These Reddit Theories About Dany & The "Mad Queen" On 'GoT' Will Make Your Brain Hurt

Helen Sloan/HBO

Daenerys Targaryen has long proclaimed herself to be a champion of the people, liberating slaves from their masters and promising that she wasn't like other rules whose cruelty cost thousands of lives. However, Game Of Thrones fans have taken to the internet to suggest that, perhaps, Daenerys isn't as different from her father as she'd like to be. These Mad Queen Reddit theories show that she'll never be able to escape the shadow of her father, either from the other characters on the show or from the Game of Thrones audience.

While Dany may have made plenty of friends in Westeros upon her arrival, it's become obvious to her that she doesn't have nearly as much as support as she'd hoped. She has lost most of her army, her most trusted ally has been decapitated, two of her advisors are openly discussing treason, and her nephew-boyfriend's adopted family are not fans of hers.

Daenerys is out of options, and it appears that she may inadvertently set out to do what her father failed to do while he sat upon the Iron Throne so many years ago. Daenerys seems to be on the path to becoming the next mad Queen, but these theories suggest that Daenerys may not burn down King's Landing like everyone's expecting her to.

She's Not Mad, Just Disappointed

Reddit user HourTechnology suggests that Dany's "madness" is not happening, but instead an imagined criticism flung at her by the people that are losing faith in her. "She's not going mad, she's just losing. Badly. I think this show has done an excellent job of stringing everyone along to think she was unbeatable." It's also a little sexist that everyone is so scared of Dany getting emotional while no one is worried at all that Jon "I'll single-handedly charge this army now that my brother is dead" Snow would be just as impulsive.

There's Already A Mad Queen

Reddit user Al0n8 suggests that Dany can't become the Mad Queen, because King's Landing already has one on the Iron Throne. After all, Cersei has already killed way more citizens of King's Landing than Daenerys has — who's to say that Cersei won't burn it all down again to ensure no one tries to take the Iron Throne from her?

The Night King Was A Good Guy All Along

Reddit used Screaming_Monkey takes the theory that Dany will become a Mad Queen a step further and suggests not only that Dany is evil, but that the Night King was trying to save Westeros from her, suggesting that this is why the Night King tried to kill Dany in Season 6 but didn't strike down Jon Snow when given the chance.

Dany Has Gone Mad & No One Should Be Surprised

User Midnight-Crusade lays it all out that Dany going mad is the only appropriate response to her circumstances. "she lost everyone and everything she's ever loved fighting somebody else's war, and instead of trusting her or trying to help her or giving her the benefit of the doubt, they conspire against her and betray her and don't even try to be her friend ... her friends are dead, she's surrounded by strangers who hate her because of the color of her hair and her family's history, so yeah ... of course she's going to get angry and paranoid, she has every reason to be angry and paranoid."

Game Of Thrones is filled with dragons, wizards, and zombies, but for all of the mystical and magical elements at its center, there people at the center of the show are still people. Daenerys may very well be going mad, or seeming to go mad, but when she's gone through as much as she has at such a young age, it would be difficult to imagine someone not going even a little mad as an effect of the stress, grief, and loneliness of being Khaleesi.