4 Crystals To Have Around During Aries Season To Boost Productive Vibes


While one might argue that all astrological seasons are equally important, I'm going to argue that Aries season is kind of a big deal this year. Come Mar. 20, not only will we be officially in the Aries territory, but we'll also celebrate the Spring Equinox, under a super full moon. The combination of all of these events makes for a very powerful transition that will be felt by all. To best navigate these new, warmer, passionate flames of the fire sign, you'll want to keep an arsenal of crystals for Aries season well-stocked.

Whether you believe in the healing benefits of crystals or not, it won't hurt to keep the most helpful ones near. At the very least, I think we can all agree that it's calming to turn a smooth stone over in your hands and having something nice to look at can be beneficial in some capacity. Bustle talked to Roland Waedt, crystal-expert and designer of INDAVID about Aries season and which crystals might be most helpful to rely on during this time. According to Waedt many people feel disoriented and tied to old habits. "They want to change something but they don't know exactly what it is that needs changing." So it's imperative to stop and think strategically about your goals and evaluate whether or not you're in a position to accomplish them. "Acting aimlessly is not the right thing to do now," Waedt says. Instead, pausing to assess those fiery feelings is actually the right thing to do, and these crystals will help you achieve that moment of pause, reflection, and focus that you need.



This stone can help to restore order and fight chaos in your life and mind, and let's be real, Aries season is known to kick up a lot of chaos. "Sodalite is the perfect base to restructure your life on. One of its unique characteristic is that it strengthens the trust in yourself and your decisions again," Waedt says of the stone's grounding and encouraging qualities.

Clear Crystal


There's nothing quite like a clear stone inspire clarity, literally. Waedt says that "the clear crystal is very important at this time to get clarity about your goals," so if you're feeling uncertain or like your objectives are foggy, this stone is a great one to meditate with. What's more, having it around can amplify the energy of other crystals, making it a must-have year-round.



When the Aries influence is inspiring a directionless passion in your heart, and you're searching for answers and trying to push toward your goals, you need a ton of energy and endurance — emotionally and physically. Moonstone can help you to charge more efficiently. Waedt says that not only will the "moonstone will give you energy again in this emotional exhausting time," but it will also inspire you towards a particular direction.

Crystal Agate


When you're feeling lost, you're vulnerable. And though Aries season might be stirring up a lot of different options, overwhelming you, you don't have to be left feeling too vulnerable to function. "If you're a little disoriented, you just need more protection. Already at the time of the ancient Egyptians agate was regarded as a protective stone which also protected the people from misfortune," Waedt tells Bustle. Keeping this stone around might give you the confidence to explore your options without fear.