These Sturdy Cat Trees Will Keep Your Cat Safe & Entertain Them All The Damn Day

by Shayna Murphy

Sometimes it's easy to forget that cats are natural predators and that climbing, pouncing, and clawing things up are all things they're actually hardwired to do. Finding ways to help cats satisfy these instincts can make for a happier, healthier feline, which is why the best sturdy cat trees make such a good investment.

While, yes, all cat trees are designed to be stable, what makes these cat trees more secure is that they're made to support larger cats or multi-pet households where toys especially need to be durable and resilient. So, regardless of whether your cat is large or small, heavy or on the thinner side, you'll want to look for one of the best cat trees specifically designed for large cats if you are looking for the sturdiest build. Beyond just weight capacity, the sturdiest cat trees will be made of wood or pressed wood, so that they are solidly constructed from the bottom up.

But, because there are tons of cat trees out there designed to fit those two requirements, I've done the research and can say that the four cat trees on this list are sturdy, promote exercise, and come with all of your cat's favorite features from scratching posts, to caves for napping. Keep scrolling. The best sturdy cat trees are rounded up below.


The Sturdiest: This Tree That's Made From Solid Oak And Is Totally Built To Last

When it comes to durable cat trees, you can't do much better than this eye-catcher designed from Vesper. That's because it's made with actual solid oak, unlike most other options on the market that are only made from pressed wood. While pressed wood is resilient, you can't beat the actual dependability of real wood, which is what this piece of cat furniture offers. The downside? It comes with a high price tag, so it's not ideal for all budgets. Still, this cat tree has three levels and comes with plush cushions and stylish scratching surfaces. For cats that enjoy batting around toys, this one comes with a hanging ball toy that should get them really active. It also comes with slim scratching poles that help encourage extensive scratching and a cave that gives sleepy kitties a welcoming place to nap. "Much nicer than the typical carpet wrapped scratching posts," raved one reviewer. "Our guys like it."


Best For Tight Spaces: This Rugged Tree That Can Fit In Corners And Holds Cats Up To 20 Pounds

If you have a cat that's on the larger size, especially 15 pounds or more, you need a tree that's built to support your pet's weight and will actually give them opportunities to stay active, too. Enter this sturdy tree and angled tree from EliteField. It's made from pressed wood and faux fur and has three steps featuring natural sisal, so that even heavier cats can jump up and down easily from ledge to ledge. At the top of this 40-inch tree is a perch that also makes for a great spot to snooze, especially once cats are tuckered out from all that activity. One fan says, "My cat won't sit on a tree that's not sturdy and she loves this one!"


The Narrowest: This 52-Inch Cat Tree That's Actually Great For Small Spaces

Tall and narrow, this cat tree is a fun pick for multi-cat households and has that classic cat tree look because it's made with super-soft faux fur. Available with multiple cat perches that are great for cats that love to watch out windows or snooze, its pressed wood base gives it a reliable sturdiness that reviewers completely swear by. Constructed with four taller sisal posts that scale nearly halfway up the tree, each perch is reinforced with extra stability. Although its tallness might lead you to think it's too big for smaller apartments, you'd be wrong. Reviewers say it's actually a great pick for smaller spots, especially if you love all the extra features it boasts. "My 3 cats love this tower. They all fight for the top spot. Good construction. Very sturdy. I plan to buy at least 2 more of these."


The Best Investment: This Modern Cat Tower That Will Blend Into Your Space

This one-of-a-kind cat tree from The Refined Feline is definitely on the expensive side, but it's more than just an accessory for your pet to play and perch on. Made of plywood with an oak veneer, this sleekly designed cat tower is sturdier than other pressed wood options, and delivers a modern take on cat furniture. It even has a 20-inch long sisal scratcher for cats that love to claw at your furniture. At 69 inches, this tower is also really spacious (it's the tallest tower on this list) and works well for homes with multiple cats. The platforms of this tree are carpeted, and hide-a-way cushioned cubby at the base level gives cats a place to snuggle. "Immediately upon unpacking the box, I realized that the Cat tower was not like ordinary cat trees. It is well made and very sturdy," wrote one reviewer.

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