4 Hacks For Brighter Zoom Calls If You Don't Have A Ring Light

by Syeda Khaula Saad
4 Hacks For Brighter Zoom Calls If You Don't Have A Ring Light

Good lighting isn't just important for great selfies — it can also be a helpful addition when it comes to all the Zoom calls you're probably making these days. Whether you're attending work meetings via video calls or going to virtual happy hours, you want to have the ideal lighting to do so. And while some people use ring lights to achieve great lighting, you might not have the resources to get one of your own. Lucky for you, there is a ring light alternative for brighter Zoom calls built right into your phone.

While ring lights can be super effective at providing ample lighting, they can get pretty expensive. And with people's work hours changed and pay adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic, it might not be in your best interest to spend extra money on something you could find an inexpensive alternative for. You could always buy cheaper options online or use techniques around your home for better lighting, but if you want a quick fix, you can use the camera light on your phone to achieve optimal lighting for your Zoom video calls.

The best way to get great lighting for your Zoom calls is to use your phone camera light while on a call from your laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, it's not possible to use your phone's built-in flashlight while on a video call — for iOS users, you can't even use the light while taking a selfie or recording a video. But what you can do is turn your phone light on and then adjust it on you during a Zoom call so that your face is illuminated.

To get to your camera light, slide your menu screen down by swiping your finger from the top of your screen to the bottom. Then, hit the flashlight icon — this will turn on your phone flashlight. After this, place your phone in a position where the flashlight is shining directly on you. You want to make sure that your light is shining on your face and not from behind you, otherwise it'll just cast a shadow. You can place the phone on a tripod (if you have one), a windowsill in front of your laptop, or even prop it up against your laptop facing you.

If your phone's flashlight just isn't bright enough for you, there are a few apps you can download that can help you out as well. Flashlight by iHandy, Flashlight by John Haney Software, and Flashlight by Rik are all iOS apps that let you control and increase brightness on your phone for a more intense flashlight.

But if you don't want to use your phone's flashlight or any apps to improve brightness, there are still ways you can make your lighting better for your Zoom calls. Moving your work station to directly in front your window can do wonders for your lighting. Natural lighting can be a great way to look more refreshed in your video calls, especially if you have virtual meetings scheduled for the morning or early afternoon.

You can also play around with lamps in your room to create better lighting. If you have a couple different lamps around your house, bring them to your work station and set them up so they illuminate your face from all sides.

Ring lights can be great when it comes to illuminating your screen and your face, but they aren't the only option when it comes to improving brightness. You may have all the tools you need — in your hand or around your house — to create the perfect lighting for your next Zoom call.