These 4 Crystals Will Help You Soak In Only Good Vibes From This Month’s New Moon
by Kaitlyn Wylde

On October 8, a new moon will rise in the sky, and will offer all zodiac signs all a much needed opportunity to reset and clean the slate. As we get into the thick of Libra season, we might notice that our lives feel fuller, more social, and with less down time. While this might be a nice distraction from the cooling temperatures, many of us could use a bit of a break from the all the fun — some "me time" if you will. The new moon is always a good time to hit the pause button and think about what you really want to get out of the lunar cycle ahead. A great way to harness your energy on the new moon and take it with you throughout the rest of the cycle is to get a hold of some crystals. Certain crystals for the October new moon might better than others, so Bustle talked to astrologer Lisa Stardust and psychic medium and crystal sorceress, Aerinn Kolfage about what kinds of crystals we should reach for during this time.

According to Stardust, "the full moon is asking us to change and transform," and while it can be hard to work on yourself, "it’s essential to shed the past and become the person we want to be.” In order to do this, Stardust of course suggests the help of crystals. While the belief is that all crystals hold healing powers, certain crystal are going to be more relevant to us during this time than others, so it's important to be aware of what they each have to offer. Here are the crystals you'll want to keep close to you on October 8 for the new moon, and also throughout the rest of the lunar cycle.


The Hood Witch

Amethyst Cluster, $18, The Hood Witch

According to Stardust, this new moon is going to inspire you to work on yourself and to address the need to heal in certain areas, mentally. Amethyst promotes healing and spiritual development and will help you send your energy in the right direction (inward).

Tiger's Eye

Pratt Daddy Crystals

Tiger's Eye #1, $130, Pratt Daddy Crystals

Stardust tells Bustle, “with the intense energy of the new moon, Tiger's Eye will allow us to take back our own power and protect us against negativity.” Aka, if you're fighting off toxic vibes right now from your work life or personal life, you'll want to keep this crystal close and so that it can help to shield you from the drama. This is not your time time fight, it's your time to relax and reset.

Smokey Quartz

Pratt Daddy Crystals

Smokey Essential #10, $140, Pratt Daddy Crystals

Kolfage suggests this crystal because it reflects the vibe of the new moon, aesthetically. She tells Bustle, "smokey Quartz reminds me of the appearance of lunar spirits during the dark of the moon.”


Pratt Daddy Crystals

Lapis, $24, Pratt Daddy Crystals

The new moon is a great time to take care of yourself and put your energy into making yourself happy. For that reason, Kolfage tells Bustle, "Lapis has a Venusian quality, that allows us to indulge in self care and love.”

Also keep in mind that there are other ways to grab a hold of your positive energy. Kolfage suggests "taking a cleansing bath and cleaning your house — get rid of all toxicity under this luminary. Contrary to popular belief, it’s best to work with water to cleanse under the new moon and autumn.”