear clogs without chemicals. The kit also comes with five barbed drain cleaners that are perfect for removing hair. This is a great way to keep the plumber away without having to use liquid drain cleaners.


A Cleaning Set That Keeps Your Makeup Brushes In Top Condition

Makeup brushes can cost an arm and a leg, but this makeup brush cleaner lets you get the most out of your investment by keeping them in tip-top shape. Suitable for both natural and synthetic bristles, the oscillating cleaner spins your brushes in soapy water, then rinses, and spin-dries them when you're done. It comes with a charging stand and has three settings.


The Microfiber Towel That Gets Makeup Off With Just Water

Made from ultra-soft, premium microfiber, this makeup remover cloth instantly removes makeup with just a little water, even waterproof makeup, with no cleanser necessary. It's machine-washable, so you can use it again and again, and it comes in fun colors, like blue, rose, violet, and burgundy. At less than $10, it's a lot cheaper than some competitors.


The Spray That Disinfects Makeup Brushes Between Cleaning Sessions

When you're out on the road, keeping your makeup brushes clean can be a pain. This travel-size makeup brush cleaning spray makes it fast and simple to give bristles a quick refresh between deep cleanings. Made with plant extracts, the formula disinfects your brushes, working to keep breakout-causing germs away from your face.


The Tablets That Clean Your Washing Machine

These washing machine cleaner tablets help get rid of residue and smells from your washing machine so your laundry gets cleaner. Safe for plumbing, the tablets work in both front-load and top-load machines. Just add them to the machine, run for a cycle, and your washing machine will seem brand new.

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