4 Telltale Signs You’re Being Affected By Mercury Retrograde More Than Everyone Else

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If you often have to ask yourself if Mercury is in retrograde because it seems like your life isn't functioning the way it should, you're likely pretty sensitive to changes in planetary movement. If this is you, you'll want to know the telltale signs Mercury retrograde is affecting you this summer more than other people. Chances are, if you have an inkling that you're getting the brunt of it, you are. We're not all equally sensitive to astrological events. Some people never even notice when the planet takes a backward motion in the sky. But if you're in tune with Mercury and feel it in your bones, whether it's your ruling planet or not, your life has been feeling a bit harder than it should lately.

The official retrograde started on Jul. 26 and will last until Aug. 19, though if you've been feeling off for the last two weeks, it might be due to Mercury's shadow period. Two weeks before and after the retrograde, the planet's motion is in a sort of shadow period, or transition period, which can cause similar effects as a retrograde. If you're typically affected more prominently than others during retrograde, you probably can't wait until it's over and I don't blame you. If you're a Gemini or a Virgo, you might be feeling completely out of control as you're ruled by the planet Mercury. Here are some of the easiest-to-spot signs that your retrograde is a bit more serious than everyone else's:

You're Clashing With Loved Ones

If a family member or romantic partner who knows you very well is having a hard time understanding you or getting through to you it might be due to the fact that Mercury's retrograde is making communication extra complicated for you. Try to have patience and be flexible with your loved ones. This stressful period will pass and there's no reason to let it create drama.

You're Experiencing Technological-Related Issues

If you can't seem to type a single word without a typo, can't find files you know you saved, and your emails seem to have a mind of their own, it's not in your head. Technological issues are common and that combined with your already stressed-out mind make for some very frustrating technological difficulties. Double save, double spell check, and back it up.

Your Senses Are Failing You

Typically, you might be really good at reading people and knowing who to confide in and who to trust. But if you've been feeling lately like your senses were off and that you've been sharing information with people who are untrustworthy, it's not your fault, it's just retrograde scrambling your intuitive nature. Be extra cautious when sharing private information during this time.

You Made A Bad Investment

Another way in which your compromised judgement might create issues for you is in the financial realm. Though you might think you're able to properly discern what's worth spending money on and what quality looks like, you might be a little off this month. For this reason, avoid big purchases. And if you absolutely have to buy it, make sure you keep your receipt and understand the return policy. If there's any time when you might buy something really expensive that turns out to be totally wrong for you, it's now. So hold off if you can, otherwise you'll be going into the fall with a lot of debt.