9 Meditations To Help All Zodiac Signs Get The Most Out Of Aries Season


For the last few weeks, you've likely been enjoying the dreamy, emotional, relaxing vibes of Pisces season. That's all about to change, though: Aries season begins on Mar. 21 until Apr. 20. Aries, of course, has a different vibe than Pisces, so you can also expect to feel different. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is bold, powerful, and a true leader, and everyone is going to be affected during an Aries season. One way to get through this in the best frame of mind possible is to practice meditation, which is shown to soothe anxiety, help you relax, and clear your head (as well as do so many other things). Some meditations for Aries season are better than others.

The ram is the symbol of Aries, which really says something about this fiery sign. According to, the ram is associated with "leadership, determination, and initiative," all qualities that an Aries shares as well. Aries is a fire sign, and has some seriously explosive energy. Aries season also coincides with the new season of spring, making it even more powerful.

During Aries season, you'll likely feel more passion and creative energy, which will allow you to move ahead with projects or change you've been thinking about. You'll feel like you have the power to go after what you want and get rid of what is no longer working for you — it can be an ambitious time. This creative energy can feel overwhelming at times, and can make you feel more impulsive than usual. For some people, it's a lot to handle, and can feel intimidating. For others, this powerful energy is much-needed and appreciated, and gives them the boost they need.

Regardless of how Aries season affects you, notes that it's important to approach this season "with balanced energy and clear intentions." This is because what you do during Aries season will stick with you for the rest of the year. One of the best ways to keep yourself on track? Try one of the below meditations — or all of them:


Powerful Fire Sign Ascension Energy Healing Meditation

This healing meditation was created with fire signs, like Aries in mind, but anyone can use it. It's supposed to help you release any kind of mental or emotional pain, clear your energy field, strengthen your aura and protect it, and release judgement, cynicism, and resentment, among many other things.


Aries Relaxation/Meditation

You may find that you need to step back and relax during Aries season, and this meditation is great for that. The music and imagery were created with Aries in mind to enhance the positive traits but make users aware of the negative traits so that they have the power to overcome them on their own.


Setting Intentions and Living in Alignment with Your Intentions

Since Aries season is all about setting your intentions before going after them, try this guided meditation that helps you do exactly that. It's a good start to your day because it's aimed to make you feel more motivated and inspired.


Guided Meditation for Change

This soothing meditation is all about putting your mind at ease and relaxing you enough to take the steps towards change that are necessary. Again, Aries season is all about making necessary changes, so allow something like this to help you get there.


Guided Visualization Meditation On Realizing and Achieving Goals

Aries season is about setting goals, but it's also about achieving them. This guided meditation helps you visualize your goals and realize how you can achieve them. It's great for that boost of confidence you might need.


6 Minute Daily Visualization for Goal Achievement

This is another meditation that is focused on achieving your goals, but at six minutes, it's super short. It's ideal for anyone who feels like they don't have time for meditation, because it can be done in such a short period of time.


Meditation: Get Unstuck and Stimulate Creativity

Feeling that creative boost is such an important part of Aries season. This meditation helps encourage creativity and is great to use when you're feeling stuck. It's short at under 15 minutes, and can really help you feel more motivated.


Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation

Aries season can be really overwhelming and exhausting for many people. This meditation is aimed to help you fall asleep faster and to then stay asleep. With all of that energy and motivation, you may need something like this for fuel.


Let Go Of All Negative Energy - Healing Meditation Music

This meditation music will help soothe you and encourage you to let go of the past, the things that are no longer serving you. You need to do this in order to truly move forward during Aries season, so it's important.